Subject: The Fetish (johnb)
From: (John Benson)
Date: 11 Jan 1998 11:59:20 -0800

The Fetish

It was just there half sticking out of the river bank, and I almost stepped on it. A pink thing embedded in the brown mud. I dug it out and rinsed it off in the river. Ugly. Whatever else it was, it sure was ugly. What at first could have been an oddly colored stone turned out instead to be a crude clay parody of the human form, fired but not glazed, kind of like a brick.

It had a wide face, protruding ears, a broad nose and a huge manic grin. The body was all out of proportion, like some things mattered more than others so they got emphasized. A woman's body, big breasts, a pot belly, and huge flaring hips. But damned if it didn't have a cock and balls too. It could have been anything from a genuine pre-Columbian artifact to the discarded early fumblings of a beginning pottery student. Who knows.

It grinned that grin at me. "You're ugly," I told it, "but not menacing ugly. More like cute ugly. I think I'll take you home."

So I did. Mom was banging around in the kitchen when I got there and never even looked up to see what I had. I took it into my bed room and pushed the eclectic clutter on top of my dresser around until a space appeared that seemed just the right size. The little statue stood there, almost dry from wind and sun. Stood there and grinned its ancient grin.

My sister's whine drifted in from the front of the house, answered by Mom's somewhat more measured tones. Then the bratty whine again.

"That's Erica," I told the little idol. "She's fifteen going on twelve. Cute, but a real pain in the ass. She and Mom are too much alike, so they fight all the time."

Easily entertained, the little statue stood there and grinned its ceramic grin.

I regained the kitchen just as Mom was taking a casserole out of the oven. "I hope you don't mind," she said. "I've got bridge tonight, and then I'm out of town for a tournament all week end."

"No," I said. "After all, I'll be off to college next year and fending for myself. Doesn't sound that tough."

"Fridge is full so you won't starve," Mom said. "So unless you and your sister kill each other off, you should be okay."

"Won't happen," I promised. "We'll be fine."

Truth is, Erica and I don't fight much when Mom's not there. Erica doesn't seem to derive nearly the pleasure from getting my goat that she does by needling Mom. Besides. I let her stay out late with her boy friend. If she tried that normally, Mom would have a cow.

Dinner was a quick thing with a minimum of conversation. Refueling, not dining. Whatever quality time is this wasn't it. As soon as it was over Mom jumped up car keys in one hand and purse in the other, so she wouldn't be late for bridge. I think it's really a ruse and she's actually having an affair, but so what. It isn't any of my business.

I tidied up and did the dishes. It was lots easier than the verbal sparring it would have taken to get Erica to help. I had my hands in dishwater halfway up to my elbows when Erica showed up in the kitchen wearing something other than a pout. Her face was a cross between solemn and nervous.

"Can we talk?" she said.

Now that was something of a first. "Sure. Go right ahead."

"I did something bad. I've got to tell somebody about it."

"So tell Mom," I said. "That's her department."

"Uh uh," Erica said. "If Mom knew she'd ground me until I'm eighteen. Please. Let me just tell you instead?"

I drained the water and dried my hands. "You stole something," I said.

"No. Nothing like that."

"You got into drugs."

"No dammit just listen. The last time I was out with Jeffy, I let him put his hand where it wasn't supposed to go. He got me off. I'm so ashamed."

I almost laughed at the poor kid. Erica must not be as with-it and daring as she pretended to be. Shit, she was probably one of the last girls in the Sophomore class to finally begin heavy petting. But she looked so hang-dog I just had to take her seriously.

"What do you want me to do about it kid? Scold you and then tell you to go and sin no more?"

She blushed a pretty pink. "No. I want you to spank my ass until I cry."


She looked down. "You heard me," she said.

I thought she was pulling my chain, but there was a way I could find out. "All right, tell you what," I said briskly. "If you come out into the living room dressed for bed and ask to be spanked, I'll believe you. Otherwise, I just think you're bullshitting. But hurry up about it. I'm picking Dawn up in an hour."

Erica bolted from the room, short hair flying. God this was weird. My palms were sweating and I dried them on the dish towel and went into the living room.

There was Erica in a nightie and carrying a hair brush. When she was doing her hair, it was blow dryer and curling iron and teasing comb, mostly, so I knew what the hair brush was for.

"I was naughty," she whispered. "Please spank me."

I tugged her across my lap and raised the brush. "You're going to get it," I said starting to like the idea.

"Not like that," she said. "My panties were down when I was being naughty, so they should be down when I'm getting spanked too."

I tugged up the hem of her nightie and yanked the panties down halfway to her knees. She whimpered but didn't protest.

I struck. Another whimper. God this was going to leave bruises. I smacked her again. Again, really getting into it now. She rocked her hips in a parody of intercourse and moaned. "I'm so naughty," she blubbered. She had to be aware of my erection poking up from my lap, but she said nothing. Just took her punishment and at last cried.

I stopped. "Learned you lesson?" I asked, trying to be stern.

She snuffled and crawled off my lap. "I'm not sure," she said. "But if I'm bad again, you should do it again."

"Tell you what," I said, suddenly inspired. "You're on probation starting right now. If you even so much as masturbate, much less let that boy friend finger-fuck you, you have to confess it to me and take whatever punishment I think you have coming."

She kissed me. "Thank you," she said.

"Now go to bed. Spanked girls have to go to bed early."

She went. Damnedest thing I ever saw.

I wanted to jerk off so bad, but that would be dumb. Ever hopeful, I wanted to save it for Dawn, who sinned Erica's sin as a matter of course, but refused to let me put my pecker in where she welcomed my fingers. Maybe someday.

I went into my room to change. The grinning statue seemed larger. "Thanks for your help with Erica," I told it. "Now that I'm a pain in her ass, I strongly doubt she'll be a pain in anyone else's. In fact, I bet I can stretch my power over her just a tiny bit and make her act halfway civil around Mom."

I almost believed that I felt the idol's cheerful concurrence. Next stop: Dawn and one more step in my long slow quest to shed my own unwanted virginity.

It wasn't going to be that night, I can tell you that. We parked in our own special spot, but just weren't on the same wavelength at all. Spanking Erica had made me enormously horny. But of course it hadn't done a thing for Dawn. She still needed patience and coaxing even to get to the point that she really wanted to get to.

By the time I got to pet her to orgasm, I felt cheated out of the fuck I so dearly wanted, and catching my mood, Dawn was a bit pissy in return, and once she'd got hers, refused to reciprocate. Not even a hand job. I avoided calling her a bitch, and she consented to seeing me again in the morning. But it wasn't one of our better nights.

I got home and undressed. Oh my aching balls. My cock sprang free and I jerked off right there in the middle of my bedroom floor. "I wish I could get Dawn to let me fuck her," I said as I came messily all over the carpet. It was too dark to see the idol's grin, but I imagined I saw it anyway. Frustration spent, I slept....

And woke to the smell of bacon frying. I got up, dressed, and entered the kitchen to behold a marvel. Erica was making bacon and pancakes. This definitely never happened.

"Hi," she said brightly. "Thought I'd surprise you."

"You did," I admitted. "If this is what spanked Ericas are like, you're going to get it regular."

She blushed but the smile was happy. "I guess," she said.

"In fact," I said, pushing my advantage, "I'm going to punish you any time you're not at least civil to Mom. You don't have to pretend to agree with her if you don't. But I'm tired of seeing you make her life miserable. So it's going to stop."

She looked at me honestly, playing no games. She nodded. "That's fair," she said. "If it's all right for you to spank me for being a slut, then it's all right for you to spank me for being a bitch, too. It'll make me be a better person."

She dished up breakfast for us. The pancakes were a bit uneven in size and shape, but so what. "Turn the stove off," I reminded her. "Don't fuck up a good deed at the last minute by making a dumb mistake."

She hastened to comply. We ate quietly, but it was a companionable silence. Comfortable. "What are you thinking," she finally said.

I grinned. "About next year when I'm away at college. This year's cool. But when I'm gone, you're going to need another spanker, or you'll go back to being the old Erica."

She giggled. "I guess," she said.

"I suppose I could tell Mom."

"No please," the girl begged. "You can't. Please. Not Mom. Don't ever give her that power over me. Promise."

"I promise," I said. "I don't want to be cruel and do anything that you really can't stand the thought of. But if not Mom, what do you think about Jeffy?"

Her eyes got round and she whimpered. "But then he could make me do... everything."

"We have a year to worry about it," I soothed. "Sooner or later you'll have to decide you can behave on your own, or find a different disciplinarian. But there's no rush."

"I'll do the dishes," she said.

"But you made breakfast."

"Ya. But how many times have I weaseled out of it? I must owe thousands of turns."

God I liked this new sister. Whatever miracle had made her open up her deep dark secrets sure made her easier to live with. Some day Jeffy or one of his successors could wind up being a very lucky young man.

"You're out with Dawn this morning?" she asked.

"Hiking," I said.

"You be good now."

"Look," I said sternly. "You asked me to mind your business. I have very definitely not asked you to mind mine."

She did the dishes.

I changed clothes and said good bye to my neolithic charm. He-she was starting to push other stuff off my dresser, definitely bigger now. Then I went hiking with Dawn.

The day was fine, and we both love the out of doors. Here we were in sync, not playing the game of will-she-or-won't-she, but just enjoying each other and the trees and the quiet and the little brook.

When I first hugged her it wasn't an opening gambit but just a spontaneous act. When she first kissed me it was without that partial holding back that usually muted her actions. Since it wasn't night time, we weren't playing our well-rehearsed roles. We were just a male and female who liked each other and found themselves alone in a secluded spot.

We progressed from standing to sitting to lying down with no particular motive other than we both wanted to. And suddenly that lonely condom I had carried in my wallet for so long that the package had got all wrinkly was being unwrapped in my shaking fingers and put to its proper use and we were fucking, and it felt so good.

Oh so so good. And then when it was over, she cried. She dressed awkwardly and cried and I held her and stroked her hair and told her that she was sweet and had given me something wonderful that I would always cherish. And she looked at me through eyes bright with tears and asked me the question that chilled my blood. "You love me, don't you?"

Poor Dawn. So sweet, so vulnerable. How dared I disappoint her when she had finally given me my heart's desire. So I lied, and said yes. We kissed with tenderness and remembered passion, and hiked back to civilization, exhausted and a little shy with each other over what we had done. I had to repeat that lie twice more before she left me, and the telling of it tasted bitter on my tongue.

I parked my old car and went to see the idol. It had grown again. Pushed several things off onto the floor. It's grin didn't look quite so cute or harmless now.

"I got what I wanted," I told it. "Dawn's cherry. But to keep the peace I had to lie. She needs me to say I love her. But the truth is that I love fucking her. It isn't the same thing."

I stood there, one foot in the camp of triumph, the other in the camp of shame. The statue spoke directly into my mind.

<<You are ashamed of your lie,>> it said. <<Such shame is best dealt with by getting you spanked.>>

"How?" I said, somehow unsurprised that this thing was not inert.

<<Explain to Erica,>> the being said. <<Under the circumstances, she will be glad to do for you the same service you will continue to supply to her.>>

The idea was both repellent and exciting. "I will be her spanker, and she mine?"

<<Of course. Now go. I have given you everything you have asked. Now you must begin to pay.>>

The little clay God, well maybe not quite so little, waited patiently and grinned and grinned, calmly ready to accept my offering of lust and shame and pain. The idea of submitting to Erica was giving me a raging hard-on. I had no choice but to find my sister, and do as the God had commanded.