Subject: Will & Sara Part IV (M/f love spanking, petting)
From: Corporal <dbrett@fast.net>
Date: 1998

Will & Sara, Part 4

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Will & Sara Part IV

After that first loving that night, I caressed Sara to three more climaxes. Before each one, Sara wanted me to spank her lightly twenty or thirty times -- which I eagerly agreed to. After two of those love spankings she slowly rolled over and I would gently caress her beautiful breasts and her belly and finally her vulva and clitoris. Each loving lasted fifteen or twenty minutes and ended with her snuggled in my arms, squeezing her thighs together and wiggling against my hand. By seven o'clock, Sara's clothes lay in a small pile on the floor and she lay across my lap completely naked and lost in utter abandon to the pleasures of her own body -- pleasures she, apparently, had never, ever experienced before. And I was thrilled to be the one introducing her to those pleasures, although I must admit that I was suffering from a serious case of almost permanent erection by that time.

Sara had been laying in my arms for some time after her third climax. In fact, I pretty much thought she was going to sleep and I was watching the clock figuring the girls would be home in less than an hour. I was quite content to be holding her, cupping her bottom with my right hand and kissing her forehead or nose on occassion. I admit that every once in a while, I leaned over and gently kissed the nipple of her left breast. Each time I did that, her nipple would perk up and she would moan a little with what I thought was contentment. Suddenly, I realized she was looking up at me with that impish little-girl smile.



"Ummmmmh, what time is it?"

"About seven. Whyyyyy?"

She giggled and snuggled into me. One finger caressing my chest---oh, lorrrrrrd!---she looked up with those incredible eyes, then took my hand from her bottom and placed it on her left breast.

"Could you . . . uhhmmmm . . . I mean uhhh. . . . would you uhhhmm . . do we have uhh time to uhhhhh . . . ."

"Sara, you little insatiable imp! Would want to be caressed again?"

"Ummmmmmh, yeah? Pleeeeeease?"

"And would this caressing also include another love spanking, my little princess?"

"Uh huhhhh."

I kissed her nose, and then kissed her left nipple again. She moaned.

"Roll over, you little brat."

Sara gave me a little pout, then a little smile, and rolled over onto her tummy on my lap. Her incredibly wonderful, rounded little bottom was right in the middle of my lap and her left hip was pressing -- I believe deliberately against . . . well, you know. The little imp wiggled against me and I quickly responded.

"YOWWWWWCH! That wasn't a love spank!"

"Wiggle it and get it wacked, young lady---especially the way you're wiggling it!"


She settled over my lap, and I just sat there for a moment. Sara had this incredible little body! Perfectly shaped and nicely curved, but not voluptuous. She was actually quite tiny, maybe five-one at the most. Softly curving hips; a pear-shaped bottom that topped off beautifully shaped firm legs; and small, full, firm breasts tipped by small pink nipples. She had the most beautifully freckled face with a turned up nose, sparkling green eyes, and full, naturally red lips. Actually, there was one thing that startled me about her appearance. I alluded to it earlier. When I had taken down her panties for that first spanking, I had noticed that very little pubic hair hid the wonders of her vulva. Shaved or trimmed short? But the last hour or so had revealed that Sara was one of those few woman who were naturally girl-like in their appearance. I found it to be curious at first, and then quite a turn-on. But my reverie was interrupted by another wiggle of those glorious hips, to which I responded as threatened.

"OWWWWWIIIICH! Hey, you! Pleeeeeeeease. I wanna be loved again, Willllll."

She arched her bottom up to me. It was still a little pink from the earlier real spanking, but I began to lightly spank her. After about ten or fifteen spanks right in the middle of her bottom down near her thighs, I saw her grip the cushion of the couch with her hands and she began to roll her hips against my thigh. She began to softly moan and she spread her legs a little. I only gave her about thirty love spanks before I stopped. It was obvious that she was quite excited again. I'll say it again, I was in absolute heaven!

"Ohhhhhhh, don't stop, Will. Pleeeeeeease?"

"Shhhhhh. I'm going to try something new this time. Just relax and enjoy it."

I slid my hand down between her legs---Sara spread them apart a little further. She arched her back and lifted her bottom. I found her vulva with my fingers and began to caress her -- sliding my finger up to her clitoris and then down to the opening of her vagina. Slowly and gently I caressed, spending more and more time with my finger circling the mound of her clitoris. Sara's response was emphatic. Her hips ground up and down. On each upward motion of her hips she relaxed her bottom and pressed her clitoris to my finger. I would circle it four of five times and she would clench her bottom and rock her hips down so that my fingers would caress the delicate lips of her vulva. Then the motion would repeat, all the while becoming more exaggerated and frantic. I was mesmerized by the motions of her bottom accompanied by the whimpers and moans that signalled her climax was approaching. I stopped caressing her.

"Unnnnnnnnnh?! Ohhhhhhhhh, nooooooooo, donnnnnnn't stoppppppp, pleeeeeease!"

I began to lightly love spank her bottom again. Five spanks, ten spanks, fifteen---right in the middle over the crack of her bottom and down low near the top of her thighs. Her moans told me everything I needed to know.

"Ohhhhhhhhuhnnnnnnnnnh! Oooooooh, ohhhhhhhhhnnnnh! Ohhhhh, myyyyyyy goddddddddd! Willllllllllll! Wiiiiii -- iiiiiilllllll! Unnnnnnnhhhhhhh!"

Twenty love spanks, and I put my hand back between her legs. I began to caress her swollen clitoris, as she rocked forward and dug her fingers and toes into the cushions of the couch. Arching her back and raising up on her forearms, she began again to rock her hips up and down. I matched the motions of her hips with the motion of my fingers against her vulva. Her moans became deeper as she again approached her climax. Again, I stopped caressing between her legs.


I didn't say anything. I just held her down over my lap -- not an easy task considering how frantically she was squirming. I began to lightly caress her bottom with my finger tips. Fifteen or twenty seconds of caressing on her bottom cheeks would be followed with fifteen or twenty lightly stinging spanks on the center of her bottom. Fifteen or twenty seconds more of light caresses on her bottom and the back of her thighs were followed by another fifteen or twenty more light spanks. Sara had her legs spread wide and was rubbing her vulva against my thigh. Toes pointed, she was making a little drumming motion against the couch with her left foot and the floor with her right. Fingers spread wide against the couch cushion and drumming in time with her little feet, Sara was pressing her right cheek against the cushion and breathing heavily through her mouth.

"Unh ohhhhhhh goddddddd, Willllllllll! Pleeeeeease! Ohhhhhhhunnnnnh, Wiiii-illl! Pleeeeeeeease! Ohhhhhhhh, goddddddd!"

"What is it you want Sara?"

"Ohhh, goddddddd, Willlllll! Pleeease caresssssss meeeee!"

"I am caressing you."

"Noooo, not therrrrre!"

"Where do you want to be caressed?"

"Ohh, godddd, pleeeeease! You knowwwwww where! You are teasing meeee something awfulllllll!"

"Is that bad?"

"Nooooooo, I love it. I love it. I just can't stand much more of it! Pleeeeeease! I feel like I'm gonna explode between my legs. Pleeeeeeease!"

I gave her about five more love spanks and began to caress her bottom again. Each time I caressed down low on her bottom, I let my fingers drift down to the perineum just below her vulva. Sara groaned loudly each time. After about a minute of that, I slowly and very lightly began to stroke the lips of her vulva, deliberately missing her clitoris with each stroke. I thought Sara was going choke. Her hips were gyrating wildly. Her legs were spread about as wide as they could be spread. And her face was contorted into a tense mask of mixed pleasure and agony.

"Ohh, dear goddddd! I cannnnn't stannd it! You keeeeep missing my clitoris! You're driving me insane, Willlllll!"

I stopped caressing and began to lightly spank her bottom again.

"Oh, no! Oh, no! Oh, nooooooo! Go back, Go BACK! PLEEEEEEEASE!"

I caressed my fingers directly down the crack of her bottom and followed the line right around to her vulva. . . . and up to her clitoris. It could not have been any more swollen and rigid. Sara must have been right on the edge of a massive climax for several minutes. I began to caress directly on the mound of her clitoris. It took all of five seconds!

"Ooooh, ooooooh, unh, unh, aaaah, aaaaaaaaaaah, aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! oooooooooOOOOOOH. . . . . GODDDDDDDD! ANNNNNNGGGGGGH! MMMMMMMMMMMPH!"

Sara shoved her face down into the couch cushions muffling her cries of pleasure. I could feel the contraction of her vagina against the palm of my hand as I pressed it against her vulva----actually as it was pressed against her vulva by the squeezing together of her thighs. Her bottom clenched and unclenched time after time as she rocked her hips up and down. The view from above was incredible as I watched my love gyrate through spasm after powerful spasm of what I believe was the most powerful orgasm of the night. It seemed to be forever before the motions of her hips slowed and she began to relax. Her breathing slowed to a shallow panting and she rolled over on my lap. Cuddling her against my chest, I placed my hand protectively over her vulva. She murmured deep in her throat and snuggled closer. I looked at the clock. It was seven thirty.

"OhmygodWill! That was incredible!"

Yes, it was. I wanted this woman-child in my arms, over my knee, in my life forever!

"Thank you Will."

"No Sara. Thank you."

"Huh? Whadid I do?"

"You came into my life."

End Part IV of Will & Sara