Tracey's Treat
From: Squire Hobbit 
Subject: Repost: Tracey's Treat
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 1996 21:29:03 -0400

Tracey's Treat

You return exhausted from work and I greet you at the door with a large frosty strawberry daiquiri a hug and gentle peck on the cheek. We sit together on the sofa as you rest your lovely head on my shoulder, unwinding from your day, enjoying your daiquiri, listening to the soothing Jazz music coming from the stereo and breathing in the aroma of roasting duck wafting in from the kitchen. As you relax your smile grows and you snuggle closer to me after about an hour I send you upstairs to shower and get ready for Your evening to begin, you return after your shower wearing only your red satin pajamas your full breasts swaying seductively, your nipples fully erect. I seat you at the table and hand you a glass of Vintage Dom Perignon before making the final dinner preparations for you. I return with two steaming bowls of leek soup and fresh French bread, after we finish our soup I bring out a fresh spinach salad and finally the roast duck with apple and cornbread dressing after we leisurely enjoy our dinner I bring out a double fudge chocolate cake. After I clear the dishes, I gently take your hand and kiss it. The rest of your special evening awaits up stairs in our bedroom. You smile broadly, obviously curious as to what I have planned.

I watch your luscious bottom sway as you head up the stairs for a moment before I collect a bowl of HOT water which I set my bottle of massage oil in, a small container of crushed ice, and a large plush Turkish bath towel . I hand you the towel , you look questioningly at me until your gaze moves to the warming massage oil, Your smile broadens and you demurely slip into the bath room and return shortly with nothing between us but the towel, you climb up on the bed face down and loosen the towel and I fold it back until your back is exposed but your bottom remains covered. I begin your massage at the base of your skull and slowly work down your neck and on to your shoulders slowly massaging the tension of the day away. I continue down your back as you purr contentedly, while I work my way ever so slowly down the supple skin of your back to the tops of your hips. Then I start on the back of your left thigh and massage and caress my way down to your ankle and repeat the process on your right thigh avoiding going too high on you inner thighs for the moment after I've finished right leg. "Would you care to have your front massaged as well my darling?"

"Mmmm, Sounds delightful." You murmur. You turn over carefully making sure that the towel keeps your crotch covered I begin at your shoulders again and work my way down to your succulent breasts heaving up towards my attention as I squeeze large drops of warm oil onto your nipples and massage the oil into your breasts slowly and leisurely giving each nipple a quick lick as I move down to your stomach and on to your ankles where I move back up legs to the tops of your thighs and inner thighs. As I move closer to your center I stop my fingers just out of reach of the entrance to your loins I move my hand ever so slightly higher till the tip s of my fingers barely touch your swollen lips.

"Does anything else need massaging?" I ask chuckling as I pull your towel off and you spread your legs to the combined attentions of my very excited hands and mouth as I deeply massage, caress and fondle your pussy you push harder into my hands and tongue as Insert a finger deeply in to your bum and your breathing becomes heavier and heavier as I bring you to climax riding my finger with your ass and my tongue with your pussy while I twist and pull your nipples and squeeze your breasts.

Ahhhhhhhhhh, Ye Aggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh Moooooorrrrrrrreee ,

I gently swat your pussy, swat swat swat swat swat swat , Neeeyyyaggghhhh More slap me HARDER yeeeesssssssssssssssss

swat swat swat swat swat swat swat swat swat your inner thighs and pussy continue to be spanked as I deeply ream you with mi probing finger swat swat swat swat swat swat .

You quickly flip yourself over my lap your sweet firm ass pointed as high as you can SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT. "Oh yes Darling Harder spanking my naughty butt" You plead. SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! This sweet ass is really starved for attention isn't it?" I ask

You respond by wriggling your hips wildly over my bulging erection.

SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! SWAT!! SWAT!! SWAT!! SWAT!! "Yes spank me, spank me my but hurts so good

SWAT!! SWAT!! SWAT!! SWAT!! SWAT!!! SWAT!!! SWAT!!! SWAT!!! you begin weeping tears of sweet release, joy and a twinge of pain, "I think I'm going to cum from a spanking" You squeal in delight

!SWAT!!! !SWAT!!! !SWAT!!! !SWAT!!! as you begin to quiver in pre-orgasmic pleasure I reach under you and urgently fondle and squeeze your left breast as I launch another barrage on your crimson behind. !SWAT!!! !SWAT!!! !SWAT!!! !SWAT!!! !SWAT!!! !SWAT!!! !SWAT!!! !SWAT!!! !SWAT!!! !SWAT!!! !SWAT!!! !SWAT!!! as you enter the throughs of climax I land a hard swat on the summit of each globe !!!!!SWAT!!!!! !!!!!SWAT!!!!! as your climax subsides I turn onto my back and you quickly undress me and lick the precum off the tip of my erection and moisten my erection with your sweet mouth before straddling me and begin riding up and down cock as I alternate between squeezing and probing your breasts and tenderized buttocks. Our breathing become more and more ragged as we both rapidly approach climax together. I reach behind you and slap your bottom with both hands as I fill you with my hot cum and I bite your nipples as you scream and shake in orgasm.

As our breathing returns to normal we snuggle together under the sheets. "I'm so very very happy We found each other I whisper, but you're my most trusted friend as well as an incredible lover, and I hope to tome up with many many new ways to show you that."

I'm not sure how much you heard because as I look down at you you are fast a sleep with your head resting on my chest and your hanging onto my arm like a giant teddy bear with a very contented smile on your lovely face