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Poor Beth

This story contains the spanking of a late-teen girl. If you are under age, or offended by the nature of the story you should delete it now. For those who are still reading, I do hope that you enjoy this story. All comments are appreciated. Please respond by e-mail or here in the newsgroup.

By late Friday night, Beth had finally decided on her course of action. With butterflies in her stomach she tried to sleep and kept replaying in her mind all of the possible outcomes of the bold plan she was hatching. After only a few hours of fitful sleep she was up, showered and dressed in one of her more attractive dresses. It was one of her more demure and attractive dresses, and Beth liked it because it made her appear professional and conservative, and it was imperative that she make a good impression right off. She knew that Mr. Crane often worked on the weekends, and when she arrived at the office his car was the only one in the parking lot.

She quietly took her seat at her desk, flipped on her computer and started processing everything she had waiting. She worked like a dervish - rapidly descending through the deep pile of work in her mailbox - Beth was good and she knew it. So focused was her attention that in just a short while she had accomplished what would usually take an entire day. During her rare pauses she anxiously bit her lip, hoping that Mr. Crane would bring some work into the secretarial office and see her there working, but he never left his office. She wanted him to find out by himself that she was there and hoped for the phone to ring if nothing else, but the building and the phone remained silent. It was nearing 11:00, and Beth was afraid that he would soon be going home, so she grabbed a folder of work that she had done for him this morning and walked to his office. She timidly knocked at his door and slowly opened it after his surprised voice called for her to come in.

He was quite surprised to see Beth enter his office as he looked up from his desk and was even more surprised when she placed a folder full of documents in front of him. "I've been working this morning," she said, "and I thought you would like to see these before Monday."

As he glanced through the folder of correspondence and charts he could see that Beth had indeed been busy. His anger had cooled a great deal, and the earnestness that he could see by her getting dressed up and coming in on a Saturday mollified him slightly and told him that Beth had heard of, if not seen, the memo he dictated Friday afternoon. "Very well," he said, not wanting to let her off the hook entirely yet, "is there anything else?"

"I'm so sorry about my mess yesterday," she blurted out, not at all along the script she had mentally prepared. "There's no excuse for it, but I swear it'll never happen again, Oh, Mr. Crane, I'm so sorry."

"You're right, Beth....there certainly can be no excuse for it, and I'm afraid that your apologies fall into the category of 'too little, too late.' I've already prepared a memo to Human Resources. You and I will not be working together anymore, beginning Monday. You have potential, but I no longer find you trustworthy."

The "mess" as Beth so delicately described it was something she surely wasn't proud about. On Thursday night Beth had joined some friends in a local nightclub that didn't worry too much about the age of their patrons. At only 19, Beth didn't have a great deal of experience with alcohol, and her slim body didn't process the great infusion of sickeningly sweet, cutsie-poo mixed drinks very well. At midnight Beth tumbled out of the bar, literally tumbling several times as her boyfriend guided her to his car. She left him at the front door of her apartment building, assuring him that she was quite able to get herself to bed. When she realized how difficult the stairs were, she simply took off her shoes and began to crawl up the steps like a toddler, oblivious to the fact that she had nearly shredded her nylons by her falling and now her crawling, and unaware that her cute miniskirt was not made for hands-and-knees creeping and was providing her boyfriend with an entrancing view of her pantied bottom - a sight that he was delighted to behold since he considered Beth's legs and bottom to be her best features.

At 1:00 she was on her hands and knees, desperately wishing that the room would quit spinning as she crawled toward the commode in the bathroom. At 2:00 she was still retching and sweating so profusely that she had managed to strip herself down to simply her bra and underpants as she sat on the floor in front of the toilet waiting for the next horrid spasm. By 3:00 Beth was sound asleep, curled up in a little ball on the bathmat, and with a towel as her blanket.

On Friday morning the alarm in the bedroom shrilled incessantly, but without reaction from the hung-over figure on the floor of the bathroom. By 9:00 the phone started ringing - Beth's unexplained absence caused worry about her health among some of her co-workers, and the fact that she had the latest version of Mr. Crane's presentation for the Board of Directors' meeting was hiding behind an unknown password on her computer. One of Beth's co-workers had seen her at the bar the previous evening, and the word quickly spread through the office that it was nothing more than a hang-over, vicious though it may be, that had kept Beth from work that day.

Fortunately for Mr. Crane, the system administrator was able to bypass the password scheme, and with a flurry of extra activity from all of the other secretaries, he was able to cobble together his presentation. He was so worried about Beth that he was thinking out-loud of calling her parents or the police until one of the mean-spirited gossips in the office told him of Beth's drunkenness. When he realized that his presentation was jeopardized by her immaturity and irresponsibility he dictated a memo to one of Beth's friends, instructing the Human Resources Office to reassign Beth to someone else because of her unreliability.

Immediately after work her friend called Beth and told her of the memo. She had 'accidentally' let it sit on her desk until after the mail had been picked up for the afternoon, so Beth still had a little time to convince Mr. Crane not to have it delivered, but her friend had no suggestions on what she could do to change his mind. It was late Friday night, perhaps even early Saturday morning that Beth finally settled on the plan that she was now implementing.

Beth was shattered again by hearing that he intended to go forward with his memo. This forced her to the second half of her plan, though she had been hoping that by working so hard this Saturday morning he would be impressed and forgive her. This part of her plan would be much harder than getting up early and working on a Saturday.

"I'd like to ask you to reconsider that memo, sir," Beth started, "I'm sure that I can convince you that I will never let you down again and will work very hard to be the best secretary that you ever had." There, she said it.

"Do you mean to tell me that you think you can waltz in here on a Saturday morning, work a few hours and expect to avoid being punished for leaving me high and dry at one of the most important meetings of my career? All is forgiven???"

"No, sir," she replied staring at her feet. "Mr. Crane, if Human Resources finds out about yesterday, my career here is over before it even starts. I like working here and I like working for you. I'd like you to consider another way to punish me for this. One that will convince you that I will work harder, and one that will let me keep my job here."

"I know of no other way to punish you than by this memo. If you have another suggestion," Mr. Crane said, "then speak up now."

Beth took a deep breath. If she spoke now, nothing would be the same again. Either he would go along with her suggestion, which would be horrible, or he would laugh at her and send her home, which would be worse. "Mr. Crane," she said, "I am the second oldest in a family of four girls. My parents raised us to be responsible for our actions and to expect and accept the consequences when we did not act appropriately. Most often those consequences included a sound spanking." Beth was blushing bright red by now, and after another deep breath she continued, "Although I am 19, I know and you know that if you give me a spanking I would do anything to keep you from ever having to do it again."

Crane was incredulous. "I don't know what game you are playing, Beth, but it isn't working. Few people spank children anymore, and they certainly don't spank women your age. Not that you wouldn't benefit from a good spanking, but you certainly can't come in here telling me that you think that spanking immature and irresponsible secretaries should become corporate policy."

"I haven't been spanked since I moved out of my home last year," Beth confessed, "but my dad still spanks my younger sisters, who are 17 and 14, whenever they behave foolishly. My parents have always said that a good spanking accomplishes three things - it helps a girl to understand that she has been naughty, it helps a girl to be sorry that she has been naughty, and it gives a girl a darned good reason not to be naughty again. I know it sounds odd, but this is the only way I know of to convince you that I am serious about improving my work for you."

Here was a very attractive young woman asking him to spank her like a kid, and he smelled a trap. "Go back to your desk, Beth, and let me think about your suggestion." Crane was sure that he moment he pulled her across his lap, one of her friends would pop through the door with a camera, and Beth would give him the option of keeping her as his secretary or losing his own job. Something like that was bound to happen. Nineteen-year-old women simply do not go around asking to get a spanking from their boss. He was amazed that she could appear so sincere with an extraordinary plot in the back of her mind. Before she even left the building he would call Herb Winslow, the manager of Human Resources, tell him all about the unusual morning he was having, and urge her immediate dismissal.

As Beth sat at her desk, barely even pretending to work, she saw the light on the telephone turn on, indicating that Mr. Crane was making a call. Who could he possibly be calling, she wondered, and as the light stayed on for the next ten minutes she became more and more concerned. Finally the light went off, and the intercom sounded. "Beth," he said, "I have an appointment coming to see me in a few minutes. You are to remain at your desk until I tell you to come over here, do you understand?" She had agreed, and when she heard the elevator doors open and then her boss's door open and close again, she became even more apprehensive.

Ten minutes later the intercom finally buzzed again, and he simply said, "I am ready to see you now, Beth," and clicked off again. She had not heard the visitor leave, and was worried about who he had summoned to the office on a Saturday afternoon. He probably called Mr. Winslow, and I'm already fired, she though, but she stood, straightened her dress and went across the hall to face the music.

Nothing could have prepared for the shock of entering Mr. Crane's office and finding both of her parents sitting on his couch. They both had angry looks on their faces, and as she glanced over at Mr. Crane she noticed that he had a very stern look on his as well. "Come in, and close the door," Mr. Crane said, and she was all flustered as she approached his desk.

"Beth, "he began, "I was so amazed by your proposition that I was convinced that you had become unhinged. I had every intention of calling Herb Winslow in here today to fire you. I thought that you would be even more unstable after being dismissed, so I decided that the prudent thing to do would be to alert your father first. Your father and I have known each other casually for years, and I thought that I owed him a warning and an explanation before you returned home this afternoon without a job. When I called, I explained to your father about your new drinking problem, the fact that your drinking had caused you to not only perform below expectation on the job, but had also caused you to miss work entirely on an important day. After outlining these reasons for your dismissal, I then told him of the bizarre proposal that you had made.

"Imagine my surprise when he confirmed everything you said, telling me that he did indeed spank you until you left home and that he continues to spank your sisters." Beth was mortified as she glanced over her shoulder to see her father nodding in agreement. "Furthermore, he agreed with you that a good spanking probably would improve your work, but agreed with me that it would be most inappropriate for me to spank you."

Beth saw where this was headed and was becoming more apprehensive as Mr. Crane continued, "Your parents were kind enough to come down and talk this over with me, and now you have a decision to make. Either the memo will be sent on Monday as planned, or your father will give you a spanking right here and right now. The choice is yours."

Beth tried to think of her options. There were two factors that she was sure that Mr. Crane was not aware of. First, she knew that her father would have already decided to spank her the moment he first heard that she was drinking and that it interfered with her work. If she refused to be spanked here, she would be taken home by her parents and spanked in the living room. Her parents were furious, and she knew that a spanking could not be avoided. The second, and perhaps more important factor was that if she got the spanking at home it would be on her bare bottom, and with her father's awful hairbrush. Since her parents always preached modesty in dress, she couldn't imagine that she would be spanked without her dress on if she chose to take her spanking now.

She had planned to let Mr. Crane spank her, and she decided that it might even be less humiliating to have him watch her daddy spank her than it would be to have had to bend over his lap, so Beth finally announced that she would be spanked by her dad and keep her job.

"Fine," said Mr. Crane, and he looked over at Beth's mother.

"Fine, " said her mother as she stood up from the couch.

"Fine, " said her father, "Take off your dress and hand it to your mother, young lady, you've been long overdue for this." Beth was in a panic - she hadn't expected this. She wanted to call a halt to all of this right away, but she knew it would be futile to try. Her father was already sitting up on the couch, his lap ready to accept the naughty girl as it had so often before.

Without looking at her mom, her dad or Mr. Crane, Beth unzipped her dress and wriggled just a bit to get it off. Thank God she had a slip on, and although it was much too thin and tight to substitute for a dress, it was still keeping her covered up. She carefully folded her dress, handed it to her mother, then turned and advanced toward her father. "I don't think you are quite finished yet, Elizabeth Anne," he said, and she cringed at both the message and his use of her full name. "Please, Dad, not in front of him, " she cried, "Please let me keep this on."

Just as she started to work herself into a good cry and plead with her daddy to let her wear her slip, her mother drew her fingernail straight down Beth's spine and asked her if she needed help to take it off. She was just horrified as she realized that she was going to have to take it off, and only Beth fully knew why she was so reluctant and what would be revealed when she did.

As all three stared at the poor girl, she started crying as she slowly removed the thin nylon sheath. Except for Beth's soft crying, the room was silent as all three of them stared open mouthed at the 19-year-old girl.

As Beth stood in the center of the room, her breasts wiggling in her tiny bra as her crying heaved her chest, she knew that everybody was staring below her waist, and she knew all too well what they were seeing. First, they would see the light tan of her pantyhose reaching nearly up to her belly-button. Through her nylons, they would also be seeing her white 'light control' pantybrief, which would not be thick enough to disguise the two pairs of soft, pastel colored cotton bikini panties underneath. She had never intended to let Mr. Crane undress her, and a girl couldn't be criticized for trying to protect her bottom when she thought that she might get a spanking, could she?

Her father cleared his throat and said to Mr. Crane, "It appears that Elizabeth was prepared for you to spank her, but she would never have tried this if she knew her mother and I would be here. Although Elizabeth is accustomed to having her bottom bare when she gets spanked, in deference to propriety I had planned to simply lift her skirt and spank her bottom through her underpants. Since she chose to wear an ankle-length dress today, that plan was no longer practical, so I had decided to have her take off her dress and slip, but still spank her with her underpants on. This act of deceit has caused me to change my mind once again. Unless you object, Elizabeth Anne will take down all of these undergarments, and space them out in such a way that will reduce the amount of kicking that she can do when I am spanking her bare bottom for you."

As her father talked to her boss, her mother grabbed her purse and produced the family's spanking hairbrush. She grabbed Beth by the arm and smacked the brush across the near side of her daughter's bottom so hard that the pantyhose and three pairs of panties did little to cushion the sting. As Beth squealed and tried to apologize, her mother hissed into her ear, "How dare you do this, young lady, how DARE you put these on?" then cracked the hard wood to the top of crying girl's thigh, well below the odd collection of underwear, where only her nylons could cushion the blow.

"First, Elizabeth Anne," said her father in a no-nonsense tone of voice, "Push your pantyhose down to your feet." When Beth had delicately eased her pantyhose over her hips, she left them still snug on her thighs and looked over at her angry father. His stern look told her without words that he meant it when he said that he wanted her pantyhose down around her feet. She finally bent over and pushed the clingy material all the way down to her ankles. As the pretty girl bent over, the angry woman with the hairbrush could not resist the invitation of her extended hips and cracked her hairbrush on the now bare skin of her other thigh, just at the legband of her outer panty. Beth shrieked, stood straight up and then leaned backward to rub the sting out of her burning thigh as her father issued his next order.

"Now, missy, roll your girdle down below your knees," he said, and Beth didn't even think about correcting his name for her panty. As she tried to pull her tight brief down, it kept catching the light panties underneath, but after she twice stopped pulling it down to pull her bikinis back up again, her mother smacked her other bottom cheek with the hairbrush and told her to get it down to her knees - NOW. Beth was crying hard now, the four hairbrush spanks coupled by having three adults watching her rearrange her underwear was almost too much to bear.

As she finally pushed her tight pantybrief to a spot just below her knees, her father told her to push her next pair of underpants to just above her knees. As she gently pulled them out and so carefully over her last pair of undies she was able to pull them over her hips without losing the last little bit of covering provided by her remaining pair of skimpy panties. Her mother continued her practice of giving Beth a good spank with each pair that came down, and delivered this one right across the middle of her bottom, stinging both cheeks of her rear through her last pair of thin cotton panties.

Beth hid her face in her hands and bawled like a little baby as her father told her to take the last pair down to the middle of her thighs, and she begged him not to make her pull them down in front of Mr. Crane. She pleaded that she would die of shame to have him see her without any underpants on at all. Her dad quietly, but forcefully told her that he had found out today that Mr. Crane pulls down his daughter's panties when they need to be spanked so he won't see anything he hasn't seen before when she pulls down her underpants. Beth was incredulous when her dad compared her to Mr. Crane's daughters! The two cute girls in the photo on his desk were only 7 and 9 years old! Of course he spanked their bare bottoms, but it was not the same as seeing a 19-year-old girl without her panties on!!

Finally Beth realized that she was in too much trouble to argue with her dad. As she eased her last bit of covering over her hips and down her thighs she cried even harder, knowing what she was exposing as she pulled them down. Her mother continued her new tradition by cracking her hairbrush right onto the extra-sensitive skin at the junction of her thighs and bottom causing Beth to jump in place and lean back rubbing the horrible sting with both hands. This rubbing, of course, left the delicate area below her belly button on complete display to her angry boss and parents, but her concern about the sting of her bottom was rapidly overtaking her concerns of modesty.

Beth was just beside herself as she stood in the middle of Mr. Crane's office wearing a too-small and too-thin bra, and with a rainbow of underwear stretching from the tops of her thighs down to her ankles. All of these extra underpants had seemed like such a good idea this morning, when she was only considering the possibility of being spanked over her dress by Mr. Crane. Now the plan which had made her so giddy just a few hours ago seemed so foolish. She felt like an entire lingerie catalog all by herself with the variety and colors of underwear she was displaying, and none of it covering her dark pubic hair or her squirmy and already burning bottom. It seemed like she had to stand there forever, using one hand to ineffectively rub the sting out of her tingling rear and with her other hand tucked between her legs, trying to keep her most bashful area covered up as the three adults looked her over before her dad finally started patting his lap and told her that it was time.

Her mother held her arm as she tried to shuffle over to her daddy with her pantyhose gripping her ankles and the tight brief holding her knees together. She knew that the little mincing steps she was forced to take made her bottom wiggle all the more, and blushed even redder as she felt Mr. Crane's eyes on her bare rear. Crane smiled as he thought of the many times that Beth had given her bottom a saucy little wiggle as she left his office and knew that he would never see that cute wiggle again without picturing the extra wiggle of her pink bottom today. She almost fell as her dad guided her across his lap, and she clenched her bottom cheeks as she waited for his first spank.

All three of them smiled ruefully as they looked at the undressed and cute 19-year-old girl splayed across her daddy's knees. Her bottom and legs were an unblemished white, except for the six well defined pink circles that her mother had painted with the hairbrush during her undressing. The four pieces of feminine underwear spaced along her legs only highlighted the fact that her cute little bottom was bare. She was wriggling and crying as her dad took his hairbrush from her mother, but in her position of being face down on his lap, Beth didn't see the transfer of the brush.

Daddy began to lecture her about working hard and doing her job, but she was too busy squealing as he lightly snapped his hairbrush right on each of the red circles that her mother had given her to pay much attention to her father's comments. One trip around her rear, reinforcing each of her mothers spanks - one each to the fullest part of each bottom cheek, another one on the top of each bare thigh, a fifth across the crack of her cute little bottom stinging both hips with one stroke, and the last right on the dip of her bottom cheeks and thighs. The stern lecturing continued as he started a second round only harder this time, the hairbrush peppering each burning circle once again. Beth's tears were flowing freely, and she was begging her dad to stop as he made one more, even harder spanking trip down her thighs and across her bottom, again only stinging the now hot-pink circles.

Mr. Crane was admiring the skill with which Beth's father lectured and spanked, as well as admiring the delightful view of his pretty, young secretary. Beth's bottom was cute and round, and her legs were long and shapely. He also admired her nearly bare breasts hanging suspended in her little bra on the other side of her dad's lap. He had often unobtrusively admired Beth's figure, especially in some of her more flirtatious clothes, but his imagination could never have conjured up such a view as he had now. Her father's slow and deliberate spanks on the very specific targets made her whole body twitch, and Beth's oft repeated plaintive, "I'm sorry, Daddy" told him that her father's message was being received.

Beth was shrieking and squirming as her father kept spanking only her already spanked places, and she was begging him to stop when he finally began her real spanking. No lecturing now, he was concentrating on spanking his daughter. Fast and furious he applied the hard wood of the small brush to her bare bottom and legs. She tried to kick and squirm, but the progression of underwear from her hips to her ankles kept her from doing anything more than a fast wriggle of her burning buns. Each spank stung incredibly, but the ones that happened to land on the magic circles brought Beth's head and feet up simultaneously as she squealed under her terrible spanking. Both shoes flew off as she tried valiantly to move her bottom out from under the onslaught of burning spanks, and her tumultuous crying would have been heartbreaking had she been making these noises for any other reason than this well-deserved spanking. Fortunately for all of them the rest of the building was empty since the smacking and crying noises from Mr. Cranes office were loud enough to alert the whole building to the fact that a girl was being soundly spanked behind that closed door.

Once her whole bottom glowed bright red, Beth's spanking came to an end. Beth was sobbing as she lay across her daddy's lap with a terrible fire burning in her bottom. It had been just over a year since she had felt this awful stinging, and the hiatus made this spanking all the worse. "Tell Mr. Crane what he can expect on Monday morning," her daddy ordered, but Beth either didn't hear or didn't comprehend his instruction. After a flurry of spanks on her scarlet rear he repeated his command, "I told you to tell Mr. Crane what he can expect on Monday morning." Beth turned her head to look at her boss across the room, and from her precarious position and in a shaky and juvenile voice, Beth squeaked "I'll be good!" Mr. Crane almost laughed since her response was the same as he would get from his own little girls if they were still bent across his knees displaying little red bottoms.

Because of the amount of underwear wrapped around her legs, it took both of her parents to get the struggling Beth back to her feet, where she pranced and cried and truly promised everybody in the room that she would never be bad again. Her persistent and energetic hopping, compounded by the worn out elastic of the waistbands of her bikinis dropped the cute little pastel panties into a heap on top of the tight panty wrapped securely at her knees. The collection of inside-out underpants looked so cute as she vigorously rubbed her glowing bottom and bounced up and down with such energy that everyone expected her breasts to pop right out of her bra.

Mr. Crane was fascinated as he studied the warmly spanked young woman squirming in front of him. He was struck by both the similarities and the differences between this 19-year-old and the 7 and 9 year old girls that he spanked at home. The emphatic crying, running noses and face screwed up in a tight squint was the same for all three girls, and he decided that a well spanked bottom must sting enough to cry at any age. The hopping up and down and dancing in a circle was identical too, as was the furious rubbing of the spanked hips. Although Beth had been spanked harder than he had ever spanked his daughters, the bright red bottom and legs surrounded by the white waist and lower legs was the same....two bright red cheeks with two red lines running down each thigh. The little girls and the big girl all blush bright red when their panties are first revealed, although Beth's panties had no Care Bears or Pooh characters on them, and all three blush even brighter red when the little panties are pulled down. The differences were striking as well, as he watched Beth squirming. While Beth has a carefully trimmed nest of dark curly hair below her tummy, his little girls are still bald, and Beth's perky breasts are yet a dream for his girls who still wear T-shirts and vests.

As Beth remembered that her mom, her dad and especially her boss were watching her prancing around in only a tiny brassiere, she bent over and started trying to untangle the confusion of underwear at her knees. "We don't have time for that nonsense, Elizabeth," her mother said, " it will take you all day to pull up all of those underpants again. Push them all down then slip them off right now, young lady. Your foolishness has already wasted too much of Mr. Crane's day."

"No, Mother, please," she started to say, when a maternal hand flashed through the air and landed on her bare bottom. "I've had more than enough from you already, little miss, now take them off this instant or I'll spank you again right now myself!" her mother exploded as her big hand met the little bottom several times in a flurry of spanks. Although these spanks were bare handed, they stung as badly as the hairbrush on Beth's quivering bottom, and she quickly pushed her underwear down to her ankles. As she tried to lift one foot to start pulling her pantyhose over her heel, the tight collection of underwear caused her to lose her balance and she almost fell, caught only at the last moment by her mom. With one quick movement her mother spun the unbalanced girl around, and with a gentle push she seated Beth on the couch next to her father, bringing a new shriek from the girl as her tender and hot bottom landed on the cold leather of the couch.

Although Beth's underwear had been down for quite some time, she was terribly embarrassed to have them watch her take off her underpants. Beth squeezed her thighs together as she leaned over and slipped the collection of underwear first off one foot and then the other as demurely as she could. She never felt more naked in her life as her mother stood her back up from the couch, and took the handful of panties from her hand. She knew that her bottom and her bush had been on display for over fifteen minutes, and that everyone in the room had already seen everything she had to show, front, back and in-between, but it seemed much worse to know that she had absolutely nothing on anywhere except her bra in front of these three older people, and it left her feeling so much more exposed than when her underwear was still on, though down. Her mother set Beth's underpants down on Mr. Cranes work table, and returned to Beth, handing the crying girl her dress. As Beth slipped herself into the long dress she was so relieved to have herself all properly covered up again.

As she finished zipping and hooking her dress, she was horrified to see her mother patiently untangling her underwear, and carefully folding each panty on top of the neatly folded slip lying on his table. How could she ever work at this table with Mr. Crane again after her mother used it to make a counter-top display of her underpants? And seeing the arrangement of her underclothes only reminded her of her nakedness under her dress, and she felt that everyone in the room could see right through her thin dress.

When her mother finished calmly folding Beth's underwear, she rolled her pantyhose and panties inside her slip. She took Beth by the hand and marched her in front of Mr. Crane's desk like a naughty schoolgirl. "Mr. Crane," she began, "I am sorry that my daughter has caused you so much trouble. I hope that after this demonstration you understand that my husband and I do not condone this behavior from our daughters. She has been on her own for the past year, and I see now that she cannot control herself. I am certain that this will not be her last spanking since her father and I intend to monitor her behavior much closer from now until she can prove to us that she will not bring shame upon our family again."

Beth was softly crying as her mother continued, "We appreciate your coming to us before firing Beth. We also understand that you have given her a second chance, and she must keep or lose her job on her own now. I do ask one thing as a personal favor - if you ever have any problems with my daughter's comportment at work again, I do hope that you will call me, whether she is dismissed or not. I certainly want to know, and she will be dealt with severely."

"I don't think I will need to call you again," said Mr. Crane, "do you, Elizabeth Anne?" At his use of her full name, Beth cringed. "No, sir," she said softly. "Pardon me?" he said, and she replied with a stronger but quivering voice, "No, sir!"

"Elizabeth," he said, "when you first proposed that I spank you this morning, I told you that nobody spanks a woman of your age. I have been only partially corrected. When you took off your dress and slip, you were certainly and undeniably a young woman. When you took down that ridiculous collection of underpants it was even more obvious to me that you were a woman, but the moment your father turned you over his knee the years fell off you. You whimpered like a little girl, you covered your bottom like a little girl, you pleaded and squealed like a little girl. When your spanking started, you cried like a little girl, you squirmed like a little girl, and your bottom turned bright red like a little girl's. When you stood up after your spanking, you danced and held your bottom like a little girl even though you were displaying a physically mature woman's body. Now you are standing here, still crying and running your warm bottom like a little girl and as contrite as my daughters Kristen and Bethany are when they have red bottoms. You are indeed a woman, but a little girl just got a bare-bottomed spanking.

"Beth, It has been a long morning for you, go home now. I expect to see you bright and early Monday morning." He picked up the copy of his memo, tore it in half and handed it to Beth.

As Beth's mother guided her to the family car, Beth protested that her own car was in the other parking lot. Her father told her that she was coming home that afternoon and that he would see that her car was brought home later. As they walked through the parking lot, and the cool fall breeze blew up and through her dress, Beth was acutely aware of her lack of underwear under her dress and was both embarrassed and uncomfortable to be wearing only her thin dress. Her mother was carrying Beth's panties, still rolled up in her slip, and Beth was relieved that nobody else was in the parking lot.

Sitting on the hard vinyl seat of the car was uncomfortable and warm for Beth, and she was relieved when her father pulled into their driveway. As she got out of the car, her mother told her to go straight to her bedroom and wait until she was told to come out. When they got indoors, Beth shyly asked her mother for her underwear and was very apprehensive when her mother replied that she would keep them for a while and that she should think about why she had no panties while she was waiting in her room.

Beth spent the entire afternoon alone in her bedroom. During the course of the day she heard the voices of her parents, as well as her two sisters who still lived at home, and assumed that her parents had made it clear that she was to have no visitors. She cried a few more times that afternoon, though not because of the tingling of her bottom. The immediate burning of her bottom had already begun to wear off, but the memory of being bare from the waist down and spanked in front of Mr. Crane brought fresh tears to her eyes whenever she pictured him seeing her in just a bra and watching her as she got her spanking.

She knew it was not coincidence when she heard a car pull into the driveway and saw her older sister walk into the house. Her parents had obviously called her, which convinced Beth that they were going to tell all three of her sisters about her behavior and its consequences. Later, she was pleased to see her father and Cindy return with her car, and she knew that she would soon be allowed to go home again.

Finally, her mother came into her bedroom and told Beth that dinner was on the table. Beth confessed that she had no appetite, but her mother made it clear that she was expected. After spending most of the afternoon either standing or laying on her tummy on the bed, sitting on the hard dining room chair was again a trial for her and judging by the looks of her three sisters everybody knew that Beth was still in very deep trouble.

After dinner Beth was appointed to do the dishes, and the rest of the family retired to the living room to talk. The dishes done, Beth joined the family there, and the room quieted with her entrance. Beth was almost sick as she saw her rolled up slip lying on the coffee table and the hairbrush lying next to it.

"Girls," said her mother, "your father had to give Elizabeth Anne a spanking today, and I am sure that it was one that she will not soon forget. One of the reasons that it was quite a severe spanking is what we found when your sister took off her dress." At this her mother picked up Beth's slip and unrolled it. Beth began to cry as her mother set each pair of underpants out on the coffee table, and her three sisters eyes grew wide. "Believe it or not, your sister asked her boss to spank her and thought that she would be able to keep these on. Unfortunately for her, Mr. Crane called your father and me, and we discovered these. Mr. Crane seemed fascinated to watch your father spank your sister with all of these pulled down." The girls stared back and forth between their blushing sister and the display of feminine underwear spread on the coffee table.

"I spanked Beth soundly this morning for one reason, and one reason only," added her father, "She has performed very poorly at work, well under her boss's expectations and mine and she irresponsibly skipped work on an important day for the company. She was going to be fired if she could not convince Mr. Crane that her work habits would improve, and today I used our hairbrush to give her a good reason to improve, and in full view of Mr. Crane." The three sisters were horrified. Although they were very uncomfortable about it, they were accustomed to their mom and dad spanking their bare bottoms, and most spankings were given in front of each other right here in the living room of their home. None of them could even begin to imagine Beth's embarrassment at being bare-bottom spanked right in front of her boss!

Beth's mother started up again after giving this news a few moments to settle in. "Elizabeth has received her spanking for her poor performance at work, and I hope that it will have its expected result. Your father and I have discovered the reasons behind this poor performance, and for these reasons I am going to spank Beth again right now, and I want all three of you to watch closely. Elizabeth Anne, take off your dress."

Beth was terrified as she heard her mother's plan. "Mommmmy no," she cried, "my rear is still so sore, please no more, please!" Karen, the youngest, was the only one of the four girls who knew how badly Beth's bottom was going to sting since she was the only daughter who had ever earned two spankings in one day. It was only a year ago, when she was 13, that her mom spanked Karen's bare bottom with the hairbrush in the morning, and she foolishly goaded her daddy into a second bare bottom hairbrushing near bedtime. She knew that Beth's bottom would soon be on fire.

Beth's mother picked up the hairbrush and patiently tapped it against her own leg as she stared at Beth. Finally realizing there was no way out of this, Beth began to undress again. Here she was again, just like this morning, bare except for her small bra. Although her sisters had seen her bare a thousand times, and her parents had seen her just like this only a few hours ago, it was little comfort to her being the only girl in the living room that had no underpants on. Beth stood there crying, one hand across her pubic patch, the other across her bare bottom, as she waited to find out if she would be turned across her mom's lap to be spanked or made to lay down on the couch for her spanking. It seemed to Beth that her mother left her standing there mostly nude for her dad and sisters to gaze at her for hours when her mother finally told her to lie down across the couch.

Beth quickly flopped across the couch with both hands plastered across her bare bottom and begged her mother not to spank her. Although her husband always spanked the girls over his lap, as each girl reached about 13 she had to make them lie on the couch for a good spanking. They simply squirmed so much that she was not able to hold them tightly and spank them as long and as hard as they needed. On rare occasions she would still turned Karen and Pammy over her knee, knowing that the juvenile connotations of being bare-bottom hairbrush spanked over their mommy's lap was sometimes as effective as the stinging of their spankings, but today she wanted to be sure that Beth got as many hairbrush spanks as she could take.

"Take the pillow," said her mother, and Beth with a great effort moved her hands away from her bottom and grabbed the small throw pillow by her head. Mom had discovered over time that by having the naughty girl hold this little pillow to her face during a spanking she was less likely to reach back and try to protect her bottom. Before the pillow arrived, she had told the girls to keep their hands by their heads, but the fire she built in their bottoms always drew their hands back to protect themselves. Now she was frequently able to complete a spanking without the girls ever reaching back. Nobody could guess the gallons of tears that pillow had absorbed from the four girls over the years, dribbled in ounce by ounce with each spanking.

As Beth uncovered her hips, her parents and all three of her sisters stared at her bare bottom. Her mom and dad immediately saw that the fire engine red that was there when she crawled off her daddy's knees in Mr. Crane's office was gone already. In its place was a mottled mix of dull red, pink and white. Each of the girls gasped at seeing what their dad and his hairbrush had already done to Beth's cute rear and shuddered at the thought of how badly it would sting when their mother applied the same brush to the already sore bottom of their 19-year-old sister. It was obvious that their daddy had not confined his spanking to Beth's round bottom cheeks since the red marks continued several inches down each thigh. The girls were puzzled, but their parents understood why Beth had six very distinct reddish ovals amid the many colors of her bottom.

As Beth cried softly into the little pillow, and squeezed her thighs and buttocks together tightly, her mother turned to her sisters again. "Ladies," she said, "Elizabeth Anne has a drinking problem, and I intend to cure it tonight. She missed an important day at work because she had been drinking most of the night, and we have discovered that she is often in the downtown bars. While your father and I have no problem with alcoholic beverages, we do have a big problem with the abuse of alcohol and with underage drinking."

"Pamela Jean and Karen Lynne, you are both still under 21, and it is illegal for you to drink alcohol, just as it is still illegal for Elizabeth Anne. If I ever discover that you have been drinking, it will be your panties lying upon this coffee table, and your bare bottom under my hairbrush." Both girls stared at the floor and nodded their heads knowing at this point silent agreement was the best response. "Cynthia Dawn, you are legally of age to drink, and you may patronize any bar you choose. Should you ever drink to excess where your ability to drive or to act responsibly is impaired, you will find yourself in this same position in this same state of dress. It has been 4 years since you were face down on this couch with your panties pulled down, but it would be a grave mistake for you to think that you may never return to it."

Beth was crying and embarrassed as she lay on the couch with her bare bottom on display while her mother ignored her and calmly talked to her sisters as if she weren't even there. When she saw her mother step next to her, she realized that she would much prefer being ignored, but it was not to be. Her mother raised the hairbrush, not as high as her dad did, and snapped it down across Beth's bare bottom with a quick flick of her wrist bringing a shriek from the 19-year-old girl. Her mother spanked faster than her dad, and by snapping her wrist she didn't need to spank as hard as he did to bring the same reaction. After only a few snappy hairbrush spanks Beth was squirming and crying like a little girl being spanked. In contrast to the restrictive batch of underwear that she had worn from her thighs to her ankles during her morning spanking, the absolute lack of any underpants below her waist left Beth free to kick and squirm, and she was scissoring her bare legs with wild abandon in spite of the display it made.

Karen was delighted to see her big sister getting her cute bare bottom spanked since it had been less than a month since she had gone across her daddy's lap to have her bare bottom spanked with that hairbrush. As the youngest daughter and only 14, she was the only girl still getting spankings frequently, and there was some comfort in seeing one of her older sisters being treated like a little girl, too. Pammy still got spanked on occasion too, but rarely compared to Karen. Karen was still not accustomed to having her panties pulled down in front of either of her parents, especially her daddy, and seeing Beth's underwear on the table and seeing her big sister displaying her bare bottom and pubic hair to her parents reminded her that she was not the first or only girl to be so forcefully disciplined. She also noticed that Beth blushed as red as she did when she took off her dress and realized that she would never grow accustomed to being bared for a spanking. She liked to think that she was too old at 14 to be undressed and spanked, but as she watched her mother spanking a 19-year-old girl she knew that she could never convince her parents that she was, at 14 years old, too old, too big and too mature to get her panties pulled down and her bare bottom hairbrushed when she is naughty.

Pam was in tears and biting her lip as she watched Beth squirm and kick under her mother's hairbrush. Of her three sisters, Pam felt closest to Beth and was sharing in the misery of her spanking. As sad as she was to see Beth's humiliation and the pain of the spanking, she was also fearing the next time that it might be her bare bottom under that brush. She was rarely spanked anymore, and most of her spankings now were for missing curfews on her dates. While she feared the awful sting of the hairbrush, she dreaded having to have to take her underwear down for her spankings. A junior in high school, she was well aware of how attractive the boys found her, especially her legs and bottom. It was horrible for her to have her mom and dad see her cute little bottom when she needed to be spanked, and even worse for them to see her bush. She had been inclined to think that the infrequency of her spankings was because of her age, but as she saw how nonchalant her parents were about making her big sister get undressed and spanking her, she knew that the rarity of her spankings was more a result of her good behavior than her age and physical maturity.

Cindy watched Beth's carrying-on with a grim frown. Her little sister was getting an awful spanking on her already red behind, but Cindy believed that Beth needed to have her bottom spanked. She had known all about Beth's drinking, had heard all of the rumors and had even seen her staggering out of a bar once. When she tried to talk to her about it, Beth told her to mind her own business, that she was 19 years old and didn't need Cindy to be a mommy to her. Now her mother was truly 'being a mommy to her' about the same problem, and Cindy was sure that Beth was wishing she had taken her sister's maternal advice and avoided this demonstration of maternal fury.

Cindy was also a little concerned that her mother had threatened her with a spanking. It had been 4 years ago that she was last spanked, and she had assumed that when she moved out of the house she had received her last spanking. Now her mother was proving that being over 18 and living in an apartment was not necessarily the end of spankings as she spanked a 19-year-old who lived in an apartment. There were some things she had done that Cindy was not especially proud of, and she knew that if her mom found out about them she would be furious. Her stomach fluttered as she pictured herself at 21, pushing down her panties in front of the rest of the family to get her bare bottom spanked again, but she had no doubt if her parents ever saw her credit card statements, learned of her speeding tickets or saw her boyfriend sneaking out of her apartment at five in the morning, her mom and dad would assemble the whole family to watch her get spanked, just as they were doing with Beth.

Finally the spanking came to an end, and Beth buried her face into the pillow as she cried and hiccupped. Everyone in the room, except Beth, knew that her mother had granted a small concession to the fact that it was her second spanking in the day, and had given her a very short spanking. It may have been the shortest spanking that she had ever given, but she had not slowed down the pace of the spanks nor the hard snapping of the brush as it met her daughter's bare bottom. Although it was a short spanking, Beth's bottom and thighs were scarlet red and quivering again, and her tears were genuinely flowing because of the terrible stinging of her rump.

While Beth was still loudly crying, her mother angrily turned on Karen. "Karen Lynne, look at Elizabeth's bottom, and tell me what will happen if I catch you drinking."

"I'll get spanked," mumbled the frightened 14-year-old.

"What?" said her mother, and Karen spoke more forcefully, "I'll get a spanking, Mom, but I swear I don't drink!"

"See that you don't, young lady" she snapped, then turned to Pammy. "Pamela Jean, do you want to take off your panties and have this happen to you?" she demanded as she pointed to Beth's crimson rear with her hairbrush.

"No, ma'am," squeaked Pam as her gaze followed the hairbrush and saw the awful effects of the spanking and involuntarily burst into tears, "I promise I won't drink, Mom, I promise!"

"Cynthia Dawn, do you still think that you are too old for a spanking?"

"No, ma'am," said Cindy, "I know that you will still spank me if I deserve it."

"I don't think that you do, young lady, and I have half a mind to spank you right now just to prove to you that you are not too old to have your pants and underpants taken down for a good spanking!" she sputtered, glaring at her eldest daughter.

"Please, Mom, no," Cindy pleaded, suddenly very afraid, "you don't have to spank me, Mom, I know how to behave."

"See that you do, little miss, for you are growing far too big for your britches to suit me."

As Beth's crying subsided her mother gently patted her still bare bottom with her hairbrush and told her to stand up again. As Beth crawled off the couch, completely exposing herself in a most unfeminine way, she was still whimpering and promising her mother to never drink again. As stood beside the couch facing her whole family and holding her sore bottom she either didn't remember or didn't care that still had no underpants on.

"Elizabeth Anne," her mother began again, "you were very unhappy with me for not allowing you to pull up your underpants after your spanking in Mr. Crane's office this morning. At that time you did not know that you would be spanked again, but I did and I did not want to have to watch all of your theatrics again while you were taking them all down tonight. You may put them on now."

Beth was tremendously relieved as she picked up the soft, rose-colored cotton bikini panties on the table. "Not those," said her mother sternly as she took the light panties from Beth's hand, "put on your little girdle first. I think it will hold the warmth of your spanked bottom much better."

Beth quickly picked up her brief. She was embarrassed for her sisters to see that she owned the little control brief, but she only wore it under her clingiest skirts and jeans because it promised not to show any pantylines. This morning she had pulled it on because she thought that it would hold her thin panties in place better if Mr. Crane had spanked her. She bent completely over and slipped first one foot through the tiny leg opening, then the other, and pulled them to just above her knees where they got stuck. As her thighs grew fuller, the panty got tighter and tighter so that she had to pull and wriggle to get the lycra brief all the way on, and was crying fresh tears as the tight panty squeezed her red hips and legs. It felt so horrible to have everyone watching her squirm as the panty finally crested over her bottom and the front came up over her pubic hair.

Although she was glad to have something on, the burning in her bottom was even worse under her panty. She also knew that the thin, white panty was virtually sheer when stretched this tightly across her hips and that her bottom cheeks were almost as visible under her underpants as they had been without it, and that they white of her panty would only emphasize the redness of her bottom and the triangle of dark hair in the front.

As she reached for her slip, her mother handed her the pretty rose panties that she had taken from her a moment before. "You will put on all of the underwear that you were counting on to keep your bottom from stinging, young lady, and perhaps they will help you to remember how foolish that was."

Beth was crying as she pulled on her rose panties, then the pretty aqua pair. Now she felt very foolish indeed as her sisters grinned to see her standing there in a bra and three pairs of panties. Even though Pam most acutely shared Beth's embarrassment she was also smiling at how silly her big sister looked wearing three pairs of underpants.

She pleaded with her mother not to make her wear her nylons, and all three of her sisters knew that pantyhose were torturous to a pair of spanked thighs, but finally she gingerly sat on the couch and fed her feet and legs into the tight nylons. As she stood to pull them tightly into her crotch and up to her waist her legs stung unmercifully as the material scratched and rubbed her tender skin.

Finally and gratefully, Beth pulled on her slip, and then she quickly grabbed and slipped into her dress, and apologized to her mother and father again. When she started to her bedroom to have another good cry, her mother stopped her. "I'll not have you going to your room and taking them all off again, Elizabeth. Your two spankings today were meant to warm your bottom in a way that you would not soon forget, and I don't want you to lessen your discomfort in any way yet. You will spend the evening with us, wearing precisely what you have on right now, and sitting on your spanked bottom on the couch."

Beth's first reaction to sitting with her family was a steady flow of silent tears. Some of the tears were due to her bottom - it was still very warm and tingly, and sitting was very uncomfortable so soon after having been spanked. The rest of her tears were due to her lost dignity and modesty as her mind kept replaying her two spankings and the different observers of each of them seeing her undressed and punished like a juvenile. For the rest of the evening Beth sat so carefully on the couch, gently rocking from one bottom cheek to the other trying to reduce the terrible stinging of her spanking. The rest of the family seemed to have forgotten about Beth as they watched television and even made a big pot of popcorn, but the fire in her bottom kept Beth from enjoying either the food or the TV.

As the 11:00 news came on, Cindy got ready to leave and her mother stood up. "You may borrow some pajamas from Pammy and spend the night, or you may go home, the choice is yours. If you go home, I hope you'll be here for dinner tomorrow as usual." Beth wanted desperately to be alone, and after kissing her mom and dad goodnight followed Cindy to the driveway and drove home.

As she lay on her tummy to fall asleep that night, wearing a short T-shirt and nothing else, she thought back over the day and knew that each spanking had achieved its separate goal. She wondered how she could face Mr. Crane again on Monday morning after what he had seen this morning. As he had said himself, he watched a little girl get her bare bottom spanked, except that this particular little girl was 19 years old, wearing a 34C bra and nothing else while he watched her Daddy spank her bottom! Beth let loose another torrent of tears as she promised herself to be the best secretary in the company, and never to get drunk again.