Subject: Family Matters, Chapter 7(M/F, spanking, sex, enema, fantasy)
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Family Matters, Chapter 7

This is a new chapter in an ongoing story. The previous chapters are available on Laura's page which address I do not have handy right now. If you want me to repost the previous chapters on the newsgroup, just ask and I will do so.

Standard disclaimer. This story contains spankings given to adult women, sex, an enema given for punishment, and more sex. If any of that squicks you, don't read it. It also contains a lot of plot. If that doesn't interest you, don't read it. If you are under 18, go away and don't read this.

My sincere thanks and acknowledgments to Vashti for her careful copy editing of this story. Any remaining mistakes are entirely my responsibility.

* * *

The time Rogue spent in the corner seemed interminable to her. She wondered if Remy would ever feel sober enough to proceed with her punishment. But she was pretty sure it was not a good idea to question him.

He finally spoke, "So, do you agree wit me, p'tite? Do you t'ink you might 'ave earned yourse'f a good hard spankin'?"

Rogue swallowed hard. It was not a question she wanted to answer, but he seemed willing to wait for her answer. "Ah think so, Remy," she said reluctantly.

He chuckled, "You t'ink what, p'tite?" He took her by her arm and led her back over to the bed. He sat down and held her standing by his side with her shorts still down around her knees and her panties banded at her upper thighs. She felt dreadfully exposed and embarrassed.

Rogue blushed furiously and swallowed hard again. She couldn't believe he would make her say the words.

"Ah think Ah might've earned ma'self a. . .uh. . .uh. . ."

"A what, Rogue?"

She blushed again, shaking her head, "Ya know, what ya said." She looked down, unwilling to meet his eyes.

"Is it so hard ta say, cher?" Remy took her face in his hand and turned her to look at him. He put one gentle hand under her chin.

She looked at him, saw loving amusement on his face, and felt a surge of intense irritation. She jerked her face out of his grip and looked down again. "Ah don't have to say it, Remy. And ah won't."

He shook his head, "I's late, cherie. Maybe' we just shou'dn't do dis tonight if it be so hard for you to talk about, heh?"

Rogue felt a confusing rush of emotions. She certainly didn't want to be spanked, but neither did she wish to be so cavalierly dismissed. Or at least she didn't think she wanted to be spanked.

Remy went on, "We were up all night, last night, hmm, p'tite? And you have t' be on de Black Bird at 0600, heh? Mebbe, it be best if I just send you t' bed and we get on wit dis some o'ter time?"

Rogue felt a wave of unreasonable fury. She reached down and jerked her panties and shorts back up around her waist. She was not in the mood for an argument while half naked.

"Ah slept all afternoon, dammit, Remy. Ah don't need more than a nap before getting on the Black Bird." Remy leaned back on his elbows and looked at her with a curious mixture of amusement and irritation. His long auburn hair was tossed every which way around his face as it had dried from the shower taken after she had thrown his supper tray in his face. As she looked into his deep-set eyes, she felt as if something were melting inside her.

"So, den why don' you tell me what you deserve from me for your li'tle tantrum, heh, p'tite?" His demand was implacable.

She sighed and turned away. "Ah don't suppose it would be possible for you and me to just make love without going through all this?" she asked in a subdued voice.

"Was it possible for you and me t' just make love witout you t'rowing my dinner in my face, cher?"

She shrugged, still refusing to meet his eyes. She was not going to give him the satisfaction of playing the game by his rules. He could spank her if he so chose even though she was capable of stopping him if she took off the collar that nullified her powers. But she would be damned if he would make her tell him that she deserved to be spanked, even if she did. There was something in that line of thought that seemed reasonable to her although she could not have explained it if she tried.

Remy sighed and took her again by her arm. "It be too late at night, p'tite, t' go t'rough all dis nonsense. I gonna spank you and spank you hard and long. Dere will come a time when you admit dat you deserve what you got comin' but I not gonna wait for you t' make dat admission t'night."

He pulled her face down over his lap. Rogue felt an astonishing degree of relief, mingled with fear and dread. Remy took her shorts down again and then put his fingers into the waistband of her panties.

"I gonna take dese down, cher. Isn't dat what you deserve?" he asked.

She did not answer. He pulled her panties down. She felt a rush of cool air on her bare bottom and clenched her buttocks in anticipation.

Remy spanked her thoroughly with the hairbrush he had brought in from the bathroom. Within moments she was sobbing and protesting. He did not seem to listen, but continued to spank all over her bare bottom and upper legs. She felt them burning and hurting and she wiggled and twisted in vain.

It was a long spanking. Even as her butt burned with pain she felt intense erotic sensations in her private parts. He caressed her blistered bare behind and then raised her into his lap holding her tight. He kissed her tears away and put one hand between her legs fingering the wetness he found there.

"Get your clothes off, Remy," she gasped as she grabbed his mouth with hers and kissed him in return.

He laughed and stripped her of her shorts, panties and t-shirt. He pulled off his shirt and jeans. Rogue's eyes widened as she saw his naked butt. It was even more bruised, reddened, and blistered than it had been the night before.

"Remy, what on earth?" she demanded. He shrugged elegantly, tossing his hair back out of his face.

"I got myself spanked again, p'tite," he said quietly. "I was feelin' real bad and I said dat I wan'ed t' kill myself. Logan, he was not real pleased wit dat. So he took my pants down and spanked my butt again. It okay. I had it comin' an' I guess I musta wan'ed it. An' you see, I can say de damn word witout fallin' t' pieces. I got a spankin' and I deserved it. Why dat so hard for you t' say?"

"Do you enjoy admitting that, Remy?" Rogue asked tightly.

Remy's eyes filled with tears that he did not want. He shook his head. "No, cher, I don' like any of it." Rogue tried to pull him into her arms, but he resisted. "I wan' t' make love t' you, p'tite," he said in a voice that shook slightly.

She ignored his efforts to pull away from her and gathered him tightly to her breast. "And ah want to make love to ya, ya silly Cajun. And it is okay with me that ya are upset as all hell that ya got yourself spanked again, love. Looks ta me like it still hurts pretty badly."

"No," Remy protested, "it not hurt much at all."

"Then why are ya cryin', love?" Rogue gently pulled at the auburn hair that lay across her arm.

"My heart, it hurts, not my butt." Remy admitted as his tears continued to leak against her chest.

"Would ya please tell me about it?"

Remy took a deep breath and told her about it. He explained the memories that had come up and his feelings of guilt and shame about what he had believed was his betrayal of his childhood parents. He tried to explain how sick and disgusted he felt with himself about his behavior before joining the X-Men. And he told her how disappointed he was that he was not going on the missions assigned for the morning.

Rogue felt deeply guilty as she listened. Remy had been through another round of hell that day and she had responded by raging at him and throwing his dinner tray in his face. She was also aware, for perhaps the first time, how fragile he felt inside.

"Oh, Remy, ya done had one helluva a bad day, sugah," she said quietly. He nodded, his face still against her chest. "But, hon, ah gotta a question to ask ya." He nodded again. "Ya were cryin' as long as ya were talkin' about gettin' your bottom spanked. And ya sounded depressed as all hell while ya were talkin' about the rest of the day, but ya stopped cryin', sugah. What is that about?"

"I don' know," Remy shook his head and looked up into her face. "Did I really stop cryin' as soon as I stopped talkin' about bein' spanked?"

"Yeah, sugah. Ah think ya're more upset about the spankin' than ya might be willin' to say."

Remy took a deep breath and pushed himself away from her. He sat on the edge of the bed and buried his face in his hands. There were several moments of silence.

"I hate it!" he admitted explosively.

Rogue reached out and touched him gently on the shoulder. "Tell me about it, Remy."

Remy took a deep breath and tried to settle himself and explain. The words came to him haltingly, "When de moment comes when I know I gonna be spanked, I. . .feel weird, p'tite. I feel like I know dat I deserve it and I know I gonna get it, but I hate it. I don' wan' it and I do wan' it. I'm scared den, cherie." He took a very deep breath.

"It's okay to be scared, Remy, sugah." Rogue felt helpless and confused. She had always seen Remy as a very powerful and potent man. She suddenly was seeing him as a frightened child. And she wasn't sure she understood.

Remy went on, the words rushing out , "I hate goin' over Logan's knees. I hate it when he takes my pants down. I feel miserable wit my bare behind over his lap. I hate it. I just hate it. I feel ashamed and humiliated and. . .stupid. Dere I am a supposed t' be a grown man, wit my pants down and my butt bare over his knees about to get my bottom spanked like a little boy. . . And den I also feel relieved. . . like, I know what I got comin' t' me and I about t' get it. . . like I wan' it an' I don' wan' it all at de same time. . . An' den he starts to whack de hell out o' me and I know I don' wan' it, but I don' wan' him t'stop. . .I wan' t' be punished and punished forever and forever an' I almos' don' wan' him to ever stop. . . like if I could ever be punished enough den maybe it might be okay for me to live. . ." Remy took a deep breath that caught slightly between the inhale and the exhale. "I r'lly don' understand it. I don' know why I wan' to be so punished."

He went on, "An' I know it gonna happen ag'in and ag'in. I gonna keep gettin' my self int' trouble an' I gonna keep gettin' myself spanked r'lly hard and I don' know how to stop dis. I don' know why I doin' dis. I don' know why I need so bad t' be so punished. But I know dat is what I seem t' need."

Rogue held him tightly and stroked his back, comforting him as best she could. She wasn't at all sure she understood, but she loved him deeply, both the strong man and the confused child within him.

"So, you see, p'tite, I not sure at all why you even wan' t' be here wit me. I just a walkin', talkin' disaster area," Remy didn't look at her as he held his face against her chest. "Mebbe, it wou'd be best if I just wen' back t' Sinister."

Rogue thought of several responses she could make and decided that simplicity would probably serve both of them best.

"Ah should nevah have said that, Remy and ah'm sorry. Ah want ya to make love to me, sugah, because ah love ya."

Remy laughed and pulled his face away from her breast. He looked at her, "You crazy, girl." He kissed her deeply and long. She shuddered as she felt strong stirrings in her crotch. Her bottom still tingled and burned from the spanking he had given her and she felt more than ready to make love.

She moved her head down his body kissing and licking him gently until she reached his her goal. She took his cock in her hands and licked it lightly. He shivered and buried his hands in her hair.

"Ah never done this before, Remy," she said.

"You don' have t' do it now," he responded.

"I want to." She took the head into her mouth and licked it like an ice cream cone around and around. Then she moved her mouth up and down the shaft. She was playing and experimenting with her power to drive him to a state of profound arousal. It was fun. And it worked.

After many long minutes of her mouth moving on his cock, she swung around and looked into his face. He looked very young and vulnerable and aroused. She laughed. "Did ya like that?" she teased. He nodded and reached for her. She resisted and swung her body over his. "Okay for me to try out how it feels on top?"

Remy nodded and Rogue carefully lowered herself onto him, slipping him inside of her gently. He moaned and she began to move. It was exquisite for her. Orgasm after orgasm swept through her as she controlled the feel of his cock inside of her and against her. Her movements intensified and he came suddenly gripping her sore bottom with his hands. She came yet again and fell over him sighing deeply with pleasure and relief.

"Oh, cherie," he gasped, as he spasmed again and again. She laughed out loud.

"That was good," she commented. He nodded and then started to grow heavy eyed with exhaustion. "Ah think we should both try to sleep."

He nodded and she slipped off from on top of him and curled up beside him.

"Remy," she said quietly. He looked at her. "Ah am really sorry ah was so mean to ya when ya got back to your room."

"No problem, cher. We okay now." He pulled her into his arms and drifted off to sleep. She soon followed him.

Remy stirred into wakefulness at 5:30. His father's voice was in his head asking him to wake, dress, and meet the crew leaving at 6:00.

He agreed and woke Rogue.

Warren and his crew were ready to leave by the time that Remy got to the hanger He waved a farewell and looked at his father with questions in his eyes.

The professor acknowledged him with a nod of his head, "The one detail we neglected last night was asking Remy where we would be likely to find Sinister or his records."

"Boston," Remy said quietly feeling very subdued and very left out.

"Boston?" the professor asked.

"He had a major lab located beneat' what used t' be de Public Health Hospital in Brighton. It has never been detect'd by anyone." Remy looked at Logan who was scowling at the ground. He took a deep breath and told himself that Logan's anger had nothing to do with him.

He looked at Storm who looked sleeplessly tired and miserable. He wondered if they were having problems.

"If I cou'd go wit you all, I cou'd show you his lab and projects," he offered.

"No. You are stuck here, Remy. Sorry." Charles shook his head.

Remy felt a moment of blinding fury. "So, you need me to tell you how t' get in and how t' access his computers?" he said tightly, struggling to calm himself. "It would be easier if I were dere."

His father was acutely aware of the emotions raging inside of his son and equally aware of how fiercely he strived to contain them. He rewarded him with a warm smile and squelched him with a compassionate shake of his head.

"You could have told all of us about this lab and led us to it any time since you have been with us, Remy," he said. "You chose to keep your secrets for fear of being found out. Now you're paying the price. You are staying here."

Remy glared at him and then looked down. His anger battled with feelings of intense shame and guilt. The shame and guilt won for the moment.

"Okay," he said softly. "I'll tell you everyt'ing I know about how t' find it and get in and get access t' his files. I was never dere, myself, but I hacked int' his files as much as I could and I should be able t' tell you a lot. He may have changed his security systems, but he might not have. He never knew how much I got int' dem."

The professor nodded his approval, "I'll leave you to brief the group. Hank and I need to leave for Muir Island."

Remy nodded, still feeling miserable. His father caught him by the arm and pulled his face down closer to his own. "Remy," he said quietly, "I am proud of how you're handling this. You're doing well."

Remy closed his eyes and tried to take in the words of support and praise. It was difficult. He mainly felt intense remorse and shame. His stomach was churning.

The professor put his hand on Remy's arm for a brief moment then and headed for his transport. Hank paused before following.

"Gambit," he said in cool, matter of fact tones. Remy turned to him. "I'm counting on you to continue our work while I'm gone." Remy nodded an acknowledgment without really meeting his eyes. Hank waited for a moment and then with a sigh followed Charles.

Remy stared at the floor for several minutes and then looked up to the team awaiting their mission. His face was clear of all feelings and his voice was business only, "Okay, guys, let me tell all dat I know about how t' get int' Sinister's lab and puters."

Hank suddenly hurried back. "Gambit, I connected the communication systems up to your terminal with voice and audio transmission and internet access. We'll all be making reports back to you to relay to everyone else. I gave you a code book and instructions for encryption. Can you handle it?"

Remy felt faintly bemused. Off limits from the missions, but trusted to be the communications liaison? Oh, well. A fraction of the loaf was better than no loaf at all. He was slightly gratified to be so trusted. He nodded with relief. Hank nodded back and hurried away again.

Gambit turned back to Scott, Jean, Wolverine, Rogue, and Storm to give his instructions on to gain entrance to Sinister's lab and computer systems. They listened carefully.

The Black Bird left for Boston at around 8:00 am.

Remy went back to his room and activated the computer to await for reports, relay communication, and work on the data on the Legacy virus that Hank had left him to analyze. He looked out his window and sighed deeply. It was going to be boring and galling to be left alone to work on the computer while the others were involved in their various missions.

* * *

Raven shuddered with dread as Forge's hand between her legs guided her, bare-bottomed through the halls of the headquarters of X-Factor to her room so he could continue the punishment which he had promised her. She felt idiotically exposed and embarrassed with her shorts and tights down around the top of her thighs and her spanked bare bottom in full view. A part of her was apprehensive of the prospect of running into another member of the team while she was so exposed and obviously being punished. Another part was drifting into an erotic haze of dreamy satisfaction and anticipation of the unexpected fulfillment of her desire for Forge and the prospect of more sex to come. Yet another part was filled with a strange sense of guilt, fear, and shame as she contemplated the further punishment.

There was much that she had done in her long life about which she had every reason to feel guilt and shame. For the most part, she had succeeded in not thinking about any of it. She had done what was needed to survive in a world hostile to mutants. If some of her behavior had violated any sense of morals and ethics, well, that was too damn bad. She had survived. And she had helped others that she loved to survive. If she had badly failed and hurt some of her loved ones, as well as people who mattered little to her, then, so be it. She had always had a sublime talent, like Scarlet O'Hara, to think about unpleasant events and behaviors "tomorrow." What really mattered to her was living through "today." She had a feeling that there would be no basis for a relationship with Forge until her "yesterdays" were dealt with "today."

The prospect did not seem pleasant, but perhaps inevitable. He was not the kind of man who was willing to leave the past unaccounted for.

And Forge's opinion of her mattered to her. He mattered to her. She knew that her actions in the past horrified him. It gave her pause and made it less easy to delay the accountability for her actions to some unspecified "tomorrow." Maybe it was time to assess, acknowledge, and repent. Maybe that would appease this man who mattered to her more than she wanted to admit. But the prospect filled her with a shaky sense of vulnerability and shame. She didn't know if she could handle taking responsibility for her many violations of sane and decent behavior. There were too many times. Too many violations.

Forge's hand between her legs with one finger thrust up inside her and his thumb against her anal opening pushed her relentlessly through the vacant halls. She had never expected such rough and humiliating punishment from this man. She had never been so punished and certainly not by anyone about whom she cared and whom she believed to be a decent and honorable person.

Honor. Now there was a concept about which she had allowed herself little thought over the years. Honor had seemed quite secondary to survival.

Forge was one of the most honorable people she had ever known. Such was the truth about most of the mutants recruited by Professor Charles Xavier. Honor for them had been the beacon that they followed. She felt a new, rushing sense of shame. And a simultaneous feeling of anger. She had followed her heart and done the best she could to protect herself and her loved ones.

They reached her room without encountering any of the other team members of X-Factor, the government sanctioned group of powerful mutants who assisted in the protection of "normal humans." Mystique sighed with relief. She would have been humiliated beyond hope if they had run into Polaris or WildChild in the halls, watching her bare butt being guided through the facility.

Forge led her into the room and then pushed her face down over the back of her couch with her bare butt up in the air. Her face went down to the pillows of the sofa. He let her go and delivered a powerful smack against the still sore globes of her behind. It hurt and she grunted with pain and a creeping sense that she deserved whatever punishment he planned to give her. The feeling dismayed her. She had wanted all of this to be purely sexual. She did not want to even approach thinking about all the "sins" from her checkered past.

"I think it might be time to punish you again, Raven," Forge said with quiet, iron control. "I think it might be time for another bare bottomed spanking."

Raven closed her eyes and tried to prepare herself. Her bottom was already hurting. She really did not want another spanking.

"Maker, please, do not, do this to me. I'll do whatever you want, but I don't need or want another spanking. Enough is enough. You've proven your point."

"And what do you think my point is, Raven?" Forge asked with savage anger in his voice. "Yes, I want you and God, or Ifnie, or the Great Trickster help me, I think I might be in love with you. But we have no foundation for any sort of sane relationship if I ignore what you have been and what you have done. I can either punish you until you have sufficiently paid for what you have done or I will have to simply eject you from my life. Your choice, Mystique. What shall it be?"

She wondered for several moments if there was really any choice for her. She had never loved another man as she loved this one. Maybe in some ways she had loved Irene as much as she adored Forge, but Irene had accepted her without question and had understood and forgiven her rage and drive for vengeance. Of course, Irene had known more than Forge about all the good she had done and the feelings that drove her to survive and protect. Maybe someday Forge would understand her as Irene had. In the meantime, she had a choice to make.

"Go ahead," she said softly, "satisfy yourself that I have been punished as much as I deserve. If that is all I can do to earn your love. I need it, Maker. I need you."

Forge's hand spanked into her bottom again with blazing fury. Without thought, she kicked and tried to move away. He captured her hands at the small of her back and restrained her over the back of the couch with her tights and shorts still down around her thighs. He spanked her soundly with his hard, right, human hand. It hurt badly against her already raw and blistered bottom. But there was no escape. He had reprogrammed the chip in her brain in a way that prevented her morphing into something or someone else. She had no choice but to endure her punishment.

And he punished her thoroughly. He spanked until she was sobbing again and scolded her while he spanked her.

"Why don't we start with what you did to Rogue," he suggested with stern disapproval as he smacked his hand into her bare butt. "You 'adopted' her when her parents threw her out. You gave her love and encouraged her to depend on you. You taught her to call you 'Mama.' And then you used her love and need for your approval to manipulate her into helping you fight your senseless wars of revenge. You launched her at Carol Danvers and told her to steal her powers with her touch. Rogue ended up hating herself for what she had done to Carol. How could you have so used an innocent child?"

Raven felt stricken. She had loved Rogue. She had wanted a daughter and she had loved Rogue deeply and dearly. But her powers had been such a temptation. Her incredible ability to absorb the memories, powers, and life of another with a simple touch had been in an irresistible temptation to use in her drives for revenge. She had loved Rogue. But she had used her without a thought. It was one of those things she had not wanted to think about until a "tomorrow" that never came. But Forge was demanding a "tomorrow" at this very instant. Today.

She felt a wrenching sense of loss for the girl who had finally left and asked for the help of Charles Xavier in controlling her powers and using them for good instead of vengeance. And she was intensely aware that she was being punished for her use of an innocent child. Her bare bottom felt scoured with pain.

She sobbed with stricken remorse. Yet, a part of her wily brain schemed to give him what she supposed he wanted: guilt, repentance, and remorse.

She begged, apologized, admitted her guilt and faults and pleaded with him to stop the blistering of her bottom.

Forge was very little fooled. He blazed her butt into a blistered, aching source of pain before he stopped.

"Okay, Raven," he said quietly. "You can get up, now."

Mystique rose to her feet and looked at him from beneath lowered lashes. She was more than ready for more intense sex. She hoped her flirtatious glance would entice him.

He shook his head. "No, Raven. It's not time to make love again. I think it's time to put your bare butt back into the corner. March, girl." He took her by the arm and yanked her over to the corner of her bedroom and stood her there with her bare, blistered butt facing the room. "Stay here," he commanded. "I'll be choosing the clothes I want you to wear while we go out to choose a switch for your next spanking."

Raven stood in the corner, trembling and starting to feel the beginnings of terrified despair. Never, never had she been so punished before. Oh, yes, she had been tortured, imprisoned, and interrogated. She had been in many a combat mission and had laid her life on the line. But none of that was punishment. It had been war and survival and combat. Never had anyone she loved demanded accountability for her questionable behavior. Never before had she painfully punished by someone whom she might actually love.

Forge rummaged through her drawers and closets, selecting the clothing that he wanted her to wear. He laid it out on her bed and then sat on the couch and contemplated her bare, blistered bottom in the corner as the some of the purply redness faded and her skin tones were gradually faded back to a more normal hue.

"Okay," he said finally. "You can change now."

Raven left the corner with shaky legs and approached the bed. He had laid out stockings, a garter belt, panties, a bra, a blouse, and a simple skirt. She peeled herself out of her costume and changed into the clothes he had chosen. She winced as she pulled the panties up over her sore bottom.

"Now," Forge said grimly, "you and I are going outside to cut a switch with which I will continue to spank your butt."

He took her by the arm and guided her to the door. She was almost overcome with her sense of terror-stricken dread. She had never imagined that Forge would be so grim, stern and inexorable.

He took her outside and told her to choose a switch. She felt overwhelmed by his implacably stern demeanor. She didn't know quite what to do. But she chose a switch and they went back to her suite of rooms.

She didn't think she could endure a switching. After the time in the corner and the trip to the yard, much of the painful throbbing of her bottom had subsided. But she wanted the ordeal to end. She knew that Forge was essentially a compassionate person. She hoped to convince him to stop.

"Maker," she said with quiet, desperate pleading "I am sorry. I am truly sorry. Please, don't punish me any more." She waited, hoping. She was astonished when he laughed.

He chuckled, "Raven, your punishment has barely begun."

He sat on the couch and pulled her face down over his knees. She felt deeply scared. He raised her skirt over her waist and put his fingers into the chaste white cotton panties he had chosen for her to wear. She shivered with dread and fear and mumbled an inarticulate protest as he took those panties down to the middle to her thighs and then paused. There she was again, bottom bared, awaiting a painful spanking. She felt the bands of her garter belt biting into the sides of her naked butt. And then he raised the switch high, and started to welt her quivering behind.

It hurt like blazes. She wiggled and screamed aloud as the switch bit into her bottom. She could feel the red and smarting marks it raised on her butt.

"And this spanking is for the nonchalant way that you abandoned your infant son to a mob in Eastern Europe," Forge said firmly as he switched her.

Raven felt a new sense of shame and guilt as the switch descended on her bottom. "It didn't really happen the way I told them," she almost screamed.

"Oh?" Forge continued to switch her.

"NOOOO," Raven shrieked, "Please, don't."

Forge paused, "Then tell me what really happened, girl. NOW."

Raven had been living a small Eastern European village when her son, Kurt, now called Nightcrawler, had been born. She had succeeded in passing herself off as a "normal" human during her pregnancy. But there was no way to explain to the fearful villagers the emergence of a blue skinned infant with a forked tail. The villagers had turned into a angry mob, determined to kill both mother and the child as mutants. She had told both Kurt and Rogue that she had morphed herself into the appearance of one of the villagers and that she had deflected their raging fury by hurling the infant child over a waterfall to a certain death. She had claimed she had abandoned and possibly murdered him without a second thought, simply to insure her own survival.

As she lay, bare bottomed over Forge's knees with the switch at rest, she told the truth.

"I did morph into one of the villagers. And I took a bundle of blankets and threw it over the cliff," she gasped. "But I had hidden my child nearby. And I had drugged him into an unconscious state to prevent him from crying out and being found and killed. It was a huge risk, but I wanted to save him."

The memories of the horrors of that night sent her a state of sobbing misery.

"When. . . when I went back for him, he. . .he was gone. . . " she sobbed. "I thought that maybe. . . an animal had carried him away. . . I searched and searched. I thought. . . he was dead."

"It was years later," she gulped, "it was years later that I found out that a gypsy group of circus performers and 'freaks' found the child and raised him as their own. They loved him. They gave him a life. What. . .what could I have done?"

She felt an agony of loss and fear across Forge's knees with her bare butt still raised over his knees. He blazed the switch again across her bottom. She screamed.

"Why did you lie to Kurt and Rogue?" he asked coldly. "Why did you try to convince them that you tried to kill your own child?" The switch cut her twice more across the curves of her naked butt.

"I wanted. . .him. . .to hate. . . me," she sobbed. "I. . .wanted. . .her. . .to hate me. . .I want. . .everyone. . . to hate me. . ."

Forge was silent for several long moments and then he asked with gentleness in his voice, "Why, Raven? Why do you want everyone to hate you."

She continued to sob and didn't respond.

"Why, Raven?" Forge striped her bottom again with the switch. "Why do you want everyone to hate you?"

"It's. . .easier. . . that way. Easier. . . to do all the things. . .I need. . .to do"

Forge sighed with deep exasperation. He knew, he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was somewhere within this stubborn woman a decent person with integrity and compassion. He had seen it within her on many occasion. But she had poisoned herself with anger and desires for vengeance. He was determined to break through the rationalizations and the denial and find that woman within her.

"So," he said, "you deserve to be switched for lying." He raised the switch high and continued to snap it across her bare and aching bottom. She was sobbing deeply. It was almost more than she could bear she and begged for him to stop, please, stop, please. . .

Forge sighed and said quietly, "I think it is time to move this whole agenda up to a completely stronger level of punishment. Raven, I am going to break you down until you are ready to admit that you have been wrong about doing all the things you thought so necessary to do."

Forge raised her to her feet. The skirt fell back down over her bare and blistered butt. She winced.

"What are you going to do?" she asked in a trembling voice.

"I'm going to take you to the bathroom, stick a nozzle up your bottom and give you a punishment enema."

That was more than Raven could take. She tried to morph and within seconds the chip in her skull directed a blast of unbearable pain throughout her whole body. She reverted back to her natural form and Forge had her by the arm, dragging her into the bathroom. He forced her to her knees beside the tub and bent her over, placing her on her elbows inside the tub with her knees on the bath mat. He flipped her skirt back up over her waist. Her panties were still down at her thighs and her bare bottom was high in the air.

"NOOOO, please," she begged almost beside herself with the agony of anticipating what he had threatened. She heard water running and the sounds of the enema bag being filled. "NOOOOO."

Forge separated the cheeks of her bare behind, revealing the little hole of her anus. She felt an sharp surge of shame and despair even as she felt the nozzle against her bottom opening.

She was deeply and profoundly humiliated. This was too much. The soapy water rushed into her bowels and she felt the cramping in her guts. The cramps made her crazy with hurt and embarrassment. She howled.

She squirmed and wiggled her butt in protest and then howled again as she felt the shock of a new, fierce spank of a hairbrush against her sore bottom.

"And while you are cramping and hurting from the enema, Ms. Super Tough Stuff, I am going to spank you again," Forge informed her. And he spanked her thoroughly and completely as she rested on her knees and elbows, half and half out of the tub while the soapy water churned in her bowels. Her bottom burnt with pain as he covered it with brisk spanking strokes of the brush. She was sobbing and screaming so hard that she could barely breath. She jerked and wiggled so hard in her attempts to escape the spanking that Forge had to restrain her with one arm firmly around her waist.

When Forge finally allowed her to sit on the toilet, with her burning butt cringing against the cold plastic, she emptied herself of the painful soapy water. Her blistered butt against the toilet seat felt abraded from the multiple spankings. She gasped with relief as she endured the shame of him watching her.

He took her arm again and guided her back into her bedroom. He put her over his lap, and flipped her skirt back up again above her waist. She felt motions that indicated that he was taking off his belt.

"NOOOO," she screamed frantically, "No, please. . .please. . .please, don't spank me again. I CAN'T. . ."

"You will," Forge said very quietly, "because I am going to give you another spanking and you will endure it." She screamed and protested futilely. Never had anything hurt so badly.

She was beyond thought. Life had become a matter of total sensation and all sensations simply hurt. She had behaved badly, over and over and this was the price to be paid. She sobbed and pleaded for it all to please, please, stop. It seemed endless. Tears streamed from her eyes and her nose ran as she screamed anew each time the looped belt lashed across her naked butt.

After what seemed an eternity, Forge took her by the arm again and guided her into the corner.

"I suggest you stand there, right now, Raven, and think about how bad you have been," he said carefully. "And thrust that bare and punished bottom out."

She did as she was told, feeling utterly humiliated, ashamed, and in pain. Never had she imagined such a punishment from a man she loved. But it was deserved. Oh, had she regretted losing her son. Oh, had she regretted using Rogue as she had. She felt dreadfully chastened. She stood in the corner with her bare bottom facing the room and sobbed with guilt, shame, and regret.

It seemed like hours before Forge took her by the arm again. He guided her over to the bed and placed her there on her knees with her legs apart.

She shuddered again and felt his hard, firm cock against her anus.

"Do you enjoy it up your butt?" he asked. She tensed and shuddered. No, she did not. It hurt and she wanted no more hurt.

"NOOOO," she protested, "NOO, please."

There was no response except for Forge's cock entering unexpectedly her vagina. Her bottom burned and yet the feel of him in her was deeply satisfying.

"Ohhh, God," she screamed in delight as orgasm after orgasm swept through her. She continued sobbing, but some of her sobs were of relief and joy.

Forge lay still above her shuddering body and sighed with happiness.

"This is just the beginning, Raven," he said quietly, "you have only just begun to experience your punishment for all you have done. I think I do love you and I will continue to love you, but your behavior has been deplorable for many a year and this is only the start."

Her sobbing increased and she fell away from him wracked with tears of fear, despair, shame, and pain. She curled up on her side and held herself as she wept deeply. Forge gathered her into his arms and held her tightly against his chest.

"I can't bear. . .any. . .more of. . .this," she sobbed. There was a broken and penitent tone in her voice that Forge had never heard before. He felt hopeful.

"You can bear it, Raven," he said gently. He held her tightly. "I'll be right there. And if we can get through all this, we will find a way to love each other."

She turned into his arms and clutched at him gratefully and with enormous need as she continued to shake with rending sobs. He held her, comforted her, and stroked her until her sobs began to subside.

"No. . .more. . .tonight?" she asked in a trembling voice that sounded younger and more vulnerable than any sound he had ever heard before from Raven.

"No more punishment tonight," he reassured her. "But do you think you might be interested in making love again? It seem something has come up."

Raven managed a chuckle through her sobs and nodded. Forge gently and carefully removed her clothes and his and laid her on her back. She winced as her sore bottom touched the sheets and he paused.

"Can you manage it this way?" he asked. She nodded again, looking up at him with eyes full of tears and love.

"I want. . .you. . .on top," she admitted.

"And I want us face to face," he said. He removed his own clothing and entered her gently. Her hips rose to meet his and they rocked against one another, finding each other's rhythms and satisfactions.

Raven's bottom was raw and burning against the sheets of her bed, but somehow that only seemed to increase the urgent throbbing between her legs. She rose to meet Maker's thrusts against her over and over and came intensely more times than she could count until once again the entire world was one of intense sensation, but this time all she could feel was rushing, pounding ecstasy. It was a moment of painful shock when he suddenly grabbed her raw and burning bottom with both hands and spasmed against her powerfully with his own orgasm, but the moment of sharp and sudden pain rocketed her to yet another orgasm of her own. For a moment, she was totally out of her mind with bliss and close to losing consciousness. All she could do was emit low sighs of moaning pleasure.

When she opened her eyes, Maker was looking down at her with warmth and satisfaction. She reached a hand up to touch his face and stroked his cheek gently. He kissed her softly on the mouth.

"I don't think that I have ever been here, before," she said with wonder.

"Nor I," he admitted, "but, I think, if we want to, we might be able to come back."

She nodded and felt herself falling asleep, exhausted from all of the incredible ordeal of that day. Forge eased himself gently out of her and lay down beside her. He looked at her for several long moments before allowing himself to drift toward sleep. He thought that he and Raven still had much to work out, but for the first time in longer than he wanted to contemplate, he thought it possible that he might have a chance at a relationship with this strong, powerful, and very difficult woman.