Date: Sat, 13 Apr 1996 00:26:50 -0700
From: (Laura Werner)
Subject: Re-de-lurk

Hi, everyone

I've been occasionally lurking on a.s.s almost since the beginning, but I've never posted much. I posted a delurk about a year ago, but then some big issues came up in my life, and I didn't have much time for net.postings. A few of the old-timers might recognize part of my name (hi!) but I doubt if very many people remember me.

So, here I am again. I'll be good this time. I promise. :-)

Random facts:

My name is Laura. I'm 30 and I work in the software industry in Silicon Valley. I'm a switch when it comes to spanking. I've thought and fantasized about spanking for a very long time, but I've haven't been able to do all that much playing. I did have a regular spanking partner a year or two ago, but since then I haven't had many opportunities. Lately I've had some general S&M play with a few friends. Bondage and flogging and so on are fun, but spanking still has a special place in my heart.

I wasn't spanked as a kid. Or maybe I was once, but it's such a fuzzy memory that it might just be a fantasy. I think that what started my interest in spanking was seeing and hearing about other kids getting it. I remember that once the two boys next door got a belt whipping for throwing rocks and breaking a window on their house. I didn't see it happen, but I saw the marks that it left. Ouch!

But most of my exposure was at school. I went to school in Memphis in the seventies and early eighties, and paddling was still quite common. Even after I escaped, I heard about some of my younger sister's friends getting high school paddlings in 1984 or 1985.

Middle school is what really sticks in my mind. In hindsight, I think that some of the teachers must have been closet spankophiles. It seemed as if they were having a competition to see who could have the best paddle. The women teachers usually favored Lucite, while the men tended to have thick wooden paddles. Almost every day, and sometimes several times a day, we'd hear someone getting "licks" out in the hall.

When it was someone in our class getting it, the teacher would usually send him (it was almost always a boy) to fetch another teacher to be the official "witness." So the kid would have to knock on another teacher's door and tell her, in front of the whole class, that our teacher needed her to come witness a paddling. If our teacher didn't have her own paddle, she also make the victim ask to borrow the other teacher's paddle. Then we'd hear six or seven sharp cracks of the paddle out in the hall.

Two particular incidents jump into my memory. One time a boy had done something really bad which his teacher discovered near the end of school. She didn't paddle him then but instead told him that he'd get a paddling from the principal the next day. Sure enough, the next morning the principal came over to our building and took the kid into the hall during a break between classes. After one lick, it was obvious that the boy had stuffed a towel or something into his pants. The principal dragged him into the boys' room, took down his pants, and paddled him there. Unfortunately I didn't get to stay around and watch (or listen) because I had to run to my next class.

The second incident happened on the birthday of one of my friends who was on good terms with our teacher. The teacher decided that my friend needed a birthday spanking. But she (the teacher) wasn't into paddling, so she asked another teacher to come and do the honors. The other teacher had my friend bend over with her butt toward the class. She rubbed the paddle back and forth for a while to "warm it up" and then gave her 12 or 13 whacks with the paddle, plus the obligatory "one to grow on." The paddling was hard enough to make some good noise, but it didn't seem to hurt too much except for the last stroke.

Other teachers did this sort of thing too. Even though I was fascinated with spanking I was also terrified of it, so I would often pretend I was sick on my birthday just to avoid getting spanked at school. Even back in third grade kids had to go through the "spanking machine." Everyone would stand in a line with their legs spread and the victim would have to crawl between their legs while getting as as many spankings as the kids could dish out. In hindsight, I wish I'd been more brave and not played sick, so I'd have more memories to savor.

In college I spanked a girlfriend a few times, but in hindsight I think she was just humoring me and didn't really enjoy it much. My fondest spanking memory from back then is of the time she let me give her a birthday spanking with her sorority paddle.

The woman I dated a couple of summers ago was into spanking (we met on alt.personals.spanking), so I finally got a chance to do a lot more playing. I mostly got to practice being a top, which I really enjoyed. She wasn't too much of a spanker, though, so I couldn't really act out my spankee fantasies very much. And I never got a chance to play with the cane I bought. One of these days.....

I'd like to thank all of the people who have been posting the wonderful stories here ever since the group started. My two personal favorites are probably two oldies: the "Kelley & Guardian" series and Mike's English schoolgirl caning stories, but I love all the others too. I'm afraid that if I try to list everyone's names I'll end up leaving someone out, so I won't...

Last time I delurked, I said that I wasn't a good writer and that I probably wouldn't post many stories. Lately I've realized that I actually am a fairly good writer (one of the professional writers here at work even told me so, yay!), but it's all been technical writing. I'm going to try a story or two and see if the writing skills transfer over. It's probably a lot more fun than writing about file system API's. :-)

BTW: A lot of this post has been a rehash of an old delurk that I managed to dredge up from my hard disk. Sorry. What 'cha gonna do about it? :-)