Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 20:31:02, -0500
Subject: Vacation Time part 7



After the spankings we had received from Unc. and Jen, we kept a low, polite, well behaved and cooperative profile for a number of days. We were not at all eager to repeat the experience and went out of our way to be shinning examples of what we knew was expected.

Almost a week passed with out a problem and the vacation was winding down, it was almost time to start for home and the Arizona heat. Jen and her Motor Home would follow us to Arizona and the plan was for them to stay a day or two with us and then they were to head to the Grand Canyon. I should tell you at this point that Unc. and Jen were becoming an item, kind of cute for a pair of oldsters. I mean they acted so silly at times, what a crackup. But you can be sure in their presence we kept straight faces and a polite manner, and only dissolved into laughter when they were out of ear shot. At one point Stacey expressed a concern, despite the fact that she liked Unc. Geeze what if this thing became serious, and they got married? That would make your Unc. my Dad so to speak. She observed, her eyes filling with thought. Oh my, I might never sit down again. she concluded with an unsure laugh.

As the days passed we were back in favor again, the incidents soon forgotten once again we were Uncs trusted Nieces and all was well. And as the trip back to Arizona was planned I started hinting that I wanted to drive Flipper all by myself, and despite his concerns Unc. finally agreed that we would travel with him Jen and Staceys brother in Jens motor home and the girls could follow in Flipper.

Now there were only three of us girls, Christy had to fly home a few days earlier to go on a short vacation with her family. One vacation to another, what a hardship. At any rate we began the drive home to Phoenix, Jen, Unc and Robert were in one motor home and Stacey, Cindy and I were following in Flipper. With me driving!

We stopped at several sites and as a consequence made it a rather leisurely trip. I am pleased to tell you that I was getting quite good at driving the motor home. ( I knew youd be proud of me.)

As we entered Arizona we were following behind Unc, and Jen by about a quarter of a mile at a nice clip of sixty or so. Tell me, tell me again Stacey asked in an excited voice. About the bunny pajamas that you got spanked in on the way out here. Cindy and I laughed and soon enough Cindy agree to show her. In almost no time Cindy and Stacey were in the bedroom. I heard some laughing and ooohing and ahhing.

Whats going on in there? I demanded in the most authoritative voice I could muster. ( as if they were going to pay any attention to me.) Hush up Daria , youll see soon enough came Cindys response along with a number of giggles that raised my suspicions. There wasnt much I could do to investigate the activities at sixty miles per hour any way.

I cant believe it they really do have bunnies on them cooed Stacey, Daria theyre sooo cute Stacey and Cindy were now almost beside me as I tried to concentrate on driving and seeing what my companions were up to. I glanced over my shoulder and there was Stacey all decked out in one of the bunny pajamas and Cindy right beside her. Cindy was holding a teddy bear, but there was something else I thought I caught in my look back. I drove for a few more seconds and then dared another look away from the highway. Cindy had her hair in a ponytail and with a pink ribbon in it and was apparently for all the world trying to look like she was ten years old. I wondered if strangeness ran in other families.

Stacey sat down in the CO-pilots seat and looked at me. Daria did you really get a spanking wearing these? Yes Stace, as matter of fact we, and I mean the three of us all got spanked twice wearing those things.

The bottoms come down in the back, you know She observed. Yes Stace, I know that all too well I answered as I looked back at the road. These are really adorable. She prattled on.

Deciding I was a bore for paying too much attention to my driving ( I suppose theyd rather have wound up in a ditch beside the road.) They went into the living room ( a whole six feet away) and started chattering away like they were ten years old again, I supposed to myself as I listened with amusement. maybe the bunny pajamas had some magic that made the wearer feel the age that was appropriate for the jammies. Getting into the spirit of the situation Cindy and Stacey decided that Stacey had been a Bad girl and was to get a spanking. I listened and watched in the mirror as best I could to the game going on just behind me.

Bad girl, youll be punished for this you know Cindy began with a false tone of authority. Im sorry, Im sorry, On please dont spank me. Stacey responded, sounding for all the world like a ten year old, though there was no tone of panic, only the excitement of playing a fun but unknown game.

Well, I think you will be spanked young lady, and right now. Come here.

Oh. please, as Stacey took a step backwards, Please dont spank me. Taking Stacey by the arm and pulling her to the sofa Cindy responded. Over my knee you naughty little girl and Ill show you what these pajamas are for. Stacey went across her knee as Cindy sat down. I watched trying hard to maintain my place on the road and take in this side show.

I had a view of Staceys backside across Cindys lap and watched as Cindy lectured the bad girl and then despite her protests pulled down the flap protecting her bottom.

Oh, no, not on my poor bare bottom, Please dont spank me on my bare bottom, Ill be good , really I will. Stacey was playing her role to the hilt, but Cindy was working on doing her part as well, not getting many chances to be the spanker, she had an opportunity to be enjoyed for its uniqueness.

I watched, flushed with memories of childhood spanking games and real childhood spankings flashing through my minds eye. Oh not so hard cried Stacey kicking her legs far more than the situation called for. Quite you bad girl, you. Im going to spank your bottom until youve learned your lesson. Now you stay still and take your spanking. warned Cindy.

Soft whaps and slaps began coming down on Staceys exposed bare bottom and soon enough, despite the relative restraint Cindy was showing ( at least compared to Unc.) I saw red marks start to come out on Staceys bottom. Oh, please Ill be good. I really will, I promise And more slaps, pops, and whaps as Stacey wagged her legs and bottom and a soft red hue developed on her bottom. This kept up for a few minutes then as I said, it was a game and Stacey was let up.

Playing her part to the end she hopped around for a few seconds whining about her poor hot bottom and how Oh, that spanking really hurt. And that was when the trouble began for real and a play spanking turned into the real thing.

Cindy saw him first through the back bedroom window. A highway patrol car was flashing his lights and telling us to pull over. Oh shit, Oh shit was the limit of my thought capacity as I slowed Flipper down and pulled to the side. I watched as Unc./ Jen and her motor home disappeared from sight, continuing on their journey totally unaware of our problem. The patrol car just stayed behind us for what seemed the longest time, then the officer got out and came around to the door, he told me to get out and stand beside the motor home.

You the driver Miss? he asked in a very official displeased tone.

Yes Sir, I am I squeaked back in a very unofficial, scared tone.

Lets see your drivers License

Now, you want to see it right now? I asked.

Yes maam, if thats not too much trouble. He responded in a somewhat sarcastic tone. Right now would be real nice.

Uh, well, you see, Uh, Officer, I , Uh , well sir to tell you the truth I dont have it, Uh. Well quite with me.

He took out his ticket book and started writing, asking me questions as he went, name and address looking at the Motor home rental papers and so on. By this time almost half an hour had passed. I saw Unc. pulling up behind us, he had noticed us missing and had doubled back.

He introduced himself to the officer and explained who was who.

Sir he said to Unc. I stopped this Motor home for erratic lane changes, this young lady driving was all over the highway. I noticed that when he spoke to Unc. the sarcasm was not in his tone. Typical of the way cops treat younger people I thought, but decided to keep this observation to my self.

Add to her driving, she doesnt have her drivers license Pausing for effect the officer looked at Unc. and asked Sir can you confirm that she indeed does have a valid Arizona drivers License. Yes officer she does indeed have a valid license.

A few more formalities were dispensed of and The cop soon departed for the nearest donut shop, though where in the middle of the desert he was going to find one was beyond me. Stacey and Cindy had come to the door as soon as the cop left and were listening as Unc. gave me standard oldster lecture # 46 on driving responsibilities.

I noticed that Stacey was still in her Bunny pajamas that only a few minutes ago she had been getting spanked in. Unc. didnt seem to notice, he glanced at my two friends but seemed distracted by making sure I understood his points. I Understood, I understood, I assured him. Looking up at the other two he said in an off hand manner, Go inside Im talking to Daria.

As Unc. and I watched they turned and as I feared in the deepest darkest parts of my horror driven imagination, as Stacey turned her bottom panel was still down and she was showing off a pert red bare bottom, that was clearly freshly spanked.

Unc.s jaw dropped at the same rate as my expectations of surviving until my next birthday. I thought to my self Im dead, Im a goner, hes going to strangle me before he strokes out.

The next thing I knew, he had grabbed me by the arm and I was being propelled toward the door of the motor home and pushed inside. He had us standing in the small living room and started drilling us for answers.

Whats going on here?

Nothing, I just got a ticket, thats all. I responded, Im sorry, Ill be more careful.

Why were you driving out of your lane? he demanded.

And there it was, he was going to find out. And if I lied I knew it would be worse, far worse. My goose was cooked and all I could hope for a medium setting and not well done. Taking a deep breath I resolved to tell the truth.

I was distracted. I answered, reasoning to myself that telling the truth didnt always mean volunteering everything.

And by what?

Cindy and Stacey were playing around and I started watching but I was careful, really.

You were careful all right, thats why you got these tickets. He said waving the incriminating evidence under my nose. I fell silent, I had no more to say.

Cindy spoke up taking the heat off of me for a few minutes. It was my fault, Stacey and I were just kind of playing around and Im afraid we distracted Daria while she was driving. Unc. looked at her, Stacey and then myself. Playing, Playing and just what kind of playing is this? He asked taking Stacey by the shoulder and turning her around to display her fanny still exposed. I wondered to myself if she was ever going to put the damn flap up, Geeze did she have to wander around all day with her tail sticking out?

None of us had anything to say, what could we have said? As if reading my mind Unc. told Stacey Put your bottom up and with that he gave her a quick medium swat on the bare butt as a reminder. She gave a small squeal and both hands shot to her fanny and the exposure problem was eliminated.

Sit on the sofa, not a word and wait here. Unc. commanded. He left the motor home and went back to Jens and returned ten minutes later. He got into the drivers seat and soon we pulled away and were on the road again, with us still sitting on the sofa and wondering. We didnt have to wonder for long.

Come here, all of you. And with that we drew around him while he drove and listened to what he had to say. Stacey, I spoke to your Mom and were in agreement, so this will apply to you as well as Daria and Cindy do you understand? Yes sir. Came the soft response from Stacey. I understand.

You all acted foolishly and put your lives at risk, I dont consider this a small matter and intend to see that you each receive a spanking that will give cause to reconsider when ever you think about acting so irresponsibly in the future.

I plan to stop at the next rest stop and while Jen and Robert get out and stretch their legs I will tend to you three. Now since you want to act like Children, Cindy, you and Daria can each go put on the same attire you chose to see Stacey wear. Now scoot, and Stacey you sit right her. Unc. announced pointing to the CO-pilots seat.

I looked up and outside as a sign rushed by indicating the next rest stop was twenty five miles. I did a quick calculation in my head and at the sixty mph we were traveling and the time it would take to park and so on, I supposed in about thirty five or so minutes one of us would be getting spanked. Who would be first?

Cindy and I went to the bedroom to change, I took off my shorts, panties and Arizona State T-shirt and went to the small dresser where the bunny jammies were. Pulling them out I turned and handed one pair to Cindy who was by this time also in her birthday suit.

Im sorry Daria, it was my fault She said sadly. I sighed deeply and replied. No Cindy it was all of our faults, I should have told you to stop or paid attention to the road and my driving. We sat down on the bed, the pajamas in our hands and started to try and get our legs into the legs of the always too tight juvenile wear that once again we were going to get spanked in.

We struggled into the required clothing as Flipper rumbled down the highway and ever closer to the rest stop, where I expected we were to get very little rest indeed. Help me here Cindy asked turning her back to me, she had just barely gotten the bottoms up to her butt and was having trouble stretching the material over her fanny. I reached over and placed my fingers on the inside of the material and against her fanny, took a good grip and pulled up as hard as I could. She was pulled up to the tips of her toes as the material slid over her bottom. With a small ripping sound.

What was that, what was that? Cindy asked turning to look at me. Her pajama bottoms were now up but the rest of the PJs were still flopping around her middle leaving her naked from the waist up. Turn around and bend over I told her. I think I know where the problem is. Doing as she was told she bent over and sure enough there was a small rip in the seam of the pj bottoms running right along the lowest part. Telling her where the unfortunate ripping sound came from I said. You better be careful or these things will give away completely. I smiled and continued. Looks like you might have added a pound or two my undernourished friend, these things are about to explode off of you.

Well what do you expect? she retorted these damn things were meant for kids for heavens sake, not adults. And I havent put on any weight. Have I?, Really?, Oh Damn, I knew I would, Damn! I had to smile despite the circumstances, here we were about to get spankings and the main thing on Cindys mind is if she had put on another pound. Geeze, talk about priorities.

And then the Motor home started to slow and we felt it turn, it was almost show time. We went out to the main room as Unc. was pulling into a space well away from the main parking area. After he parked the motor home things began to happen fast.

He stood up and herded us all against the wall opposite the sofa, I heard a soft ripping sound and knew that the Velcro was giving way on one of the others bottom flaps, then another ripping sound and then I felt his hand on my shoulder and his fingers grip the top of my bottom flap and down it came, bringing a breeze to my now exposed fanny.

I could hear kids playing in the distance, I heard families laughing and people playing games. It all seemed so foreign to our situation, as we stood there with our flaps down and in a row three exposed bottoms waiting for Unc. to begin the spankings. Who was going to be first? I wondered.

Me, it was Me I realized as I felt Unc.s hand on my shoulder directing me away from the wall and to one of the chairs in the small living room. I could tell he was ticked and knew that we were in for a good one this time. ( Term good one being relative, you understand) As he sat down I was pulled across his lap and into a satisfactory spanking position.

Since the chair was low my elbows almost reached the floor on one end and my knees on the other. He took me by the waist and pulled me firmly toward him securing me for his purposes. I went without comment or any hint of resistance, I was at fault and knew it, and besides what good would it do?

At first the slaps just began with out any comment from Unc. I felt the sting as his hand slapped my bare bottom and the heat start to build, he was slapping quicker than his normal pace and soon my bottom was on fire. I sensed rather than felt the pajama bottoms rise up and then could feel the difference as his hand hit fabric rather than getting a clear swat of bare fanny each time. He stopped for a second and I felt his hand go inside the bottoms and tug them down hard. They only went a few inches and almost as soon as he began the spanking again they rode back into position covering part of my bottom.

Unc. then released my right wrist and told me to place it on the floor, and then I felt both of his hands go to my backside and took hold of the jammies and in one loud rip that almost lifted me off his lap as he grabbed the fabric, he tore the pajama bottoms open. They ripped halfway down one leg and all the way up to the middle of my back. When he let go they simply flopped almost all the way off me. I might as well had a couple of loose rags thrown over my naked body for all the protection the bunny PJs now afforded me as I gave a soft moan of distress at my new situation.

This accomplished he took my right wrist back in his left hand and began with a renewed vigor applying crisp spanks to my now fully exposed bottom. I was soon yelping and crying as he swatted away. I know that I was crying freely, but for the life of me now I cant remember what I said only that the spanking was far too long and Unc. s hand far too effective.

He pulled me up and the PJs as you might expect left me exposed from the middle of my back all the way down my legs, as I got up the remaining parts below my waist either fell away or ripped off from the stress of my thrashing around in them while being spanked. All I had was some material covering my upper body and rags below my waist in front and back. It was in this condition that I was placed at the wall to cry and rub my flaming bottom as Cindy took her place.

Stacey and I were able to turn slightly and watch as Unc. was facing away from us. He took Cindy across his lap and decided to waste no time. As soon as she was in place and settled in, he reached with both hands and placed them inside her bottoms against her fanny and took hold of the fabric. I watched as the taut PJs exploded into pieces. Strained by the stresses of being worn by girls too big for them, they had lost all their strength and were no match for Unc. they just gave up and went to shreds before our eyes.

So you want to spank, do you? Unc. demanded. And with that as if to make his point he ripped the tired cloth all the way up her back and down both legs, leaving the clothing in shreds. It fell away and Cindy was naked from top to bottom with the exception of her sleeves, and as if to make his point even more clear, a few more tugs and twists and these ceased to exist.

WHAP, SPANK, SWAT, The clap of his hand on her bare bottom filled the small room with explosions of sound. For once I wasnt getting the hardest spanking in our group.


Only after about fifteen swats did Cindy start to make and sounds.

SPANK, SWAT Mmmmmm, Aaaaaa


SWAT OOOOuuucccchh


Cindy began crossing and uncrossing her legs as the last traces of the PJs slid off her body and onto the floor. Her fanny was red and splotched from Unc.s intense attention. She then pushed her feet all the way back and dug her toes into the carpet and pushed forward as her legs made an even rise from her toes to her flaming bottom.



SPANK, SPANK, CRACK SOOOooorrryy, OOOOwwwiiieeee

By now her legs left the ground and were waving back and forth in the air as best they could from the low position of the chair all concerns of modesty long since dashed.


And then with a quick flurry it was over. As Cindy got up she had no interest in her PJs, only in being allowed to make an exit. The bunny pajamas were still across Unc.s legs as if they were to get their own spanking. He threw them aside as Cindy got next to me, she was as naked as the day she was born and crying just as hard. I placed one arm around her waist for comfort as she covered her face with her hands and cried.

Stacey took a deep breath and went to Unc. for her punishment. He placed her across his knee and placed his hand inside the bottoms to prepare to rip and then realized that on Stacey they fit just fine and he had all the target he needed.

Staceys spanking was slower and not as hard, which I supposed was fair in the sense she was the youngest, least at fault and had received a spanking earlier that if not hard had at least stung. Unc. however was not about to let her off with out at least a firm reminder of what was allowed and what was not.


Four more spanks and Stacey began to squeal with every other landing of Unc.s hand on her small bare bottom.





CRACK, SPLAT OOOOuuuucccchhh


Stacey was helped to her feet and we were placed against the wall, I got a swat on the seat when I didnt move fast enough. Unc. got back in the drivers seat and off we went down the highway.

Cindy to my right was still naked and rubbing her fanny, sniffling, with tears running down her face. I was finished crying and was trying to figure out how to cover my self with the few shreds of cloth that I had in my possession. I finally gave up. Stacey had stopped crying and was rubbing her tears away with the arm of her bunny pajamas.

I looked at the PJs on the floor that once held Cindy and the shreds on my body and realized with mixed emotions that the bunny PJs were no more.

End of story. End of Series.