From: Squire Hobbit 
Subject: Repost: Bend Over Melinda
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 1996 21:42:35 -0400

Bend Over Melinda

Melinda had been coming into my cyber cafe all summer, always wearing very short wispy sun dresses that accentuated her full firm youthful busom and flashed her pantied bottom when she bent over. I had repeatedly warned her that I had very strict methods of dealing with naughty little girls who dressed inappropriately.

"What would you do to me?" She asked apprehensively.

"I'm going to give you a good sound spanking one of these days, regardless of who is around at the time."

"You wouldn't really would you? I've never been spanked before."

"Keep dressing like that and acting bratty and you'll find out, Young lady."

The day finally came when I could no longer tolerate her behavior. Dressed in tight green jeans and an even tighter white sweater you had been distracting my customers and me all afternoon. I had been working on my computer trying to complete a series of stories to be posted in the Net when I you looking over my shoulder reading my story. "Young lady, you have displeased me in your lack of obedience and you must be spanked soundly. I want you to know that it is for your benefit that I must inflict this chastisement. "I expect you to obey and behave as a young lady should while having your bottom attended to." "Bu...But there are other people here, you can't spank me in front of them."

"I warned you that when the time came it wouldn't matter. Zeke, Diane and Roy have had to put up with you as well and they will witness your spanking. 'I turn my chair around and open the front of your jeans and slowly work them down over your hips and down to your knees.'

"Get over my lap Melinda." I order.

"Please can't you spank me in private."

"No, get over my lap this instant before I strip you completely."

"Yes, Sir." you sob and reluctantly climb over my firm thighs.

"Are you ready for your first spanking?"

"Yes, sir...I know you will only give me what I deserve and I am ready for you to punish my behind to the fullest."

SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!!!!! You try valiantly to remain in place and not cry out as I heat the seat of your panties. "That's enough of a warming, girl. Stand before me and show yourself as you should for a proper thrashing."

You rise from my lap. I instruct you pull down your panties.

"Please, not here everyone will see me all bare." You plead.

"Get them down this instant or I'll have Diane pull them down for you."

You begin slowly revealing your soft downy triangle to us. Then bending forward pushing your panties down and off so we can view the faint pink marks my skillful hand has already imprinted upon your behind.

"MMmmm...."Seems we have some heavy spanking to do here, missy, that's not even close to the desired shade of red I want you to wear."

"Back over my lap young lady." I instruct.

Ignoring the all most overpowering urge to forget the rest of your discipline because I am so very intensely aroused at the delightful view before me. Your bottom alone is always enough to send a tingle through my loins, here it is not only bared, but with the beginnings of a healthy red glow is causing my cock to stir

Your mouth-watering pussy lips and rosebud peek out from between your cheeks, almost pleading for my attentions and affections. I desperately want to and ravish those luscious breasts that tease me from behind the sweater and bra, but my satisfaction will have to wait

I run my hand across your bottom randomly as I begin to scold you for not paying attention to my warnings. As I continue to rub your bare and vulnerable bottom your eyes become filled with tears and you sob softly. "I'm so very sorry, please spank me soundly." You whimper, as your buttocks clench and unclench each time I lift my handoff your ass not knowing if the first stroke is on its way.

"Young Lady" when I've finished with you I can assure you that when I am finished you will remember to obey me. SMACK! the first stroke lands, across the fullest curves of your bottom.

"Yagghhh" you yell as you clench your bottom and roll to the side kicking your shapely legs. SMACK! the second stroke catches the side of your hip and thigh. You wave your legs wildly fully exposing your hidden charms. I push you back into position placing my hand in the small of your back. SMACK! "AhAhaaaaaaaaaaaaa" You gasp as the third stroke paints a hot red hand print on the undercurve of your butt at the top of your right thigh. Almost as if it was an after thought you slip your hand back and rub your reddening seat. "Young Lady you've just earned twelve strokes of the wooden ruler on your backside."

"Zeke, will you hold this naughty girls hands out of the way." Sure John, he grins.

"Young lady when I'm through with you, you will not be able to sit comfortably for a week." "Do you understand?"

"Yes sir" you reply blinking away your tears. SMACK. I continue raining slaps all over your full firm backside as you begin to squirm more excitedly.

"Roy, old buddy get my thick ruler from behind the counter, will you please?" I ask

"Sure pal." you reply as you almost trip over your chair watching Melinda's butt and not where you're going.

When your tail is uniformly red and tenderized I pick up the ruler and slowly draw it over your full upturned fanny. I explain what this part of your spanking will entail. "Young lady, you are going to receive twelve crisp strokes from this wooden ruler, You will count each stroke, thank me for it and request the next one." "Do I make myself clear little one?" "Yes Sir." you whimper "I understand."


"One Sir, thank you, please swat me again."


"Ohh Ouchhhh. "Two Sir, thank you, please swat me again."


"Neeoowwouchhh. "Th... three Sir, th... thank you, please swat me again."


"Four Sir, thank you, p... p... please swat me again."

By now your beginning to sob in earnest and your legs are waving about trying to alleviate the sting and burn spreading across your sore rump. The color moves closer to the required shade of red. I can tell that you very much want to plead for an early end to your punishment. But you are such a very good girl at heart and that you are only getting what is deserved. You understand fully that You will be rewarded for taking your punishment like a "Big Girl" should.


"Yeeeeeeeeeeooooooowwwwwwww. F... f... five S... S... Sir, thank you, p... p... please s... sw... swa... swat me again."


"Anaawwwhhaahahahahannnooooooo. Six Sir, Thank you, Sir."

The swats keep coming until the twelfth lands. Your bottom and your upper thighs are completely red all over and you're sobbing like a naughty girl. And your rocking movements have brought you to a fevered pitch hovering exquisitely close to orgasm

"My darling I'm very pleased and proud of you. " I tell you as I stroke your hair and stroke my way down your back to lightly caress and massage your very red and sore, well spanked behind. I allow a finger to ever so briefly stray down across your dripping seam. "You've taken your punishment very, very well up till now. I want you to go to each of my friends and apologize to them and follow what ever instructions they give you.

Roy has you turn to the side as he cups one hand over your mound and peppers your fanny with four sharp swats from his other hand before sending you over to Diane. After you apologize to her she makes you spread your legs wide and bend over grabbing you ankles as she holds you in position by squeezing your left breast and then proceeds to redden your inner thighs briefly. Diane then sends you over to her husband Zeke who takes you over his knee and adds to the sting and humiliation of the spanking.

"Go stand in the corner until I tell you that you can come out and dress

Then it will all be over and forgiven."

"Thank you Sir. You know that I truly want to please you and I'm truly grateful that you care enough about me to give me the discipline I need." You answer as you look over your shoulder from the corner.