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The Story of Ellie

Please do not read this if:

1) you are under 18

2) You are offended by spanking of teens

This is a work of pure fiction, intended purely for entertainment of adults. There is no implied agreement on my part in any of the events described herein.

The Story of Ellie - Part 1 - Ellies Curiosity

It was happening again. Ellie Bennet could feel her heart beating strongly in her chest, her mouth felt dry, her tummy was full of butterflies, and she had a tingly feeling between her legs. Mr Wilson, her math teacher was about to paddle another girl. This time it was Jennifer Stokes, and her crime - she had not turned in her homework.

"Ten strokes with the paddle and you can hand the assignment in tomorrow, or you get an 'F'. It's up to you."

Jennifer, like most who found themselves in this situation had chosen the paddle. . Ellie was curious, because this was the third time that Jennier had been paddled for the same reason. At least once a week Mr Wilson would paddle some unfortunate fourteen year-old girl or boy, and at least once a week Ellie would have the partial longing that she would be the one getting paddled. Jennifer walked over to the chair that Mr Wilson had placed in the middle of the front f the classroom. She was a very attractive brunette. Short, very curly hair. Huge brown eyes. She was only about 5'2", and did not seem to have a very well developed figure; she was slim, more like a model. She watched entranced as Jennifer bent over the back of the chair that Mr Wilson had placed at the front of the class, facing her classmates. Some of the boys in the room were obviously quite aroused. Jennifer stopped breathing as Mr Wilson raised her skirt. Was that a half-smile on her face? The paddling started, as it always did with three strokes spaced at about 5 seconds appart. With each stroke of the wooden paddle Jennifer's face contorted into a grimace and she let out a breathy groan. Next would come a short pause, followed by 5 strokes very close together, maybe only half a second between each one. Jennifer's distress definitely increased. According to reliable sources, this was the worst part of the paddling. No time to recover between each stroke. Jennifer's groans became more urgent, but still she kept her position. Ellie half wished she was the one being paddled. Now for the final two strokes, preceeded as always by Mr Wilson's assurance that these would be scorchers. And sure enough, Jennifer cried out audibly with each one. When the padling was over, Jennifer reached behind and rubbed her bottom. Ellie was sure she was smiling when she walked back to her seat, in spite of the unmistakable tears in her eyes. Certainly, many of the boys were smiling.

Later that day, when she met Jennifer in the bathroom, Ellie plucked up the courage to ask her what she had wanted to ask her many times before.

"Did it hurt?"

Jennifer smiled. "Of course it hurts! It hurts a lot"

"Oh," said Ellie, almost disappointed.

"But it's still fun." Jennifer winked.


"Yes, fun. Having a guy looking at your bottom and spanking it is quite exciting."

Ellie just nodded.

"Why don't you try it. You want to don't you?"

Ellie simply nodded again.

"OK, then tomorrow just don't hand in your homework. That's what I do when I want a spanking." She smiled. Ellie let the impact of what Jennifer was saying sink in. She actually wanted to be spanked. "And if you're really into it, you can do what I do when I want a spanking."

"What's that?"

"Before I go into the class I pull up my panties to expose more of my bottom."

"How do you mean?"

Jennifer looked around, and satisfied that no one was looking she turned and raised her skirt. Ellie could see the redness of her bottom cheeks where they provocatively protuded from Jennifer's underwear. But then Jennifer pulled the legs of her panties further up into the crack in her bottom, until almost all of her bottom was exposed. Her whole bottom was bright red. Ellie gasped. Jennifer laughed.

"Mr Wilson enjoys it more this way. I think he gets excited and spanks even harder."

At that moment the door opened and another girl walked in. Jennifer quickly dropped her skirt.

Later that night Ellie stood in front of her mirror, turned around and looked over her shoulder. Her heart pounded in her chest as she raised her skirt. She thought she had a cute bottom. She smiled. She thought she was cute, period. Tall for her age at 5'4", dirty blonde wavy hair, and with a trim, but very shapely body, she knew that all the boys wanted to get into her sweater and pants. So far, she had not allowed any more than harmless groping over her clothes, except for that one time Billy Mears had managed somehow to get his hand all the way up her skirt to feel her pussy over her panties. Ellie had been as much embarrassed by the dampness he encountered, as she was angry that he would take such a liberty. She was after all, only fourteen. She pulled at her panties as she had seen Jennifer do, until her bottom was almost completely exposed. She blushed at the thought of Mr Wilson seeing her bottom this way, but at that moment she knew she would go through with her insane plan. As she lay in bed that night she could hardly sleep. Visions of her being paddled by Mr Wilson filled her mind.

The next day, before going to math, Ellie went to the bathroom and just as she had practiced last night, she pulled her panties up, exposing her delicate bottom cheeks. As she walked into the class, Jennifer grinned at her and raised her eyebrows in a questioning way. Ellie lowered her eyes and with a sheepish grin, nodded. As the girls filed past Mr Wilson they dropped their assignments on his desk. Ellie just walked on by, realizing that now she had gone past the point of no return. Now she would be paddled, and there was nothing she could do about it. Well, not quite; she still had a decision to make.

"Well, miss," said Mr Wilson to Ellie. "What's it to be? Ten with my paddle or a zero on the assignment."

"The paddle," said Ellie in a quiet voice.

"Speak up girl, I can't hear you."

"The paddle sir," she said in a louder voice.

The whole class went silent. Ellie had a reputation as the studious type, and one who would never get the paddle. All eyes turned to her. Ellie felt suddenly quite vulnerable. She noticed some of the boys had lustful looks in their eyes. They were going to enjoy this too! Mr Wilson took out the paddle and pulled the punishment chair to the middle of the classroom.

"Bend over please," he said gesturing to the chair.

Ellie could hardly move. Her knees felt weak; her tummy had butterflies; and she definitely had that tingly feeling between her legs. What would it feel like. Jennifer had said it hurt, but she was sure it wouldn't be too bad. She bent over the chair back, and grabbed the seat. Mr Wilson wasted no time. He pulled up her skirt, and draped it over her waist. She thought she heard a quick intake of breath when he saw her bottom, but maybe she was imagining it. She felt Mr Wilson place the paddle against her bottom; it felt cold against her skin. And then suddenly, without further warning, WHACK! the first stroke arrived. Ellie felt a searing pain in her bottom. She was too shocked to cry out. She was jerked back to reality. She was being punished by an accomplised disciplinarian, and she had willingly sought after this punishment. What had she been thinking about? WHACK! This time Ellie let out an audible grunt. This really hurt. How would she endure this pain. And she still had eight more to go. WHACK! The paddle was wide, and so it hit the same spot every time. The pain was becoming unbearable as Ellie let out another held-back breath. Now Mr Wilson paused. Here comes the five close together thought Ellie. How would she bear it? Should she beg him to stop. But no, Ellie was determined to go through with this without making a complete fool of herself. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The pain was awful. There was no time for it to subside between each stroke, so it simply built up and up. As bad as the pain was, Ellie was still able to hold back her screams. And now there were only two more to go.

"Well, Ellie, only two more, but these will be scorchers. Are you ready."

Ellie felt she could never be ready, nevertheless she meekly said "Yes sir."

WHACK! WHACK! Ellie could not hold back this time, as she let out a high pitched "OUCH" with each of those two strokes. She felt the tears streaming to her eyes, just as it had when she had been spanked as a child by her father. But now, at last, it was over. Ellie had done what she had dreamed about, and realized that having experienced it once, she never wanted to experience it again. As she walked back to her desk, almost dreamlike, she glared at Jennifer through her tears, who merely smiled back at her. Never again, she thought, never again. She sat down, conscious of the fact that all eyes were upon her; especially the boys. As her bottom touched the wooden seat, she was painfully reminded of her ordeal. She found it hard to concentrate during the class as her poor bottom throbbed. But gradually, the throbbing subsided, to be replaced by an increasingly warm glow, accompanied by a definite sense of arousal. She realized that her panties were getting damp, just like they did when she let a boy kiss her and touch her breasts.

Eventually, school was over and she ran all the way home. In her bedroom she once again raised her skirt in front of her mirror. This time she took her panties completely off. She was surprised that her bottom as not as red as she imagined it would be. She lay down on her bed and rubbed herself between her legs. She was amazed at how quickly she felt her orgasm build, and how intense it was. She writhed and moaned on her bed as she relived every moment of her paddling; exposing her bottom to Mr Wilson, the crack of the paddle, the pain, and the eyes of the boys on her. Yes, this was definitely an experience she wanted to repeat.

The next few weeks went by slowly for Ellie. Each night she would lie in her bed and relive the paddling she had received from Mr Wilson, although she embellished a little each time. At first she would imagine him lowering her panties for the paddling. Later, her imaginings would have her being paddled at Mr Wilson's home, and he would insist that she undress completely. One time, she even imagined Mr Wilson caning her on her bare bottom. As she played out this scenario in her mind, she repeated the word 'cane, cane, cane' over and over, and wih each repetition her excitement reached a new level.

Her boyfriend must have wondered what was hapenning. Being a year older he had not seen his girlfriend get paddled, although he had of course heard about it. For weeks he had been trying to get further with Ellie than just touching her breasts over her sweater, or her pussy over her jeans. Ellie had become suddenly much more passionate. She had let him go much further, letting him put his hand inside her bra and touching her bare breasts, and even one time managing to get his fingers inside the leg of her panties. Yes, for some reason Andy Graham was feeling a lot luckier these days. . He never was able to connect the two situations. More's the pity for him. Ellie could have been the ultimate in passionate lovers for the right kind of guy. One who wold understand her predilliction.

Meanwhile, Ellie wondered how long she should leave it before she would "forget" her homework again. At first she thought she would have to wait at least a month, maybe longer. But the itching within her was becoming so powerful, that she knew it had to be now. She just had to be paddled by Mr Wilson again. That night, her fantasy and the resulting orgasm were even stronger.

Just before going into Math class, Ellie went to the girls bathroom. She had to pee, she was so excited, and yes, scared. When she pulled her panties back up, she made sure that they were pulled up - tight. This time she pulled them even further into the crack in her bottom so that they almost looked like a thong bikini. She realized her heart was beating wildly, and her stomach was fluttering uncontrollably.

She walked right past Mr Wilson, not handing in her homework.

"Well, miss," said Mr Wilson to Ellie. "You know the drill. What's it to be? Ten with my paddle or a zero on the assignment."

"The paddle," said Ellie in a much more determined voice than her first episode.

Once again the whole class went silent. Ellie was sure that her classmates would not be able to belive that this was the second time Ellie was to be paddled in two weeks.

"Bend over please," said Mr Wilson, gesturing to the chair he had placed in the middle of the classroom. Ellie did as she was bidden, the butterflies were swarming, and her heart was pounding. Mr Wilson pulled up her skirt and stopped. "Oh no," thought Ellie, "he is going to ask me about my panties." In a panic, she turned her head and looked at Mr Wilson. He merely smiled. Ellie managed a weak smile in return, disguised in a dry swallow. "He knows," she thought. "He knows that I want this paddling." Panic coursed through her body as she contemplated the consequences of this discovery. What would he say to her? Would he tell the head? Would the head tell her parents?

Her panic was interrupted by the first WHACK! of the paddle. Ellie grunted, but kept her position. It hurt! She had not remembered it hurting this much the first time. Was he paddling her harder. WHACK! "Ouch!" Probably not, she thought. By now she was remembering how much it really had hurt last time.

Her fantasy faded as the reality of her paddling sank in. "No, no, no," she blurted out involuntarilly.

Mr Wilson paused. "No, no no," he repeated. "I'm afraid it was too late for that when you forgot to do your homework." He pasued for a moment. "And the next strokes are going to hurt a lot more than the first two. Maybe they will convince you not to forget your homework again."

That's right, remembered Ellie. Here come the really ...

Her thoughts were interrupted by the quick five-in-a-row-with-no-time-to-recover-between-each-stroke barrage. The five were over even before she had time to recollect her thoughts, but just as she had the previous time, she was able to control her outburst.

"Ready for your two scorches?"

The two scorches, thought Ellie. These had made her cry last time. She was determined that she would not cry this time. "Yes, sir," she said meekly.


"Ouch. OW, OUCH!" screamed Ellie, unable to contain herself. She felt the tears welling up in her eyes. Oh no, she thought, I'm going to cry like a baby again.


"OW-OW-OW-OW-OW," she screamed five times n quick succession, grabbing her bottom at the same time. She was truly crying like a baby, sobbing her heart out.

"You may return to your seat, Ellie." Ellie was surprised. Mr Wilson never, well, hardly ever, referred to girls by their first names. And did she sense something - else - in his voice.

As she made her way back to her seat, once again Ellie vowed never again to get a paddling. But as surely as it had the first time, and perhaps even quicker, the pain in her rear was replaced by a wrm glow. A very sexy glow, that she knew she would be taking care of that night. She was also figuring out when she could afford to get another paddling.

"What was all that about?" Jennifer Stoked caught up with Ellie in the corridor after class.

"What was what all about?" smiled Ellie.

"Don't play all innocent with me," laughed Jenny. "That pause before he started paddling you, and then that smile you exchanged."

"You noticed that?"

"Noticed it?" laughed Jenny, "Yeah, like it would have been about as hard to miss as a lightening bolt in the middle of the classroom. It was - electric" finished Jenny as if she wanted to find a better word. Ellie smiled.

"Well, I did rather have my panties pulled up a bit more than last time."

"Let's see," said Jenny dragging her friend into the girl's bathroom. Checking to make sure no one else was around, Ellie turned around and pulled up her skirt. Jenny whistled, a long, low whistle. There was Ellies bottom, almost completely bare. And VERY red. Even though Jenny was a very healthy hetrosexual, she couldn't help thinking that it was a very cute bottom too.

"You let him paddle you like THAT?"

"Oh yes," said Ellie.

"Did it hurt more?"

"I'm not sure. It's hard to sort of remember and compare." A short pause, then, "How long do you think before...?" the question remained unspoken, but Jenny knew exactly what Ellie had meant.

"I would say a month. At LEAST a month." At Ellie's questioning and disappointed stare Jenny changed her mind and smiled, a broad beaming smile "OK, two weeks." The two girls almost skipped off, as they sealed their pact for a mutual paddling with a quick kiss on the cheek.

That night, the lucky Andy Graham got even luckier. Still she would not let him go all the way, but for the first time he got his hand in her panties, and his finger in her pussy. She reciprocated, feeling for the first time, what an engorged prick felt like.

Poor Andy, it was such a simple connection to make. He never did make it.

Pete Wilson was a mass of confusion. He sat in his living room, toying with a beer, ignoring the Monday Night Football game before him. He had had to paddle boys and girls many times. He had to admit, he even enjoyed paddling the girls. Seeing their pantied bottoms presented to him for a spanking was, after all, very sexy. But that was about as far as his thoughts had taken him - so far. Ellie Bennet had changed all that. For the first time, his reaction had gone from enjoyment to outright intense sexual pleasure. He thought also of Jennifer Stokes. Did she too pull her panties back when she was to be paddled. It was not as much as Ellie had that afternoon, and he had thought it was un-intentional. Panties, he supposed, might have a tendency to rise up like that. But in Ellie's case, it was clearly not a mistake. She had deliberately exposed herself to him, and increased the intensity of her punishment. Perhaps it was the same with Jennifer Stokes. He fondled himself as he relived that afternoon. Pulling up her skirt, seeing her all but naked bottom, and then paddling her. The sight was ... almost unbearable. Seeing those teenaged bottom cheeks wobbling each time the paddle struck her; watching those cheeks getting redder and redder; seeing her dancing around and squirming in a way that truly resembled a girl under intense sexual stimulation. God, I hope she does that again, he thought as he exploded.

The next day, as the 7th-graders filed in, he couldn't help but notice Ellie and Jenny both smiling at him, both blushing. He felt an uncomfortable surge in his pants. As good a teacher as he was, he was soon able to put it behind himself, and concentrate on shaping the minds of the next generation. He did allow himself one wistful glance. God, they are beautiful he thought.

Two weeks went by, and each day he wondered if either of the two miscreants would forget their homework. Maybe both, he even fantasized. But, he had to put those thoughts out of his mind. He was, after all, a professional. And in all fairness to Mr. Wilson, who WAS a professional, who would not have melted at the though of spanking those two very beautiful and sexy bottoms. Especially if they were enjoying it too.

Then something happened, which made Pete decide to make a very risky decision.

Very risky! One that could end his career, but one that he thought would still be safe. He overheard Jenny and Ellie snickering to each other as they walked out of his class. "Tomorrow," Ellie had said. Jenny, with a wicked, and very sexy grin replied, "Yes." This was IT. These two were BOTH going to forget their homework the next day, and he would be paddling BOTH of them.

That night, he could hardly sleep. Had he imagined it? Did it mean what he thought it meant? But next morning, as his 7th grade class began, Jenny and Ellie both walked by him without handing in any homework. Here came the risky heat-of-the-moment decision. He did NOTHING! Jenny and Ellie were clearly puzzled, and yes he could see it in their faces, disappointed. He smiled to himself. Now he knew for sure. He had discovered two beautiful girls who actually liked being spanked. All through the class, they kept on exchanging puzzled stares. As the bell rang, he quickly woke them out of the puzzlement. "Jenny and Ellie, remain after class please."

The girls remained, hopping nervously from one foot to the other as the rest of the class filed out. When they were alone he said, looking at his grading sheet and trying to remain calm, "You two girls have both just missed your third assignment this term." He looked at them for confirmation, and got none.

"Well, you have. And the rules state that as well as getting a paddling for a third offense you must also have your overall grade lowered one full point." The girls gasped, obviously not being aware of this rule. "It seems a shame to me," he continued, "that two bright girls like you should have their grades lowered. Both of you are extremely bright, and this will not look good on your records." He could see the panic in the girls eyes. Neither of them wanted to have their grades lowered. Perhaps, and here is where Pete took a huge gamble, they would prefer to have their panties lowered. If he was right, and he was sure he was, that the girls were enjoying having their bottoms spanked, he would be safe. If not ... well, anyway, he would play it really carefully.

"You see, the problem is girls, that the most severe punishment I can give you is ten swats with the paddle over..." he furrowed his eyebrows in Ellie's direction, "...panties. If only I could give you a more severe punishment ..."

He paused leaving the rest of the sentence unspoken. He had already said more than was safe. There was a very awkward silence. Pete willed one of the girls to say something. The two girls looked from one to another, nervously.

"Well," began Ellie, "couldn't you just give us a more severe punishment. I mean, if we were willing wouldn't it be OK?" She looked over to Jenny, who by now looked really scared. Jenny nodded in agreement. BINGO! thought Pete.

"I don't know," he said. "I could get into a lot of trouble."

"Oh please sir, couldn't you give us a really severe punishment instead of lowering our grades. Please sir. We promise not to tell," said Ellie. Jennifer nodded in mute agreement.

"Well, if you're sure that this is what you want," they both nodded, "and you're sure that you can keep it to yourself," again furious nodding from the girls, "then I suppose I can do this." The girls looked nervous, even scared, but relieved. "I am taking a big risk here you know."

"Oh, sir, we would never tell on you," reassured Ellie.

"Then we're agreed. You have to run along to your next class now, but return here after final period. Then you will receive a very severe punishment from me."

"Are you CRAZY" whispered Jenny as the two girls made their way to US History.

"What do you mean ‘crazy'?"

"Volunteering us for a severe punishment."

Ellie stopped in her tracks. She looked at Jenny, "But I thought you were ..."

"YOU did all the talking. I just got ... caught up in it."

"Would you rather get a lower grade?"

"Well... I don't know. There must have been some other way out of this. There had to be. But now we'll never know will we?" Jennifer sounded a little bitter, and was even starting to cry. Ellie was really surprised at this. Her friend seemed really upset, and genuinely afraid.

"Jenny, I'm really sorry ..." But now they had arrived at US History, and there was no more time to talk. This was the last class that the girls had together today. Ellie was really sorry for Jenny, but she for one was grateful to have been given the opportunity to redeem her grade. But now, on her own, she had time to contemplate her own fate. What had she gotten herself into? She had ‘volunteered' for a ‘severe' punishment. Damn, she thought, what will it be like. The paddle was just about as hard a punishment as she could take. After the terrible pain of a paddling she would start to feel ‘warm and cozy' in her bottom and between her legs; but during a paddling, all she could think of was the unbearable pain. What would a ‘severe' punishment be like. Would she have to bare her bottom? would he use a cane? In spite of her real fears, the thought of that word ‘cane' caused her to catch her breath. She found herself repeating the word over and over in her mind, as she had done just a few weeks ago. All too soon, the final bell rang. Ellie made her way down the corridors with feelings of genuine fear, excitement, and of course butterflies.

Pete Wilson could hardly believe his luck. The last bell had rung. It was 3:15. The two girls would soon be here. As he walked around his classroom, shutting windows and closing blinds, he realized would still have to play his hand very cautiously, but he was convinced that at very least, he would be able to spank and paddle there two very attractive and sexy fourteen year olds on their bare bottoms. And, if his luck really held out, maybe even cane them. He swished the cane he had kept in his bottom drawer, placed there with very little expectation of ever using it. He could hardly wait until the girls arrived. At least, he was pretty sure they would return. He placed the cane back in is drawer. Maybe, he thought wistfully, maybe.

Eventually, the two girls walked in, looking nervous and quite fearful.

"Stand there," he said sternly pointing to the front of the classroom. He walked over to the door, locked it and drew the blind.

"I am going to explain your punishment to you. Once I have finished you will have one more opportunity to decline, in which case you will receive the regular paddling and a reduction of your grade. If you accept, you will take the punishment in full, as described. If you back out at any point, you will still have your grade reduced. Do you understand?"

The girls merely nodded.

The next few moments would be critical. He had to handle this very carefully.

"Firstly," he began, hardly able to speak through his dry throat, "you will receive your punishments on your bare bottoms. Agreed?" The girls nodded. Pete was ecstatic. "Second, you will both receive a regular spanking. Over my knee, with my hand. You will not know ahead of time how many spanks you will receive. I will simply spank you until think you are ready for the next stage of your punishment. Agreed?" The girls looked at each other this time, and nodded. "Third. I will then give you a regular ten-stroke paddling, administered exactly as you would have received it in class, except of course, your bottoms will be bare. Agreed?" Jennifer was showing distinct signs of discomfort, maybe even tears in her eyes, but Ellie responded "Yes sir." in a very raspy, low-throated voice. Jennifer looked at her friend and then nodded.

Pete took a deep breath. Should I stop here, he wondered. Had it just been Ellie, he would have had no compunctions about suggesting the cane, but Jennifer already looked like she was already over-committed. Still, Ellie did look ... ready.

"Finally," he said, hardly able to get out the words, and removing the cane from is drawer "you will both receive four strokes of the cane." There it was said! The two girls gasped, Ellie gulped and nodded, but Jenny started to cry.

"Oh sir, not the cane. Please not the cane," she wailed.

Damn, he thought. This could spoil it all.

"Now Jenny," he said almost fondly, "I don't want to do this, but I really feel it will be better for you than to have your grade reduced. And it will be all over, very soon. OK?" Jenny was still sobbing, but she bravely managed a nod.

Now or never, mused Pete. Sitting down on the straight-backed chair, and patting his lap he said, "Well, let's get started then. Jennifer, you first I think." Jennifer was so meek and compliant by this time, that she offered no resistance as he gently pulled her over his knee. Quickly he raised her skirt and lowered her panties. There before him was the delicious sight of a beautiful teenaged bare bottom. He was so tempted to caress it, but steeling himself, he managed to resist. Instead he started spanking those lovely cheeks. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Oh Joy, he thought as he settled into this very pleasant task.

Ellie could not believe what she was seeing. Mr. Wilson had not told her to turn around. She watched, transfixed, as she saw Jennifer getting spanked. How cute she looked. How cute her bottom looked as it wobbled and shook with each spank. How sexy she looked as her legs kicked up and down with each spank. And how wonderfully her bottom glowed as it gradually turned pink. Mr. Wilson spanked her methodically, alternating between each cheek. Some spanks were high on her bottom, and some were low, where her bottom cheeks met her thighs. Jenny started to utter small plaintive cries with each spank.

Ellie had meant to count how many slaps were delivered to her friend's bottom, but she was in such a trance that she didn't even count the first one. And then, suddenly, it was over. Mr. Wilson was helping Jenny off his lap. She had taken her spanking well, hardly crying out at all. In fact, as she looked over to Ellie, she even managed a wry smile as she pulled up her panties.

"Jenny, please take Ellie's place," he said pointing to where Ellie stood. "Ellie," he said looking directly into her eyes and tapping his lap. Ellie walked over to Mr. Wilson, and without any help from him, she draped herself over his lap. Her hands had barely touched the floor on the other side when she felt her skirt being raised. And then without a break, she felt her panties being lowered. As he tugged at her panties she had to raise her bottom a little so he could pull them down. This felt so sexy to Ellie, actually helping him to take down her underwear. And then her bottom was bare. And Mr. Wilson was looking at it. For some strange reason, it had never occurred to her until now, that he was the first man to ever look at her bare bottom. SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! The spanking had started. She could hardly feel it, at least, not any pain. It was almost like a caress. She wondered if it was due to her level of excitement and expectation. Just as he had with Jenny, he spanked her from one cheek to the other; up and down her bottom. She made short gasps with each spank, but did not cry out at all. The spanks kept on coming, left cheek, right cheek. Still Ellie did not cry out.

Mr. Wilson was not unaware of the lack of effect his spanking was having, and so stepped up the pace. He gave her six hard spanks on her left cheek, followed by six equally hard spanks on her right. But the most he could elicit from this naughty young girl was a gasping grunt. I'll get at least one cry from her, he thought determinedly as he spanked her thighs. Ellie was a little surprised as he had not spanked Jenny on her thighs, and gave out a little yelp. Satisfied, Mr. Wilson finished off with a quick salvo of spanks over both cheeks and both thighs. But Ellie did not cry out again, merely gasped. Pete decided he would move ahead the next phase. He helped Ellie up from his lap.

Jenny was feeling a lot better. Seeing her friend getting spanked had proved to be quite a turn-on. She had actually enjoyed her own spanking - it had felt quite sexy - much more so than being paddled over her panties. But she still felt some trepidation about the cane. She had heard so many scary stories...

Ellie stood up, convinced that she had received more spanks than Jenny, but not feeling in the least unfairly treated. In fact, she was feeling positively glowing. The spanking had hurt, well, not very much, but it was not nearly as painful as the paddle. She also realized, with some embarrassment, that her pussy was getting damp.

Mr. Wilson got up from the chair, turned it so the back was facing Ellie, and stood behind it. "OK, Jenny, you know the drill for a paddling. Jenny meekly draped herself over the back of the chair. Mr. Wilson quickly pulled up her skirt and pulled down her panties to mid-thigh. Ellie gasped with surprise as her friend's pussy lips came into view. OH MY GOSH, she thought, as she caught Mr. Wilson looking at the same brazen sight. HE WILL BE ABLE TO SEE MY PUSSY TOO. Ellie found herself going weak at the knees. She was also not surprised to notice that Jenny's pussy was glistening with dampness too, although embarrassed to realize that her own sexual excitement would become equally apparent in just a few moments.

THWACK! Jenny's paddling had commenced. THWACK! THWACK! the first three strokes were delivered, just as Mr. Wilson had said, the same as in class; spaced apart about five seconds. Jenny's bottom wiggled and she let out a short gasp with each stroke. THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! The next five were close together. Jenny cried out "Ouch! Ooh, that hurts." She quickly put her hands back and grabbed her poor bottom. Ellie could tell that Jenny was starting to cry. "Hands down," said Mr. Wilson in a firm voice. And now, the final two scorchers. THWACK! THWACK! Jenny cried even louder and jumped up and rubbed her sore bottom, and Ellie could see she was crying. Now it was her turn, and she knew that her paddling would also cause her to cry.

Without being told, Ellie walked over to the chair and bent over the back. Mr. Wilson was just about to raise her skirt and lower her panties when Ellie reached behind, and did it for him. What a beautiful sight, he thought. This lovely young girls had voluntarily taken down her panties for him, and was showing him her already red bottom. His heart beat even faster as he reveled in the sight of Ellie's pussy so beautifully displayed for him. And he could tell that she was definitely sexually aroused; much more so than Jenny. His erection was really straining against his pants as he took up position behind her. He placed the paddle against her bare bottom, gauging his stroke. He decided he could paddle Ellie harder than he had paddled Jenny. He would start the paddling with the scorchers he usually saved until the end. THWACK! "Ouch, that hurt." She wiggled her bottom a bit, but made no attempt to get up, or to cover her behind. THWACK! "Ooh, Mr. Wilson," she cried out in a plaintive voice, "that really hurt. Not so hard please." THWACK! "Ouch, Ouch," cried Ellie, but again she made no attempt to escape. Pete figured he should probably not push his luck, so he delivered the next five with the same intensity as he had paddled Jenny. THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! With each stroke, Ellie cried out. Mr. Wilson heard her sobbing. Now, the final scorchers. THWACK! THWACK! Ellie cried out again, and only now did she reach back and grab her bottom.

Pete put down the paddle and reached for the cane. He swished it through the air a few times. It made a menacing swooshy-whistling sound. "OK, Jenny, time for the cane."

"Oh, no sir, please not the cane."

"Jennifer, if you refuse to take the cane, I will reduce your grade. Come on, you've taken your punishment very well so far; it would be a shame to back out now."

She stood still. Pete gently took her arm and led her to the chair. He gently pushed on her back and she bent over. He pulled up her skirt, and lowered her panties. "Now, Jenny, this is going to hurt a lot more than the paddling, but I want you to be brave. It will be all over very soon." He stopped for a moment, and then added, "I will give you two strokes now, and then Ellie two strokes. We will then repeat this so that you will have had four strokes each." He placed the cane in the middle of Jenny's naked buttocks. She flinched and squeezed her bottom cheeks together. "Relax Jenny, and it wont hurt as much." Still, she clenched her cheeks closely together. Pete waited until he saw her relax, and then quickly raised the cane high in the air, and brought it swiftly down on Jenny's bottom.

SWISH, CRACK! Jenny screamed. "AYYEEE! NO, NO MORE PLEASE. THAT REALLY HURT." She jumped up and turned around, grabbing her bottom. She seemed totally oblivious to the fact that she was now letting Mr. Wilson see her naked pussy.

"JENNY, GET BACK DOWN," shouted Mr. Wilson in such an authoritative voice, that Jenny immediately complied.

"Oh, please don't cane me sir," she wailed, "not so hard. It really hurts."

Once again Mr. Wilson waited until Jenny showed some sign of relaxing her bottom, and then SWISH, CRACK! he delivered the second stroke. Once again Jenny jumped up screaming, clutching her poor beaten bottom. Ellie was now terrified. It was her turn to be caned. How would she be able to endure it. "Ellie," said Mr. Wilson, motioning to the chair. Ellie found herself crying again, after witnessing the awful spectacle of seeing her friend being caned. But, dutifully, she laid her body across the chair, and submissively raised her skirt, and lowered her panties. She realized that her heart was beating so fast and hard, that she was afraid that everyone in the room would be able to hear. She felt Mr. Wilson place the cane on her bottom cheeks. Remembering what he had said to Jenny, she tried to relax. She tried to ready herself for what was to come. SWISH, CRACK! The first stroke landed square in the middle of her bottom. "OWWWW! OUCH!" she screamed through her tears. The pain was unbearable. She had never imagined, never mind experienced such pain in her life. But somehow, she was able to resist the urge to grab her bottom, or to jump up. SWISH, CRACK! She had hardly had time to adjust to the first stroke when the second landed. Again, she felt a truly awful sharp pain assaulting her bottom. This time she did jump up and grab her bottom, and sobbed profusely. "OOOWWWWWW, Mr. Wilson, that really hurts. Please no more cane. Please."

"I'm sorry girls. You did agree to this punishment, and I did warn you it was to be severe." He motioned toward Jenny.

"Oh no sir, no more. I can not take another two with the cane."

"Well, I'm sorry Jenny, but you're going to have to. Come here and bend over"

"No sir, please. Anything but that. You can lower my grade, I don't care. I'm not taking two more stokes of that cane."

Pete was now getting a little worried. How could he back down? And if he forced poor Jenny to take the two additional strokes, perhaps she would report him to the authorities. The moment dragged on, as Pete stood there undecidedly.

Ellie felt sorry for her friend. After all, she felt kind of responsible. Her bottom was blazing with a fiery pain unlike anything else she had ever felt, but in spite of that she did realize that she was incredibly turned on. She was definitely not going to refuse her two. In fact, as painful as they were she wished that she was going to get even more than her two. A light went off.

"What if I took them for her?"

"What," said Mr. Wilson and Jenny in unison.

"What if I were to take Jenny's two additional strokes, would you let her off?"

Pete could not believe what he was hearing. Was Ellie volunteering for two more strokes? She was clearly in a lot of pain, as the weals on her bottom attested, but he could definitely sense something excited and exciting behind her tears.

"Well," he began, "I suppose that would be OK,"

Jenny had said nothing. She was in shock and unbelief.

"Bend over again Ellie, and I will give you four more strokes of the cane on your bare bottom."

Ellie almost swooned. She did not know how she would take four more strokes. It truly had hurt, and she knew she would scream and cry like a baby. But somehow, she knew that she wanted this and had to experience it. "Cane, bare bottom, cane, strokes, cane, bottom, bare " The disjointed words repeated over and over in her mind, building her up almost in a trance - like a mantra. "Cane, bottom, bare" she found herself repeating as she bent over the chair. She had not bothered to pull her panties up from he first two strokes, and now they fell in a puddle around her ankles as she awaited the first of her next four strokes of the cane.


Ellie grabbed on to the seat of the chair with all her might, and clenched her teeth together. But amazingly she did not cry out. The pain was intense, but now, it was having a strange effect on her. She felt as if she was somehow floating out of her body. She felt somehow - released. She pushed her bottom out further, waiting for the kiss of the cane.

SWISH, CRACK! Even harder.

This time Ellie did gasp, although it was more like a moan. The electricity in the room being generated by Ellie's aroused and entranced state was beginning to have it's effect on Jenny and Mr. Wilson. Jenny had even forgotten all about Ellie taking her strokes. She was captivated by the wonderful sight before her; an incredibly beautiful girl was being cruelly beaten by an older man, and there was something intensely beautiful about it.

SWISH, CRACK! Yet harder. Pete was also caught up in the almost magical atmosphere in the room. He was aroused more than he had ever been aroused in his life. Ellie had not screamed, cried out, or even made any attempt to cover her bottom as he caned her. She was like a Greek goddess before him. Her once alabaster bottom was covered in red marks from her paddling, and now five weals from his cane. And HE was the one inflicting this punishment.

Ellie was feeling almost a sense of freedom, of release. Somehow, the fact that she could take this beating was redefining her whole character and personality. Who was this person bent over the chair. "I am Ellie Bennet, and I am being caned on my bare bottom," she whispered inaudibly. "I am Ellie Bennet, and I am being caned on my bare bottom," she repeated as she felt herself soaring.

"Final stroke coming up," said Mr. Wilson. "Are you ready?"

"Yes, Mr. Wilson."

SWISH, CRACK! The hardest one yet. Ellie cried out with this one. "AYYEEEE", perhaps because it was the last. She stayed in position for a few moments, not wanting to break the spell. She slowly reached back and touched her bottom gingerly. It felt hot to her touch. She could feel the raised weals on her flesh. Her bottom was a mass of pain, that was getting worse. She felt herself coming down from her trance, and started to sob and cry bitterly as the pain in her bottom insisted itself upon her consciousness. This was indeed the worst punishment she had ever received, but it would not be last time, she vowed, that she would willingly take a caning.

"You may leave," was all Mr. Wilson said. He looked "strange" too, thought Ellie. Jenny said nothing as they walked out of the room, and to their respective homes. Kids were running round laughing and playing, birds were singing in the trees, a gentle breeze rustled the leaves. Everything was as it was before. Except for Ellie. Ellie was forever a different person.