Subject: Schoolgirl Wiles
From: (John Benson)
Date: 21 Mar 1998 07:25:22 -0800

Schoolgirl Wiles

It all started because Mr. Gardner is so cute. Well I guess you're supposed to say handsome. Guys don't ever want to be called cute even if they are. He's young for a teacher and you can tell he really likes us. For most of the others it's just a job, you know? But he really likes girls. And he's so cute.

He's always threatening to spank us. The girls all blush and giggle, but for me it started going farther than that. I started wondering what it would be like to have to lie across his lap. Have him spank me. Would my skirt be pulled up? My slip? Would his hands only spank the part my panties covered or would my bare legs get it too? How hard would he do it. How long would it last. Would he like me more after he'd punished me, or would he like me less? He must want to spank us. He threatens enough. Most of the other teachers hardly ever bring it up at all.

I had to have a plan. That's what grown-ups do when they know what they want, right? Develop a workable plan and follow it through. Well I needed a plan that would get me spanked by Mr. Gardner. I started with the Student Handbook. I needed to be careful. I had to be bad enough but not too bad. I didn't want to get expelled or something. The Handbook said teachers could spank, but there wasn't like a particular list of infractions that would give it to you or anything. It was all up to the teacher, and I might just wind up with a boring detention or something. I talked to my friends pretending that the question was hypothetical and they told me it was pretty rare. A not quite empty threat. That wasn't going to help much.

But right then when my plan wasn't going any where, Mr. Gardner himself handed me the key. Right there in First Period Social Studies. He explained how much he hated swearing. Bad enough when boys do it. But girls! Unacceptable. So he threatened. No he promised that if he ever caught one of us swearing we'd stay after school and get a Big Spanking.

Ooh. That was my cue. I thought about it a couple of days, getting more and more excited. I knew how to get it. I decided I needed just the right words. Something short, snappy, and preferably both obscene and profane at the same time so there wouldn't be any legal quibbles about whether I had crossed the line or not. I tried the words out a few times when nobody was around to hear, and each time they gave me this naughty thrill of excitement and fear. It wasn't just that I was saying naughty words, but why I was saying them. There was something strangely exciting about the idea of a trip across Mr. Gardner's lap, and scheming to get there was, well, naughty.

Make a plan and stick to it, right? My heart was pounding in his morning class as I waited for just the right time to say the magic words. Not to his face, exactly, but so there'd be no doubt it was me who said them.

"Jesus Fucking Christ."

There. The deed was done. I was committed. The room was suddenly silent. Mr. Gardner announced that I was to meet him after school, and he hoped that what happened to me was going to be enough to teach everybody else. Then he went back to his lesson, but everything was too quiet and it was hard for him to get anybody to raise their hands and answer questions.

After class I tried to go up and apologize, but he cut me off. My apology would be much more sincere after I'd taken my medicine, he said. I had heard what he said and I wasn't stupid so I must have known what was coming, so too bad for me. My plan was in motion but now I didn't think it had been all that good an idea. My stomach was a mess. Girls watched me with their eyes and giggled behind their hands.

The whole rest of the day I was all anybody wanted to talk about. About not to. They shunned me and gossiped. The girl who was going to get So Spanked after school and what could she have been thinking and stuff like that. Daydreams about Mr. Gardner, that's what. But I didn't tell them that.

I had been expecting something more embarrassing than painful. A little spanky and a big hug, maybe. The other girls didn't think so. The consensus was that I was going to need first aid, if not the paramedics.

I was too upset to eat lunch, and English and Math just sort of whizzed by without my noticing. So that's why I'm here. School's over and I'm standing outside Mr. Gardner's room and whatever happens, well, I brought it on myself. I have to open the door and face the music.

He's in there, but so is old Mrs. Schmidt. What's this, a witness? He looks at me sternly and my heart melts.

First he hands me a note to my parents. I read it with shaking fingers. It explains why I'm getting spanked after school and asks them very politely if they would please spank me again when I get home. Oh God. My parents haven't spanked me since about first grade, but Daddy is big on cooperating with the school, considering how much he pays for it. I'm toast. He'd never turn down a request like this. And by staying after school I'm missing the bus, and Mom will have to come drive me home, which always puts her out of sorts so she won't ask Daddy to go easy on me. I'm so toast. Burned toast. And they have to sign the note so I can bring it back to Mr. Gardner in the morning. I can't even 'lose' it. Oh God.

Then he tells me the rest. I'm getting a spanking all right, but he's afraid I might have a crush on him and so it's better for propriety if he not do it. That's what Mrs. Schmidt is for. It's safer for the school's reputation if he doesn't even watch.

No! He's leaving. He's leaving me here with that old Mrs. Schmidt. No. That's not what I wanted. That's not what I wanted.

Oh. She's got me bent over Mr. Gardner's desk and my skirt is coming up. The slip too. Way high and... and oh God my panties are all the way down. Oh no. She's got a blackboard pointer in her hands and... Owwie! Owwie! Owwie!