Subject: Will & Sara Part V (M/F, no real spanking)
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Date: 1998

Will & Sara, Part 5

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Will & Sara Part V

That night, when I was loved by Will for the first time, is one of the most beautiful---and wonderful -- memories of my life. Believe me, I never expected it to happen. I kinda wanted Will to hold me and touch me, but I was really nervous about even thinking about it. But when it happened, he was so gentle and kind and it just seemed so natural, I never even had a chance to be nervous. But boy was I na’ve. I had no idea what being loved like that involved. I mean, I had heard girlfriends talk about it, but geeez---what they described was nothing like what Will did for me. I mean most of them talked about these guys kinda just gropin' at 'em for two or three minutes and then just stickin' it in an' three seconds later it was all over. But Will never even did anything for himself -- well, I guess in a way he did. He did seem to enjoy what he was doing for me an awful lot -- an' that's okay, because WOW! What he did and the way it felt, was unbelievable.

Somehow he figured out I was a virgin. . . . oh, alright! I guess it was pretty obvious. But even virgins have usually . . . uhhh . . . you know . . . . uhh . . . done things . .uhh . . you know . . . by themselves. But I swear -- I never had. Well, not completely anyway. I mean I knew it felt good when I kinda pressed up against a pillow or somethin', but I . . . oh alright! I just never really knew what to do. No that's not true---I knew what to do, I just never really wanted to . . . or maybe I was afraid to. Oh, hell -- I just never did it that's all.

But that night after that real spanking -- and I gotta tell you, it hurt like hell -- when he put me back over his knee and started that love spanking as he calls it---oh, my, god! Something inside of me---no forget that---something between my legs just went ballistic. I could feel my clitoris swelling and my vulva getting all wet. . . . and the way it felt between my legs---oh, lord it was just incredible! And the more he lightly spanked my bottom, the more intense the feelings became. I just couldn't get enough that evening. And that last one! I couldn't believe the way he was teasing me! First caressing my vulva and clitoris then spanking my bottom, then caressing my bottom. I think I must have been close to climaxing forever. I thought my clitoris was going to explode. When I finally climaxed, it was the most incredible experience, and it seemed to last forever. And you know what I was picturing the whole time I was being caressed? All I could picture was me over Will's knee for another real spanking. Is there something wrong with me? Well, if there is I don't care, 'cause I really love what he does to me and for me!

But, something else happened that night. Will almost forgot we were supposed to go out to dinner! All of a sudden, he kind of gasped and told me to hurry up and get dressed. I looked at the clock and saw that it was seven-fifty. The girls were supposed to be home in ten minutes, and there I was -- completely naked, sweaty, and blushing like crazy. Well, to say the least I got dressed really fast. A little too fast at one point. I had my right leg in my panties, got my left foot caught in the crotch and went hopping across the floor, frantically trying to free my toes. Will thought that was hilarious. I was not amused. But, I finally got dressed as Will straightened up the office. By seven-fifty-eight we were in the car and pulling out of the drive -- when we heard the phone ring in the house. Will looked at me, sighed, put the car in park, and ran in to get it. Five minutes later, he was back.

"That was Bob Seagraves."


"Yeah, the girls are spending the night -- one big sleep over party."


"Still want to go to dinner?"

"Could we just order some Chinese?"

"I think that could be arranged."

So we went back into the house. I knew what I wanted for dinner---it sure as hell wasn't Chinese! I had a new appetite that I wanted satisfied. So while Will was ordering the food, I went into the bathroom, took off my shorts, and went back into the kitchen wearing just my t-shirt and panties. Went right to the closet and reached up high to get down a glass. Of course I looked over my shoulder to see if Will was looking. You should have seen the look on his face! Next thing I knew, I was sitting on his lap being kissed and being called a tease. That's rich -- me a tease, after what he had done to me! So I decided to play along.

"Me? A tease?"

"Yes, you! You're a little brat, you know that?!"


"Yes you are!"

"Well, then sir, what do you intend to do about it?"

Well, next thing I knew I was on the kitchen floor, squealing and giggling hysterically as Will tickled just about every ticklish spot I had. He started on my tummy -- my t-shirt wasn't down for long, let me tell you. I flipped over, and he tickled right below my panties. I flipped over again, and he got me right below my panties again -- on the front of my thighs. Then on my lower belly just above my vulva. I thought I was going to pee my pants. I was squirming and squealing and giggling and trying to get away . . . . and then he kissed me again. It was long and warm and incredibly sexy. His right hand was on my bare left breast and he was caressing my nipple. And I just wanted to be loved again.

"I love you Sara. Oh, god I love you so much!"

"I love . . . . ohhhhhhhh uhhhhhm. . . . you too, Will."

"Honey, I really want to do this again, but the food will be here soon."

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh . . . . how long?"

"About fifteen minutes."

Now, I really didn't want him to stop, but I sure didn't want to be in the middle of something really important when . . . . . someone knocked on the back door---THE KITCHEN DOOR! I scrambled out of the kitchen as Will got up to answer the door. Standing outside the kitchen door I heard the conversation after Will opened to door.

"Oh, hi Mandi. I'm sorry Meghan's not home right now. She'll be home tomorrow."

"That's alright Mr. Brett, I didn't come to see Meghan."


"No, I'm selling candy for our Camp Fire Girls Troop."

"Are you now? Well, what kind of candy are you selling Amanda? No wait, I'll tell you what, I'll just buy one of each. Okay?"

"WOW! Yeah! That's great. Can you fill out the order form?"

Will looked over his shoulder in the direction of the door I was standing next to. He shrugged. I stifled a giggle. I took Will about five minutes to fill out the order. I decided I better go pee, so I slipped off into the bathroom. By the time I came out Will was done and Amanda was happily skipping down the street with her order for $75.95. I had debated putting my shorts back on, but thought naaaah, I'll just be more of tease and see what he does. So as he came into the hall, I walked down the hall to the living room with the back of my t-shirt pulled up above my panties, and wiggled it for all I was worth.

"You are a brat! WIGGLE IT AND GET IT WACKED!"

Giggling, I ran into the living room with Will in hot pursuit. Next thing I knew, he was sitting on the couch and I was face down over his lap getting it "wacked." I loved it. This was everything I had waited my entire life for. I was being loved like a woman and the little girl inside me was getting what she wanted, too. Will smacked my bottom about fifteen times and then began to lightly caress the back of my legs. Everytime he slid his fingers up toward my bottom, I could feel myself arching my back and lifting my bottom. Then he began to lightly caress my bottom through my panties. I know I must have been moaning pretty heavily by that time because I remember being excited as hell. Then he slid down the cleft of my bottom and lightly stroked the cleft of my vulva. Ohhhh, myyyy goddd here we go again! The back doorbell rang . . . . not mine -- the one on the house. I groaned and Will lifted me off his lap. He went to the door -- it was the food. Geeeee-eeeez! Will paid for it and came back. I was lying face down on the couch trying to look sexy. . . . . or at least what I took for looking sexy. Will patted my bottom.

"Let's eat."

"You're kidding right?"

"Noooo, let's eat. Sara, honey, we have the whole night if you want. I will love you as many times as you want, but now let's eat."

I pouted but got up. Walked into the Dining Room. Looked over my shoulder. Wiggled it----got it wacked. We sat and ate. And then I saw the pitures. Now, I had seen them before, but I had never really paid any attention to them. There was a picture of Will and Kimberly when they first got married -- they looked like such little kids. There was a picture of the two of them with a baby. Mary Beth? Wait. How was that possible? Will was 28 and Mary Beth was 14! Why hadn't I thought of that before? Then there was a picture of the two of them with a toddler. It was Meghan. And right next to that was a picture of the two of them with Meghan, Mary Beth, and Jennifer. The next picture was of them with those three girls and a baby -- Danni. I was confused . . . really, really confused. I looked at Will happily feasting on Sweet and Sour soup and an egg roll and I just had to know.



"How is it that you're only 28 and Mary Beth and Jennifer are 14 and 12."

"Talent. Puuuuuuure talent."

"Uh, huh. Righhhhhhhht! C'mon 'splain it to me."

"You're serious? You really don't know?"

"How could I possibly know? And what's there to know?"

"Everyone else does."

"Well, I don't. Soooo telllll meeee!"

"It's really simple."


"You know how Jessie is really your sister?"

"Nooooo, really?"

"Wise ass!"

"Yeah and you love it, too."

"Yeah I do."

"Well, you ain't gonna see no more of it until you start 'splainin'."

"Yeahhhh? What's it worth to yuh?"

"Wiiii-illllll! C'monnnnn."

"Well, since you asked real nice . . . ."

"Ohmygod! They're your sisters!"

"Not quite. They're Kimmi's sisters. Kimmi's mom died when she was fourteen. Her dad remarried, but to a much younger woman. They had two daughters -- Mary Beth and Jennifer. Their Mom -- Kimmi's stepmother -- took off right after Jennifer was born and hasn't been heard from since. Kimmi's dad had a stroke a couple of months later and . . ."

"He died and you two adopted the girls."

"Not quite. He's still alive, but he's pretty much a vegetable. He's in a nursing home upstate, and pretty much doesn't know anyone. Kimmi and I took over official guardianship a little after Meghan was born. We officially adopted them just before Danni was born. Unfortunately, Kimmi was killed about two years later. So, I have four daughters. Understand?"

"Sure. Simple. Sounds really familiar."

"It is in a lot of ways. Except when Kimmi and I met, I had no idea this was going to happen. This time, I do."

"Whaddya mean by that?"

"Oh. . . . I uhhhh. . . . uhhh . . . . that is . . . . well . . . ."

I got up and walked over to him. He turned and sat sideways on the chair. I slipped in between his legs. He was looking very sheepish and a little crestfallen. I smiled and kissed him on the nose.

"Was that a bit of a proposal Dr. Brett?"

"I uhhhhh uhhhh I. . . . I . . . . .I . . . . I mean . . . . uhhhhh . . . ."

"'Cause if it was, the answer is yes."

Will looked like he was going to cry. I was crying. He stood up, then leaned down and kissed me. I snuggled into his chest.

"I love you, Sara."

"I know. I love you, too, Will."

And that was how we got engaged. Of course I did have one more thing on my mind. . . . actually not exactly my mind. It was a little lower. I snuggled into his chest and kind of played my fingers on his chest while I whispered.

"Uhhhhh, Willll?"


"Could we go back out to the couch, now?"

"Whatever for, Sara. Aren't you hungry?"

"Yes, but not for Chinese."

I took his hand and led him out to the couch. I pushed him down on it and then laid myself face down over his lap.

"Do it againnnn. Pleeeeeease?"

Will began to lightly spank my bottom through my shirt. I reached back and tugged it up. He continued to spank me on my panties. I was in heaven.

End of Will & Sara Part V

End Part V