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Will & Sara Chapter 6

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* * *

I should have known things would not stay wonderful for long. As much as I wanted to believe that Sara was an adult, she really was only nineteen. And nineteen-year-olds, no matter how educated, sometimes acted impulsively -- and foolishly. There were times in those first few months when I felt like I was raising six kids. . . my own four, plus Jessie, plus Sara. The toughest thing I had to do at times, was differentiate between those wonderful times when I could put Sara over my knee for a love spanking followed by a long and gentle loving and those times when I found myself putting her over my knee for a long and not-so-gentle spanking of the more serious variety.

Oh, and then there were the girls! Lest anyone think that their visits to the spanking chair might of ended or the frequency of those visits decreased, please think again. I knew early on in my relationship with Sara, that I could very easily separate the special spankings she received and those of the disciplinary variety that were necessitated by the misbehaviour of youngsters. I absolutely did not like having to administer a disciplinary spanking---either to one of the girls or to Sara, but there were times. . . oh, lord there were times. . . when I simply had to use the ultimate weapon in the Father's Disciplinary Arsenal. I've said it before and even now, twenty years later, I find myself saying it to my grandchildren, "As my daddy use to say, 'A spank in time, stops the crime.'" And I think he probably heard it from his daddy, just before he was marched to the spanking chair. It's a method that works, and when it is used with love, then the results are generally good.

What sends me of on this bit of a tirade were two events that took place the day after I had caressed and loved Sara that first time. Now, if you remember from some earlier events that took place in this little reminiscence, Aunt Jane was supposed to come for a cook out the next day. And, I should mention that Sara did not stay the night, although the girls were away and it would have been most convenient. I did not think, and nor did she, that it was appropriate. So, at about midnight, I kissed Sara goodnight, escorted her next door, told her I would see her the next day, kissed her again at the door, and went back to my own lonely bed. I certainly believed that everything was fine, and considering the fact that Sara had volunteered to go pick up the girls the next morning, I had no reason to believe that there was anything I should be concerned about. Naive, I believe, should be my middle name.

I awoke at about eight the next morning, showered, trimmed my beard, went to the kitchen for breakfast, and noticed that Sara was pulling out of the drive . . . . to get the girls I supposed. I made my breakfast -- probably my usual, frozen waffles and strawberries, ate, and had time to read the morning paper before I heard Sara's car return. About two minutes later, a number of loud children came bounding into my peaceful domain, each screaming that she had the shower first. Mary Beth won simply by virtue of her speed up the stairs and her ability to lock the door before anyone else could get up the stairs. What that meant, however, was that the rest of the girls were condemned to tepid -- if not downright cold -- showers. Mary Beth was not one to conserve hot water when it came to washing her Ladyship's hair. Jennifer, Meghan, and Jessie did not take this lightly mind you. They proceeded to . . . uhhh . . . to uhhh. . . Jessie? Now, why on earth would Jessie be upstairs banging on the bathroom door along with Jennifer and Meghan? Danni, who was curled up at the foot of the stairs didn't care one way or another if she got a bath this week or next month, but why was Jessie here? I had a sinking feeling as I looked out the kitchen window and noticed that Sara's car -- and more than likely, Sara along with it -- was now AWOL.

"Girls?. . . . . Girls!. . . . . GIRLS! . . . . GIRLS!"

That last bellow got their attention. Unfortunately, it started a whole new clamour as the three of them stood at the top of the stairs hopping up and down shouting down at me.

"Daddy! It's not fair! Mary Beth always gets in there first!"

"Yeah! Besides, she'll use up all the hot water on her stooopid hair!"

"Yeah! An' she pushed me outta the way jus' tuh get up there first."

"Daddy? . . . . Daddy? . . . . Daddeeee! . . . . . DAD-DEEEEEE!"

That got my attention. It was Danni, tugging on my pant leg and trying to get me to answer her. I looked down. Her little face was all screwed up, she was hopping up and down, and had her right hand between her legs pressing up against her crotch in that time-honored signal so typical of little girls.

"Daddeeeeeee! I gots tuh peeeeeeee!"

I quickly picked up my little angel and walked up the stairs to the accompaniment of a cacophany of further protests from the other three. I banged on the door. No answer. I banged on the door and shouted.


Still no answer. I pulled out my Swiss Army Knife, opened up the screw driver, slipped it into the notch on the door knob, and unlocked the door. I then proceeding to escort a truly desperate Danni into the bathroom all the while blocking the screaming harridans that launched themselves in the direction of the bathroom. I managed to get the door closed and again locked before they squirmed through the opening. Mary Beth stuck her head out of the shower as Danni, with a great look of relief, squirmed her little bottom onto the seat.

"Heyyyy! Daddeeee! I'm in the shower!"

"No shert, shitlock! And you better make it quick or I will allow those three hellions in here to work their evil upon your naked person!"

"I have to wash my hair."

"Go ahead and wash it, but . . . ."

I reached in and turned off the water.


"Navy shower schweetheart. I'll turn the water back on when you're ready to rinse."


"Just wash."

"But it's cold in heeeeeeere!"

"The longer you take the colder it gets. Now wash!"

"No fairrrrrr!"

I looked over at Danni. She was sitting there mimicking everything Mary Beth was saying. . . including the probable expressions on Mary Beth's face. I snorted and smothered a laugh.

"Okaaaaaay. I'm ready to rinse my haa-irr. Can I pleeease have some water now, father!?"

I pulled the shower curtain back a bit to reach in and turn the water on. Her back was to the spigots. Turned the water on. . . . planted two quick swats on a bare, wet heinie.

"YOOWWWWCH! Dad-deeee! What was that for?"

"'Cause I love ya, schweetheart. Now, get done."

Danni stood up, pulled up her panties. . . . . and reached over to the sink and turned on the hot water full blast.


I grabbed Danni, turned off the hot water, and made a beeline out of the bathroom, but not quick enough. As ice cubes began to form in her hair, Mary Beth pulled the curtain back and caught sight of Danni.


I hurried Danni, who by this time was having a giggling fit, into her room, gave her a half-hearted swat on the rear, and turned, stifling another laugh, to the other three girls.

"She'll be done in a minute girls. Jennifer you're next, then Meghan you and Jessie hop in together."

All in unison nowwwwww!


"Yes, together. Last time I checked you two had the same plumbing equipment, so there shouldn't be a problem. So, it's together unless the two of you want to choose who gets the ice cube shower."

"Ohhhh, al-right."

"Yeah, al-right. Hey, Meghan I get the end near the shower head!"

"Nuh uhhhhhhhh!"

"Nuh huhhhhhhh!"

I just shook my head, and started down the stairs, and . . . . . wait a minute! I still didn't know why Jessie was here.

"Hey, Jessie?"


"How come you're here? Where's Sa. . . uhmm . . . your mom?"


"Which part of the question didn't you understand?"

"I thought I was supposed to be here. My mom said I was spendin' the day here while she went to take care of some erran's."

"Uhhhhhuhhhh, well yessss, I suppose you are Jessie. I guess I just forgot."

=46orgot my ass! Sara was ditching on the day. She didn't want to face Aunt Jane. I was going to wear her backside out but good when I got my hands on her! Oh, lord! I forgot that Danni had to have a bath. I turned back up the stairs.

"Listen you three, it's Navy showers today. Got that? Danni still has to have a bath."

"What th'hell's a Navy shower?"

"Excuuuse me?! Meghan will gladly explain that to you Jessica, and I believe I will explain why that is an inappropiate bit of language."

"Oooooops. . . . . sorreeeeeeeeeee! . . . . . YOOOOOWCH OWWWWWCH OWWWWWCH OWWWWWW YOWWWWWWWCH!"

A quick spin of the offending young lady, a quick flip up of a t-shirt and five quick solid spanks on the seat of her panties did, I believe, explain to Jessie the inappropriateness of that language. I don't believe that a spanking necessarily always has to be formal, dramtic, and long. The POW-WOW approach is often quite effective. I followed with a quick hug and a remonstration to watch her language, and went downstairs leaving Jessie to rub her bottom and Meghan and Jenny to smirk at her expense.

"Betcha won't say that again!"

"Betcha I won't neither. Damn.... ooomph!"

I turned and looked back up the stairs as Jessie quickly put her hands over her mouth. I walked back up the stairs pointing into my bedroom. POW-WOW didn't work, so I would take it to the next level. Jessie walked into my bedroom. I followed and closed the door. Meghan's and Jenny's eyes were big as saucers as I closed the door. I didn't think this required a whole lot, but it did require a little more emphasis.

"I'm sorreeeee Daddy, it slipped."

"Uh, huh. Panties down please."


Jessie reached under her t-shirt and pulled her panties down. I lifted her shirt and bent her over my knee.


Maybe ten spanks on a bare bottom would do the trick. I stood Jessie up and pulled up her panties, kissed her nose while she pouted and rubbed her bottom, and then told her that one more slip would land her in the office for a session at the spanking chair. I opened the door and escorted Jessie out just as Mary Beth exited the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her. Nose in the air, she headed for her bedroom. Unfortunately, she had to pass by Jennifer, who proceeded to grab the back of the towel and whip it off Mary Beth, who took two steps before it registered that she was now bare-ass naked.


This was all shrieked as she desperately tried to reach her room whilst attempting to cover certain parts of her nakedness -- another typical feminine hand motion that has little or no effectiveness. Reaching her room, she slammed her door and bellowed all manner of dire threats in Jennifer's direction. Jennifer, who was giggling hysterically, stopped quickly when she saw the look on my face. Attempting to stifle laughter by biting her lower lip, she murmured an "I'm sorry," placed the towel in my outstretched left hand, and turned and scooted into the bathroom, narrowly escaping the swat of my right hand. Funny, she did not look sorry. Nor did the other girls appear to be in sympathy with Mary Beth, as they snorted their laughter, and then stifled it with great difficulty.

"The two of you be ready to get into that shower as soon as Jennifer is out. Understand?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"Yes, sir, Daddy, sir!"

I could tell that Meghan was going to be the next to pull something. That response told me everything about her mood. She was in her playful, manic, mischievous phase. Lord, help me!

Well, eventually the older girls had their showers, and incredibly there was enough hot water for me to give Danni her bath -- always an adventure. Anyway, showers and baths were completed, the girls were dressed, and all that remained was for Aunt Jane to show up. I had bought a couple of picnic salads at the store along with some hot dogs and hamburgers, so I was all set. However, I did make the tactical error of mentioning the imminent arrival of Aunt Jane. Jessica went hysterical.

"Noooooooooo! She's gonna take me away. Pleeeeeeeeease, I want my mom heeeeeere!"

"No, Jessie, listen to me. Didn't Sa . . . . your mom tell you it was okay. Aunt Jane doesn't want to take you."

"Yesssssss, sheeeee doesssssssss! She's gonna take me awayyyyyyy!"

I vowed to give Sara everything she deserved. She was supposed to have told Jessie what was going on. It took me twenty minutes to calm Jessie down and convince that Aunt Jane was not the devil incarnate. I had just aboutcalmed her down when I heard the car pull into the drive. It was Aunt Jane. I didn't even have the grill lit. But I went down, greeted her, and guided her around to the back of the house. Danni followed me around chattering in her usual way. Around back, I offered Aunt Jane the lounge chair, which she accepted most graciously. I asked Danni to go get Aunt Jane a glass of ice tea and I started to stack the charcoal for the fire. After a few minutes of idle chit-chat, Danni returned with the ice tea. Now, call me stupid, because I had heard the bathroom window open, but I did not check it out. I was busy talking with Aunt Jane, but as she handed Aunt Jane the ice tea, Danni looked up and saw what I did not.

"Uh, ohhhhhhhh. Better look . . ."

Too late! I saw the huge water balloon drop out of the window in slow motion. I followed it with my eyes . . . . my vocal abilities completely paralyzed. Danni dove out of the way, and Aunt Jane looked . . . . up . . . just as the undulating, pulsating, membrane-enclosed deluge connected with her head. Aunt Jane's reaction was quite lady-like under the circumstances.

"Well, William, it seems that I have been the victim of a rather damp practical joke."

"Oh, my god! Aunt Jane I am soooo sorry. Danni go get some towels for Aunt Jane."

Dannie just stood there with eyes as big as saucers, staring as water poured down Aunt Jane's head and dripped off her nose.

"Danni! . . . . DANNI! . . . . . DANIELLE ELIZABETH!"


"Go get some towels. And while you're in there . . . . ."

I glanced up just in time to see two heads duck back from the window---Meghan and Jessica!

". . . . tell Meghan and Jessica I want to see them down here immediately!"

Danni tore into the house. I suppose she felt she was on a mission.


I turned to Aunt Jane to apologize for the two fiends from hell, when I noticed something odd about the balloon pieces that were now scattered about and stuck to Sara's sopping aunt. I bent over and picked up a piece. It had been some time since I had played with a balloon, but I was quite certain that this one had characteristics generally not associated with a child's toy. Textures and ribs, for example, are not usually found on balloons. Now, it also had been some time since I had need of one, but I was equally certain that this was not a water balloon, but rather a water condom. Where the hell had the girls gotten a condom?

Meghan and Jessie exited the house behind Danni, who, God bless her, was carrying a stack of towels that she promptly handed to Aunt Jane. Whilst Aunt Jane busied herself with drying her lovely blue hair, which, I might add, was no longer nicely curled around her head, I lit into my two little idiots. They were looking decidedly nervous and scared.

"Just what the devil did you two think you were doing? What were you thinking?"

"William, it's okay. Children will be children. Please don't be harsh with them on my account."

"Trust me Aunt Jane, this has nothing and everything to do with you. These two little hellions play off each other all the time, and I am fed up with it. Alright you two, start talking. What were you thinking?"

"I dunno."

"Me either. Just thought it'd be neat."


"I'm sorry."

"Yeah, me too."

"Whose idea was this?"


"No, it was mine."

Well, I'll give the two of them credit. They wouldn't rat on each other. But I had a fair idea of whose idea it was.

"Okay, you two! Up to your rooms! Jessica Lynn, the guest room is your bedroom. Now march! And stay there until I have dealt with you!"

"Are we . . . . uhhh . . . . are we . . . . gettin' spankins?"

"You're gettin' something Meghan Kathleen, but I don't know what yet! Get going! WAIT!"

The two girls stopped in mid turn and turned angelic looking faces back to me. Two angels spoke in unison.

"Yes, Daddy?"

"Apologize to Aunt Jane."

"I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry."

"Okay, now get your little heinies upstairs! WAIT!"

Again, in unison.

"Yes, Daddy?"

I turned and whispered, trying to shield my voice from Aunt Jane.

"Where did you two get a condom!?"

"Oh, for heaven's sake William! Stop whispering. I know I got whumped with a water condom. I didn't fall off the avacodo boat yesterday! I had three children and two of them were condom babies!"

Okay, more than I needed to know. I sputtered and turned back to the Meghan and Jessica.


"Well what?"

"Where did you get the condom?"

"A condom?"

"What's a condom?"

Okay, now what do I do? Explain or let it go? Nope, I needed to know that my horrifying suspicion was not correct.


"Ohhhhhhhhh. The rubberrrrr! From Mary Beth. She has'm inner bottom drawer."

That was my darling Meghan ratting on my darling Mary Beth. Someone was in big trouble here, and it wasn't just Meghan and Jessica. My heart was in my throat as I again directed the two mad bombers up to their rooms to await their respective fates. Red in the face, I turned back to Aunt Jane, who, by this time, was relatively dry, and was actually combing her hair back into place.

"Soooo, William. It seems that you've got some additional problems to solve, here."

"So it seems Aunt Jane."

"Welllll, I remember the first condom I ever saw. I think I was about fourteen, and . . . . ."

"Geeeeeez, Aunt Jane, that's really more than I want to know. Mary Beth is far to young to be having condoms."

"Yes, that may be true, but she's also far too young to be having babies. Think about that."

How was that this eighty plus year-old woman was so much more logical and liberal than me? I was concerned with one aspect of the problem and she cut right to the heart of the whole situation. I was still standing staring at the remains of said condom, when Aunt Jane spoke again.

"Well, William, I think I best be going. I suspect you have some young ladies to deal with. Please don't be too harsh. I was not injured."

"Oh, I'll probably just beat them black and blue."

"William! You know that's not appropriate! They certainly need their bottoms warmed appropriately, but . . . ."

"I'm joking Aunt Jane! Really! I am! I would never do that! I probably won't even spank them. I'll probably just ground the two of them . . . . . for the rest of their natural lives!"

"I may be old-fashioned William, but grounding does nobody any good. It drags out the punishment and it leaves you a frustrated daddy. I always found a spanking to be a remarkable means of clearing the air."

"Yes, I suppose you're right Aunt Jane. Let me walk you to your car."

I helped Aunt Jane out of the chair and walked her to her car. As I opened the door to hand her in, she put her hand on my arm and kissed my cheek.

"You're a good man, William Brett. And those little girls are lucky to have you. But I know another young lady who also is lucky to have you. Now, I know you didn't say anything, but I'm pretty certain that our Sara is not here because she did not want to face me today. So, I will return tomorrow when she least expects it. In the meantime, you may wish to consider whether or not there might be another bottom that needs a good spanking."

With that she got into her car as my mouth dropped open. As she pulled away that day, I could not help but think that Aunt Jane was a particularly astute lady. I turned and went into the house. I had some young ladies who needed my attention -- one of whom better be able to give me a good explanation for having condoms in her possession.

End Part VI