Subject: Next Door
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Next Door

This is a work of absolute fiction! This is adult only material, so if you are not 18 years old or better, then so not read any further.

My name is Robert, but my friends call me Bobby, and I have quite a story to tell you. This all started a long time ago, and I know some of you grown-ups will laugh at me for saying that, but for me at least it was a long time ago. I was six then, and now I am eleven. That makes five years, and five years is sure a long time for me!

I was just six, like I said, when this started. I don't know what I had done wrong, but I had been sent to my room. Mom often sent me to my room (and still does, sometimes), and I was sitting there staring out the window. I was wishing that I was outside, cause it was one of the first really nice days of spring.

From my window I have a clear view into my next door neighbor's house. Well, not into the whole house, but right into the bedroom of the prettiest and sweetest girl in the whole world, her name is Tammy. Tammy's a big girl...she's 17 now (almost 18!), and I have adored Tammy since even before I was six, maybe even before I was five, but I don't remember that far back. What I do know is that I love Tammy, and that she is my friend.

Well, back when I was six and pouting out the window, I saw a sight in Tammy's window that I will never forget. Even though it was five years ago, I remember it like it was yesterday. Anyhow, as I'm sitting there I see Tammy's mom drag her into her bedroom, and there was no doubt that Tammy was in even more trouble than me. Tammy's window was open, just like mine, and I could hear her mom yelling at her. I couldn't make out the words, but I sure could tell she was mad. Tammy was crying, and kept shaking her head, then nodding her head, and I knew she was trying hard to get out of trouble. I felt kind of bad for Tammy, and a little mad at her mom, 'cause I knew that she was good girl and that her mom was even more strict than mine. Since I was worried about getting spanked myself, I started wondering if Tammy was gonna get a spanking, but I pretty much knew she wouldn't. Like I said...she was a big girl (12 years old!) and also she was so pretty and so nice that it wouldn't be right to spank her.

Tammy knew where my bedroom was, and she knew that I liked to watch her house just to see her. She's bashful, I know, because she always pulls the curtains closed when she gets ready for bed or changes her clothes or anything like that. If I'm in my window when she is closing her curtains, she always smiles and waves at me, and I like to wave back at her. Sometimes I'd hear her mom yelling at her and look out the window, and see Tammy sitting on her bed crying and her mom would be pacing around and shaking her finger at her. I'd get so mad at her mom for yelling at her and making her cry!

This day Tammy's mom was really yelling at her, and her mom was the one sitting on the bed. My eyes almost popped out of my head when her mom grabbed Tammy, pulled her right up in front of her and started to open up the top of her pants! In an instant she had pulled down Tammy's pants and I was looking at the prettiest girl in the world wearing just her underpants. Tammy was crying so hard, and was trying her best to keep her hands over her underwear, but she wasn't doing a real good job. I was just beside myself cause I got spanked sometimes, but my mom never pulled down my pants to do it. Tammy was wearing really tiny white underpants like girls do, and I remember being surprised at how little they were, and I knew that if Tammy got a spanking it would sting like the devil with just those skimpy little underpants on.

Two things happened next, and I couldn't believe either one. While Tammy was being yelled at, her daddy walked right into her bedroom. I felt just awful for her, having her daddy see her in just her underwear, and her being a big girl of 12 and all. I don't know why her daddy didn't go right back out of her room when he saw that Tammy's pants were down - he should have known that it wasn't right for him to see her in just her underpants. Tammy sorta turned away from her mom and was crying and talking to her dad, probably trying to get out of trouble for whatever she did. Then, right in front of her daddy, Tammy's mom reached out again and she pulled her little underpants all the way down to where her pants were!

I know I should have looked away, but I couldn't. I was stuck in that window by something, I don't know what, and I couldn't look away for even a second. Tammy didn't know it, but she was showing me everything, and I mean everything! When she turned to beg her daddy to get her out of trouble, she was showing me her bare rear, and when she turned around the other way to talk to her mommy, I got to see her ... well...her bare front! I'd never seen a bare girl before, and I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. Well, maybe I should say that I couldn't believe what I wasn't seeing. Tammy's bum was so cute, and it was kinda fun and kinda funny to see it, but what really got me was that she didn't have a peter down there! Every time that she turned toward me and her mom, all I could see was a little patch of dark hair below her tummy. I sorta knew that girls didn't have a penis, but I sorta didn't believe it. Remember that I was only six, and I'm much smarter now. I didn't want to look, really I didn't, cause Tammy was so pretty and she was really nice to me and not mean like the other big girls, but I just couldn't help staring at that little patch of hair and her chubby little white bum.

Tammy was yelling, "NO!" real loud when her mom pulled down her underwear, and I know she was really embarrassed. She was trying real hard to keep herself all covered up with her hands, but it wasn't working at all! Sometimes she put her hands over her bottom, and sometimes she put them between her legs, and sometimes she covered her face and rubbed her eyes. I know she had a lot to be embarrassed about, too, since I could see her little white bum and that mysterious, dark triangle of hair....and I was clear over in my house! If I could see so much, I know that her mom and dad were seeing the private parts of my friend even better 'cause she was standing right in front of them!

My stomach was all in knots! I was so excited to see a bare girl, but I felt so bad for my friend. I couldn't believe that her mom would pull down her underwear like that, and right in front of her daddy! I was only 6, but even I knew that a man shouldn't see a big girl like Tammy without her underpants on like that! Once a girl is as big and pretty as Tammy, only a doctor can see her bare, and after she gets married her husband can see her bare too, but only if it is by accident. I felt terrible for Tammy having her dad see her bottom and everything else all bare, but it never occurred to me to think of how bad she would feel if she knew that I was seeing her bare too! I mostly should have been feeling bad for her being all bare where I could see her, cause I bet it is one thing to be bare in front of your daddy when you are a 12 year old girl cause at least he saw your bum and stuff when you were little, but I bet it is worse to have someone pull down your underwear in front of the little boy next door!

The next thing that happened was horrible. Tammy's mom pulled her around so that she was kinda over at her side, and right then Tammy looked out the window and saw me. I knew she saw me, cause our eyes kinda locked on each other for a second, and the look on her face was awful for me. Right away she looked down at her feet, sorta like if she couldn't see me then I couldn't see her, and she tried to cover up the front of herself where she should have had her underpants on. I should have gone away then, but still I couldn't.

Before Tammy could tell her mom that I was watching or anything, her mom grabbed her hands and pulled her way up over her lap. Tammy isn't real big, so when her mom pulled her across her knees, Tammy was completely off the ground and her feet were just sorta floating in the air. Since her mom had her back to me, all I could see were Tammy's feet and her legs on one side, her head and shoulders on the other, and her mom's back in the middle. As soon as she got her settled there, Tammy's dad walked right up to her mom, and handed her a hairbrush! In an instant her mom was spanking Tammy's bottom hard with the back of that brush, and poor Tammy was hollering and crying. I thought that Tammy was way too old to get spanked since she was almost 13 and in the seventh grade, but I guess her mom and dad didn't think so, cause that's just what her mom was doing and her daddy was watching - and it was on her bare bum and with a hairbrush too!

I never knew a spanking could go on so long! I got spankings too, but they were quick, and my mom used just her hand, and I never had anybody pull down my pants. I was amazed as Tammy got her spanking, cause her mom just spanked and spanked and spanked, and she was using that hairbrush and everything on Tammy's poor little bare bottom. I knew it hurt since I could hear her squealing and bawling, and I watched her squirming around like she was being stung by a bunch of bees. Her legs were going up and down like she was trying to swim away, and her head was flying around, just swishing her long hair like a horse's tail.

Finally Tammy's mom's arm quit flying up and down, but Tammy just kept on wriggling around. She just stayed on her mom's lap for a little bit, and I could hear that she was still crying pretty hard, but at least she wasn't shrieking anymore - that sound really made me feel bad. Finally Tammy started squirming again, and her mom helped her stand back up. Right away she grabbed her bum and started hopping around a little, and I got to see a girl's spanked bottom for the first time. Since it was early spring, Tammy didn't have any tan yet, and the white on her bare legs made the red circles on her bottom look so scary. I never saw a bum that red before, and Tammy was leaning back and forth as she tried to rub the sting out. I told you that Tammy has a cute little rear, and I couldn't believe how awful red it was on both sides. I didn't know what Tammy did to get spanked for, but I was sure she would never do it again!

Tammy hopped around all bare for just a little bit, and I think she forgot that she still didn't even have her underpants on. She wasn't trying to cover herself up at all like she did before the spanking, she just hopped around, crying and showing everybody her spanked bum and the front of her, like it didn't matter at all to have her mom and dad seeing her all bare! While she danced around I should not have watched, but I did and I got to see her hair and her bottom a bunch more times. Finally, she must have remembered that she didn't have her underwear on in front of her mom and dad, then she leaned over and pulled her underpants and pants back up where they belonged. As soon as she got her pants up, her mom and dad left the room and Tammy laid down on her bed, having a good cry and rubbing the seat of her pants. As things settled down, I started thinking about what I saw, and what happened to my friend and how bad it was for me to watch, and then I lay down on my bed and started crying too.

When my crying jag was over, I peeped out the window again, and Tammy's curtains were closed. That was the only time that I saw Tammy get a spanking, or saw Tammy in her underpants, or saw Tammy without her underpants on. The more I thought about what I saw, the more scared I got. What if Tammy hates me now? What if Tammy tells her mother that I was spying? What if Tammy's mom tells my mother? What if 'turnabout is fair play' meant that my mom would let Tammy see me get spanked...what if I was bare? What if my mom lets Tammy's mom spank me just like she did to Tammy? As all these horrible questions came into my mind, I stayed in my room long after mom told me that my time-out was over.

For the as long as I could, I avoided Tammy. I just could not look at her, I was so ashamed of what I had done. She was the sweetest and prettiest girl I knew, and I had spied on her on what had to be the worst day of her life. I had seen her all bare from the front and from the back, and the worst part was that I was sure she knew it. I knew that she just had to hate me now, and I felt like I lost my last friend in the world. After a week or two passed, my mom and I were outside and so were Tammy and her mom....our meeting couldn't be avoided. I held my breath, blushed and squirmed, but Tammy acted like nothing had ever happened. She wasn't quite as friendly as before, but she was nice. Her mom terrified me, though. I had always thought that Mrs. Walker was such a nice lady, but after seeing her pull down Tammy's underpants and spank her with that hairbrush, I was scared to death of her. There was no way I ever wanted to go over Mrs. Walker's lap like Tammy did, 'cause if she can pull down a 12 year old girl's underwear and spank her, then she would have no trouble pulling down a little boy's underpants and spanking me! I always looked at how big her arm was, and how strong she looked. Any woman who was mean enough to pull down a 12 year old girl's underpants and spank her with a hairbrush until her little bum was as red as an apple was too tough and mean for me to mess with!

As time passed, Tammy and I sorta went back to normal. I was in love with her, even more so since she didn't tattle on me, and she didn't seem to mind a little kid hanging around. She never said anything to me about that day, and I sure never said anything to her. I don't think that Tammy ever got spanked again, or if she did I didn't hear it. I do have to admit that I often found myself staring at her, and remembering what I had seen. As the years passed, Tammy's rear end got even cuter, and I would sometimes stare at her bum and remember what it looked like all bare. Sometimes I would picture her round bottom all white and wiggly, and sometimes I would still see it after it had been spanked, and all red and sore looking. Sometimes I would even look at the front of her pants, and I still couldn't get over how funny she looked without a peter, and how that little shadow of hair just disappeared between her legs. If all I thought about was her in just her tiny underpants, or even her bare bum and her front, I kinda got goosebumps, but when I thought about seeing her face while she was crying and remembered how loud she squealed as she got that spanking, then I got all sad again. When I got a little older, and my friends and I would talk about seeing girls naked, or sneak a look at somebody's dad's Playboy, I would think to myself that I had seen the prettiest big girl in the world with her panties pulled down, but I never bragged about it to a soul.

Well, that was then and this is now. A few months ago, Tammy's mom and mine were drinking coffee and talking, like moms do, and my mom was complaining about how much it was gonna cost to put me in day camp for the summer. Since both of my parents work, and they don't think that I am old enough yet to stay by myself, I have to go to 'camp' every day. While my mom was complaining about the cost of day camp, Tammy's mom was complaining that Tammy couldn't find a summer job. Well, one thing led to another and pretty soon it was arranged for mom to pay Tammy to spend the summer with me! This was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. Since we lived next door to each other, we could play at my house or at Tammy's. Sometimes mom would give Tammy the money to take me to the zoo, or the movies or swimming, and I had a great time wherever we went. Tammy is still the prettiest and friendliest girl in the whole world, and I would even have fun going to jail if Tammy was with me!

This doesn't mean that Tammy and I didn't have some troubles this summer. Sometimes she gets in a bad mood and isn't much fun, and I guess that sometimes I am a 'stinker' like she calls me, and I do things that make her mad. She teases me sometimes and calls me Dennis the Menace, but I sometimes act like that just to make her mad! I was sorry to find out that Tammy's house has a time-out chair just like mine, and that Tammy would put me on it when I made her too mad.

Well, two weeks ago I was really being a snot, but I don't know why. Nothing suited me, and all I wanted to do was everything that I was not allowed to do. On that day, I was so bad that Tammy put me on the time-out chair three times, and it wasn't even lunch time yet! I told her that I wanted McDonald's for lunch, and she agreed to go to the drive-through and bring back lunch. I think she did this hoping that it would get me in a better mood, but I did it 'cause I wanted to be alone for a while. Tammy's dad had the coolest riding lawn mower, and I wanted to ride it. Tammy would never let me because she said that it was a dangerous thing and I wasn't old enough.

As soon as Tammy drove off to McDonald's, I ran into the garage and climbed up on the mower. I was just going to pretend to drive it until I saw that Tammy's dad left the key in it! Then I decided to turn the key, just to hear it roar, but I wasn't going to let it move. I don't know what got into me, but a few minutes later I was zooming down the driveway on this thing, and I didn't know how to stop it! I was scared to death, screaming and pulling at every knob and lever that there was, but I couldn't even make it slow down. When I got near the street I was scared that I'd get run over by a car, and I turned the steering wheel as hard as I could and missed the street, but when I hit the curb on the driveway the lawn mower tipped over dumping me on the ground and leaving it on its side.

I was laying there crying and still scared when Tammy zoomed up in the car just a few minutes later. She thought I was dead, and was scared and crying when she jumped out of the car and ran up to me. When she found out that I was okay, she got furious at me, and started yelling at me right there in the driveway where everybody could see her treating me like I was a little kid. That made me mad, and I started yelling back. She grabbed me by the arm and started dragging me into the house yelling about how I could have been killed, and that I probably broke her daddy's lawn mower. As she dragged me into the house, I started bawling, "Don't make me sit in that chair again, please...I hate it..Please, Tammy?' Her answer scared me half to death. She wasn't yelling anymore, she just said in a normal voice, "Don't you worry about that chair, little man. When I get done with you, you won't be sitting anywhere."

"What do you mean?" I cried as she pulled me right through the living room and started dragging me upstairs, but I knew exactly what she meant! She meant that she was gonna make me wait in her room until my mom got home, then tattle on me and hope that I got a spanking! Maybe it was even worse, maybe she was gonna tell her mom to spank me!!

"What I mean is that you need a good spanking, Robert Daniel, and I'm just the girl to give it to you. I'm going to teach you that you can't get away with stuff like this and I don't care if your mom fires me or not!" I was beside myself....Tammy was going to spank me??? How could she? She's not old like a mom, and young girls can't spank anybody, especially me!

I have never been so scared in my life as she pulled me right into her own bedroom and dragged me up to her bed. I tried to squirm away as best I could, but she had too good a hold on me as she sat down on it and pulled me right up in front of her. I was crying and promising to be good, and trying to tell her how sorry I was about the mower, but she didn't listen at all. When she started bending me out over her lap to spank me, I was so mad and so scared that I kicked her as hard as I could, and when she let go of me to grab her leg I tried to run, but she caught me right away. Back to the bed we went, me scared to death and her as grim as I have ever seen her.

"That kick just cost you your pants, little boy," she said, and I was horrified as she reached for my belt and started to pull down my zipper. I was trying to beg my way out of this and was slapping at her hands, but she kept right on trying to get my pants all undone. It was horrible to have a big girl's fingers fumbling around down there and reaching inside the waist of my pants to get them open. Even though I fought as hard as I could, Tammy finally got everything undone, and calmly pulled my pants all the way down to my feet. I was horrified and bawling as I stood in front of her in just my little underpants, and I was begging her not to spank me.

"It isn't so funny to be the one getting spanked as it is to be the one staring in the window, is it Robert? I bet you had a lot of fun watching me get my spankings, but now that it's your turn you're standing here begging me not to do it."

"I never saw you getting spanked, Tammy, I never did, honest! Please don't spank me, I never spied and you always pull your curtains closed, please Tammy, I never seen anything!!" I bawled. I couldn't tell her, especially right now, that I had seen her get a spanking. And she must have figured that since she knew that I saw one I must have seen more! This was horrible and I didn't know what to do!

"Don't make it worse by lying to me, Robert, I've had enough of you today." Then she went on to tell me why she was going to spank me, and I started lying some more to show her that it wasn't my fault the mower went out of control.

"But Tammy, please...I wasn't even playing with it! I was in the garage when it started rolling out all by itself, and I tried to catch it!! I wasn't even near it, and it went out the door and I tried to catch it. I didn't do anything, Tammy, please don't spank me, please???"

"Young man, you have just lied yourself into the worst spanking you have ever had," she said as she stood up and started dragging me toward her dresser. I felt so stupid 'cause I could hardly walk with my pants down, and so she mostly carried me across the room. She was holding my arm so tight, and I was horrified as she pulled open the top drawer of her dresser, and reached way into the back. When her hand came back out she was holding a huge wooden hairbrush in her hand!

"Please don't spank me with that brush, Tammy, please don't, please, I promise I'll never do it again, please don't spank me with that hairbrush!!!" I started blubbering like a baby as she scooted me back to the bed, and sat down again.

I had just trapped myself in my own lie, and I didn't even know it. "If you never saw me getting spanked, Bobby, how do you know that this hairbrush is for spankings, hmm? You know it because you have seen my mom use it to spank me, and you knew it as soon as you saw it!"

"I only saw it once, Tammy...please I'm telling you the truth! And I didn't see anything and I felt so bad! Your mom is so mean, and she never should have done that. Please don't be mean and do it to me, please?!?!"

"My mom was not being mean, Bobby....she was just doing what had to be done. I had been a bad girl, and I needed somebody to take down my underpants, turn me over their knee and give my bare bottom a good spanking that day, just like you need somebody to give you a good spanking today!"

Then I said the most stupid thing that I have ever said in my life..."Please, Tammy, please don't spank me in my underpants!" She smiled at me, she really smiled, and she blushed a little and said, "Oh, no, Robert Daniel don't you worry about that. I have no intention of spanking you in your underpants."

Just as I realized what she meant, she started to pull them down. I was too surprised to even wrestle with her, and in an instant she had her big 17 year old girl's hands right down inside my underpants and was pulling them down! I couldn't believe it - the only girls who had ever seen me bare were my mom and my doctor's nurse, and here I was, right in front of my best girlfriend without my underpants on!!! I was soooo embarrassed and tried to cover up because even though I am 11, I still look like a little boy down there. My peter is just little and I don't have any hair there yet, and I was horrified to have Tammy see that I was still kinda like a little boy and to have her looking right at my willie sticking out!

I think Tammy hadn't seen many bare boys, 'cause she sorta stared at me for a minute, then she blushed bright pink and kinda looked away from the barest part of me. Mom and the nurse never blush or look away when they see me with my underpants down - they just kinda look at my peter the same as looking at my foot, but Tammy was blushing and quit looking down there.

"Please, Tammy, I'm too big to get a spanking, and too old for you to see me bare, please let me go, I promise I'll be good, please?"

"I'm already seeing you bare, Robert, and now I'm going to spank you. It was more fun to be peeping in the window and seeing me getting my panties pulled down than it is to be you right now, isn't it Bobby? It was pretty funny to see my bare bottom and my bush, but it's not too funny to have me seeing your penis and your bottom right now, is it, Bobby? Well even though there is nobody peeping in that window to watch today, you're gonna know what it feels like to get spanked, and not a wimpy little spanking with your pants on like your mom gives you. It's gonna be a real spanking like you used to watch my mom and dad give me!"

She pulled me over to her side, and then across her knees. I was horrified 'cause she was sliding her hand around on my bottom and on my legs and everywhere as she tried to get me in the right place on her lap. It tickled a little as she tried to pull me all the way up on her lap, and my little peter rubbed across her bare legs below her shorts. Her legs were so soft and smooth, and I just had to squirm around as I lay there all bare and with my peter squished into her legs. I was begging her not to spank me, and so ashamed to know that she was looking right at my bare bum and so afraid of how bad the spanking would sting.

Just like her mom, Tammy wasted no time in starting a spanking, and the burning sting of that brush on my bare rear was even worse than I had imagined! I hollered and screamed and squirmed as hard as I could, but Tammy just kept spanking me. It was awful and went on and on and on, and I thought my bottom was gonna burst! Mom had spanked me a lot, but this was worse than anything she ever did. I never knew that Tammy was so strong, but she was holding me on her lap and spanking me so hard that even though I tried to kick and squirm off, I couldn't do anything but lie there and cry. When I put my hand back to cover my bottom, Tammy grabbed my hand and gave me three or for hard spanks right on the palm of my hand with her hairbrush before she pulled my hand up on my back and started spanking my bum again! How could such a sweet and pretty girl do this? How could she be this mean, and this strong? How could she know so much about spanking when she was just a girl and not even a mom? From the very first spank I was hollering and begging her to stop, but she didn't listen to me at all and just kept right on smacking my burning rear with her brush. Pretty soon I couldn't even try to ask her to stop, I was just crying too hard.

Long after I knew that I couldn't take any more spanks, Tammy finally stopped spanking me. I was crying so hard, and hiccuping and was so worn out from the horrible experience that I just went kinda limp, and just laid across Tammy's lap, bawling and rubbing my sore rear. I feel pretty dumb now, knowing that my underpants were still down as I just laid there crying, but at the time I just didn't care about anything else but crying. Tammy just held me steady with her hand on my back and let me cry. I must have looked so stupid laying there showing her my red bottom, but she didn't push me off her knees or anything for a long time. Finally she patted me gently on my hot rear with her hand, and told me that it was all over and I could get up again. She held my arm and my waist as I tried to get up, and helped me get back on my feet again. I didn't care anymore that I didn't have my underpants on in front of Tammy, I just had to try to rub the burn out of my rear. Now I knew why Tammy did so much hopping around after she got her can't do anything else! I didn't think of it then, but I must have looked like an idiot as I danced around holding my scorched bum right in front of her like that, and with my little willie on display and wiggling around too!

I was surprised to see Tammy sitting there on the bed, with that big hairbrush laying beside her, and with tears running down her cheeks. "Bobby," she said, "I hated to do that, but if you ever do something like riding that mower and trying to kill yourself again, I'll have to spank you again, just like this one, only longer and harder. I only spanked you because I love you, and I don't ever want you to do something like that again. I know I never did the same thing again after my mom or dad gave me a spanking, and I hope you learned the same lessons I did." As she tried to talk, she stared crying real softly.

I was crying and rubbing my bottom, and telling her how sorry I was that I was bad and everything, and I can't believe it now. I am so dumb, and feel so stupid as I remember standing there talking to her without my underpants on, as if it was the most natural thing in the world to have a pretty girl sitting on a bed, a boy standing in front of her with his underpants down and his peter sticking right out at her and his bare backside showing how she had painted it fire-truck red, but they are just talking to each other like they would anytime!

I felt so bad seeing her crying that I grabbed her around the neck, and gave her a big, hard hug, and I promised to never, ever be bad again. She gave me a good hug back, then reached down and pulled my underpants back up for me. She stood up and told me to lay down on her bed and finish crying, and I didn't even stop to pull up my pants up, cause I was still crying pretty hard, so I just flopped on her bed and started bawling to her pillow. She went to the door, then stopped and told me to come downstairs when I was done crying and my bottom felt a little better, then she went out and closed the door.

After I cried myself out, I had to stay in her room. The more I thought about what had happened, the more embarrassed I got. Tammy had seen me all bare! She saw my peter and my bottom and she had made me cry like a little girl. She had pulled down my underpants, and had turned me over her knee and spanked me! There was no way I could ever face her again. I was pretty sure that she hated me now that I had been such a brat, and I didn't want to see her and have her tell me that she was not my friend anymore.

It was almost 4:00 when there was a little knock at the door, and Tammy let herself back in. Thanks goodness I had pulled my pants back on, cause she didn't even wait for me to tell her to come in. I curled up on my side facing the window so that I wouldn't have to look at her. She sat down on the bed, and told me that it was getting late and that her parents and mine would be coming home soon. She rested her hand on my arm, and told me that I ought to get up and wash my face before everyone got home. I asked her to leave, and told her that I would go home as soon as she went away. Finally she got me to sit up next to her, and asked me if I wanted to tell my mom what happened alone, or if I wanted for us both to tell her. I didn't want anybody to know, and asked her if we could not tell anybody, and she agreed.

I still couldn't look at her, and I stared at my hands in my lap when I asked her if she hated me and was going to quit watching me. She assured me that she didn't hate me, and that we'd be together again tomorrow, and the day after and the day after again until I went back to school. The she gently told me that she didn't want to ever have to spank me again, but if I was really bad she would bring me right back here and give me another spanking.

I looked at her to see if she was serious, and I could tell that she was. "Please, Tammy," I cried, "You can spank me if I'm bad, but please don't ever spank me bare again!"

Tammy giggled, and said, "Bobby, my mommy and daddy always said that if a girl is naughty enough to need a spanking, then she needs her panties pulled down for it, and I think the same is true for little boys. I got all of my spankings bare, Bobby, and that is just part of growing up. I know it is embarrassing - I used to cry and shrivel up when my mom or dad pulled down my underpants and saw me bare, but it gives you an extra reason to try to behave! You've had lots of spankings with your pants on, but I bet you will remember this one better than any of those! If you and I have to come up here for a spanking again, I'll pull down your pants and underpants again....and I'll do it faster now that I've done it once! You are the first little boy that I have ever spanked, so the next one will be even worse for you now that I know how to do it!"

Well, it has been two weeks since Tammy spanked me, and we haven't had any trouble since then. I was afraid that maybe she'd start spanking me a lot, but that hasn't happened. She has never mentioned it, and I just sorta pretend that it never happened. Since I'm not perfect, I have been on the time-out chair, but never more than once in a day. I sure rather sit there then have her dragging me up the steps again, and I always settle down after I sit in the corner.

I still get the squirmy feelings once in a while. Two days ago Tammy took me swimming. I couldn't help thinking that her bikini bottoms looked like underpants, and I was looking at her bottom and her front and thinking about how she would look with them pulled down. I wondered how different she would look down there now that she is almost 18 from when I saw her bare at 12. I bet she was looking at my bathing suit too, and I blushed all over again when I thought of her seeing me all bare and spanking my bottom.

Sometimes when I am mad at her, I imagine that I tattle on her and that her mom drags her up to her bedroom and spanks her with that hairbrush again, right in front of me! Her mom always pulls down Tammy's pants, then asks me if she should pull down her underwear. Tammy always stands there in her little panties and begs me to say no, but I always say yes! Sometimes I even pretend that I am the one who gets to spank her, and I always give it to her just like she did to me! Whether it is me or her mom, Tammy always has bright red circles on her rear when the spanking is over, and she always dances all around the room all bare when she stands up again. Then we hug and she tells me that she's sorry, and I pull her panties back up for her, just like she did for me. Sometimes I even think about her mom coming home early from work, and catching both of us doing something really bad, like smoking cigars! Then her mom takes us both up to Tammy's room, and pulls down both of our underpants and spanks us with Tammy's hairbrush - boy do we look funny with both of us bare and with red bums!

Mom is talking about having Tammy watch me again next year, and I like the idea. I know we'll have a lot of fun again, and since I'll be 12 I'm sure that she won't spank me. But then again, I know that Tammy got spanked when she was 12......