Subject: The Bridal Tradition
From: Hbrushed <>

The Bridal Tradition

Obviously, this is a work of fiction. You won't get far reading it without that becoming quite clear. No need for lengthy disclaimers here....anyone savvy enough to use a computer to read newsgroups is gonna know this is pure hooey!

"So, Tracy, are you excited about Aunt Carey's wedding tomorrow? I am really looking forward to it!"

"Yep, mom...this is really gonna be neat! But tell me again about the spanking part. Some of them were giggling about it at the rehearsal dinner tonight, and I don't understand."

"Well, sweetheart, you wouldn't yet. Really, this is only your first wedding, so you don't know the whole story."

"When a girl is getting married, like your Aunt Carey is tomorrow, she gets one last spanking from her daddy on her wedding day. It is a symbol, do you know what a symbol is honey? It is a symbol of a girl passing out from under her father's authority an over to her husband. Of course, nowadays the husband's authority business is mostly rubbish, but the symbol and the tradition live on, and it is a nice one too."

"So, Aunt Carey is really gonna get a spanking tomorrow? But she is 21!"

"Actually, sweetie, it hasn't been that long since your Aunt got spanked for real, and yes, your grandpa is going to spank her tomorrow, just before the ceremony. Since you're the flower girl, you better know what to expect tomorrow, so let me fill you in."

"The wedding is at 1:00 tomorrow, and we all have to be there before 12:00. You'll go to the church in just your jeans and a T-shirt, just like the bridesmaids and the maid of honor and Carey. All of you girls will go into the dressing room and change into your pretty dresses, except Carey. After everyone is there and dressed, and most of the guests are in the church, all of you girls will leave the dressing room except for Carey and Cindy, her Maid of Honor. That's when grandpa, - you know that grandpa is my dad and Aunt Carey's dad, right? That's when grandpa will go into the changing room. He'll look so handsome, Tracy, in his tuxedo and boutonniere. Well, Daddy and the Maid of Honor and Carey will talk for a few minutes, then daddy will help Carey take off her pants and he will help her take off her underpants. Then he'll turn Aunt Carey over his knee and give her a spanking."

"I'd die, mom! He's gonna see her bare? If I was Aunt Carey, I wouldn't even get married!"

"Oh, hush! It sure isn't the first time that he has helped Carey out of her panties for a spanking! And Aunt Carey is going to be more worried about her spanking than she is about her underpants, just like you are when your dad or I are pulling down your underwear for a spanking,!"

"On her *bare bottom* mom? Really? A spanking??"

"Yes, dear, really...see, that's part of the tradition. And it is really a sweet and tender moment for the bride and her daddy. It is the end of their life together, and the beginning of her life with another man - her husband. After Aunt Carey's spanking she will still be bare, so she'll put on some pretty bridal lingerie and her wedding dress and she'll be ready for the ceremony."

"Wow! What will grandpa do after the spanking? Does he help her get ready?"

"No, dear, that's why the Maid of Honor is there. She is the go-between between the bride's daddy and the groom. Grandpa will undress and spank Aunt Carey, then he will turn her over to the Maid of Honor and come into the church. Then her Maid of Honor will help her get dressed and present her to her groom at the beginning of the ceremony. That's why the mother and father of the bride are always the last ones into the church before the bride."

"Will he spank her hard, mommy?"

"I don't know, Tracy. Sometimes daddy's just give the bride a light and playful spanking, like birthday spanks...just enough to make them blush and squirm a little when they go up the aisle with pink bottoms. Sometimes, though, daddy's give their daughters a real good spanking, especially if she has been acting like a spoiled brat or a prima donna during all the wedding plans."

"Did grandpa spank you before you married daddy, mom? Did it hurt? Were you bare?"

"Yes, yes and yes, you inquisitive little girl! Grandpa spanked me, and how...and he used his hairbrush just like he did when I was growing up. You think that your daddy and I make your bottom sting when we spank you, little miss, but that's nothing compared to what daddy gave me when I was growing up, and on my wedding day. I was one of those nasty brides that I told you about, and I sure didn't feel too spoiled right then! He really blistered your old mom's bare bottom for me! Some of the wedding pictures even caught me rubbing my bottom, and my rear end was still red on my honeymoon night!"

"Is he gonna spank Aunt Carey hard, too mom?"

"I think he might, sweetheart. Aunt Carey has always been his favorite since she is the youngest of all of us, and he was ususally a lot softer when Carey needed spanking then he ever was with the rest of us. But Lord knows that Carey needs a good hairbrushing on her bare bottom for the way she has acted the last couple months, and I know that grandpa has been angry with her a lot lately. But then again, he might just pat her bare rear a few times with his brush for her...make it kinda pink"

"Will we hear Aunt Carey being spanked? Will she yell a lot if its real, like I do?"

"Yes, Tracy...that's part of the tradition too. That's why the spanking doesn't happen until almost everyone is in the church, so that they can hear the daddy spanking the bride. It is kind of fun and silly. Everybody listens and giggles. Girls who are only getting playful wedding day spanks always yell and carry-on like they are being murdered. And, of course, the brides that get a real spanking squeal and carry on pretty loud too - and it's not an act! Sometimes you can't tell whether the bride got a real spanking or not until she walks down the aisle!"

"What happens next?"

"Well, the groom and the best man come out of the front of the church, and they wait for the bride. When she's almost ready, the bride's mom and dad walk down the aisle, and the bride's daddy shakes hands with the groom, and the brides parents sit down and wait for the bride to appear. Some daddy's even walk down the aisle carrying a hairbrush or a paddle, and they give that to the groom! The whole church laughs when that happens, and it usually means that the bride got spanked with it while she was growing up and that she just got spanked with it a few minutes ago, too! Daddy carried the hairbrush that he spanked me with when he walked up the aisle, but he kept it. At the reception he kept telling the guests that he had to keep it since he had three more daughters at home, and none of them knew how to behave! I was at a wedding one time when the father of the bride came out of the back carrying a canoe paddle! He was a real prankster, and when he stepped into the church with that huge canoe paddle over his shoulder the whole church laughed and laughed and laughed at him, the groom and especially the bride!"

"What's next, mom?"

"Well the rest is just like you practiced it tonight at the rehearsal. All you girls will walk down the aisle, and Carey will be last with her Maid of Honor. The Maid of Honor puts Aunt Carey's hand into her groom's, and the wedding begins."

"So now, sweetheart, maybe you understand some other traditions of a wedding. Let me ask you, and you tell me...why do most bridal gowns go all the way to the floor, and have a lot of petticoats?"

"Cause everyone would see the red of her spanked legs and bum if it wasn't so well covered up!"

"Right! Especially since it is usually a white dress - and you know how your bottom glows red right through your white underpants after you get a spanking!"

"Why do so many gowns have a big bustle over the bride's rear end?"

"Um...Wait..I she can sit on it, sorta like a built in pillow!"

"Right again!"

"Why do the bride often seem to have tears in her eyes when she is walking up the aisle?"

"'Cause her rear is still on fire!"

"Good...and why does the bride usually blush and smile when she comes up the aisle?"

"'Cause everybody heard her getting a spanking, and she is embarrassed 'cause everyone knows that her daddy pulled her panties down to spank her?"

"Bingo! Why does the bride always walk around the reception talking to the guests and spend a lot of time dancing?"

"'Cause her bottom still stings too much for her to sit down!!!"

"Well, hon, I think you are ready to go to your first wedding...and as the flower girl too! But there is one thing that I want you to remember..."

"Everyone thinks it is a cute tradition for the bride to get her bare bottom spanked, but nobody thinks its funny if the flower girl acts up at the reception....and grandpa's hairbrush will be there ...."

"Don't worry mom, I'll be good. My flower girl dress doesn't have any petticoats or a bustle!!!"