Subject: Will & Sara Part III (M/f)
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Date: 1998

Will & Sara, Part 3

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Will & Sara Part III

I sat on the couch holding Sara on my lap for perhaps twenty minutes as she snuggled in and clung to me. He sobs slowly changed to little hiccups and then disappeared completely. Every once in a while she would sigh in seeming contentment and snuggle in a little closer. Having her panty-clad little bottom sitting on my lap made things a bit hard for me, but . . . oh, lord, did I really say that -- no pun intended -- really. What was, uhhh, difficult was resisting the urge to place my right hand on that bottom and just hold her. But, I did resist, and after about twenty minutes, Sara had quieted down enough for me to talk to her.



"Sara? Look at me."

She raised her head and looked at me with a little smile. Strands of red hair were still stuck here and there to the dried tear tracks on her beautiful little face.

"There's still something you have to do, Sara."

"What's that?"

"You have to call Aunt Jane and apologize."

Sara sat bolt upright, and all her weight was on my . . .

"Oh, pleeeeeeease Will! Pleeeeeease don't make me do that. Pleeeeeease?!"

"Sar-ra. Please. . . .stand. . . . up!"

"Huh? What's the matter?"

"Just . . . . stand . . . up! PLEASE!"

Sara bounced up. This was not exactly what I had in mind at that moment. I stood and tried to walk---not an easy task.

"Willlllll. What's the matter? What's wrong?"

"All . . . . your . . . weight . . . on . . . the . . . wrong . . . spot. Hurts. Lots."

"Oh, God, Will. I'm sorry."

"If . . . sorry. . . why . . . giggling?"

Sara was back on the couch, trying desperately to cover a giggling fit. It was not amusing. I slumped onto the couch . . . and started tickling her.

"Think it's funny, you little brat? C'mere you!"

"Nooooooo, Willllll, haaaa haaaaa, heeeeeeee Willll, heehuhheeeeeee, pleeeeease!"

I had her cornered on the couch and I was tickling her through her t-shirt, but that was riding up fast, so I had her bare belly pretty quickly. And the more she struggled, the more bare her belly was becoming. Then I had the tops of her legs and I was tickling for all I was worth.

"Hooohoooo, Willllll, haheeeeeeeheeee, stoppppp, I'm gonna wet my heeeeheeeee pants, heehaheeeheeeeheeee."

I stopped, and Sara stopped squirming all over the couch. Her hair was mussed up. Her t-shirt was pushed up, and her panties were kind of twisted. She looked absolutely beautiful. She looked at me with those incredible green eyes, and I leaned over and kissed her. It was short and sweet but it was wonderful. I pulled away just a little bit and she whispered.

"Yuh know what?"

"What Sara?"

"That's the first time I've ever been kissed."

"You're kidding, right?"

"Nuh uh. I've never been kissed before."

"How is it that a cute girl like you has never been kissed before?"

"I dunno, just lucky I guess."

"Lucky? How so?"

"Because, now I've started with the best."

Oh, lord. This girl was . . . was . . . I was . . . .we were . . . OH, MY LORD! SARA WAS A VIRGIN! A little voice was screaming inside my head, "Do you really know what you're getting involved in?!"

"YES, I DO!"


"Uhhhh, I'm sorry. I'm uhhhh just talking to uhhhh. . . . to uhhhhhh . . . oh, hell never mind. I'm babbling. C'mere you little imp!"

I pulled her to me and kissed her again. The second was better than the first. It was sooo warm and wonderful, and . . . . wait a second---Aunt Jane! I pulled away, and looked at her again.

"You still have to call Aunt Jane, young lady!"

"Oh, poop! Wi -- ill, can't I just wait till tomorrow? Pleeeeeease?"

She tried to kiss me again. I backed away and put my hand over her mouth.

"No you can't. Now get over there and pick up that phone."

She got up slowly and walked over to the desk. She looked back over her shoulder and stuck out her tongue at me. Her t-shirt was up in the back and that beautiful, round, panty-covered bottom was right there so I jumped up and acted as if I was going to swat it. Sara quickly tucked her bottom in and covered it with her hands, then scampered around behind the desk, giggling. I picked up the phone and handed it to her. She pouted.

"Now, young lady!"

"Ohhhhhh, alright!"

Sara punched up the number and held the phone to her ear. I could not help but stare at this incredible vision standing in my office -- long red hair in a ponytail to the middle of her back, freckles splashed across a cute little button nose, glowing green eyes beneath gorgeous red eyebrows, a t-shirt that was not quite long enough to cover her creme-colored panties, and ankle socks. Call me weird, but this is what I consider a really sexy look. She had the most beautifully-shaped, rounded bottom and her breasts were small, full, firm, and . . . . . she was not wearing a bra. Why hadn't I noticed that before? I realized it was quite warm in the office. Aunt Jane must have answered the phone. Sara was doing her best little girl impression.

"Hiii, Aunt Jane. It's uhhhh me, Sara. Yessss, I knowww . . . . I'm really sorry Aunt Jane . . . . no, you're right, you didn't deserve it . . . I'm sorry . . . . no, I don't know what I was thinking . . . . What? Excuse me?. . . . did Will do what? . . . Aunt Sara! I'm 19! I'm too old for him to YEEEOWWWWCH! . . . . "

I had come up behind Sara. I knew exactly what Aunt Jane had asked, and when I heard how Sara was answering, I flipped up the back of her t-shirt and planted the palm of my hand right in the center of the seat of her panties. . . . hard! She snapped her head around and I mouthed the word, "FIBBER! She changed her story in mid sentence."

". . . . Yes, Aunt Jane, he did . . . Yes, he spanked me. Yes, it did . . . Yes, I know I deserved it . . . . WHAT? . . . AUNT JA -- ANE! . . . ."

She looked at me again and bit her lip. I wagged my finger at her.

". . . yes, on my bare bottom. . . I know . . . yes. I'm sorry. I love you. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye."

"What did I tell you about fibbing?"

"I didn't fib!"

"You were going to."

"But, I . . . . Will, what are you doing? Wi -- ill, nooooo . . . . "

I had Sara by the hand, and in three quick steps I pulled her over to the couch, sat down, and had her laying across my lap. Just as quickly I pushed up the back of her t-shirt and exposed the seat of her panties.

"Willllll, pleeeeeeease. . . . you already spanked me. Pleeeeeease, my bottom's still sore . . . ."

"What did I tell you about fibbing?"

"Not to do it, but . . . ."

"But what? What were you going to tell Aunt Jane?"

I could see her bottom clenching and quivering through her panties. She wasn't trying to squirm off my lap, but she sure was scared.

". . . butowwwwwwwch!"

One spank right on the seat of her panties.

". . . a fib . . . a fib . . . I was going to tell her a fib! Pleeeeeeease Willlll . . . pleeeeease don't spank me again today. Wait till tomorrow. Pleeeease."

"What did I tell you I would do if you told anymore fibs?"

"Spank me! But, ooooooh pleeeeeeease wait till tomorrow. Pleeeeeease?"

"Nope. But since you didn't actually tell the fib I'll leave your panties up and I won't spank quite so hard."

I began to spank her in a slow methodical rhythm. Granted, I wasn't spanking her as hard as I normally would but I'm sure it still stung a bit. Sara wiggled a bit and clenched her bottom for the first few spanks, but then she just kind of relaxed and laid quietly with an occassional little kick of her feet. She whimpered a little bit now and then, and long about the fortieth spank I noticed how she was squirming her hips a bit with each spank. By the sixtieth spank her whimpers had changed to little moans and it looked for all the world like she was lifting her bottom in anticipation of each spank. Now she was arching her back and lifting her bottom to my hand, then rolling her hips down after each spank. I adjusted the speed of my spanks and watched in fascination. Her toes were pointed and her legs were slightly parted. Each spank elicited a new moan of what I could swear was pleasure. By the ninetieth spank, Sara was breathing very heavily and it was obvious that she was rocking her hips with sexual pleasure. I stopped at the one-hundredth spank and rested my hand on her bottom. Sara's breathing was quite heavy.

"Noooooo. . . . Will . . . . .don't . . . . stop . . . nowwwwww."

I spoke very quietly and gently.

"Sara . . . . honey . . . roll over."

"Nooooo . . . . pleeeeease . . . I . . . . oooooooh . . don't want you to stop nowwwwww."

"Roll over on my lap honey."

She rolled over and I snuggled her up in my arms. She was kind of half sitting on my lap with her legs stretched out on the couch. I leaned down and kissed her very softly. The response was electric.


I held her close and caressed her cheek and left ear.

"Slowly, honey. Easy. Let's take this slowwwwww. Easy."

"Oooooooh, Willlllll, pleeeeease. Love me, pleeeeeease love me!"

"I do love you Sara, but I want to go very slow here. You've never been here before have you."

"Nooooooo, pleeeeeease."

"Shhhhhhhh. Easy, honey."

Slowly I began to caress her belly through her t-shirt. Gradually, I gently slid my fingertips up to her breasts and the tight little nipples that were pressing against the shirt. As I began to move one finger in a circle around her left nipple, she groaned and pulled my head down and kissed me. She grabbed my hand and pushed it up under her shirt to her breasts. I caressed each breast and lightly pinched both nipples. Her moans were exciting the hell out me. Cautiously, I slid my hand down to her panties and began to caress her lower belly. Almost frantically, she spread her legs and rocked her hips up to my hand.

"Oooooooooh, Willllllll! Pleeeeeeease rub down lowerrrrrrr. Pleeeeease."

I slid my hand down to the crotch of her panties and lightly brushed it with my fingertips. Sara almost rocked right off the couch. She was kissing me and moaning in what seemed to be almost agony. I found the mound of her clitoris pressing against the crotch of her panties and I began to circle it with my finger. The crotch of her panties was absolutely soaked. Sara gasped and moaned again.

"Unnnnnnnnhoooooooooh . . . . Willllll . . . put . . . . ooooooooh . .put . =2E . your hand under my panties. . . . pleeeeeeease!"

Suddenly, she lifted her bottom, reached down and pushed her panties down off her hips. The she grabbed my hand and put my fingers on her vulva. I quickly found her clitoris and began to slowly caress it. Four or five circles on her clitoris and then I slid my finger down between the lips and caressed up and down four or five times. Then back to her clitoris. Sara's hip were gyrating up and down frantically. Her moans were getting deeper and her mouth was locked to mine.

"Ohh . . . ohhhh . . . . . ohhhhhhh . . . .ooooooooooooohhhh . . . ooh . . oooh. . oooooh. . . . . . oooooooooooooohunnnnnnnnnnnh. . . . OOOOOOOOOHHHHHUNNNNNNNH . . . OHHHHHHHWILLLLLLLLLL!"

Sara climaxed explosively. Her thighs locked around my hand. She pressed her vulva against my hand in a frantic effort to feel as much pleasure as possible. Her face contorted and she arched her back as she pressed up into my hand. I could feel the contractions as wave after wave surged up and through her belly and through her entire body. I had never seen anything like it. It was like every particle of her body was experience the most incredible surges of pleasure. Gradually, the climax ended and she began to relax.

"Oh Will . . . Oh Willllll . . . oooohhhhhh . . . I never . . . ohhhhhh . . I never thought it could feel sooooooo good."

Sara looked up at me and smiled. She put her left hand behind my head and gently kissed me.

"Thank you. That felt soooooo gooooood! Thank you!"

"That was your first time ever wasn't it Sara."

She bit her lip and nodded.

"Uh huh. Willl?"

"Yes, honey?"

"Do it again? Please?"

I looked at my watch---six o'clock. The girls wouldn't be home for two hours. I nodded. Sara laid back in my arms as I began to slowly bring her back up.

"No wait."

Sara rolled over. Her bare bottom was over my lap.

"Like the first time. But on my bare bottom this time."

I was in heaven.

End Part III of Will & Sara