Subject: Sisterly Advice 1, x/ff, Fiction
From: (Hbrushed)
Date: 31 Oct 1998 08:00:32 -0800

Sisterly Advice

This is a complete work of fiction, intended for the entertainment of adults. It concerns the spanking of girls, so if that won't be entertaining to you, please read no further.

Dear Cindi:

You are mad at me right now, but you shouldn't be. I didn't have anything to do with it. You were really late getting home from Linda's house, and like Mom pointed out, you have been really late for dinner like that before. She has yelled at you for that before, and it has only been a couple of months since she spanked you for being real late like that. So, you got a spanking again tonight for it, and it was a worse spanking than that one before. I didn't tattle - you were late, and everyone knew it! Nobody had to tattle on you, silly - it was dinnertime and you were nowhere to be seen! I didn't even tell Mom that she should give you a spanking for being late again, but I did know that you were going to be spanked when you got home. Mom was so mad at you that right in the middle of dinner she told me and Dad, real matter-of-fact like, that she was going to "blister Cynthia Dawn's bottom the instant she walks through that door." You didn't have a chance! I knew that she wouldn't make blisters on your bottom, but I knew that she meant a pretty good spanking, that's for sure. You also didn't do me and Dad any favors by being so late, either. You know how Mom is when she is mad, and we had to sit through dinner with her just sitting there with that really mad look on her face.

You would have been better off to have come home before dinner was over. The longer she has to build up steam, the worse it is going to be when she puts you upside-down on her lap. When dinner was over she made me do the dishes (even though it was your turn) and I could hear her stomping around. I knew that you were really going to get it when she had to call Linda's mom and ask her to send you home. It was kind of neat, because Mom didn't sound mad at all when she was talking to Mrs. Walker. She was real sweet and nice and chatting away about the neighbors and you and Linda and school and all, but I knew that she was really mad and that she was just waiting for you to get home so that she could give you a spanking.

When you came in the back door I was in the living room and so were Mom and Dad. The minute we heard that door start to open, Mom just about flew into the kitchen. Since you were there and I wasn't, you know more about what happened in the kitchen than I do, but I know pretty much what happened from what I heard. I know that Mom took down your pants and your underwear and then spanked you right there in the kitchen. From the amount of noise you made, I could tell that she spanked you pretty hard. I wanted so bad to peek around the corner into the kitchen, but with Daddy sitting right there in the living room too, there was no way I was going to see you and Mom.

You did look so cute when she sent you to your room and you went scampering through the living room bawling like a baby and holding your backside with both of your hands. I'm glad for you had your pants pulled back up again - but it would have really been funny if they were still down! I didn't mean to laugh, but you did look funny. If it is any consolation to you, Dad growled at me when I snorted. He told me that it wasn't funny that you got a spanking and said that nobody laughs at me when I get spanked (although I know that you always laugh at me when I get a spanking).

I felt a little bad for you, so I waited a little while and then came up to talk to you. I really thought it would help to have someone to talk to and you could maybe cry on my shoulder. You were still smarting from your spanking, I could tell, and maybe that is why you were so mean to me. You called me some bad names, and accused me of tattling on you and getting Mom to spank you. I tried to talk to you, but you weren't listening. Then you told me some things that were just plain wrong, but you wouldn't wait long enough for me to answer. Then you shouted at me, and Mom called up the steps and told me to leave you alone. She thought I was teasing you, but really I wasn't.

Since we each got this neat computer for Christmas, I decided to write this to you on the computer so that you could read it when you feel a little better, and so that you can maybe keep it and read it again as you grow up. While I was trying to make you feel better after your spanking, you said some really wrong things, and I want to tell you the truth. Also, I'm going to give you some advice. Maybe my advice will help you down the road because you are going to be getting a lot more spankings before you are as old as me and know as much as I do.

First, here are some of the things that you said to me. You said that nobody else knows how bad it is to get spanked by Mom. You said that Mom doesn't pull my underpants down to spank me as often as she does with you. You said that I don't know how embarrassing it is to get a spanking in the kitchen. You said that I tattled on you and that is why you got spanked. You are wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong!

You know that Mom and Dad both still spank me, even though I am almost 14. It was only two weeks ago that you started that fight with me and we ended up breaking that big lamp in the living room. Where do you think Mom was while Dad was in your room spanking you? She was in my room spanking me, and you know it! And she had my pants and panties pulled down, and she used her hairbrush (which you don't know anything about yet, but you're gonna learn some day). We broke the same lamp, but I got a worser spanking than you did for it, believe me!

You also know that most of the times that I have to get a spanking, I get it on my bare bottom just like you do. And you know I get spanked with my panties pulled down because Mom and Dad don't always close the bedroom door like they should, and I know you have spied and seen me getting spanked - all bare and everything! I know it because I have seen you peeking, and because you have told me and teased me.

And you are only a little bit right about the kitchen. I don't get spankings downstairs anymore, but I used to and if you think about it you can probably remember seeing me getting some of those spankings. I know that it is really embarrassing when Mom or Dad take down your underpants and spank you right out in the open like that, and I know that it is almost as bad even if they let you keep your pants on.

As for me tattling, well you know that I didn't do it this time. You know that I sometimes do tattle on you, but it is just for your own good. You are still pretty little even though you don't think so, but you are only 9 and sometimes you are really bad. I know that when I was 9 I got spanked a lot, and when you are bad you need to get a spanking to help you remember to be good. I shouldn't still be getting spanked now that I am a teenager, but you need to get spankings since you are still little. So, when I think that you are bad enough to get a spanking I make sure that Mom and Dad know it so that they can punish you. It probably doesn't seem that way to you now, but I am just doing it for your own good - just to help you behave better. But I didn't tattle this time, Cindi, honest! are only nine years old, and I'm almost 14. I've been spanked a lot more than you have, and the spankings that I get now are much worse than the ones that you have gotten so far. You told me that nobody knows anything about how bad spankings are for you, but I am telling you that you don't know anything about spankings yet! So, I want to give you some advice - big sister to little sister - about getting spanked by Mom and Dad. I'm trying to be nice to you, even though you were mean to me. Maybe this advice will help you, but even if it doesn't, at least you'll know that you aren't the only girl who has ever had Mom and Dad pull down her panties and give her a spanking.

First, a spanking is going to hurt, and there isn't anything you or I can do about it. Mom and Dad have had a lot of practice spanking bad girls (us!), and they sure can spank hard. Even at my age a spanking still makes me cry - real hard, too! I'm pretty tough, but I just hate it when they spank me and I just have to bawl like a little girl. The good thing is that even the worst spanking wears off after a couple of hours, but don't kid yourself - getting spanked is going to make your rear sting and burn and is going to make you sob like a baby. But it will wear off, and soon you'll be able to sit down again without being all squirmy.

When you got home tonight I heard you bawling at the top of your lungs and begging Mom not to spank you. As far as I can tell, I have never been able to talk them out of spanking me once they have decided that they want to spank me. I still can't help crying and asking Mom or Dad not to spank me when I'm in trouble, but I don't really expect or even hope that it will work. You shouldn't either. Once everything starts happening, you might as well go along with it and try to get it over with as fast as possible. I do think it helps to cry a lot because it makes sure that they know you are sorry and maybe the spanking won't be so bad. I'd even make myself cry if I had to, but usually I am crying for real anyhow.

I think that one of the worst parts about getting a spanking is the undressing for it. Don't you think so too? Mom and Dad both think that it is okay to pull down a girl's underpants for her spanking, even for me at 13, and so both of us get lots of our spankings on our bare bottoms. I know you get pretty embarrassed when they do that, but believe me - it gets worse as you get older.

The best thing to be wearing if Mom is going to spank you is a pair of pants or a pair of shorts, cause then she will either pull them down or make you do it. Dresses and skirts are awful cause she almost always makes you take it all the way off. Mom is real big on making you get undressed yourself. For goodness sakes, take my advice...when she makes you take off your dress, try to remember to sort of fold it and lay it down on the bed. If you just rumple it up and throw it on the floor, she really gets mad. Then, while you are only wearing your bra and panties (or T-shirt and undies for you) she will make you pick it up and hang it in the closet, all the while yelling at you for wrinkling something she spent all morning ironing (and you and I both know that she doesn't spend all morning ironing things, she just says that!).

I heard you in the kitchen bawling and asking Mom to let you keep your underpants on, but I think that you were just wasting your breath. I'm pretty sure that Mom and Dad both know that they are going to spank you bare before they even start - you can't talk them out of it - especially when your pants are already down! I always try, though, and maybe you ought to try too. Maybe it helps, but it sure can't hurt! On the other way around, though, I think that if they are planning to spank you with your pants or maybe just your underpants on, and you fight with them or kick them or call them names, they will change their mind and pull your underpants down too, so don't ever fight with them when you are gonna get a spanking!

Sometimes you will get spanked with your underwear still on. Make sure that you don't have a wedgie! A pair of underpants won't help much with the stinging, but they at least keep you covered up - in front and in the rear - and it is a whole lot better than getting it bare!

Most of the time you will have to get your underpants down before they spank you. If Mom tells you to take down your underpants, you might as well push them all the way down at least to your knees on the first push. If you don't, she will just keep making you push them further down, and that's worse than just getting it over with. And if she tells you to take them down, for goodness sakes don't tell her "But Mommy, I can't!" If you do that, she will answer you with one of these..."If you can't take them down, young lady, I will!" - and she will, too! Or else she says, "If you can't take them down, then you may take them off. And I mean completely off, little lady." I'm not kidding, Cindi...that's terrible! And once she says that, nothing you can say or do will change her mind. You'll have to take your underwear all the way off, and that is worse than just pulling them down - at least it is for me!

It isn't very often that Mom will make you push your own underpants down, she usually tugs them down herself - and I mean she pulls them way down. Like it isn't bad enough for us to just be bare, but she pulls them down till we're bare clear past our knees! Daddy does that too - he pulls them right down. By the way - if you squeeze your legs real tight together they will still be able to get them pulled all the way down for you, and they will turn completely inside out when they do. Gawd, that is really embarrassing too, but I'm not sure why it is worse than just having them come down right side-out.

When Daddy is going to spank you, you don't really have to worry too much about getting undressed - he will take care of that for you. I don't know which is worse, having Daddy pull down my pants and underwear, or having Mom make me do it. Most of the time, if Daddy is going to spank you bare and you are wearing pants, he will open up the front of your pants and pull down your zipper, then he'll grab the sides of your pants and underpants and pull them down at the same time. One minute you are dressed, the next minute your pants are wide open in the front and then, in just another second you're completely bare from your waist clear down to your ankles and standing right in front of him!

If he pulls down just your pants, then it is a good bet that he will spank you with your panties on. But not always! Sometimes he pulls my pants down, then just grabs my panties and pulls them down too.

If you are wearing a skirt or a dress and he starts to reach up under it to pull it up, look out! That means that he's going to pull down your panties. It is always so yucky when he pulls up my dress, too, cause he will pull it way up high before he pulls down my underpants - I mean, even my tummy is bare when he lifts it up! Thank goodness that it usually falls right down when he grabs my underwear and he doesn't see much. If he pulls you over his knee while you still have a skirt on, he will probably pull it up and spank you with just your underwear on back there, but he won't pull your panties down when you're already on his lap. At least, he never does that to me.

Take it from me - don't ever put on an extra pair of panties when you think you are going to get spanked. Do you remember when I did that last year and how mad Mom got? I can't tell you how embarrassing it was when she pulled down my pants and there I was and there they were. I also can't tell you how bad it was to have her drag me across the hall from my room to her bedroom (where she keeps that hairbrush) while my pants were still down. Then she pulled all four pairs of them down, one at a time and counting them out loud until she had them all down around my ankles. Then she used her hairbrush to spank me without any underwear on (on me, that is!). It was almost as bad after the spanking when she stood me up and I had to pull up all those extra pairs of underpants just so that I could pull my pants on to run over to my room! I felt so stupid cause my rear was really burning and those panties had gotten all tangled up down there and I couldn't pull them up or get them on right or anything, with her just sitting there holding her hairbrush and looking so mad! Nope...I don't recommend putting on extra pairs of underpants, not at all. The most I do now is change them if I'm wearing really little panties, or if they have holes in them. It isn't as embarrassing for you to have them see your underpants at your age as it is for me now that I'm grown up. You still wear little girl's underpants - you really don't have panties like us big girls wear yet. You can't really call them panties when they have a little Winnie the Pooh on the front, you know.

Here is some more advice. When you have your undies down, try as hard as you can to cover up the front of you and don't worry about your bottom. Especially in front of Daddy. I mean, they are going to see your rear when they spank you and you just can't do anything about it. But you can try to cover up your front, and that is the more embarrassing place anyhow. You'll have to try to concentrate real hard, though, after your spanking to keep the front of you covered up. It is really easy after a hard spanking to rub your bottom while you are crying and before you pull your panties back up again, and if you do that then they will see everything and you don't want that. Especially with Daddy. This will mean more to you when you are older, so try to remember it.

When Daddy is going to spank you, then best thing you can do is just stand there and promise to be a good girl and say you are sorry for being bad. He doesn't say much, so you just have to show him that you are really sorry while he is getting you undressed. And for heavens sake, try not to try to slap his hands away or he'll spin you around and give you a bunch of spanks while he is undressing you! With Mom it isn't that easy.

When Mom is going to spank you, she talks the whole time, and she expects you to answer her. Try as hard as you can to listen to her, too, even though it is really hard to do when she is tugging down your pants or underwear. She asks a bunch of trick questions, then she gets really, really steamed if you answer one of them wrong. She might like ask you three questions in a row that have 'yes' for an answer. This is pretty much what I heard her do to you just tonight...: "Didn't I tell you to be home before dinner?" <yes ma'am> "Didn't I have to spank you for this once before?" <yes ma'am> "Didn't I warn you that I would spank you again if you ever stayed out like this again" <yes ma'am> Then she throws in the trick question! "Am I going to have to spank you for this again next week, little girl?" Well...if you say 'yes ma'am' again, she will explode! This time you have to say 'no, ma'am!' Don't let her trick you like that. By the way...when you are going to get spanked, it is best to always say 'yes ma'am' and 'no ma'am' and 'yes sir' and 'no sir'. When they are yelling at you. It also doesn't hurt to call them Mommy and Daddy then, too.

I know you hate getting spanked right in the kitchen or the living room or dining room and places like that. I used to really hate that too. I was always afraid that the mailman or the paperboy or somebody would peek in the window and see me with my panties down or see me getting spanked. And, of course, you always had to be hanging around and I didn't like having you seeing me all bare or getting a spanking even if you are girl too. The good news is that I bet they quit spanking you downstairs in a year or two (or three!). I was eleven when they started dragging me upstairs to my room or theirs for my spankings, and I think I have figured out why. Right now, Cindi, when you don't have your underpants on, you don't look a whole lot different than you did when you were just a baby getting your diapers changed. Yeah, you are bigger and taller, but down where your underpants are you are still pretty much a baby and everybody has seen you bare all over. I know you probably don't want to hear it, but it is true that while you are still all bald and everything you're just a little girl. When you start changing into a woman (for me that was in fifth grade) then I think they will take you upstairs so that you can have your panties down and get your spankings with some privacy. That might sound good to you now, but believe me, even though it is better to be undressed for a spanking upstairs, it is worse to be have your panties pulled down (especially in the front) for a spanking once you start becoming a woman! I can't stand having either of them seeing me bare down there!

The closest I came to getting spanked in the living room since I was 11 or 12 was last year on that report card day - remember? I didn't realize how mad Daddy really was, or I would never have gave him a smart-alec answer when he asked me if my grades would improve. I thought it would be funny when I said, "Well...I guess they can't get any worse, huh, Dad?!" As soon as I said that he grabbed my arm and with me just standing there trying to squirm away, he gave me a dozen or more spanks right there in the living room. Then he sent me upstairs, and about a half-an-hour later he came up to my room and finished what he started downstairs, only this time he pulled my panties down and really spanked me. Looking back on it I think I am lucky that he didn't just pull my pants and underwear down and spank me right there in the living room as soon as I smart-talked him.

You know - it is only fair that I tell you that I've learned a couple things from you, even though I bet you don't know it. I know one thing - I'm never gonna get a spanking right straight out of the bathtub! You were so dumb to sit in there and fight with Mom, even if the bathroom door was locked. Then, when you wouldn't open or even unlock the door, you really made her mad. When she hollered down the steps and told Daddy that you needed a spanking but that you had locked yourself in the bathroom, I could hear him coming up the stairs. Just his walking even sounded mad! I was sure that he was going to kick the door in like they do in the movies, but he went into their bedroom and came out with something in his hand. I don't know what it was, but in an instant he had the door open and you were in more trouble than you have been in for a while! Mom didn't even close the bathroom door! She just pulled you out of the bathtub, sat down on the toilet and spanked you. Wow, that was something, and the way you hollered it makes me think it must have really stung. I'm sure she wouldn't have spanked you that hard if you would have let her in the first time that she told you to! I don't know about you, but I'm still a little nervous knowing that Daddy can open that door anytime he wants, even if it is locked, but at least we won't ever have to worry about getting locked inside the bathroom cause I know he can get it open if he wants to.

Another thing I learned from you is that I'm never going to try to run away from Mom when she is going to spank me. Remember two summers ago when she had you in the living room and was taking you over to the spanking chair and then you squirmed away and ran? I thought you were going to make it right out of the house, but then you ran smack-dab into Daddy. I was sitting in the dining room doing a puzzle when you went flying through on your way to the kitchen, then into Daddy. He just picked you right up in the air, and was holding you with one arm under your arms and you were looking back over his shoulder. It was so funny because he was pulling your pants down while he was carrying you back to Mom! Your little bare bottom was just sticking out and you were bawling so loud as he pulled down your clothes and carried you right up to mom. She just sat down on the spanking chair and then Daddy turned you over, right in the air and gave you one spank on your bare bottom, and then he laid you right down on her lap. Boy did you get a spanking!! I'm sure it was much worser for you for trying to run off, so I'm never going to even try that.

One more thing I learned is that it doesn't matter to Mom if Grandma and Grandpa are visiting - if you're bad you're going to get spanked. I can't believe that you threw that fit and dumped over the Monopoly game when we were playing with Grandma and Grandpa at the kitchen table. Mom grabbed your arm so fast and dragged you into the living room, and right where we could all hear it she spanked you. And we all heard you fussing about your panties, so it wasn't hard to figure that you were getting it bare! Grandpa picked up all the money and pieces off the floor, and Grandma winked at me and said that she thought you were learning a little lesson and that maybe the game was all over. Wow was I embarrassed even though it was you getting the spanking.

There's two things that I want to warn you about for when you get older. The first is that someday Mom is going to spank you with her hairbrush. She spanks me with it, as you know, and she started that when I was maybe she won't spank you with it until you are 12 too. Daddy never spanks with the hairbrush, he just uses his hand (and you already know how bad that stings!). At least, he hasn't given me a spanking with the hairbrush yet, and I hope he never does. She won't hit you with the bristles side - she holds it upside down and spanks with the wood side, and it stings more that you can imagine. You will quit teasing me about getting spanked with her brush the first time it happens to you, I can promise you that. You think it is funny when she uses it on me now, but you won't think it is very funny that day. If you want me to, someday when we're the only ones home I will smack you with it just a couple of times. That way you'll have an idea of what is going to happen when Mom really uses it on you for a spanking.

Oh, and another thing - if she drags you into her room for a spanking and goes right away to her dresser and gets the hairbrush out, or if she brings her hairbrush into your room when she is going to give you a spanking, you might as well just start taking down your underpants. Every single time that she has used that thing to spank me, she has spanked me with my undies down. I hate even typing about it because it stings so bad. I hate everything about it!

The other thing that I have to warn you about is that when you get bigger Mommy is going to make you lie down on your bed (or on hers) to get your spankings. It was just after she started spanking me with her hairbrush that she took me into my room one day and made me take my skirt and slip off and then she sat on my bed and pulled my underpants down. Then, instead of pulling me over her knee while she was sitting there, she stood up! I was pretty scared and confused because I didn't know what was going on! There I was, with my panties down and she was standing up and holding her hairbrush. I knew she was going to spank me, but I didn't know how! I thought that maybe she would make me bend over and hold my ankles, like they do in school only with all your clothes on. She said a lot of things that I don't remember, but I do know it was something like I was getting too big and too strong for her to be able to hold me on her knee and spank me as long and as hard as I needed to be spanked. I remember this because I remember thinking that it might mean that I wasn't going to get any more spankings - WRONG!

She made me lie down on my bed - on my stomach so that my bottom was facing up - and said that whenever I was really bad she would spank me like this so that she didn't have to try to hold me on her lap until she was finished spanking me. She made me hold my pillow with both hands, so that I wouldn't reach back, I guess, then she started with that hairbrush. It was awful, and all of the spankings that she has given me while I am lying on her bed or on mine are the worst ones she has ever given to me. Now, sometimes she pulls me over her knee, and sometimes she make me lie down.

When she is spanking you like that, here are a couple of things to remember. Don't try rolling over to get her to quit spanking you. First - it leaves you all bare lying there on your back, and that means she is seeing everything. Secondly - it doesn't work. She just stands there, leaning over your bed, and keeps telling you to roll back over on your tummy, "...because I haven't finished spanking your bottom yet, Wendy Lynn!" It doesn't make the spanking end faster - what it really does is make it last even longer instead. And I think that when you stop like that for a second, it stings even more when you finally roll over and she starts right up spanking you again. The only good thing about getting a spanking on my bed is that she just leaves when it is over and I don't have to stand back up and pull my panties back up again in front of her after the spanking. She just leaves me lying there and I can get dressed again whenever I want - usually after I quit crying.

Daddy is fast and good at it when It comes to turning you over his knee after you are undressed, but Mom isn't so good. Dad will take you by your hands and sort of pull you right up to his knee so that your knees are right up banging up against his leg. Then he leans you way out over his knees to where you're going to lose your balance (I think he does this on purpose!) and gives you a little tug so that you sorta just fall onto his lap. When he does this you are all the way up on his lap and you're ready to get spanked. The only trouble with this is that it is impossible to cover up the front of you when he is holding your hands, so he pretty much sees you bare down there. Once he has you on his lap, he starts spanking right away, and he never starts out easy.

Sometimes Mom will pull you over her knee like Daddy does, but sometimes she just sits there looking mad and patting her lap with her hand (or hairbrush!). When she pulls me over her knee, I usually sort of end up half on and half off, and she has to pull at me and lift up under my legs and push my bottom and stuff to get me all the way on her lap. Probably this is because I'm getting tall now. This is really tough because usually I am trying to squirm away and there she is trying to pull me up further. I hate it when she just pats on her leg 'cause that means that she wants me to put myself on her lap and I feel so stupid. When she gets in that mood, though, you might as well as go ahead and do it cause she gets real stubborn and won't help you get up on her knees. When I try to get stubborn too and not lie over her knee, she just waits (getting madder and madder!) while I am standing there, usually with my panties down, trying to cry my way out of my spanking. She always wins, and I end up over her knee anyhow, only then she is madder and spanks harder.

When she makes you crawl onto her lap by yourself it is hard and awkward. You have to get real close to her knee, like when Daddy pulls you over to his, then you have to put your hands on her leg and lean out as far as you can and let yourself down onto her lap. Unfortunately, when you are doing all of this you can't cover up anything - not your front and not your rear. Then, after you are lying there, you probably aren't all the way on anyhow, so there she is sliding you around on her lap again! And it really feels weird on your front when she is pulling you around on her lap when your panties are down - especially if she has something scratchy on like a wool skirt or pants. YUCK!

Whether Mom has you over her knee or lying down on a bed, she never starts spanking right away. By the time Daddy has your underpants down he is done scolding, but not Mom! She still lectures and drones on and on, and you're still supposed to answer her when she asks you things. The difference between this lecture and the others is that she can smack you while she is yelling at you! It is just a few smacks, but they sting like the devil and you don't know when the next one is coming. She is so stupid to think that I can listen to her when she is smacking me on my bare bottom like that, but she does it anyhow. Then she starts the real spanking, and she spanks really, really fast and hard.

Both Mom and Dad both spank for what seems like forever - even when you are crying hard and telling them that you are sorry and are promising to never be a bad girl again! I know that sometimes you get pretty fast and short spankings, but I never do. Maybe they just seem that way, but I think they spank me for a long time. I try not to reach back and put my hand over my bottom because I think it hurts even more to get spanked on my hand than on my rear(if that is possible!). If you reach back and cover your bottom when you are over their knees, they will take and hold your hand on your back for you, and at least you won't get any more spanks on the palm of your hand. When Mom has me lying on my bed I can't help sometimes reaching back there, and since I'm not on her knee I can reach back with both of my hands! Sometimes she just spanks my hands with her hairbrush (and I don't know if she does that on purpose, or if it is because my hands really are in the way!) until I move them back up to my pillow myself. Other times she stops spanking me completely, and keeps telling me to move my hands because, "We aren't finished with this spanking yet, young lady - not by a long shot!" Once I finally drag my hands away from my rear, she starts right in again like we never even stopped.

When the spanking is all over (and sometime you think it will never end!) Dad will help you to get back up on your feet right away. If he spanks you downstairs, then as quick as you can, get your underpants back on and run up to your room. If you are getting spanked in your room, Daddy will wait just only a minute or two after you are up on your feet - I think he wants to make sure that you're steady and not going to fall down or anything and also to see your face and be sure that you really are crying and not just pretending! Then he'll leave you alone in your room. Just like everything else when it comes to spanking us, Mommy and Dad are different at the end of the spanking too.

Mom will usually let you lie there on her lap until the worst of your sobs are over - actually, she kind of keeps you there with her hand on your back. Plus, you almost always have to have help getting back up off a lap when you've had your spanking. Once you settle down a little, Mom will start to lecture again, and you might even get a few more spanks - and those ones really burn because your bottom has already had a full spanking! The only good thing about this lecture is that you don't have to listen hard enough to answer. I think she already knows that we're crying too hard to answer her anyhow, so she doesn't seem to expect it. Then she always says (and I hate it so much!), "If I have to spank you again for this young lady, it will be an even longer and harder spanking than this one was - and it will be on your bare bottom, too, Missy. Do you understand me?" Oh, how I hate hearing that! And I've heard it a million times, too! And I'll tell you another thing too - I am pretty sure that she does keep track of it and if she does have to spank you again for the same thing I think it is longer and harder, too! Like today - this was the second time that she has spanked you for being late getting back from Linda's, and you got it longer and harder and "...on your bare bottom, too, Missy."

Well, Cindi...that's about all I know about spankings. I know that I don't like any part of them! I don't like being yelled at, I don't like being undressed, I don't like bending over their laps or the bed, and I don't like getting the spanking. I don't like getting back up after being spanked, and I don't like the way my bottom burns afterwards. But I do know that you and I are stuck getting them, and there isn't anything we can do about it.

I'm going to hide this letter real deep in a bunch of folders so that Mom and Dad never see it. Please keep it hidden because I wrote some things in here that I'd probably get spanked for if they see it. And if you show it to them on purpose, I'll clobber you - and you know that I will!

I love you, Cindi...and I'm writing this to help you. I even love you when you are a brat, and (believe it or not!) I even love you when I tattle on you and Mom or Dad have to spank you. It's for your own good. I hope you know that. You and I are the only two girls in the world who know what it is like to get spanked in this house, so we got to stick together - sisters forever!