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Family Matters Chapter 22

Remy lay on the roof of the jewelry store in San Francisco. He looked down cautiously at the three Marauders, plotting behind the store. He wasn't planning to intervene until they broke the law, and he hoped they continued the argument in which they seemed to have been engaged for some time. He was exhausted from the effort of teleporting himself from the mansion in New York and had arrived in the city weak and shaking, afraid he was about to pass out. Some strength had returned on his way to the store.

Remy hoped adrenalin would provide him with the energy needed to capture the three Marauders below. Of the three, ArcLight was the greatest danger to the community with her ability to create earthquakes. Vertigo, with her power to disorient, confuse and make dizzy anyone she touched, posed the most significant danger to Remy's ability to function . Scalphunter's only power was his uncanny knack with weapons. Remy was hardly worried about him at all.

ArcLight knelt at the back door of the store, putting her hands to the ground to create enough of a tremor to break the door down and to set off multiple alarms in the area. It would take the police some time to check them all, and by then, Remy assumed, the Marauders planned to be gone.

Remy concentrated on what he could remember of how Betsy constructed her psychic knives. He created one and took Arclight out with a blast to her mind. Simultaneously, he swung himself down on Scalphunter who collapsed beneath him. Remy's bo cracked decisively across the side of Vertigo's head. She fell.

Scalphunter rolled away and came up firing. Remy dodged behind the garbage bins. Scalphunter fired again and Remy cursed his weakness as he concentrated on forming another psychic knife and dived behind a dumpster. Remy took a deep breath and blasted the psychic knife into Scalphunter's head, knocking him to his knees.

Remy jumped out from behind the dumpster, dodged another blast from Scalphunter's weapon and threw one of his exploding cards into Scalphunter's face. As the other mutant tried to evade the explosion, Remy landed another swing of the bo across Scalphunter's head, putting the weapon-wielder out. Vertigo was starting to rise. Remy blasted her with a card and then hit her with his bo. She fell again. ArcLight was struggling to her feet. Remy swung the bo at her head, and she subsided.

Remy tied them up and left them for the police. He was so tired he was almost stumbling. No way he'd be able to teleport himself again. Not until he got some sleep. He thought for a moment and remembered Janie, one of his old friends who had landed in San Francisco. He thought again and remembered her address. He pulled off his headpiece, buttoned his duster, and within minutes was almost nodding off in the back of a cab.

By the middle of the next morning, he had teleported himself to Seattle which was the last place Harpoon has been detected and also the last place where Remy, himself, had worked for Sinister. It was certainly a place where Remy wasn't lacking in friends. He looked around the familiar little park to which he had sent himself and once again felt shaky with exhaustion. This teleporting business took a lot out of him. It wasn't anything he'd be able to use on a regular basis and still expect to function when he arrived at his destination.

He grinned as it occurred to him that the most likely place to find his friends was a coffee bar. A double mocha was one source of stimulation he would enjoy imbibing immediately.

It hadn't been called "Grandma's Vacuum" the last time he'd been there, but it was still a coffee house. And, sure enough, at a back table were Yoshi, Mickey, and Carol. Carol was an unexpected complication but not an unmanageable one. He took a deep breath and approached.

Yoshi was the first to see him, on his feet and grinning that huge irresistible grin that made it impossible not to grin back at him. "Remy!" he yelled, rushing to grab his old friend's shoulders and give him a welcoming shake.

* * *

Logan was glaring out the window in the loft, the next morning, when Storm woke. He turned and tried to smile at her, but his heart clearly wasn't in it. "You're worried about Remy," Storm said. He nodded.

The meeting in the study the night before had been stressful. Most of the X-men had understood what little choice Remy had had about cooperating with Sinister and that he hadn't known about the planned Massacre. If it had been planned. It might have simply been Sabretooth and the Marauders going out of control.

But Warren, in particular, and Betsy and Scott were none too happy with Remy's choice to run away rather than deal with them. Hell, Logan, himself, wasn't very happy with the young man.

"When I find that boy," Logan growled to Ro as she sat up in bed, "I'm gonna make him wish he'd never been born."

"I think he already wishes that he'd not been born, Logan," Storm started.

The com unit chimed. "There's news. Can we all, please, meet at the kitchen table?" Scott's voice announced.

As breakfast was served haphazardly by Bobby and Sam, the professor informed the others that the three Marauders had been captured, tied up behind a jewelry store after a break-in attempt in San Francisco.

"There's no point in going to San Francisco to look for him," Charles said. "I think he left them there to throw us off. He could be anywhere."

"Charlie, can you sense him anywhere at all?" Logan asked, making little effort to suppress the irritation in his voice.

"I have some feel of him," Charles answered, "but no clue where he is. Just a general awareness that he's healthy and full of a sense of purpose."

"I'm full of a sense of purpose, too," Logan muttered. "I'm going to find that boy and blister him soundly."

"Logan," Charles said, "he's trying to make amends. He's scared we'll ostracize him. Scared that he's lost his home and family."

"Oh, bullshit," Logan snarled and then took a deep breath. "No, I'm sorry. I know the kid's scared, but he was told to stay here and work it out. Grand-standing heroics ain't the ticket to redemption. I'm so damn mad I can't see straight. I'm going looking for him."

"Where, Logan?" Charles asked.

"How 'bout starting with Creed?" Logan asked.

"You think Sabretooth will talk to you?" Charles asked.

"Naw, but I might get something out the bastard without him knowing it."

Charles nodded in agreement. Storm spoke up. "I'm going with you, love," she said. Logan nodded, eating a final slice of toast before heading to the hangar. Storm followed.

* * *

"Well, it isn't much but we call it home." Carol gave Remy a tour of the small house where she and some of Remy's friends lived in Seattle.

Remy nodded with abstraction and then reached out casually, taking her arm. Pulling her sleeve up, he looked at the track marks on her veins. "You been shootin' up, cher?" She flushed, jerking her arm away.

"Why do you care?" she asked roughly. She pushed the sleeve down.

"Why wouldn' I care?" he asked. She turned away. "You don' need t' be doin' dis shit, p'tite. It's not good for you."

"And why would you care, you damn Cajun," she spat out. "You left. You don't give a damn about me. Why should I give a damn about me?"

"You need me t' give a damn 'bout you t' give a damn bout yourself, p'tite?" Remy asked. "Dat don' make no sense."

Carol pulled her sleeve back down and glared at him. "What the hell do you want, Remy?" she asked.

"Jus' a place t' stay for a few days," Remy said.

"There's a mattress you can use," Carol said. "In that room right there."

* * *

Logan and Storm landed the blackbird at South Falls Park later that morning. Forge met them, greeted Storm with a warm hug and nodded warily at Wolverine. "What can I do for you?" he asked.

"I want to talk to Creed," Logan said. Forge looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "Don't play games with me, Forge. I know Sabretooth is here. I wanna talk to him."

Forge shrugged, leading the way. Sabretooth was in his prison room with a collar at his throat to control him. Forge opened the door and turned to Logan and Ororo. "Raven and I would like you to come to our rooms before you go. Will you visit us?" Storm nodded. Logan's attention was concentrated on Creed.

"Whaddaya want, Runt?" Sabretooth growled, staring at Logan with the peculiar intensity he reserved for one of his oldest remembered comrades in arms and one of his oldest remembered enemies. They had fought together and against one another many and many a time.

"I wanna know about Gambit and the Morlock Massacre," Logan said.

Creed chuckled. "So, did the kid finally confess?"

"What difference does it make?" Logan asked.

Creed shrugged. "He was with us. He mapped the tunnels, led us in and thought he could call the shots. He couldn't. I was in charge once we were in. If Sinister hadn't ordered me not to kill him, he'd be dead."

"So, he really didn't know the Morlocks would be killed?" Storm interrupted. Creed grinned at her.

"That make a difference to you, weather witch?" he asked. "Sure, he knew all about it. Just wanted to do it his way."

Logan waved at Storm to be quiet. "Creed, you know damn well the professor can get in Gambit's head and get the truth. That's not why we're here. I wanna know where to find Sinister."

"How the hell would I know that?" Creed asked.

"Where were your contacts with him?" Logan demanded. "Don't fucking lie to me."

"Mostly the west coast," Creed said sullenly. "Usually Frisco. Sometimes Seattle and Portland. But I know damn well he has hidey-holes all over."

"That's all I wanted to know." Logan started out of the cell.

"Hey, Logan," Creed called out. "You care about that boy?"

"Why?" Logan asked warily.

"Because the kid's a mess," Creed said cheerfully. "He's about as fucked up as you, Runt. You invest in him, you gonna get burned. And you know I want you fried."

"Be careful what you wish for, Creed. You just might get it." Logan led Ororo out of the cell. She shivered.

"That man's a monster," she said. Logan nodded. They went upstairs.

Forge was waiting for them. He led them to his quarters, settled them on a couch, offered them refreshments, and said he would be back.

Mystique entered. She was grinning seductively as she approached the couch. "Hi, guys," she said. "I can't tell you how much your revelations to Forge have enlivened our sex life, Ororo."

Storm sat, frozen with chagrin, as she felt Logan's hand go leaden on her arm. Mystique winked at the two of them and then whirled, raising her skirt and lowering her panties. Her bare bottom was decorated with a mass of welts and dark bruises. Storm gasped, recoiling.

"See how much fun corporal punishment can be, Ms. Goody Two Shoes?" Raven commented. "Thank you so much for suggesting it to us."

"I cannot believe Forge did that to you," Storm said. "I know him."

"Not as well as you thought you did, sweetheart," Raven chuckled.

"I don't need this shit or want it," Logan announced. "Ro, we're out of here." He rose and was face to face with Forge, re-entering the room.

"Raven!" Forge expostulated. "Stop it right now. Or I'll blister your bottom until it looks like what you're demonstrating."

Raven shrugged and her skin morphed. The welts and deep bruises on her butt faded. What could be seen was a well spanked bottom, with slightly red splotches. She grinned. "Sorry, guys," she said. "Just wanted to play with your heads."

"I still don't need this shit or want it," Logan said firmly. "I'm sorry that Ro chose to tell you about our private lives. I don't give a flying damn about what you do with yours. Storm and I are outta here. Forge, I hope you enjoy whatever you have with this hellcat." He led Ro out.

As they left, they heard the sounds of Forge delivering a sound and furious spanking to Raven. The whacking smacks were clear as were her protests.

"I'm sorry, Logan," Storm said as Logan stalked back to the blackbird. She followed behind him with a sinking feeling of dread and guilt in her guts. She had certainly not expected what she had told Forge to go any further than his ears, but realized as she thought about it, that she had been a fool to think that anything she communicated to Forge could be kept a secret from Raven. Her face flamed with embarrassed heat.

"Logan. . . Logan!" Storm reached for his arm. He almost shrugged her off, but then paused in his steady relentless march to the blackbird and turned to look at her. His expression was stony. She cringed inside.

"I never thought Forge would let Raven know what I'd told him," she said helplessly. He simply continued to look at her and as she hesitated, he turned away. She tightened her grip on his arm and spoke hurriedly, "Though for all I know she was right there while I was talking to him. Logan, I am sorry."

"Then there ain't a damn thing more to say about any of this, is there?" he started to turn away again and she made a small sound of furious exasperation.

"Damn It, Logan," she expostulated. "I know you've already punished me for telling Forge." He stopped again and looked at her, still with a very grim expression on his face. She blushed again and looked down. "Well, I think maybe these circumstances indicate that. . ." She hesitated. "I mean I wouldn't blame you if you. . ." She hesitated again and then blurted out. "Maybe you should punish me again."

Logan shook his head, shrugged off her hand on his arm and continued to walk toward the blackbird. Ro followed, feeling hopeless and scared. She was acutely aware that she would much rather be punished than endure any more furious withdrawal from him, but she was also aware that was his choice.

He entered the blackbird ahead of her and then waited silently, looking at her grimly again as she climbed in behind him.

"I am sorry," Ro said again, her voice trembling.

"Too late for sorry, Ro," Logan said. "It's on you that Raven knows our private business. You're going to pay the price, girl." He looked around and sat. He took Storm by the arm, pulled her face down over his knees, and lifted her skirt. She tensed physically, but inside felt an enormous sense of relief.

"Wait a minute, Logan," Storm protested. He paused. "What happened to all your speeches about not punishing me for something real in our lives? " She knew she was challenging him, but she wanted to push him to punish her until he worked out every bit of his anger. . "This is different, Ro. It has to do with you gossiping about us," Logan said grimly. "I don't need our private lives broadcast. I don't like that one damn bit and I don't give a damn 'bout it being inconsistent. As somebody said, 'consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.' I'm going to spank you again till you're blistered." He settled her firmly over his knees, put his hand into the waistband of her panties and took them down.

Storm shivered as the cool air in the cabin met her bare bottom skin and held her breath until Logan's strong hand smacked her bottom soundly. She gasped, and within moments was starting to yelp even as she felt herself getting wet between her legs.

* * *

Remy was cruising the watering holes of Seattle, looking for Marauders. He had tucked his long hair into a baseball cap and was wearing sunglasses despite the lateness of the hour. No luck again at this one. He finished half his beer and motioned for Yoshi to follow him out.

As they walked toward the next bar, Remy reviewed with Yoshi again what had to be done if they had to follow someone. Yoshi grinned. "I'm not an idiot, LeBeau," Yoshi said cheerfully. "You don't have to tell me over and over."

Remy nodded. After fifteen stops, Remy had seen no one of interest. He called it quits and went back to the house near Pioneer Square.

* * *

Storm was sobbing deeply as Logan finished the spanking he had promised. Her bottom was blazing and deeply red.

He pulled her to her feet and, still holding her skirt up, with her panties still down, guided her to a seat on the blackbird. "Sit right here, with your bottom bare," he ordered. "We're going back to the mansion and getting a good night's sleep and then I'm going to Seattle to look for Remy. You can come or not as you please." He went to the pilot's chair.

Ro winced as her bare and sore butt hit the cushion. "I'm coming with you," she said firmly. Logan nodded and turned the blackbird toward the mansion.

* * *

The third night on the bar circuit, Remy found what he was looking for. He wasn't sure he recognized Harpoon out of his Marauder uniform, but he was sure enough to follow the Inuit mutant. Two bars later, he saw Harpoon hook up with Sinister whom he recognized despite Sinister's expert disguise. Remy pulled his baseball cap down tightly and carefully avoided Sinister's eyes. He held a hurried conference with Yoshi about how they would proceed.

Two hours later, Yoshi and Remy were outside a home on Mercer Island where Sinister had driven after his meeting with Harpoon. It was surrounded by a high wall and well guarded by electronic devices.

"Well," Yoshi demanded with excitement, "Shall we try to break in?"

Remy looked at him with bemusement and shook his head. "Not t'night," he said. "You got no clue what we up against. I need a lot more information an' much more backup b'fore I'd t'ink of takin' on Essex. You wait here." Remy disappeared into the darkness and left Yoshi waiting for most of an hour before he reappeared, looking satisfied.

"What did you find out?" Yoshi asked. "And where were you?"

"Just scoutin' de lay of de land and de deployment of defense systems. I got what I needed for t'night. T'morrow we be here bright an' early t' find out what dis bastard does wit' himself durin' de day."

"How bright and early?" Yoshi groaned. Remy laughed.

* * *

Remy wasn't laughing when he entered the house where he was staying. Carol obviously had been indulging in some kind of drugs, probably smack, and was eager to turn him on to the white powder that was laid out in lines on a glass coffee table in the living room.

On the long drive back from Mercer Island, Remy had been able to think of little else than Rogue and the family of X-men he had left behind in New York, thoughts that were never far from his mind. The filthy mess of the living area in the house made him even more depressed. It only made him think of the homey clutter of the house in New York. The bleakness he felt tempted him strongly to try the powder laid out the table, but he shook his head and headed for his room which was still only furnished with a mattress on the floor, a table, a chair, and his few belongings.

Remy sat down on the bed, picked up a writing pad and continued the interminable letter to Rogue he had started on his first night away from his family, trying to explain to her and himself what he was doing and why he had left. He was still sure that there was no road to forgiveness from his "family" until and unless he did something to regain their trust. Before he could write a word, there was a knock on his door and Carol came in.

She dropped onto the bed beside him, her voice slurring. "C'mon, Remy," she invited. "If you won't get high with me, at least let me sleep with you. An' why not jus' get high? Who's it gonna hurt?"

"Carol, ma cher," Remy said gently, moving away from her. "If I was dumb enough t' get high, you got no blinkin' idea how much it'd end up hurtin' me." He grinned to himself darkly as he contemplated the trouble he would be in with Logan, Hank, and his father if he snorted coke or smack. And contemplated how much he would end up hurting in that portion of his body on which he sat. "An,' cher, I t'ink you got no idea how much it be hurtin' you, yourself."

Carol grumbled, reached for him again, and then abruptly nodded out. Remy looked down at her with concern and then moved away, taking his tablet of paper with him.

Oh, mon amour, he wrote. *I've told you a little about the petite Carol. I'm worried about her. There was a time that she was special to me. Not like you, ma cher, but I cared about her. And I think she cared for me. I think, perhaps, she is a mutant, but she keeps it carefully concealed. She comes from a family that cares little about her and she's so lost. And, now, I find her here, well on the way to being a heroin addict if she's not already lost. I think she wants me, of all people, to save her and I still don't even know if I can save myself.

Oh, ma cherie, I miss you more than I can say. I miss Logan and Stormy and Hank and my father and all of my family of my heart and I guess the family of my blood. I WANT to come home.

But I can't. Not until I prove that I'm not the kind of person who'd work for Sinister. Not until I can prove that I never meant to hurt the Morlocks. Not until I make up for the harm that I didn't mean to do.

I love you. I love you. I love. . .*

Remy stopped and looked out the window at the stars. He was desolate. He thought longingly of the white powders downstairs that would bring him some temporary peace. But only for a little while.

He laid down on the bed as far as he could from Carol and slept fitfully until daybreak.

* * *

Logan landed the blackbird at the landing pad near the mansion. He glared over at Ro who was still sitting silently on her bare butt and abruptly grabbed her, putting her over his knees again. He lifted her skirt.

"Logan!" she protested. "Not again, please. Owww. . . " His hand smacked down again on her bare bottom.

"Ro, I'm gonna spank you again right here and now and then again when we get back up to your loft. And then I'm gonna stand you in the corner with your panties still down and probably spank you again after that," Logan said. "I'm gonna make damn sure that you think long and hard before you ever gossip about our private lives again."

He proceeded to deliver a spanking that left Ro gasping with pain while tears trickled down her face. Then he jerked her to her feet with her panties still down around her upper thighs. "No sense in takin' your panties back up, girl, since they'd be coming back down as soon as we get up to your loft," he said. "You can march your spanked bottom back to the house with your panties down under your skirt and be thinkin' about the next spankin' you got comin' to you."

Ro nodded, wiping away the tears that still leaked, and followed Logan into the mansion. She stood silently while Logan reported to the professor what they had learned from Sabretooth, feeling oddly abashed at the knowledge that her panties were still down and banded around her thighs while they talked to the others. Her long silky skirt felt rough against her very sore bottom and she still felt wet between her legs and quite aroused.

"Logan, I'm sorry, but as much as we want to find Remy, both blackbirds are needed tomorrow," Charles said with resignation. "And both of you are needed. Excalibur has asked for help in dealing with an unknown group of mutants who are threatening Europe. We have to trust that Remy won't get himself killed while we deal with threats to civilians."

"We need to leave tonight?" Logan asked.

"No," Charles said. "We all need a good night's sleep. And we all need to hope that Remy will be okay. I think we should head for our beds."

Rogue followed Logan and Storm. "Did Creed substantiate Remy's story about the Morlocks?" she asked anxiously. Storm nodded.

"Remy was telling the truth," Logan said irritably. "Doesn't change the fact that I'm plannin' to blister his bottom when I catch up with the brat. He had no business runnin' off like an idiot in the middle of trying to deal with this shit."

Rogue nodded miserably. She intensely regretted the fight she had had with Remy before he took off. Then she looked at Ro curiously.

"Are you okay, Storm?" she asked. "You've hardly said a word."

"I'm fine, child," Ro said carefully. "I'm just worried about Remy and wish we could go after him before he gets himself in more trouble."

"Oh, me too, Ro, me too," Rogue said fervently. She veered off toward her bedroom as Ro followed Logan up to the loft.

As the two of them entered the room, Logan shut the door firmly behind them. He went to Ro's dresser, picked up her hairbrush, bent her over under his arm and flipped her skirt back up. He jerked her panties further down her legs and started to paddle her bottom with the brush.

Within moments, Ro was sobbing again. Her bottom was burning as if the fires of hell had been lit there and the brush blazed against it again and again. She was kicking wildly and begging Logan to stop when he started to march her over to the corner still paddling every step of the way.

Logan bent her over in the corner, put her nose to the wall, and delivered twenty more spanks to her very red bottom. "You stand there, Ro," he said grimly. "Hold your skirt up over your waist and arch your back. I want that naughty spanked bottom thoroughly on display. I want you to feel very punished."

Still sobbing, Ro did as she was told, holding her skirt up with one hand, rubbing her sore bottom frantically with the other, and arching her back. Her panties were down around the middle of her thighs.

Logan blazed one more spank against the middle of her bottom and then moved away. She wasn't sure where he was in the room or what he was doing, except that she was sure his eyes were on her regularly to make sure she was obeying his orders. She sobbed with acute misery, hoping he wouldn't spank her again, but she was fairly sure her punishment wasn't over. Logan didn't sound as if he was calming down.

Ro had no idea how long Logan left her standing there. It felt like an eternity. Her sobs and the burning pain in her bottom subsided. When he did reappear at her side, he grabbed her by the arm and immediately starting spanking again, leading her to the bed where he put her back over his lap.

"I think," he said sternly, "that I'll give you one more spanking tonight and then I think, darlin,' that I'm going to let you put on your nightgown, but sleep with your panties still pulled down so as to make it convenient for me to spank you again in the morning."

"LOGAN!" Ro wailed out a protest. "Please, please, please, NO." Logan's firm hand smacked down again and again.

"Ro, tell me what happens when you're been bad," he demanded quietly.

Ro gulped and squirmed frantically and futilely trying to get her reddening bottom away from his hard spanks. "I get a spanking," she said, miserably. "With my panties down and my bottom bare."

"Right," Logan said calmly. He paused for a second and then to Ro's horror, she felt the sting of a switch blaze against her bare bottom skin. She almost screamed as it implanted a line of fiery pain. "And you have been very, very bad. So you are going to be very, very spanked."

* * *

Remy and Yoshi drove in separate cars to the estate on Mercer Island. Remy stopped at a doughnut shop with Yoshi behind him.

"If Essex leaves, we follow," Remy leaned in the window of Yoshi's car, handing him coffee and doughnuts. "We do de drill I told you. One car or two behind him, an' de other far behind. And we swap back and forth. We have to know where he goes. We talk by cell phones."

"You got it, boss," Yoshi agreed, sipping coffee.

Sinister left by 8:30 am. His destination was the faculty parking lot at the university. Yoshi, following instructions, abandoned his car, and followed Essex. Remy found a parking place, retrieved Yoshi's car, parked it, and found Yoshi.

"He's a professor here," Yoshi said with amazement. "He has an office in the Sociology Department and has graduate classes on Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 to 12:30, then lunch, then office hours and then another class from 2:20 till 4:15. And then he usually stays till 6:00. I talked to a couple of his students. They seem to hate him, but they all agree he's a brilliant teacher and a demanding advisor."

"Will dey tell him dat you were askin'?" Remy demanded.

Yoshi looked surprised. "I don't think so," he said. "I'm a student here, y'know. I was just inquiring about a possible faculty advisor."

"Ah, bien," Remy said absently. His mind was whirling. Sinister, of all people, on the faculty of a major university. Well, at least his schedule was now known. He congratulated Yoshi for his help.

"And when will you meet me in the dojo to practice aiki?" Yoshi asked.

"Soon," Remy promised. "Soon, my friend. But now we go t' investigate his defenses more thoroughly. You know a lot about electronics, oui?" Yoshi nodded. "Den we see how his defense systems work, eh?"

"How will we do that?" Yoshi asked.

Remy's eyes twinkled. "You wait an' see, mon ami," he said.

Remy drove the car to Pacific Bell headquarters and parked outside. He told Yoshi to stay put and disappeared for about twenty minutes. When he returned he had Pacific Bell uniforms for each of them.

While Yoshi was changing, Remy disappeared again and reappeared with a Pacific Bell service van. He motioned for Yoshi to join him.

* * *

On Mercer Island, Remy and Yoshi climbed telephone poles near Sinister's estate and scrambled the phone lines. They drove to Sinister's compound and waited at the gate. A voice on the intercom demanded their business.

"Phone lines down all over de Island," Remy said laconically. "We sposed to check 'em here. You got a problem with dat?"

The intercom sputtered for a moment. A voice came through. "We've got no problem with our phone lines," they were advised.

"You sure 'bout dat?" Remy asked. "Ain't no skin off my ass. But we were told t' check here."

There were a few moments of silence and the voice came back. "Our phone lines are down," it said. "You can come in for repairs."

"T'ank you," Remy said. "Would've been just as happy t' go on home." He drove through the gates to Sinister's home and looked at Yoshi.

"You check de generator an' disable it," he directed. "I gonna cut de power for when it come time for de X-men t' come in an' get de bastard. An' I gonna fuck up der alarm system as best I can. You make sure dat he don't have no power. You got dat, Yoshi?" Yoshi nodded as the Pacific Bell van pulled into the driveway. Remy and Yoshi climbed out of the van and went about their business.

They met back at the van. The phone lines had been repaired with Remy's modifications.

* * *

Logan landed the blackbird near Seattle and looked over at Storm. She shrugged. "What now, my love?" she asked.

"We prowl around Seattle and I keep my nose on alert for a scent of our runaway child," he said. "When I catch his scent, we track him. If he's here. Fuck knows, he might be anywhere. We've lost three days with that trouble in Europe. I just hope he hasn't gotten himself killed by Sinister or one of the Marauders." His gruff tones hid the deep worry he felt. Ororo nodded her acceptance and followed Wolverine out of the aircraft.

* * *

Remy went back to the house shared by Carol and her friends. He and Yoshi had made a side trip back to the university to check on Essex's schedule for Wednesdays. He had two faculty committee meeting in the afternoon, but was not known to be on campus except for those meetings. Remy was bubbling with excitement as he led Yoshi up to his room.

"I think we have the sonovabitch," he said quietly. "Yoshi, let me be for a minute or so."

Remy concentrated hard, Bobby? he sent.

Remy? Bobby's voice came back. Where the hell are you, man?

*Seattle, pal. If I reach out for you, would you be willin' t' let me try t' teleport you here?*

Bobby was silent for a moment, then communicated, Oh, hell, why not?

Remy concentrated and as Yoshi watched with amazement, the Cajun's arm disappeared and then abruptly reappeared pulling a grinning Bobby into the room.

Bobby's grin faded quickly as Remy went white and fell to his knees, gagging. "Rem," he said quietly, "I don't think you quite got this trick figured out yet. You okay, padre?"

Remy shivered and shook himself. He still looked pale and weak, but he managed to nod at Bobby. "I still got some work t' do on it, ami. But I'll figure it out sooner or later. Is not important. What is, is dat I t'ink I got dat bastard, Sinister. Lemme tell you 'bout it."

Remy quickly filled Bobby in on what he had been doing, introducing him to Yoshi in the process. Bobby whistled with appreciation. "Cool, man," he said, "but you don't think you, me and your friend are gonna take down Sinister without help?"

Yoshi was still shaking his head. "Remy, my old friend, I have long suspected you were a mutant, and I have heard of your friend. But I do not think we can take on this man on our own."

"Aww, Yosh," Remy grinned. "You be nidan in aiki. Why you t'ink dat we couldn' take on de whole world?" He paused, his voice growing more serious. "No, I t'ink we need t' call my father an' get de X-men here. If dey leave on de blackbird t'night, den we'd be ready t' search Essex's house by Thursday an' be waitin' when he comes back from school."

"Then why did you need to bring me here first?" Bobby asked. "And what the hell is a nidan in Aiki?

"Wan'ed t' find out de lay of de land back home," Remy said casually. Too casually. "An' a nidan in Aiki is a second degree black belt in de martial art of Aikido."

Bobby shook his head again. "Remy, they'll come and they'll happily go after that rat bastard, but you're in deep shit back home. Wolverine has been looking for you everywhere and no one is very happy with your disappearing act. You couldn't pay me to be in your shoes right now."

"What 'bout de ot'er stuff?" Remy looked at the ground.

"About you and the Marauders and the Morlocks?" Bobby guessed. He thought for a minute before he spoke. "Rem, I think that most of us know you were forced into a situation you had no control over. But ain't nobody very happy with you for running away. Dammit, Remy, that was a fucking stupid move on your part and I'm sorry if you don't like me saying that."

Remy shrugged helplessly, looking down at the floor. "I had t' get away, Bobby. I didn' even know why I had t.' But once I was on my own, I realized dat I had t' look for de bastard wit'out de help of de ot'ers."

Bobby looked at him intently and nodded. "I think I understand, but Remy, I can't promise you anyone else will. And I think you're gonna regret making that decision. Once you get caught up with, you're gonna have trouble sitting down for the next month or more."

Remy shrugged again as Yoshi looked bewildered. "It was my choice," Remy said quietly. "Yoshi, whatever happens, know dat dis is my family an' I don' mind how dey choose t' punish me for runnin' away." Remy turned back to Bobby. "I t'ink dat it's time t' call my Dad."

Of all people, it was Warren who picked up the phone, Warren who had suffered the most grievous losses as a result of the Morlock massacre. For a wild moment, Remy considered simply hanging up, then he swallowed hard and spoke, "Hey, Warren, it's me. I t'ink I need t' talk t' my fat'er."

There was a moment of silence and then Warren answered, "Remy?"


Warren took a deep breath. "Yeah, I'd say it would be a damn good idea for you to speak to your father," he said flatly. There was a thud as the phone receiver was slammed down. Remy swallowed hard again and was hardly breathing when he heard the professor's voice on the line.

"Remy?" he asked with anxiety and concern in his voice. Remy's stomach sank with guilty unease.

"Yes, sir," Remy said.

"Are you all right? And where are you?"

"I'm fine, sir, an' I'm in Seattle an' I've found Sinister." Remy told his story in a rush, finishing by asking that the X-men come as soon as possible to help.

Charles spoke after a short pause. "Of course, I'll send the team out to you. And, if the fates are kind, maybe we'll capture Sinister or at least get some information about what he's doing. But, Remy. . ."

"I know, I know," Remy interrupted miserably. "I was told not t' run away an' not t' try t' do dis on my own. But I had t.' I don' know why. I j'st had t' get away t' figure out what t' do."

"Remy, in a way, I understand, but you were asked and asked not to do it this way and you still have to answer for your decision to disobey. To me. To Hank. And to Logan who is already in Seattle. Ororo is with him."

Remy felt a moment of joy. "Logan an' Stormy are here? Why?"

"Looking for you, of course," the professor said dryly. "And while I can understand that you're happy to think of seeing them, child, I'm not sure you'll be happy when you do see them."

Remy swallowed hard yet again. "Doesn' matter," he said. "I know dat I'm in trouble. Matters dat dey cared enough t' come lookin' for me."

"Remy," the professor sighed and shook his head, his hand trembling slightly on the telephone. "Remy, when are you ever going to understand and believe that we care about you?"

"Don' know, sir," Remy said carelessly while feeling anything but careless. "Guess I don' much un'erstand why anyone wit any sense would."

Charles sighed deeply. "What do we have to do. . ." he murmured almost under his breath. "Remy, why are you calling me nothing but 'sir?' Do you no longer consider me your father?"

"I t'ought dat maybe you wouldn' wan' t' claim me no more as your son," Remy said cautiously.

"Then you thought incorrectly," Charles said firmly. "And I want our link back if you don't mind."

Remy's heart lifted within him. "Me, too," he said. He opened his mind to his father and the link was quickly reestablished. "Would you help me re-link wit Logan an' Stormy?" As quickly as he asked, it was done. He felt the presence of Wolverine and Ro in his mind. "T'ank you, Dad."

"I hope you'll still feel gratitude when they find you, son," Charles said with slight amusement. "I think they're both quite furious with you."

"Oh, I t'ink dat I'll be happy t' see dem an' not real happy for very long after dat," Remy said equably.

Charles laughed. "I love you, son. And I'll be sending the team in the other blackbird as soon as you tell me where to send them."

* * *

Logan and Ro stopped dead in their tracks as their links to Remy were re- connected. They has searched for him all over the university section of the city and had no luck, but they had found college students who suggested they try the area around Pioneer Square.

Logan had found Remy's scent at 'Grandma's Vacuum' and was following it when the link was re-established.

Both of them heard Remy's voice inside their heads. I know where you are, he sent. I'll come meet you.

Logan shook his head. "He never ceases to amaze me," he said. "Shall I continue on his scent or should we just wait here to meet him?"

"I'm tired," Ro said. "Let's just wait." She headed for a bench a little further up the street and sat. Logan joined her.

* * *

Remy looked at Yoshi and Bobby. "I gotta go out," he said. "I gotta go meet Logan an' Stormy. Bobby, can you explain to Yoshi?"

Bobby nodded and Remy fled out the door, ignoring Carol completely as she came in.

Logan and Storm saw him from a block away as he hurried toward them. They stood and waited. Remy paused a moment as he came close to them. He looked carefully into their faces.

Ro held out her arms and Remy fell into them gratefully. "I've missed you so much," he gulped out. Ro hugged him tightly. Remy looked searchingly into her face and was satisfied with what he saw there. Ro then passed him on to Logan who held him even more tightly, almost crushing the breath out of him.

"We missed you, too, kidlet," Logan said roughly. After a moment of holding Remy close, he pushed him away and looked at him intently. "I trust you know that you're in deep trouble, kiddo?"

"Oui," Remy said simply. "I was gonna take you t' de house where I been stayin.' Can you wait till den t' make me sorry dat I ever been born?"

Logan shook his head with a reluctant chuckle. "Yeah, kiddo," he said affectionately, reaching out to ruffle Remy's hair. "And to be honest with you, at this moment, I don't even want to make you sorry that you 'ever been born.' I'm just happy to see you."

As they walked back to the house, Remy explained to them what he had been doing and what the results were. By the time he led them into the room where Yoshi, Carol, and Bobby were waiting both Storm and Wolverine were completely caught up on events.

"So," Logan said, "you found Sinister, tracked him, identified his patterns of movement, and called home to ask for help. Good for you, kiddo. Congratulations on not trying to hotdog it all yourself." Remy flushed with embarrassed pride. "And what the hell are you doing, here, Bobby?"

Bobby grinned. "Remy teleported me here to act as his advisor."

"Oh, wise choice," Logan said, shaking his head. "Might have done him as much good as consulting Wiley Coyote."

Bobby started to protest, but Remy cut him off. "Stormy, Logan, dese are my friends, Yoshi and Carol," he said. "Carol, Yoshi, dis is Stormy who's been j'st bout de only mot'er I ever known an' Logan, who's my. . .god fat'er, I guess. An'. . . an'. . .hell, I don' know how t' describe what Logan is t' me. He's importan.' T' me."

"Thanks, Rem," Logan said. Greetings were exchanged and all looked uncomfortably at one another, except for Bobby who was mostly amused.

Storm looked around at Yoshi, Carol, and Bobby. "Remy, is there somewhere we can go for privacy?"

"I have a room," Remy answered.

"I think we should go there," Storm said. "I'm pleased to meet you, Carol and Yoshi, but Logan and I have business to discuss with Remy. I trust you won't mind excusing us?"

Remy led the way up to his room. He moved slowly, dragging his feet and dreading what he might experience when he was alone with Storm and Logan. They arrived and all three looked at the mattress on the floor and his bag on the floor.

Storm looked at Remy. She was not pleased. "Remy," she said. "Is there any reason to delay the punishment you know you have coming to you?"

Remy paled. "Can't that wait 'til we get home, Stormy?" he asked. "Like Logan said, I've done good here."

Ro hesitated. "Remy, you could have simply told us that you needed to get away and be by yourself before you ran off. . ."

"I couldn.'" Remy broke in. "No one was listenin' t' me. Ever'one was j'st tellin' me not t' run away."

"And you had just told us about your role in the Morlock Massacre," Storm said. "You were running away from our reaction. You didn't give us a chance to function as a family or make decisions as a family about what you needed to do. You just ran."

"I had t,'" Remy protested.

"No, child, you did not have to run," Ro said. "You could have waited and talked to us and told us that you really needed to get away on your own. We might have allowed it. But all you wanted was to be a hero and impress us all and thereby make amends for what you had done in the Morlock tunnels." Remy flushed, looking down.

Logan looked intently at both of them. "I think, that's enough for tonight, Ro," he said. She stared at him.

Logan held up a hand before she could speak. "I mean it, darlin.' I don't think it's a good idea to deal with this now." Remy sighed with relief. Logan turned to him. "I'm not saying you're out of trouble, Rem." He turned back to Ro. "We've all got Sinister to deal with. And Remy's doing fine right now. I don't want him shaken up when we're all potentially going into a combat situation. Makes no sense."

"T'anks, Logan," Remy said.

"Welcome, kiddo," Logan said. He grinned. "But I'm not so sure than you'll be feelin' any gratitude when we get your butt back to the mansion. You're still in a couple of barrels of trouble."

"I understand dat, Logan," Remy grinned back at him. "Maybe I get lucky t'morrow an' Sinister'll just blow me away."

"Remy!" Storm protested, but she also smiled. "But, I think you're right, Logan," she said reluctantly.

"It's downright amazing to me how often I'm right." Logan kept his face expressionless. "But I have been around a few years."

"And amazing how modest you are," Storm reflected. Logan smacked her on the bottom affectionately. She barely contained a wince as his hand connected with her still sore anatomy.

"Now, why don't we make plans to meet the rest of the team and then take your friends and the obstreperous Bobby out to eat?" Logan suggested.

* * *

The team arrived late that night and checked into the large suite that had been reserved in the hotel. Remy was close to jumping out of his skin with anxiety as he explained the situation to the others.

Scott glared at him. "So, you just had to set this all up in a way that demands we attack day after tomorrow. Did it occur to you at all that it might have been wise to do a little more observation and reconnaissance?"

Remy flushed. "I'm sorry, Scotty," he said. He took a breath and started to say more, but couldn't.

Scott took a deep breath and remembered that Remy had told him that he would only call him 'Scotty' when he was reminded of what he had meant to the boy when Remy was little. "Rem," he said carefully, "I know you want to get Sinister and I know you want to feel that it was your plans that got him. But you could have waited to consult with us."

"Too late for that now," Logan said quietly. "Scotty, he may have fucked up, but the alarm systems are already sabotaged. We have to move soon or Sinister will know something's up."

Scott shook his head and shrugged. "So we move," he said. "I just hope it works. I guess for now it would be best for all of us to catch some sleep before tomorrow. We'll do more reconnaissance in the morning."

Remy looked over at Rogue who had been avoiding meeting his eyes since her arrival. He pulled the letter he had been writing to her out of his pocket and thrust it into her hands. "I'd like you t' read dis," he said for her ears only. "If you wanna talk later, you know where t' find me." He turned away and headed for the bedroom he had been assigned to share with Bobby, Hank, and Bishop. Two double beds and two roll-away beds crowded the room.

Bobby was already flipping through TV stations as he sat on one of the double beds he had claimed. Remy threw his bags down on the other double bed, leaving the roll-aways for the other two. Hank and Bishop were still in the sitting room of the suite waiting for room service to deliver food. Bobby grinned at him. "You wanna get high, before the guardians of morality show up?"

"Oui," Remy answered gratefully. He took the joint Bobby passed to him and lit up, dragging deeply before he passed the jay back to his friend.

"I tell you, Rem," Bobby said cheerfully, "you're more talented at creating chaos than anyone I ever knew before you. Except maybe, Wolverine, but he makes a different kinda chaos than you do."

"We all got our talents." Remy shrugged with an answering grin. "Bobby, how mad is everyone at me. About de Morlocks?"

Bobby shrugged uncomfortably. "Hell, I don't know. I think everyone knows that you had no choice and no clue about what was gonna happen. But everyone ain't too pleased that you kept all this a secret and then skedaddled after confessing."

"I had t', Bobby," Remy said. He took another deep drag on the joint and passed it back. "I never been able t' fuckin' cope wit' what happened dat day or night or whatever de fuck it was. One of de worst memories in a fucking life o' bad ones, mon ami. An' den when I tell de truth. . .I don' know." He paused, took the joint back again from Bobby and toked deeply before he spoke again.

"You don' know how mad Stormy was when I told her de truth," he said. "I t'ink dat I was scared dat everyone gonna be dat mad. I t'ink. . ."

There was a knock at the door and Rogue opened it, meeting Remy's eyes. "Yeah," she said, "Ah think ah wanna talk to ya, sugah." She looked at the jay in Remy's hand, caught in the middle of passing it to Bobby and shook her head. "An,' y'all been in here, getting blitzed. Remy, how you and me gonna talk when you done got yourself high as a goony bird?"

"In vino, veritas." Remy laughed aloud for the first time in days.

Rogue raised an eyebrow. "In vino, veritas?" she echoed.

"In wine, dere is de truth, ma p'tite." Remy's eyes twinkled at her.

"Ya mean that if ya get yourself fucked up, sugah, dat ya might be straight with me?" Rogue asked. "Ah think that might just be the most honest that ya've ever been."

"Not fair, mon amour," Remy bantered. "I always tol' you de truth 'bout how I feel 'bout you." Their eyes met and grins faded from both faces, as each looked searchingly at the other.

"For pity's sake, would both of you go work out whatever you're blithering about on your own?" Bobby said suddenly. "I feel like I'm droppin' in on a soap opera that makes a little bit of sense to me cause I've watched it off and on for years, but I'm embarrassed as hell that I'm even interested. Whatever you guys have to work out ain't none of my business."

Remy flushed deeply, took a final deep drag on the joint, and handed it back to Bobby. "Pardon, mon ami," he said. "You right. Rogue, you an' me need t' go somewhere else."

Rogue nodded and opened the door. Bobby sighed, drew deeply himself, looked at the little roach in his hand, put it out in the ashtray, and then tucked it away in his stash box. He would have dearly loved to be a fly on the wall as Gambit and Rogue worked out their differences, but he wasn't sorry to see them walk out.

* * *

"So, where we gonna go, Cajun?" Rogue asked as she and Remy entered the less than private sitting room of the suite.

"Dese suites are close t' de roof," Remy said. "I wonder if dere might be a way t' get up dere an' get some privacy. Wait a minute." In a moment, he reappeared with a comforter and some pillows. He led the way to an outdoor pool area on the roof of the hotel. It was fenced, closed, and deserted. Remy spread out the comforter in the corner of a surrounding wall and they sat. Remy put the pillows behind them and leaned back against the wall. Rogue reached into the pocket of her shorts and put on the collar that nullified her powers.

"I'm. . ."

"Ah'm. . ." They both spoke at the same time and looked at one another with confused interest.

"I'm sorry," Remy said. "I had no reason t' dump all dat shit on you"

Rogue hesitated, looking down. "No, Remy, ah think that ya been angry with me for a long time 'bout the fact that I went into Belladonna's head and stole her memories of ya and her. We never talked 'bout that, sugah."

"What was dere t' say, cher?"

"That ya were mad at me," Rogue said simply. "And that ya should've been mad. Ah had no business takin' her memories of ya and her together. Ah was wrong to do it."

"It's okay, cherie," Remy said, looking slightly confused and avoiding her eyes. It was obvious to Rogue that he was too high to think clearly.

"No, it's not okay," Rogue said. "Ah had no business touching that girl. And ah was totally in the wrong doin' it. And ah'm sorry as hell." Rogue blushed deeply. "How can ya say it's okay?"

Remy took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Then he looked at Rogue carefully and searchingly. "It wasn' okay, cher," he said. "But, I love you more dan I ever loved her. I was willin' t' let it go. You were right dat I had kept so many secrets from you dat you didn' know what t' do."

"An' when ya ran away without a word, ah was scared as hell that ya didn't love me any more, sugah," Rogue said with a shudder. "An' now that ah've read yar letter to me, ah know ya do. But it still don' make it right that I took Belladonna's memories. Remy, ah don' know how to explain it. Ah was in that room with her an' she was in a coma an' ah wanted to know what she and you had had together. Ah knew bettah, but ah had to touch her an' find out. Ah'm sorry." Rogue blushed again and looked down.

Remy again looked at her carefully and spoke slowly. "I t'ink you need to be punished, cher," he suggested. "I t'ink dat you need your panties down and your bottom spanked, p'tite."

"Oh, no, Remy," Rogue said, still blushing and looking down. "Ah hate it when ya spank me. Please, don't."

Remy looked at her again and then simply pulled her face down over his knees. She didn't struggle at all.

He reached under her stomach, unfastened her shorts, and took them down to her thighs. He put his hand into the waistband of her panties and pulled them down, baring her bottom. Rogue tensed and took a deep, sharp breath. His firm hand descended and she gasped from the sudden pain.

As Remy continued to spank her without pausing, she started to wiggle and protest with yelps of pain. In some way, it was a strange, novel, and erotic experience for her to feel pain on her usually invulnerable skin. She hated it and liked it simultaneously. It was very confusing. But she couldn't mistake the wetness she began to feel between her legs.

"You were misbehaving when you took Belladonna's memories, oui?" Remy asked.

"Yes," Rogue gasped out between the firm spanks landing on her bottom.

"So, you were being a very bad lit'le girl, oui?" Remy asked.

"Yeah," Rogue agreed, starting to yelp in protest.

"An' bad p'tites deserve a spankin.' On your bare bottom wit your panties right down and your naughty bare bottom over my knees," Remy said firmly.

"Ah. . .guess. . .." she gasped out as tears formed in her eyes.

"You guess?" Remy landed a very hard spank on her bottom. She yelped.

"Yeah, ah do," Rogue agreed reluctantly. Remy gave her another very hard spank and she yelped again. "Okay, okay," she gulped out. "Ah deserve a spankin,' Remy. Ah do." She started to sob. Remy continued to spank her soundly, but not quite as hard as the last two spanks that had descended. Rogue felt her bottom heating up and burning with pain. She squirmed futilely.

Remy paused, took her by the arm and pulled her to her knees. "I'm gonna put you in de corner, now, cher," he said carefully. She continued to sob, still looking down and not meeting his eyes. He guided her the few feet to the juncture of the walls and bent her over on her knees with her bottom up in the air and her face against the comforter right at the corner. He then spanked her thoroughly for several more minutes holding her tightly around her waist.

"You stay right here wit your bare bottom up in de air an' you t'ink bout what a bad girl you were, cher. Don' you move tell I say you can, lit'le girl."

Rogue knelt with her bare, red bottom up in the air, panties down at her thighs, and sobbed. She felt miserable. Tears streamed down her face.

After what seemed an interminable time, Remy was at her side again. He took her arm and pulled her back over his lap again. "Dis be de rest of your spankin,' p'tite," he said quietly. He reached down, took her sandal off her right foot, and smacked it down on her bare bottom. Rogue yelped so loudly that it was close to a scream of protest.

It was the hardest and longest spanking that Remy had ever given her. She was sobbing deeply. Her bare butt flamed with pain. "Ah'm sorry, Remy," she choked out between sobs. "Please, stop. Please."

Remy landed several more hard spanks against her bottom and then paused as she sobbed. He dropped the sandal and put his hand between her legs. She was wet and deeply aroused. He caressed her, stroking her clitoris, and she gasped again. She arched her back and moved up to meet his hands. His fingers stroked and her entire body rose to meet his stimulation.

Remy laid her down on the comforter, and put his head between her legs, licking and caressing her clit with his tongue. Within moments, Rogue felt a shattering orgasm shudder through her. She pushed his head away from her and for several moments simply lay there as rushes of pleasure swept through her whole body. Remy waited, looking down at her with a grin.

She put her fingers in her mouth, wet them, reached for Remy's cock, stroking it and guiding between her legs. He entered her and they rocked together explosively.

Remy's hands went to her bare, burning buttocks and grabbed them hard . She came again and again. As she spasmed against his hard cock, he ejaculated and collapsed on top of her, still holding his weight off of her with his arms. After a few moments, he rolled away, still holding her tightly. "Oh, dat was good, cher," he gasped.

"Ah kinda liked it, too, sugah," Rogue said. "But, hon, my bottom is sore as hell."

"I kinda t'ink dat de point of a spankin,' cher," Remy said. "An' if it make you feel any better, I t'ink my bottom gonna be damn sore as soon as we get home again."

"No, sugah, ah've got no interest in knowin' that ya're gonna be punished, too," Rogue said sleepily. "Ah'm just glad that ah don't have to feel guilty any more bout what ah did with Belle."

"Ah, bein, den, mon amour," Remy said with equal sleepiness in his voice. "I t'ink dat maybe we both oughta go downstair an' crash."

"Best plan ah heard today, sugah." Rogue kissed him. He pulled her to her feet. "Ah wanna sleep with ya in yar bed, Rem. Can we do that?"

"Don' see why not." Remy guided her down the stairs and to the bed he had claimed. The others were all deeply asleep. Rogue and Remy curled up around each other and went to sleep themselves.

* * *

To be continued. . . .