Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 21:03:38, -0500
Subject: You get spanked

This is a story that involves spanking and children, please donít read if that offends you. This should be regarded as fiction and discounted as the wanderings of a confused mind.

This is about a spanking game my sister a few friends, and I played as kids.


It is late morning, on a hot summer day in July and your Mom has dropped you off to spend the day with Bonnie, myself and Benjamin from down the street who Mom is also watching today.

We have played several games and are getting very bored, and noisy, so Mom dispatches us out into the yard to spend our day after feeding us a quick lunch and telling us to stay in the yard , we wander to my brothers tree house that is misnamed as it is built on the ground at the back of the yard well away from the house.

You begin telling us of your tenth birthday party that we werenít invited to, and boring us with all the neat things you got, we grow tired of hearing this and our minds begin to wander, I look at Benjamin and we smile at each other with the same thought.

Letís play Parents we say in unison, Whatís that? you ask. Well itís kind of like playing house but Ben and I are the Dad and Mom and you and Bonnie are the kids, well so what you ask, whatís the big deal about that?

Weíre the parents and if you disobey you get spanked I answer, as I watch the expression on your face, I can see that you might just be a good candidate for our game.

We explain the rules and show you the dice, but being a person of reasonable caution you insist that you not be one of the kids for the first game, by now we are into the mood and quickly Ben is chosen as the Dad and in a game of scissors, paper . rock Bonnie is chosen as the Mother leaving me the kid.

(If you donít know the game paper, scissors, rock for settling childhood disputes you led a sheltered childhood)

We settle into the game and soon I am acting bratty and as you watch the decision is made by my ìparentsî to spank their daughter.

As you watch with your interest growing the dice are brought out and as the spankee I get to do the honors.

With the first roll I throw a combined 14, as we consult our worn sheet we confirm that this means I will get my spanking across Benjaminís knee. With the next roll I Throw two of the dice holding back the third, One comes up a six and the other comes up a one for a total of seven Which means the belt, paddle, wooden spoon, and Switch are all still real possibilities, as is always the case I can feel my blood heat up and the tension rise as I get ready to throw the last of the dice, and it is a two for a total of nine, and that means that Iím going to get the paddle.

Then how will I get spanked on the Bare, keep my panties up or even if Iím very lucky get to keep my jeans on is the next issue, I decide to throw all three at once and there they are a two, a three and a six for a total of eleven which means I get my paddling on my panties, I breath a small sigh of relief, I donít like to get spanked bare in front of kids who are attending their first game.

I decide that since throwing all three was reasonably lucky that time Iíd do it again. As I draw back to toss the dice I notice that a few beads of sweat are on your forehead and that youíre watching this with all your attention, I wonder to my self if youíre rooting for me to get the maximum, and I reach the conclusion that you are, as I throw the dice, My luck is not too good they come up three fives Iím going to get fifteen swats with the paddle.

And finally how hard? Now I am anxious to get the suspense over with and toss the dice for the last time, I look and see a six a four and a five, by the skin of my teeth I avoided a hard spanking and will get medium swats, though with a paddle on my panties that can still sting.

With no more talk Benjamin sits down on a wooden crate I move to his right and drop my shorts and bend over his knee as I watch the slight smile on your face. As is the custom Bonnie (The Mom) gets the paddle and gives it to the Dad.

In quick order Benjamin brings the paddle down on my bottom fifteen times, the sting is real, and I squirm, but am determined to not give you the satisfaction of seeing me whimper or carry on, as we sometimes do for effect and the fun of fully playing the part of a disciplined child.

I get up rubbing my bottom and trying to get the sting out , and claiming that it wasnít so bad, but I know that when I take a look later, my tail will still in an hour and show signs of redness.

The game over we try and talk about other things, but the feeling is still in the air and your choice to decline earlier is brought up and it is quickly decided that you should now be one of the kids along with Bonnie and that Benjamin and I will be the parents after a seconds hesitation, you agree.

You and Bonnie begin acting as the kids while your new parents watch with disapproving comments and clucking tongues, soon Bonnie pushes you playfully and in the spirit of the game you call her a name, that does it, we announce that you are both going to be spanked, as soon as that is said, the tension level rises, you know that in a few minutes you may be bare bottomed in front of another kid you barely know of the opposite sex getting your bottom paddled.

We get the dice out and you and Bonnie get ready to roll, since the two of you are going to get spanked together you have a choice you can each roll independently or roll as one and get the same punishment, as the new person, it is your choice.

You consider and after deciding that at least if you roll as one and you get spanked barebottom you will have company and that is what you choose and to alternate throws, with Bonnie throwing first for what position you will be spanked in.

As a veteran of the game Bonnie knows that this is the least important of the tosses and casts the dice all at once and comes up with a combined 14, not bad, both of you will get spanked over the knee, could be worse, I hate having to bend over, my self.

You pick up the dice and throw only one and get a four , you throw another and get a six, you quickly throw the third it comes up a five you quickly add them up see you have a combined fifteen , your luck is holding youíll be spanked by hand. Big deal I think to my self, I almost feel cheated as Bonnie picks up the dice, now my sly younger sister realizes that we are at a critical roll, this one will decide if we get to see your bare bottom turn red. She throws the first one and it is a two, she smiles and tosses the second another two, I make a quick count and point out that if the last one is a one, two, or three you will get a spanking on youíre bare bottom, you look at me and then smile as if you enjoy the suspense and sense of danger. The dice is cast and it is a three for a total of seven, you will be spanked on your bare bottom I watch as you take a deep breath and seem to determined to see this through, and my respect for you increases.

You pick up the dice for your last throw for the number of spanks you are going to get and with a toss they come up to a total of twelve.

Now Bonnie picks them up for the last toss of the game and throws one that reads five, the next one is a six for a total of eleven if the third is five or a six youíll get it hard I announce to my satisfaction, again I am surprised that you can be so cool and smile, and to my delight it is a six. Your going to get a bare bottom spanking with our hands hard as we can for twelve swats.

It is decided that I will spank you, as spanking my sister is old hat for me in this game and Benjamin hasnít spanked her all that many times.

We sit on crates opposite each other and both you and Bonnie are ordered to drop your shorts and bare your bottoms and place yourselves across our laps, I am pleased that you follow your instructions to the letter, and soon Benjamin and I look at each other and begin our spankings.

I am determined to make the most of this opportunity and I bring my hand down as hard as I can on the middle of your bottom, your upper body moves slightly at the impact, but you donít utter a sound, for her part Bonnie has received a much milder swat as I remind Benjamin that both of our naughty kids must be punished equally and Bonnieís next swat causes her to yelp and glare over at me, as I prepare to deliver the next swat I note with some satisfaction that I can see a little red on your fanny.

SWAT SWAT SWAT I deliver three as quick as I can hoping to catch you by surprise, you flinch with each swat but maintain your position and still not a whimper. OK I think weíll see how you like this...... and SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT Whap Swat as I strike home six more times as hard as my small hand can.

You begin squirming with the second of this series and by the final one you are kicking your feet slightly still trying to maintain your position, I spank you twice more and your spanking is over, despite my temptation to continue, I know that going beyond the conditions that were set, can earn a spanker a harsh punishment from the group so I stop at the required time.

You get off my knee and pull up your shorts I see a tear in the corner of your eye and your face is slightly flushed, very good you took your spanking well, you are now a member of our group.

Maybe next time you come over, the rolls will be reversed and youíll spank me, as matter of fact Iím sure of it.