Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 20:59:14, -0500
Subject: We get our Revenge

This story involves spanking and kids, if that is not of interest or you are under eighteen, please donít read.

This is the final story in the ìAunt Natty Seriesî


As Stevie and I walked back to the cabin rubbing our bottoms and sniffling we began to discuss Aunt Natty and how unfair she was in general, and to have spanked us earlier, we discussed several silly plots to get revenge, that we both knew were foolish as we said them, but it soon became clear that the thought of a little payback was a very big and serious topic with both of us.

I should make clear that I felt Aunt Natty was as poor an excuse for a human being as could have existed, my normal aversion to toads aside, she was the most undesirable creature on the face of the earth in my view.

She had spanked me on several occasions for reasons that I considered weak at best, and now she had spanked me and my boy friend and this was just too much.

To explain to any readers that may have missed the previous stories, Aunt Natty was eighteen at the time, my Motherís youngest sister who had come to live with us, since she began having trouble at home in the hope that her older sister (Mom) and Dad could straighten her out.

I had been pleased at first the thought of having an older sister was exciting, but soon the beautiful slim blond of a Aunt made it clear that I was of no interest to her other than being an object of torment for her amusement. I soon came to regard her as someone to be avoided.

Stevie and I discussed several plots, and after a while we realized that there was only one real weakness that we could exploit. On the Sly, Natty had taken to stealing Momís cigarettes one at a time so they wouldnít be missed and sneaking off to the lake and smoking them, not the greatest of crimes but we had nothing else to work with and if things fell our way well then maybe just maybe something good would come of it. We talked some more and then came up with a plan, we realized that we were taking a chance and the whole thing could backfire, but our desire for revenge was strong.

That night I slipped out of the room I shared with my sister Bonnie and with all the care of a cat burglar made my way to the kitchen where Mom left her cigarettes at night. ( Since Dad hated her smoking she never smoked in the bedroom). I took three cigarettes out and made my way back to my room hiding the cigarettes in a safe place.

The next morning at breakfast I saw Mom look at the pack questioningly then shrug, and go back to cooking breakfast, perfect I thought as I smiled to myself. The next night I made the trek again with the same results, the following morning Mom looked at her cigarettes and then emptied the pack into her hand when she thought nobody was watching and counted them. A slight nod of her head to herself was all I needed to confirm that our plan was working, Mom now knew there was a cigarette thief.

After Breakfast I found Stevie and reported our progress and the next phase of the plan, the planting of the evidence. Since Natty was always around her room when the family was there Stevie would now have to pull off this part of the plan.

After lunch all of the family went for our daily walk, Natty included. As we left the cabin area Stevie was watching from his assigned area in the trees nearby. He slipped into the cabin and went to where I told him the cigarettes were hidden took them out and went to Nattyís room and placed the cigarettes in the back of my beloved Auntís closet where it was hoped they wouldnít be noticed by her. The evidence was planted, now to close the trap.

That night I made my last trip to the kitchen, removed two more cigarettes and flushed them down the toilet, the reasoning was that we would never get a chance to plant them and further we didnít want all the missing ones found, for if they were, it would appear that maybe Natty wasnít smoking them.

That morning Mom counted her cigarettes again, I saw the frown as she looked us over while we all sat there eating, I have to admit that I was nervous, I was playing with fire and knew it, one misstep and I would be the one getting a spanking. But so far so good. Now it was time to spring the trap.

After breakfast, everyone went their own way. I approached Mom and said in my most innocent voice, ìMom whatís wrong with Natty?î ìWhat do you mean Dear?î She responded. Well I said slowly trying to act concerned, ìShe hurries down to the lake a lot and wonít let us come with her and then when she comes back, she smells like a campfire.î ( what a lie, I couldnít believe the words coming out of my mouth) ìand then she always brushes her teeth, is she OK, Mom?î

Mom looked at me and I could almost read her thoughts, as she pondered what she had just heard, and then with my scheming heart in full flight,

I dropped the bomb ìand she wonít let us go near her closetî I confided in a low voice.

Mom smiled at me as if nothing was out of the ordinary and sent me on my way, I hurried out to report to my partner in crime and plot our next move, but no further plotting was to be necessary. I heard Mom call to Dad who had been sunning himself by the lake as he came up towards the cabin she went down to meet him halfway and they began an intense discussion, and then went into the house.

Stevie and I looked at each other and both of us knew that the moment we had been waiting and planning for was at hand, giggling both with pleasure and the thrill of danger, we scampered for a good observation point.

We had known that if we were lucky and everything went as planned Natty would get her comeuppance in her bedroom and to prepare we cleared out a small viewing port in some bushes on a small rise about fifteen feet from the window in Nattyís room, and it was to this we scampered.

We made it just as Mom and Dad entered the room and started talking to Natty, we couldnít over hear the whole conversation, but is soon became evident that Natty was getting exercised, she had been stealing cigarettes but no where the quantities that she was being accused of so her emotions were ranging I suppose between guilt and wonderment at the events.

We watched as Dad was talking to her and saw Mom start to look in her closet, much as we had done when watching Natty get her spanking at home when we watched in the tree house, we whispered excitedly to each other at what we were seeing, at first it seemed like Mom was going to miss the planted treasure, then we saw both Dad and Nattyís heads turn towards Mom as she emerged from the closet with the cigarettes in hand.

I could hear Natty squeal, ìThose arenít mine, I donít know how they got there, they must have been planted,î from the looks she was receiving her protests were falling on deaf ears, she was facing two ticked off parents

I could tell Mom was steaming, she was raising her voice and was easy to hear she was giving Natty hell, for stealing, smoking, Lying and so on, despite Nattys protests Mom kept going and soon it became evident that Natty was in deep trouble.

Stevie and I lay flat as we could straining to overhear the fruits of our planning and enjoying every second, a video camera would have been worth a million to us right then. We snuggled in against each other in the small opening we had and at that point we began to really enjoy ourselves.

Dad made in clear in a firm voice that the discussions were over and despite her protests Natty was sent to a corner while Mom and Dad had a short conference.

With Mom standing by the door Natty was ordered out of the corner, as she turned around she saw Dad sitting in the straight back chair by her bed, fully realizing what this meant, Natty made a foolish move and tried to get out the door, Mom grabbed her by the arm and pushed and pulled her over to Dad, who took her by the arm. As he did so the fight went out of Natty and she realized her fate was sealed.

She was taken to his right side and in a voice we could hear, she was told to drop her shorts, she blanched at this command, but when it was repeated again by Dad, she hooked her fingers in her shorts and slowly pulled them down to even with the bottom of her panties, Dad the experienced spanker was having none of that and quickly pulled them with a short jerk and they fell to her ankles.

As he took her by the arm, she obediently lay across his lap, Dad started to raise his right hand and than Mom said something, he looked at her as Natty started to struggle and protest, soon to our delight it became evident what Mom had said. She went to Nattyís side and pulled her panties down her legs and over her ankles, pulling the shorts off as well, leaving Natty naked from the waist down.

She nodded at Dad and he commenced the spanking, Natty had not been spanked by Dad, though Mom had spanked her on several occasions, she was as I knew, in for a surprise if she expected this to be similar to one of Momís Spankings.

The first swat was a doozy and quite satisfactory from our point of view, Nattyís arms shot straight out and she let out a yelp that was more from surprise than pain.

Then the spanking began in earnest, Dad began popping away at her bottom with a regular cadence, he seemed to be alternating spank spots on an irregular pattern, but whatever he was doing it was effective.

Clap, Clap, and soon Natty was howling ( what a baby I whispered to Stevie, after only six spanks look at her carry on, I hope he never stops). Our view of Natty was from the back , so we had a perfect view of her bottom, we watched as it turned from very white that contrasted with her deep tan to a pink and then a color that matched her tan, and then a red bottom was on display.

Natty soon began kicking her legs with each swat, Swat and the legs both kicked up, Swat and the legs kicked up again, Swat and up went the legs, soon Dad tired of this pattern and Natty was told to stop that and to emphasize the point several extra hard swats landed with the warning.

She squealed but alternated the pattern and began moving her right leg in a small circling pattern and then shifting it out away in a manner that was interesting to watch, had she known that she was exposing herself like that to me and an eleven year old boy, I shudder to think of her anger and possible revenge.

We watched as her bottom cheeks bounced with each landing of Dadís hand and the splotching that was visible to us even from fifteen feet away as the spanks landed confirmed the thoroughness of the spanking, the last few spanks were delivered to the bottom of her now red butt, having the effect of driving the chastised girl forward on her spankers lap.

And with a few firm words and extra hard spanks that were received with sobs the spanking was over. We watched as she got up and Mom made her stand in the corner until Dad left. Mom gave her a few words of what I suspect were sympathy and a few firm swats on the fanny and pointed her to the bed where she fell still weeping. Mom then left the room, As Stevie and I slipped away flushed with victory.

We went to his Parentís cabin got a couple of cokes and slipped off to toast our triumph. We made the same pact as last time that if either one of us told anyone about we had seen the other one would spank the tattletale as if the word ever got back to our parents, we both knew what would happen to us.

When I went back to our cabin later, it was hard to keep a straight face when the rest of us kidís were told that Natty had the flu and would have to stay in her room the rest of the day, but would be fine the next day.

Natty looked at me with great suspicion the next day, but was clearly not positive about what role if any, I had in the whole series of events, and she was not of a mind to tempt fate and make an issue of anything, she had no interest in any more spankings. It could be said that the operation was a success all around.

As for me did I tell any one else and break the pact of silence?

Well.......what do you think?