Subject: Jennifer's Spanking, pt. 1 - r/l, F/f
From: (Hbrushed)
Date: 23 Apr 1998 16:24:56 -0700

Jennifer's Spanking

I have posted several stories of my own spankings, but this one details a spanking of my oldest sister. This story includes the real life memory of parental spankings delivered firmly and routinely but with love; anyone under the age of majority or for whom this topic is unappealing should read no further. I hope you like the story. I'd love to have feedback here or by e-mail if you are so inclined.

In this story you'll learn that my oldest sister, Jennifer was not immune to having her bottom spanked. This was both usual and unusual, depending on your perspective. For Jenny, it was an all too common experience, but for me it was an unusual and giddy one. You see, being four years older than me (sometimes five, depending on the time of year!), Jennifer's spankings were becoming fewer at about the that mine were reaching their height of frequency. I have no doubt that Jennifer got her fair share of spankings, I don't deny that today - but when I was little, it seemed to me that Jennifer didn't hardly get spanked at all!

If I had to guess, I would say that the years between 8 and 11 was when I got most of my spankings, and therefore spankings were very important things for me. I dreaded them, I worried about them, I recovered from them - I probably didn't go a month without one! But during that same period of time, Jennifer would have been between 12 and 15, not at all her peak period of being spanked. While I was being spanked monthly, Jennifer was getting just a couple of spankings in a year! So you can understand that Jennifer's getting spanked was a big deal to me. When I got to hear her being spanked, I giggled like a school-girl, but when I got to see her learn a lesson, I was even worse!

Jennifer was, and is, the prettiest of the girls in our family. She is the only one of our Irish brood that inherited Dad's red hair (while I inherited his Irish temper - which explains all of my foot stamping, talking-back and door slamming!), and it is still lovely hair. I mostly adored Jennifer, and still do admire her. She was our pioneer - the first-born girl who had to test the envelope and see just where the boundaries were, thus defining them for Tammy and me to push again! Although Jennifer liked to join Tammy in teasing me after a spanking, she was also the one mostly likely to be compassionate and let me cry on her shoulder and tell her how awful it had been. She is and was the most feminine of us girls, preferring dresses and skirts to pants, and never really being a tomboy - but without being a prissy girl either.

I have often teased my family that Mom and Dad learned how to spank a girl with Jennifer, then they practiced that skill with Tammy. By the time I came along, they were experts, and I paid the price. Naturally, Tammy and Jennifer each believe that she was the most frequently and the most effectively spanked of the girls, and they agree that I had it easiest since I am the youngest and ' away with everything!' How unfair!!! Bob sniffs in superiority that Mom went easy on girls bottoms, and that only he knows how much a spanking really can sting, the rest of us were just (in his opinion) play spanked.

Another thing that you have to know is that schooling was very important to my parents. A bad report card merited a spanking - period. No discussion, no question, and probably no panties! Misbehavior in school merited a spanking - period. No discussion, no question, and probably no panties. Tests were to be brought home and presented to my parents. Homework was to be done quietly every night and was checked pretty often. If we asked for help with homework, it was never refused. If a paper to be written required a trip to the library, the ride was provided with no complaint.

Tammy had the hardest time in school, and I remember several instances where a tutor came to our house to help Tammy over something that was especially hard for her. Though Tammy often had worse grades that I did, she was never spanked for her report card if she was doing her best and working hard. If I got bad grades, they were usually the result of laziness - and the price of that was a very well-spanked bottom. Most of my report card troubles came not from the grades, but from the teacher's comments..."Pam gets too gabby and sometimes disrupts the class." "Pam does the minimum that is required without taxing herself to excel." Junk (and lies!) like that were not good things to read on my report card and made for a long, horrible and dread-filled walk home from the bus stop. I would worry and worry that I'd lose my skirt and panties and be spanked as I would read and re-read those notes, hoping to find a positive spin to put on it. Mom or Dad would, after reading these terrible lies about me, confirm my worst fears.

Another rule that was very important, both in school and out, was that if one of us was in trouble, my parents better hear it from us before they heard it from somewhere else. If a neighbor or a friends mom or a teacher or anyone called Mom to tell her that we had been up to no good, it was curtains for us.

As they thought that schooling for us was so important, so they played their role too. They were involved in PTA all the time, and with our being spread out throughout the grades and schools, they were sometimes officers of more than one PTA at a time! All the teachers knew them (which was both good and bad!).

So, with that as background, here we are with Jennifer in the middle of seventh grade. She's a big Junior High student now, and quite full of herself. I suppose that makes her an old 12-year-old, or a fairly young 13. Mom and Dad had been to a PTA meeting at her school, and Grandma was staying with us while they were out. Tammy, Jennifer and Bob were all upstairs, and I was playing downstairs with Grandma. When my parents came in, I swear I felt a wave of cold air! When Grandma asked how the evening was, Mom displayed her anger.

"It was not a good night, Mother," she said, "And Miss Jennifer has some explaining to do."

That's all I needed to hear! This is too good a morsel of news to keep to myself - Jenny is gonna get yelled at for sure, and maybe even spanked! As quickly as I could, without drawing particular attention to myself, I was upstairs in my room, telling Tammy that there was trouble in the house, and that Jen was going to know the extent of it! With me being only about 8 years old, Jennifer's trouble was a chance for paybacks for me - vengeance for all the times that she teased me when I had been yelled at or spanked!

Tammy and I wanted so badly to scamper over to Jennifer's room and tell her that she was in trouble, but it really was a good thing to keep a low profile when Mom or Dad was on the warpath. Being discovered in Jennifer's room teasing her would not have been a good thing that evening, so we hunkered down to wait and see what would happen. We didn't have to wait too long.

After some talking downstairs, Grandma left, and she wasn't gone long before the heavy footsteps of two parents were heard coming up the steps. Poor Jennifer! They are coming for her, and she doesn't even know it! Her quiet, pleasant life is about to be turned upside down (or bottoms up!), and she is unaware of her impending doom! How exciting for Tammy and me!!

Mom wastes no time on pleasantries when she arrives in Jennifer's bedroom. The bedroom door is wide open, and they are not speaking softly, so Tammy and I hang on every word.

"Well, young lady. Do you have anything to tell me?"

"I don't know what you mean, Mom. What's the matter?"

"What I mean, Miss Jennifer, is what do you think we learned at the PTA meeting tonight?"

Jennifer starts to whimper, but the foolish girl continues to play innocent and lies through her teeth. "What, Mom? There's nothing wrong! Who told you something is wrong? Everything is fine, Mom, really! What did they tell you? I haven't done anything wrong!!!!"

Now, Mom and Dad alternate filling Jennifer in on their discovery of bad test scores they hadn't heard about, missed homework assignments, tardiness (due to the donut shop just around the corner from the school - and it caused me tardiness, too!). It seems that Jennifer had fallen in amongst evil companions!

She was trapped and had no good defense. If she had told them all along that she was having trouble, they would have helped her. If she had been doing all of her homework every night, she'd have been in a lot less trouble. Had she gone from bus to school building every morning instead of bus to donut shop, she'd have been better off. Any one of these troubles would have been dealt with much less emphatically. But put them all together, and drastic measures had to be employed to help Jennifer get back on the 'straight and narrow path!'

"So what do you have to say for yourself, Jennifer Lynn?"

Jennifer is openly crying now. The use of her middle name is a clear indication that she will be sleeping on her tummy tonight.

"I'm sorry, Mom. I promise that I'll bring my grades up, and I'll always do all of my homework! See? I've been doing homework all night, Mom, really! And I'll never stop for a donut again, Mom, I promise, I really do! Oh, boo-hoo, Mom, I don't know what happened, but I swear I'm never going to let this happen again!"

"I'm sure you won't, little lady, and I'm going to give you a good reason to keep this from ever happening again." She turns to my Dad, "Will you get me my hairbrush while I get Jennifer ready for her spanking?"

Holy cow! Tammy and I are beside ourselves!! Daddy's getting the hairbrush, and Mom is going to get Jennifer 'ready' for her spanking. That can only mean one thing - Mom's gonna get Jennifer undressed for her spanking!!

I think that the only reason Mom hadn't brought her hairbrush with her was to give Jennifer a chance to explain the unexplainable, and she was not able to do so. I suspect that the spanking had been planned since the car pulled out of the school parking lot, but in fairness to Jennifer she did have a chance to defend herself.

As Dad passed by our door on his way to get the notorious child-rearing hairbrush, Tammy and I were diligently pretending not to be seeing or hearing anything. Our antenna -like ears were, however, listening to every whimper and cry from Jennifer's room.

"Get up and take off your skirt, Jennifer Lynne - RIGHT NOW!"

"No, Mommy, please?! Please don't spank me, Mom, I promise I'll do better, please?" We hear Jennifer bawling, but we also know that even as she speaks she is letting her skirt fall around her ankles. Jennifer was the meekest of the three girls, and Mom has even agreed that it wasn't nearly as hard to get Jennifer undressed as it was to get Tammy and me bare.

Dad is on his way back now, and if he glanced in our door he saw nothing but completely oblivious girls. I can see him as he goes in Jennifer's room, and he gives the door a shove with his hand. Since we lived in an old farm house, you have to understand that with the carpeting and the old house sagging, doors were not inclined to close themselves. If a door was to be truly closed and latched, someone had to pay attention. They just didn't swing freely on their hinges anymore, and they didn't fit into the frames right anymore. Daddy's half-hearted shove left the door almost as far open as it was closed. His back is to the door, so he's not aware of it, but I am!

Mom instructs, "Now take down your underpants, little miss, and lie down." and I am beside myself!!! Jennifer has to take down her underpants!! And Daddy is right there!!! Sure, Daddy takes down my panties when I need a spanking, but I'm just little. Jennifer is a big girl - she's 13 - really Jennifer is a woman! She has a bra and has real hips already! (Though she really hated it when we called her "'Bubble Butt!") I just can't imagine what it must be like for her to have to push down her underpants while Daddy is there!! And on top of it all, mom is going to spank her with that brush after she pulls down her undies!!!!

"Oh! Boo-hoo!!" she is squealing in her high pitched voice, "Please, Mommy, not bare, please??" but Tammy and I know that this bawling means nothing to Mom. From where I'm sitting I can see the foot of Jennifer's bed, and I can't resist the evil temptation to move - just a little. Well, just a little more. Maybe over this way just a bit.

I am so intrigued that I can't move my eyes. Jennifer, being a big girl and too strong and squirmy to hold on Mom's lap while she gets a spanking, is lying on her bed. This is something that I have to see and study because I still get turned over a knee when I get my spankings. I have to see how this works - is it better or worse? I'm also fascinated with that hairbrush. Jennifer and Bob hate it, but Tammy and I haven't met it yet - or rather, it has not met us yet! I can't believe that Mom spanks with it, and I am dying of curiosity.

From my new vantage point I see Jennifer is already on her bed, as instructed. I can only see Jennifer's knees, calves and feet, but what I see there makes me want to giggle and cry at the same time. Sneakers and socks, bare legs, and a pair of panties are what I see, leaving me nothing else to believe than that her bare bottom is on display. Jennifer's underpants are nearer her socks than her knees, and I am just horrified that she has pulled them so far down all by herself. Blocking my view of Jennifer's upper half is Mom's back, and dad is off to the other side, near Jennifer's head. The skirt that I had seen Jennifer wearing not more than ten minutes ago is now lying in a little puddle on the bedroom floor by Mom's feet. Jennifer is fully aware of what is about to happen - she has taken off her skirt, pulled down her underpants and is only waiting for the spanking to start. She is rapidly drumming her sneakers into her bed, in nervous anticipation of the drumming soon to happen further up.

Mom is leaning over the bed, and starts giving Jennifer the last lecture and the stinging spanks that traditionally start spankings from Mom. Each spank brings Jennifer's feet up in the air, and a squeal and several promises. While I always made loud 'whah!' noises, proving the depth of my sincere sorrow, Jennifer made little 'ooo' noises. Each spank was followed by the sound of an agitated owl hooting, "Ooooo! I'm sorry!" The pause while Mom continues her lecture, then SPANK, and another rise for Jennifer's feet and yet more promises and now a little harder crying, rendering her words more difficult to understand - not lacking in volume, you understand, just lacking clarity. With each lecture and spank, Jennifer squeals and begs Mom not to spank her, but things have long ago passed the point of no return.

The spanking finally starts for real. Mom's body continues to block my view of Jennifer's bottom, and I never do see the hairbrush in action, but I can have no doubt that the spanking is in full force. Mom's body sways with the rhythm of applying a good spanking, and Jennifer's feet scissor and kick against the bed as she bawls at the top of her lungs, no longer promising anything, and no longer content to go 'Oooo". If Jennifer didn't have her panties holding her feet together I think she's have kicked so wildly that Mom would have been in danger! Each wild kick stretched her panties out to the breaking point, keeping both of her feet within a short distance of each other in spite of her wild kicking.

When you are a little girl, a spanking is a wondrous thing to watch, even if you only see the spankers back and the spankee from her knees down. It is all the more wondrous when you are still subject to spankings yourself, and the one that is squealing so emphatically is your adorable and adored big sister! Jennifer's squalling made me think that death was imminent, but still the hairbrush made that intense 'smack' noise each time Mom brought it down on the big girl's bare bottom, and Jennifer was carrying on like I did, and not like the big, mature girl that she was.

It seems that the spanking is over almost as soon as it starts. My spankings always seemed so much longer, but that is likely the distortion between being an observer and an active participant! Jennifer is crying hard, I'm sure that it was plenty long for her. Mom steps back from the bed, and I see that Jennifer has indeed been spanked, and I'm beside myself to see my big sister's bare bottom glowing red from Mom's attentions with her hairbrush. Jennifer is squirming on her bed like a fish out of water, squirming first to the left, then to the right, lifting her bottom up in the air, then trying to push it down through the bed. Both of her hands are rubbing across the red cheeks of her spanked bottom as she squirms and cries, and both sneakers keep drumming into the mattress but it doesn't look to me like any of these gyrations are helping. Jennifer was one who loved to read in bed - even well past the official bedtime. Tonight she would have a natural night-light to read by, a soft red glow from under her own pajamas! I giggle as I see her bottom all bare, and I can't believe that her first priority isn't the pulling up of her underpants! Doesn't she know that Mom and Dad are still there and she is bare??

As Mom starts into her post-spanking lecture, I quickly get back to where I was. It wouldn't do to be caught spying like this, and likely Mom would be administering yet another spanking if I'd been caught. Mom lectures, Jennifer cries, and Mom gives her just a few more spanks to reinforce the lessons that she has just taught. Having seen how red Jennifer's bottom was, I knew how badly these spanks must have stung. These last spanks and Jennifer's loud crying bring tears to my own eyes. It was fun and exciting to see Jennifer's bare bottom and to see her get spanked, and it would be fun later on to tease her about it, but there was also just enough compassion somewhere deep in my soul to understand that this has been a perfectly horrible evening for my big sister. Tammy is already crying, and now I am too. Not bad, spanking, three crying girls!

Mom and Dad leave Jennifer on her bed, still displaying her bare and spanked bottom and sobbing into her pillow. Tammy and I are crying as mom walks directly into our room, still carrying her hairbrush. I have a searing moment of terror! Did they learn something at PTA that is going to get me spanked, too? How silly - we go to different schools! Did she see me peeking at the spanking, and now she's going to put me on my bed and use that hairbrush on my bare bottom too? How silly - she was watching her oldest daughter's bottom, not the door! Nope, Mom has arrived to protect the girl that she has just so thoroughly spanked.

"I have just given Jennifer Lynne a good spanking because of her schoolwork. We will all talk about that later. Right now, though, neither of you is to bother her in any way. You leave her alone now, do you understand me? You are not to go into her room or tease her. Am I clear? You don't like to be teased when you have been spanked, and I don't want you teasing Jennifer now."

Tammy and I sniff and whimper and squeak, "Yes, ma'am." When Mom is in a spanking mood, 'Yes, ma'am' is the best response to any question. No more, no less. Tell the angry woman what she wants to hear, and protect your own bottom! Meanwhile, Dad has delivered the same message to Bob, who had been in his room with the record player playing and the door closed the whole time anyhow.

Certainly we obeyed mom's instruction - for a while! Jennifer got lots of teasing, just as we all usually got. And we did all have a talk later on about bringing home test papers and doing homework. Jennifer seemed to pay particular attention to this discussion, though I am sure that she learned everything she needed to know while mom had her lying on her bed with her panties near her ankles. A lesson learned that way is hard to forget, and much more emphatic than a discussion or lecture!

I wonder if any of our teachers noticed that we were all much more attentive students the next day? I wonder if any of Jennifer's teachers noticed that she had trouble sitting still the next day? I'm sure that those who tattled on Jennifer had to have noticed her newly developed halo and wings and studious attention!