Subject: STORY: Will & Sara Chapter 8: Sara's Moment (M/f)
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Will & Sara Chapter 8: Sara's Moment

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* * *

Sara got home from school early, and found that her mom had gone out. The note said,

"Hi, honey. Going to the store. Snacks are in the fridge. See you in about an hour. Love, Mommy."

Sara didn't want anything to eat. All day she had been thinking about one thing and one thing only, and she really didn't understand why. She wanted a spanking. She wanted a long, hard, bare bottom spanking from her dad. She was 14 for heaven's sake. Why did she want to be spanked? And what made it worse, was that her dad was not going to be home until late that night. Usually, when she felt like this, she knew she could find a way to end up over his knees before the evening was over. And then while she was being spanked, she would wonder why she wanted it in the first place. Her daddy's spankings were always so painful -- and pleasurable. God, what was wrong with her, she thought. When she had been little, she was scared to death of being spanked. Now, she wanted spankings more than anything. Absent-mindedly, she pressed the the crotch of her jeans up against the edge of the table. The pleasure surged up from her vulva into her tummy and she arched her back. She looked at the note again. An hour, huh.

Sara turned and went to the stairs. She bit her lip. She started back to the kitchen. No. She really needed to do this. She went up the stairs and into her room. She closed the door behind her. She could feel the excitement building inside her. She felt the now familiar wetness between the lips of her vulva, along with the tingling in her clitoris. She closed the shades and walked to her desk chair. Now she was breathing deeply as she slid the desk chair to the center of the room, right where her daddy always placed it for her spankings.

She went and pulled the pillow off her bed and went back to the chair. She laid the pillow across the seat of the chair, and stood to the right of the the chair -- right where she stood when she was going to get a spanking.

"I'm sorry Daddy. I know I was naughty."

She heard her daddy's voice in her mind.

"I know I have to be spanked. I know......"

The tingling was becoming overwhelming. Sara unsnapped her Jeans and then unzipped them. She pushed them down her thighs to her knees. Sliding her right hand up her right thigh, she brushed her finger tips over the mound of her vulva under her cotton panties. She gasped at the pleasure. She could feel the swelling button of her clitoris, so she stroked her finger directly on her favorite pleasure spot. She moaned and bent slightly at the waist.

"Please, Daddy, can't I keep my panties up?"

The daddy in her mind shook his head and told her to pull her panties down.

Sara slid her panties down to her knees along with her jeans. Again, she slid her hand up her thigh to her vulva. She lightly stroked the cleft of her vulva and moved her finger in a light circle around her swollen clitoris. Moaning she spread her legs and continued to caress the hot, wet lips of her vulva. With her left hand, she began to lightly caress her bottom, concentrated on the cleft of her bottom -- starting at the top and sliding down slowly.

Sara, tightened her belly and curled her toes as the pleasure of her caresses began to build the excitement in her belly. Oh, God, she thought, I want a spanking soooooooo baaaaaaaad. She looked down at the chair and the pillow. Leaning forward she lowered herself over the pillow, but it was no longer a pillow -- it was her daddy's lap she was bending over for her spanking. Laying across the fantasy lap, she reached back and pulled the pillow up between her legs, and closed her legs tightly so that it was pressing against her vulva.

"I'm soooo sorry Daddy. Please don't spank me hard."

In her mind her daddy began to spank her bare bottom. His hand spanked down hard on her bare left bottom cheek, then on the right. She began to wiggle and squirm. With each wiggle or squirm, the swollen lips of her vulva slid open and her clitoris pressed against the pillow. Sara began to moan and groan as her fantasy spanking continued. She could almost feel her daddy's spanks smacking down on her bare bottom, making it quiver and jiggle. She felt tears burning her eyes -- but they were tears of unbelievable pleasure. Her vulva and clitoris tingled with exquisite excitement. She wiggled and squirmed to push her crotch tighter against the pillow. The spanking in her mind was now at its peak. Her daddy was spanking relentlessly, smacking her bottom harder and harder. She was wiggling and kicking her feet, as if she were getting a real spanking. She was almost in agony, the pleasure was so intense, but she could not come.

In her mind, she heard her daddy tell her to stand up. Pushing herself up off the pillow, Sara looked into the full length mirror opposite the chair. The lips of her vulva were swollen and pink with excitement. The button of her clitoris poked out from between the two lips. Sara was so excited, she couldn't stand it. With her right hand, she again began to stroke the cleft of her vulva. . . .

"Would you like some help with that, cutie?"

Sara spun around and stumbled over her bunched up jeans. Will caught her as she almost fell on her face. Embarrassed, she looked up into her lover's face and giggled a little. Will held her close and cupped her bottom, pulling her hips up tight against himself. Sara gasped at the pleasure.

"H-H-How long have you been there watching?"

"long enough to watch you doing the bump and grind with your cute little hiney."

"ohhh, God, Will. I am sooooo embarrassed!"

"You are, huh?"

Will led her back to the chair and pushed the pillow off. He sat down and gently laid Sara over his lap.

"So who was the fantasy spanker this time, young lady? Me or your dad?"

Sara bit her lip and lied.

"You were"

Will spanked her bottom once.


He smiled and began to spank Sara, gently at first and then harder and harder. Pretty soon, he was spanking her as hard as she ever recalled being spanked. Tears began to stream from her eyes. Sara began to wiggle and squirm again. The stinging in her bottom was sooooo intense. And now she was feeling it translated as an even more intense tingling in her vulva. Will continued to spank her hard. He spanked relentlessly and fast. The stinging was incredible. Sara felt the flames ignited in her bottom, and she spread her legs wide and pressed her vulva against Will's thigh. Waves of the most incredible pleasure surged up out of her clitoris and into her tummy. Sara's tummy muscles bunched with the pleasure, as the orgasm made her gasp and squeal. Will stopped spanking her and began to caress her vulva. Pressing on her clitoris, he made the pleasure continue for what seemed like forever. Sliding his finger into her, he quickly found the right spot and began to caress again. Sara's reaction was immediate. She gasped, quivered, and immediately experienced an orgasm more powerful than the first. Sara moaned and rolled her hips. This was the most fantastic sensation. She loved it when Will masturbated her like this. She loved the position -- it was so. . . so. . . personal and little girl-like. She loved it when she was his little girl getting spanked. The orgasms were so intense this way. But she was soooooo embarrassed that he saw her masturbating with the pillow. She had been doing that for a while now, and he had never caught her, and nowww. . . . welllll. . . . her secret was out.

Will slid her off his lap. He looked down at her and smiled.

"So are you going to be a good girl now, young lady?"

"Yes sir. I'm sorry"



"Thank you."

He smiled again. They had been together only a couple of months. The sex was incredible. But being spanked and masturbated was still her favorite thing. She loved him soooo much. He had always done this kind of thing for her, and now she wanted to do something for him.

Sara slid between his legs, on her knees, and unzipped his shorts. His erect penis was obvious inside his shorts, but now free of its bonds, it popped out easily. Sara smiled and began to slowly stroke it. He groaned and shifted on the chair. Sara was content, and Will would be soon.

End part VIII