Subject: Aunt Pam pt. 1 - F/f, F/F, M/F, nc
From: (Hbrushed)
Date: 25 Oct 1998 08:09:50 -0800

Aunt Pam

This is a work of fiction, meant for the entertainment of adults. It involves the spanking of a little girl, and the spanking of a big girl. If this is not something you anticipate enjoying, then please read no further.

The little family get-together was great fun and going so well. I rarely got to see Cindy, my 11-year-old niece, but she and I had become great friends over the years. Being so much younger than my brother and his wife, I had the energy and excitement of youth to play with her more. Since Cindy was now playing baseball in little league, I grabbed a ball and glove and we played baseball all afternoon. The fun stopped dramatically when Cindy wildly threw what she called a 'home run ball'. In spite of my best efforts to catch the crazy throw, it slammed into the windshield, then bounced onto the hood of my brothers truck. As I watched the small spider-web form in the glass, I knew that there would be trouble.

Cindy was already crying when she ran up to the truck, and I gave her a big hug and assured her that it was all my fault. "I'm dead, I'm dead," she kept saying, "I'm in so much trouble!" The front door flew open, and the house emptied to see what caused such a loud noise. My parents were quiet as they saw the damage, and my brother silently examined what we had done to his beloved truck. My sister-in-law, Lynn, was furious, and being very vocal about it.

"You know better than to play baseball next to the truck, Cynthia, what is the matter with you? Look at what you have done, young lady, how could you do this?" I kept trying to intervene, to explain that it was my fault and not Cindy's, but Lynn told me to keep out of it. Finally my brother Don got into the act, and he was yelling at me just as much as he was at Cindy.

"I'm sorry, Mommy! Daddy...I'm sorry, I'm sooo sorry!" was all that the crying 11 year old could muster to say, and poor Cindy started crying much harder when her mother told her, "You may think that you are sorry now, young lady, but you will be much sorrier by the time I finish spanking your little bottom for you - your bare bottom, little miss!"

"Now, Lynn," I started, "It really was all my fault. Please don't spank Cindy for this, she doesn't deserve it." Before Lynn could respond to me, big brother Don jumped in to the fray again.

"Don't think you are getting off easy on this, Pam," he said angrily, "You'll be paying the deductible on my insurance to have this fixed! Cindy is going to get a good spanking, and you'll be dipping into your wallet for some big bucks." As Lynn lead the sobbing girl, whose hand was protectively splayed across the seat of her shorts, in through the front door Cindy's crying was breaking my heart. When she turned and looked right at me for help with her tear streaked face, I felt horrible.

Don turned to my mom and asked if her hairbrush was still in the dresser drawer. Now it was my turn to be horrified. "Oh, Don, please don't tell me that you are going to spank that little girl with a hairbrush for this! C'mon for goodness sakes!" I had already heard Lynn telling Cindy that she would be spanking her bare bottom, and I well knew from much personal experience that adding a hairbrush to this vignette would really sting poor Cindy's bottom. "It was an accident and I'll pay the bills for it!! Let the poor kid go, or at least just use your hand to spank her!" Don ignored me and mother, having used her hairbrush on bare 11 year-old bottoms for much less than dented hoods and cracked windshields, was in silent agreement with Lynn and Don's plans, and told him that the brush was where it had always been.

When we finally got inside, Cindy and Lynn were already upstairs and I suspected that Lynn was already undressing my niece. Don grimly headed up the steps, and mom gave me a look of disgust as she said, "If you were ten years younger and I was ten years younger, I would be spanking your bare bottom too, Pamela. I hope that you are ashamed of yourself." I knew what I had to do and started upstairs.

As I reached the second floor, I saw the door to my parents bedroom was closed, and I heard Don and Lynn both scolding Cindy, and Cindy's sobbing apologies. When the loud and distinct sounds of a spanking started on the other side of the door, I knew what I should do...what I ought to do, but did I have the courage?

I grabbed the door knob, and stepped in, quickly closing the door behind me. Poor little Cindy was draped across her mom's lap, feet high in the air, and her head almost on the floor. Her shorts were laying on the floor, and her little panties were down around her knees. Lynn was indeed spanking Cindy's cute little bare bottom with mom's old hairbrush, and the poor girl had had little red circles on each bare cheek. Cindy was sobbing and squealing enough to break my heart, and kicking as much as the thin ribbon of pink cotton around her knees would allow her. Don gave me a look that could kill from his position across the room, but I just stared at my feet while my little friend learned her lesson on her mother's knee.

Finally, the hairbrush spanking came to a stop. After giving Cindy a moment to get her sobs under control, Lynn asked her, "How old are you, little Miss Cynthia?"

"Nooo, mommy, please!!!!!" came the crying reply from my little niece as she scissored her feet with renewed vigor.

With a hard crack of the hairbrush right across the middle of Cindy's cute little rear, Lynn again demanded, "How old are you, Cynthia Dawn?"

Cindy squealed and kicked her feet as she squeaked "Eleven, mommy, pleeeassse noooo!"

The hairbrush slapped down across the little red bottom, "1," said Lynn, and slowly continued to spank while counting each spank out loud, "2, 3, 4, ... 9, 10, and 11. This is what happens when an 11 year old girl needs to be spanked, young lady, and it can well happen to you again, Cynthia Dawn . Do you understand me?"

Cindy was squealing and crying hard, and I was amazed! I had never seen a spanking end this way, and only found out later that it was how every one of poor little Cindy's spankings spank for every year, with the reminder of what to expect if she needs to be spanked again.

Having finished Cindy's spanking, Lynn turned her attention to me. Still holding my red-bottomed niece across her lap she started yelling at me. "This is none of your business, Pam. Get out of here. Haven't you caused enough trouble for Cindy today without barging in here while she's getting her spanking? What in the hell is the matter with you, anyhow?"

I stammered as I looked at Cindy's red and squirmy bottom. Cindy was crying even harder as she realized that her Aunt Pammie had seen her getting her bare bottom spanked. "I....I...umm....I....I came to get my spanking too." I caught my breath and continued, "Cindy and I were playing's only fair that I get spanked since she got spanked."

Lynn was only momentarily shocked before she replied, "I've always thought that you were a spoiled little brat...there's nothing I'd like better than to blister your backside. Get over here!" As I shuffled across the room, Lynn helped Cindy to her feet. With her little panties still pulled down and both of her hands on her burning bottom, I saw all the soft bare skin below her waist and became acutely aware of what I was about to display.

Lynn grabbed my hand and yanked me in front of her. I shuddered and blushed to have Lynn undo and pull down my shorts, leaving me in only a flimsy pair of almost sheer nylon panties. As she firmly pushed my shorts to my ankles, she told me to step out of them. As I kicked my pants off on the floor next to Cindy's, I blushed to have everybody seeing me in just my little underpants. The embarrassment of being dressed only in my thin underwear lasted only a few seconds until Lynn caught hold of my panties and pulled them right down to my ankles. I blushed scarlet red as my triangle of dark hair was displayed to my sister-in-law and I knew that my brother and Cindy were seeing my 24 year old bare bottom.

Lynn wasted no time as she pulled me across her lap. SPANK! The first hairbrush-spank cracked across my bare bottom, giving me more surprise than pain. SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! she continued, and the tingle grew into real smarting, and I started to wriggle and whimper a little. Then she brought the big wooden brush down with a mighty crack right onto the tenderest flesh where my thighs and bottom meet and curve inward. Holy Hannah that hurt!!!! WOW !!! I shrieked, flailed my arms and legs in the air and rolled completely off her lap onto the floor.

Lynn was surprised at having lost me, but I was much bigger and stronger than the 11 year old girl she was accustomed to spanking. As I lay on my side on the floor, pretty surprised myself, I realized that I was the center of attraction. Cindy, Lynn and Don were all staring right at me...who knew what to do? Was my spanking over? Was I hurt by the fall? Could Lynn put me over her knees again and spank me some more after this? Big brother finally took charge, and it was obvious that he was still quite mad at me.

He took hold of my arm and pulled me up to my feet...a most ungraceful and unlady-like feat of acrobatics. With my panties still binding my ankles, my legs went in and out like a slapstick actor portraying a drunk as I tried to get and keep my balance. I was horrified to be displaying everything intimate to my big brother, my angry sister-in-law, and my wide-eyed niece, but I had no control over my own movements at that moment!

Don gave me another smack or two, his bare hand stinging my bare bottom almost as much as Lynn's brush had, and I was trying to dance my bare rear away from his big hand. It occurred to me that Lynn had stripped down my panties when I was facing her, and had quickly draped me over her knee, so only she had seen my delicately trimmed pubic patch. Now, with Don dragging me up from the floor, holding and spanking me as I danced in the middle of the room, everybody was seeing all of me, and I was so embarrassed.

"When you got too big for mom to turn you over her knee to spank you, she put you on her bed for your spankings, little lady..." he dragged me to the edge of the bed, "Now lay down Pam -- your spanking hasn't even started yet." With an extra firm spank, he let me go. As I crawled onto the bed I was crying, but I knew that the worst was yet to come. "Lock your hands under your belly, young lady," Don said, using the exact phrase mom always used to get us to uncover her target. With both hands holding each other under my belly, my bottom was completely on display again, and I was unlikely to reach back as I got my spanking.

I shuddered as I saw Lynn over my shoulder as she approached the side of the bed, hairbrush in hand. When I went across Lynn's knees a few moments ago I was pretty cocky and confident that while it would be embarrassing and perhaps a little stingy, a spanking was nothing for a 24 year old girl to really worry about. After the few spanks I had received, and with Don's unexpected participation, I was more than a little worried and began to try to talk Lynn into an easy spanking.

"I'm sorry, was just an accident..." CRACK! The spanking started again. SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! She may have been a petite woman, but Lynn was spanking with the strength of a mythical Amazon Woman, and I wriggled all over the bed as the hairbrush stung my bare bottom. SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! "ooooo!!!!" was all I could say, geez this was hurting, SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! Finally I broke down and started crying real tears, squirming and kicking like Cindy had been doing a few minutes ago. How embarrassing, I can't even take my spanking like a big girl! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! Here I am bawling and squealing, "Please Lynn, no more, I'm sorry!" and squirming my bottom around right in front of everybody, while my sister-in-law gives me a spanking. Heck, little Cindy took her bare bottomed spanking more bravely than I was!

Now I was remembering why I so feared these visits to this room with my mom or dad, to have my panties pulled down and my bare bottom soundly hairbrushed. There was no age factor of protection to me, and my bare rear was stinging just as it had during my sessions with the hairbreush in my teens!

SPANK! SPANK! SPANK It seemed to go on forever! Finally the long and horrible hairbrushing was over, and I laid on the bed crying like a well spanked little girl.

Just as I got my choking sobs under control, I heard Lynn's menacing voice, "And now, just how old are you, Pamela?" I was horrified!! I had seen what happened when Cindy squeaked out "11" just a few minutes ago, and was scared to death. Surely to God she wasn't going to give me 24 more spanks??? "No, Lynn, please, I have had enough, no more, please, I'm really, really sorry!" I cried.

SPANK!!! The hairbrush stung my burning bottom again, "I asked you a question young lady, and I expect an answer!" SPANK! SPANK! "Now, tell me how old you are, Pamela!"

"Lyyyynnnn," I cried, feeling very much like a spanked little girl, "Noooo more, pleeeassee!!!!!" I couldn't help myself as I pleaded like a snotty little nine-year-old, "Please, Lynn - you spanked me so much harder than Cindy...."

SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!!! "Am I going to have to ask you again, Miss Pamela, or should I just keep spanking until you are ready to answer me?" SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!!! "I am waiting, young lady," SPANK!!

My stomach cramped and my bottom clenched when I heard Don say, "She's 24, Lynn, and I'll take care of this part."

"No!! Don!! Please, Don, no" I shrieked, "I can't take any more of this, please don't spank me any more," I bawled.

"Give me the hairbrush, Lynn." I peeked over my shoulder to see Lynn handing the awful brush to my brother, "No!! Doonnnn, please not with that brush, please Dooonn!!!"

"Lock your hands again, Pamela!" SPANK!

"Please, Donnie, please. I don't have my underpants on!" As if he wasn't aware of my state of undress as I wriggled around on the bed, "Please don't spank me while I'm bare, Donnie, Pleaassee!!!"

"Now, have needed this ever since Mom and Dad quit spanking you."

"Noooo, Doonn, Pleaasee!!! I've already had my spanking!!", I begged and squirmed, but reached my hands together under me.

SPANK! "1," he announced, SPANK! "2," Boo-hoo!!!!!! SPANK "3, 4, 5," each one harder than the last, in a slow and deliberate cadence, with just a second or two to draw my breath between each one. "6, 7, 8..." He spreads them out across both sides of my throbbing bottom. The 'big-girl' in me was horrified to have my elder brother applying all of his concentration to studying my bare bottom and planning his next spank. The 'little girl 'in me was horrified to have my elder brother applying his hairbrush to my bare bottom.

"16, 17, 18, 19" AAuurrggh! I can't make it...he is spanking only my thighs now, right at the base of my cheeks, "PLeeeassse Doooon!!!!"

"20," OOOOOO !!! I squeal as he hits the same delicate place that Lynn had found earlier, and delivers the last four on the same tender patch of skin, "21, 22, 23, 24!!! This is what happens when a 24 year old girl needs to be spanked, young lady, and it can well happen to you again, Pamela Joan . Do you understand me?"

"Whaaa!!!!!" Who can feel like a 24 year old girl after having her panties pulled down and getting a bare bottomed spanking with a hairbrush? I feel like a six year old girl as I cry and wiggle my hot bottom, "Whhhaaaa!!!!! " With both hands clutching my burning rear I cry and roll around on the bed with absolutely no care of the spectacle I am making.

In a very stern, maternal sort of way, Lynn said, "You two young ladies stay here until you're done crying, then you may rejoin the family. And if I get any attitude out of either of you, or if you pout around and try to ruin the rest of the day for the rest of us, I will take down your panties and spank both of you again, do you hear me?" Cindy squeaked her understanding, but I just buried my head in the pillow. Cindy whose little Disney panties were back up again, hopped up on mom's side of the bed, and grabbed the other pillow for her tears, and we both stayed in that room for more than an hour.

Finally, with the seriousness and innocence of youth, Cindy said to me, "Aunt Pam, your bum is really red!" I started to laugh at her sincerity and concern, and said, "Well your mom and dad just gave me a spanking! And your bottom isn't white anymore either, you know!" The tension broken, we both laughed and cried at the same time.

As I retrieved my panties from my ankles and we both picked up and pulled on our shorts, Cindy confessed, "Wow! I didn't know that big girls got spankings too, Aunt Pam. Mommy spanked you harder than she has ever spanked me, and I never got my last spanks as hard as you got!"

"Sweetheart," I told her as I swept her in my arms and gave her a big bear hug, "Big girls only get spankings like that when they behave like naughty little girls. Your mommy and daddy gave me just what I deserved."