Subject: Mary's Lesson 1 (M/f-teen-fiction)
From: (Hbrushed)
Date: 6 Nov 1998 03:47:04 -0800

Mary's Lesson

This is a complete work of fiction, intended for the entertainment of adults. It concerns the spanking of a teenage girl, so if that won't be entertaining to you, please read no further.

Mary was crying. Not the show-off crocodile tears that she had produced on demand upstairs for her parents benefit - these were real tears, starting deep in her breast and racking her whole body. "Spanked!" she thought,"17 years old, and I'm going to get a spanking like a little girl, and all because I exploded at Dad and Mom."

It had been a busy week, and she was so looking forward to seeing her friends again tonight. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Now it was Thursday, and she had completely forgotten that she had agreed to baby-sit her little brothers while her parents helped some friends celebrate their anniversary. Now she remembered, but when her dad told her she was not going out, that damned stubborn streak that had been the cause of her troubles before showed itself again.

She was so excited to be accepted as a part of the 'in' group at school and was sure that they would laugh her out of the group if she didn't go out with them again tonight. She pleaded for them to call someone else, but the more she argued the angrier her dad got. As he raised his voice, she raised hers. Her mother said something, and she turned her wrath on to her too. Even in the midst of the fight she knew she should back off, but her fiery temper had taken over. As a girl, when she was in trouble she would sniff and stare at her feet and softly mumble "yes, ma'am" and "yes, sir." Tonight she had ended up screeching at her parents at the top of her lungs and using language that surprised even herself.

Mary knew she had gone too far when her dad sent her to the basement family room, for this is where all spankings in her family were meted out. It had been 5 years since she last sat on this couch waiting for her daddy, but she knew the dread just as if her last trip had been only yesterday. Although it had been 5 years since Mary had been spanked, spankings were still carried out in this room on weekly, maybe monthly basis. Her 9-year-old brother Kevin, and 13-year-old Bobby were still spanked down here pretty often. Mary though that it was right to spank them and believed that her little brothers deserved every spanking they got. How delighted they would be to hear their big sister suffering the same fate! Unless she could talk her daddy out of this fast, Mary knew that a 17-year-old girl would be getting a spanking yet this evening.

Mary was puzzled and confused with herself, and if she didn't understand herself how could she expect her parents to understand? She hadn't meant to lash out like that, it wasn't like her and she didn't want to behave like that. She knew that something had to be done, a girl just can't swear at her parents that way, but she knew that she desperately did not want to be spanked. She felt badly about her behavior and she accepted that she deserved to be - needed to be, really - punished, but the prospect of a spanking twisted her insides into a knot and kept the flow of tears fresh.

What would her daddy do? How could somebody spank a 17-year-old girl? Would he make her pull down her pants? Back when she was still getting spankings both her mother and her father would pull down her panties when they had to spank her, but she was only 12 then. Her mom and dad still pulled Kevin's and Bobby's underpants when they got spanked, but could he really spank a 17-year-old girl's bare bottom? She was a woman now, not a little kid! Would he drape her over his knee like before, or was she too big for that now? Would he make her bend over like they supposedly do with bad kids in school?

She spied the round paddles laying on the Ping-Pong table, and her eyes grew wider. Her mom usually grabbed one of those paddles when she had to bring one of her children to the basement. Her daddy only used a paddle on her one time, as extra punishment for not taking her skirt off fast enough when she was due to be spanked. It was bad when Mom cracked her bare rear with a paddle, but it was devastating the time that her daddy used it on her bare bottom. She hated those paddles, and indeed the whole game of ping pong, because of the terrible sting the rubber matted paddles gave her bottom.

"Oh, God!" she thought as the door at the top of the stairs opened, then closed again. She could hear her dad's measured footsteps coming down the stairs, and her stomach was in turmoil. She stood demurely beside the couch, tears quietly streaming down her cheeks as her dad silently entered the basement and sat on the couch. He still appeared angry and maybe a little grim, but Mary also detected a certain sadness in her father.

"Mary," he began, "We haven't been down here in a long time, and I'm very disappointed that we are here again. You put more value on that crowd you are running with than you do your own family, and your mouth and temper are getting worse every single day." She didn't say a word - what he was telling her was true, and her heart was breaking as she stood there crying as if she had already been spanked.

"You are like a truck running downhill out of control, and I have to help you to put the brakes on. I cannot, and will not, put up with your attitude and mouth anymore. You have behaved like a spoiled little girl, so I am going to give you a spanking fit for a spoiled little girl. Do you have anything to say for yourself, young lady?"

Mary's silence broke as she tearfully told her dad how sorry she was and promised to behave better. With her nose and eyes running she pleaded not to be spanked, offering to be grounded, to lose her telephone privileges, or give up her car keys. As he stared at her in silence, she knew that she had not changed his mind and that she was about to be spanked. Her voice trailed off with a quiet, "I'm so sorry, Daddy, please, I'm sorry."

As she stared at her feet and bit her lip he glanced over at the Ping-Pong paddles on the table. He knew that the hard wood of one of those paddles would be effective for spanking Mary, and the red, dimpled rubber mat of the paddle would transfer its pattern to her bottom in bright red colors. No, he decided, a big part of Mary's problem was that she was fancying herself to be too old and worldly for her own good, and that paddle would only reinforce that she was a 'big girl'. He would turn her over his knee and spank her with his hand, confident that it would be hard for Mary to feel too grown-up when she is lying across her daddy's knee feeling his big hand giving her little bottom an old-fashioned spanking.

"Let's get this over with, Mary Justine," he said, "Go ahead and take down your pants." Her face flushed as she heard his command, but the memory of the paddle kept her from stalling as she opened her belt and snap, and pulled down the zipper of her dark Levis. As she held the top of her open pants together she implored him with her eyes not to make her pull them down. He showed no reaction, so with apprehension and humiliation she pulled open the top of her pants, and slowly pushed them down to her knees. She was bawling like a baby as her pale yellow underpants were uncovered in front of her dad.

With a sudden panic she realized that her stiff new Levis were tight enough to pull the back of her panties down with them, and that more than half of her bottom was bare! As she straightened up from pushing down her pants, she grabbed the waistband of her undies and was frantically trying to pull them up when a vice grip caught hold of her arm. Still desperately trying to adjust her panties, Mary fell across her daddy's lap, her long brown hair falling on both sides of her face restricting her vision to the floor.

Her dad was surprised as he pulled the 17-year-old girl across his knees, she was so much taller, wider and heavier than the last time that he spanked her. Her chest was on his lap, and her bottom was almost out of reach, so he lifted her legs a little and pulled her up by her bare waist until her middle was squarely on his lap, and her bottom was directly under his hand.

As he looked at his daughter's cute round bottom straining at the tight nylon of her underpants, he realized again that Mary was no longer a little girl. He certainly knew that 'daddy's little girl' had been growing up, but seeing the fullness of her bottom, barely contained by her little bikini panties and accentuated by her trim waist and long legs, there was no doubt that Mary was a young woman. Her panties were skewed across her hips, partly from her taking down her pants, and partly from his sliding her across his lap. One of her bottom cheeks was leaking out around the leg-band of her panty where it had ridden up, and the waistband was lower than it should have been, showing the white tops of the two distinct cheeks of her bottom.

Spankings in this house have almost always been on bare bottoms. Kevin and Bobby still have their little briefs taken down when he or their mother spanks them, and when Mary was still being spanked her little underpants were usually pulled down too. Tradition and ease dictated that the underpants always followed the pants down below the knees before the naughty one was turned over a parental knee. Upstairs he had planned to pull Mary's underpants down today too, but when she pushed down her Levis he saw the little puff in the front of her panty, and the soft pastel nylon showed the shadow of the dark patch of hair behind it. Although he wanted to pull her panties down, he knew how humiliated she would be to have her underpants taken down to her knees for her while she was standing there facing him so he simply drew her over his knee with her underpants still on. Now, as he looked at his daughter's bottom on his lap and was ready to spank her, he changed his mind again. He fervently wanted this to be Mary's last spanking, and he had to make sure that it was miserable enough that she would also want it to be her last.

"I told you that you behaved like a little girl, and that you would be spanked like a little girl," he told the back of her head as she wriggled on his lap. "Little girls do not have their underpants on when they get their spankings," he said as he reached into the waistband of her panties," and you, young lady, will not be wearing your underpants for your spanking today."

"No, Daddy! Please, Daddy! No, Daddy! Please, Daddy! " she started repeating softly as she felt him gently drawing her underpants down. Faster and faster she cried, "No, Daddy! Please, Daddy! No, Daddy! nodaddy nodaddynodaddy," as she squeezed her thighs together and clenched her bottom tightly. Finally her words deteriorated into a new round of crying as she felt the thin material slide off her hips, leaving her 17-year-old bottom completely bare.

When he pulled down the boys' underpants for their spankings, he always slid them down to their knees, completely out of the way of their spanking. With Mary lying on his lap as he pulled them down, the front of her underwear was caught between her body and his leg. He peeled her panties inside out over her bottom and stretched the thin material and little elastic waistband until he finally had them down to the top of her thighs, leaving both of her bottom cheeks bare. He smiled as he let go of the taut elastic waistband of her panty and it snapped back an inch or so, only to catch itself on the thin crease defining the rise of Mary's bottom from her thighs. He thought of how betrayed Mary would feel if she knew that it was her own bottom that was holding her underpants down off itself for her spanking. The dark tan of her legs and back framed the white skin of each of her bottom cheeks making her bottom look all the more vulnerable. He was surprised to see the soft blond hairs on her rounded bottom, and the millions of goose-bumps that had sprung up across both of her chubby cheeks as she squirmed on his lap.

Mary's free hand flew back across her now bare bottom, but with years of spanking his kids this did not surprise or bother her dad. He took her wrist and gently slid her hand and the bottom of her shirt up into the small of her back. As she cried and flexed her bottom cheeks he raised his hand and brought it down solidly right in the middle of the fullest part of her teenage bottom with a loud smack.

Mary arched her back, tucked her bottom and squealed as the first spank arrived, followed by a steady flurry of spanks that were taking her breath away. Over the five years that she had not been spanked she had forgotten how badly a spanking could sting. She tried to kick away, but the tight pants balled up at her calves prevented that, and her dad had her free hand firmly pinned on her back so that she had no way to protect her defenseless bottom from the terrible fire he was building. She wiggled side to side, but his big hand always found her bottom and she was starting to sob almost uncontrollably. She had been embarrassed when she pulled her pants down for him, then horrified when he pulled the back of her panties down and saw her bottom. But now her only concern was that of a girl getting a spanking at any age - her bottom was on fire and her daddy was showing no signs of slowing down.

As he fell into the natural rhythm of spanking a naughty bottom, he realized that her bottom was fuller and rounder than it had been the last time he spanked her. Each spank made Mary's bottom cheeks wiggle like jello molds as he brought his hand down over and over again across her pale bottom, then crossed the yellow line of nylon to spank her upper thighs. She was much stronger at 17 than she was at 12, and he was having a much more difficult time holding the squirming girl on his lap as he spanked her. As he watched each side of her bottom turn from bright white to bright pink and then on to a rosy red, he remembered that Mary's bottom always reddened faster than the boys' bottoms and resolved to keep spanking her until she would be sure to remember this spanking.

He felt the release when Mary quit fighting him and drooped as she laid across his lap sobbing. He had been waiting for this and knew that it signaled that the spanking should soon be over. A few more hard spanks on each cheek of her mottled pink and red bottom, and a few to the tops of her legs brought her spanking to an end. It was a little longer and a little harder than he had given Mary's bare bottom when she was 12, but then, she had more bottom now to spank and he wanted her to be able to remember that her daddy had given her bare bottom a sound spanking.

As Mary lay over her daddy's knees, still bare-bottomed and bawling like a little girl, she finally realized that he had stopped spanking her. She wanted so badly to get up and get dressed again, but she had no energy and her bottom was sooo sore that she had to try to soothe it with the hand that he had finally released. She tried to remember that she was a 17-year-old girl, and wanted to show her dad that the spanking hadn't hurt, but she knew that he had reduced her to a well-spanked little girl with a throbbing and stinging bottom.

In concession to the age and modesty of the teenaged girl on his lap, he reached down into the tangled mess of nylon on her legs, found the little lace waistband, and pulled her underpants back up over her bottom for her. Her thin yellow panties did little to disguise the shape and appearance of her bottom, or mute its bright red color, but he wanted her punishment to be the spanking of her bottom rather than the baring of it. With a gentle tug around her bare waist he helped Mary to her feet.

As Mary shuffled in front of him in the dance of the well-spanked girl, he saw that his persistent pulling down of the back of her underwear had indeed pulled the front down considerably, though not completely. Although the untanned bare skin below her bikini line and tufts of dark pubic hair showing above the top of her half-down panties proved that he had not spanked a little girl, he realized as she cried and apologized some more that she was not too old to benefit from the old-fashioned spanking that he had given her. As she began to regain control of her sobs, he gently reminded her to pull up her pants and told her to go to her room until she felt better.

As he stood, Mary pulled her pants up and snapped the top, forgetting completely about her zipper and belt. She grabbed him in a bear hug, and sobbed into his shoulder. He had caused the awful pain in her bottom, but a good cry in her daddy's arms was what she wanted, and he let her take her time. As she clutched him bawling her apologies and promises, he hugged her tightly and let her get it all out of her system.

Finally, she released him, wiped the tears from her cheeks and ran up the stairs. As she burst through the cellar door she nearly bowled over the two anxious boys who had been pressed against it in amazement as their big sister got her spanking. She paused a second as she realized that her brothers had been eavesdropping, as she herself had done so often when they were being spanked, then bolted upstairs to her room. As she flew between them, the boys were shocked and delighted to see her unclasped belt and the quick flash of yellow panty that was visible through her open zipper. Their daddy had actually pulled her pants down to spank her!!! They were filled with awe and excitement as they both imagined their pretty and modest big sister being spanked in just her underpants and wondered if he had pulled her panties down too.

As she lay on her bed, earnestly resolving to be the best daughter that anyone ever had, there was a tentative knocking at the door, and her mother softly asked if she could come in. As soon as her mother came into her room, the raw emotion of the spanking overwhelmed Mary again, and she hugged her mom for yet another hard cry, and ever so vehemently promised to be a good girl. Her mother was shocked at Mary's reaction, expecting the 17-year-old girl to be indignant and furious at having been spanked. Instead, she was behaving as she did when she got a spanking as a little girl, full of remorse for her misbehavior and promises of being good forever. The still open zipper and belt told the woman that her daughter's pants had been taken down for her spanking and she, like the two boys in the living room, wondered whether her spanking had been bare-bottomed. After a long talk, such as they had not shared in ages, she finally told Mary that she and her dad were going to leave, and that she was responsible for the boys and could not hide in her room all night.

After enduring an hour of tense silence and surreptitious glances from her bothers, Mary decided to come clean with her brothers about her spanking. She gathered them into the living room and, sitting gingerly on the couch on her still warm bottom, asked them if they had heard her fight with her parents. When they both told her that they had, she told them that it was very wrong of her to talk to their parents like that, and that she was very ashamed of herself.

Finally, she then asked them if they had heard what happened downstairs, and they both stared at the floor as they confessed that they had been listening at the door. Very softly she told them that her daddy had given her a spanking and admitted that she deserved it. Kevin, who was shy about absolutely nothing, quickly asked if she was spanked bare, and Bobby asked her if it hurt. Both boys had been spanked within the past week, and both were keenly interested in their big sister's spanking. She was quite self-conscious and blushing as she told them that yes, her daddy had pulled her underpants down and spanked her bare bottom, and that yes, it did hurt like the devil. She told the wide-eyed boys that her bottom was still smarting and was probably still very red. She smiled, and the boys readily agreed, when she reminded them that their father always gives hard spankings.

When Kevin asked her if she thought that she would ever get a spanking again, she told him no and asked him if he knew why. Kevin thought a minute, and answered, "Because you're a girl! And because you're too big." Mary smiled, and corrected her little brother, "No, Kevin, " she said, "Girls get spankings too, and I learned today that I am not too big for Daddy to give me a spanking - even on my bare bottom. The reason I know that I won't get spanked again is because I am going to be good girl."

Mary had several more opportunities that evening to think of her past behavior and her commitment to turn over a new leaf. When she undressed for her bath she looked at her backside in the bathroom mirror. The bright scarlet red had already worn off, and in its place was a soft and now splotchy pink. She blushed to see her own bare bottom just as her daddy must have seen it while she was sprawled across his lap with her panties down. It took just a quick glance in the mirror for Mary to understand why her spanking had seemed to go on for an eternity and why her bottom had been burning so warmly. She saw in the mirror that her daddy had not confined his spanks to her bottom proper, at least as she defined in her own mind where a girl's spanking ought to be administered, but had spread those burning spanks all over back there. The center of each of her chubby little bottom cheeks clearly displayed the brightest of the shades of pink on her bottom-palette as she expected, but the varying hues spread out to the edges of each hip and continued down onto the tops of her thighs. As she looked at the pink tops of her legs and the pink halo circling her bottom she realized that she and her daddy had very different opinions of what constitutes the spankable part of a girl, but since he was the spanker and she was only the spankee, it was his opinion that counted, not hers..

Although 17-year-old Mary was still embarrassed and blushing to be seeing her bare bottom through her daddy's eyes, she was so thankful that he had not pulled her underwear completely down to her knees for her spanking as he used to do when she was a little girl. It was bad enough for her to have him slip her little panties down over her bottom, but it would have been horrifying if he would have really pulled down her underpants and seen everything, not just her bottom.

As she eased herself into the hot water of the bubble bath, her rear really tingled, bringing a few fresh tears to her eyes, and she found it almost impossible to sit still in the tub. She knew it would be hard for her to sit on her spanked bottom in a hot bath, but she felt that she needed a little pampering after her horrible experience, and she felt her self relaxing and unwinding in spite of her burning hips.

After her bath, she pulled on a fresh pair of clean underpants and her nightshirt, but the tightness of her little bikinis seemed to hold in the warmth of her bottom and the tight elastic of both leg-bands of her panties were squeezing and pinching right across some of Daddy's fading handprints. She quickly traded the nightshirt and underpants for a comfortable pair of loose pajamas that still felt scratchy on her tender bottom, but were infinitely better than the snug panties.

Mary's spanking was the most exciting thing that had happened in that house for months, and it was on the mind of each family member as they fell asleep that night. The boys, the parents, and indeed Mary herself each drifted off to sleep believing that Mary had earned her spanking and that the 17-year-old girl had received exactly what she had been needing. Mary went to sleep vowing to herself, and so thankful that her last spanking was now finally behind her. The boys went to sleep giggling at the image of Mary's bare and spanked bottom and wondering if she would ever be spanked again. And Mary's parents went to sleep knowing that if this bare-bottomed spanking didn't straighten out Mary's behavior, her next one would.