Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 20:31:02, -0500
Subject: Vacation Time part 6



We had discussed this before leaving the room and it was decided that we were getting in over our heads and the recent incident with the strap had left Cindy and I more than a little gun shy about lying, and poor Stacey was freaking in the room over the strap and the stories we had told her and being caught up with us. It was one thing to hang with the big girls, but getting punished like the big girls, well that was another thing all together.

The only real decisions we had made was that we would fess up and I would be our spokesperson to open the subject. As I looked at Cindy and Stacey, I wiggled my fanny just a bit into the soft sofa and the thought went through my head I bet itll be a day or so before I can do this again.

Unc. turned to Jen and asked. Want to all go out to dinner tonight? And a cheery conversation began with the three of us watching quietly and not saying a word.

Unc. I need to talk to you I opened softly, too softly to be heard. I tried again. Unc. can we talk in private? He nodded to me indicating he had heard but carried on his conversation for a few more seconds and then turned to me and said Im sorry Daria, what were you saying honey? Talk to you sir, we need to talk to you I repeated. And with that, maybe it was the tone of my voice, maybe it was the expressions on our faces but everyone turned and looked at us and the mood in the group changed like right then..... and all the focus was on us.

Unc. seemed to sense the way the conversation was going to go before I could start, I watched as his eyes grew cold and his face lost all expression as if he were in a high stakes poker game. Well if he wasnt, we were in a manner of speaking. If this went well we might get off with a quick scolding and at worst a spanking, the other side of the coin had the strap and all its unpleasantness.

We wandered onto a private beach today, and didnt realize it, but we all got tickets and they confiscated Staceys camera and now we have to pay a fine to get it back. I said quickly, too quickly I thought have to be more confident here Daria I mused to myself. Unc. looked at me and asked Thats all, thats it? Mom, thats what happened. Stacey piped up sounding far more confident than I could have hoped for.

Well, Hells Bells Unc. thundered with the smile returning to his face if thats it, lets go down pay the damn fine, get the camera back and go to dinner, Im hungry. And with that we got into the hotel van and the six of us were off for the city hall and the wayward camera.

After some confusion we got to the right counter and a nice middle aged lady came over to help us, we handed her the tickets and she went and matched them up with her copies. Cindy and I were fidgeting and as nervous as we could be, if the next fifteen minutes went right we would be out of this Scot free, if not, well you get the idea. The lady came back, looked at the paper work and with a frown looked at Unc. and said.

Usually for a matter like this youd have to go before a local magistrate, but since youre from out of town we will try and work with you, good for the tourist trade you know. she added with a wink. I dont understand Unc. asked with a mystified tone A magistrate, What is the big deal?

Well sir, on all of the girls we have trespassing on a private posted beach, taking illegal pictures of nudist swimmers and people sunning themselves, on one Stacey, is that you honey? She asked looking at Stacey, who could only nod her head in unhappy agreement. we have a minor charged with total nudity. Pretty serious stuff in this neck of the woods sir. And I might add all three were topless, but you can hardly charge one with a misdemeanor for being topless on a nude beach can you? A pin dropped would have sounded like a nuclear explosion. Then all at once I heard more voices than I cared to, and far too many seemed to be directed at me.

Nude, my daughter nude on a beach Shrieked Jen.

Is this right, Did this happen? Unc. roared looking at niece number one (me).

Nude, my daughter nude on a beach Jen now shrieked at me as I wilted under the onslaught.

Well well get to the bottom of this and right damn now. Unc. informed Nieces one and two, leaving no doubt what was meant. Robert was looking like he wished he had been there for the show, but at the moment he was wise enough to stand back and not get caught up in any of the adult/parental rage that was so freely flowing. Christy was holding one of my hands for comfort but didnt have anything to say, and that might have been just as well.

Cindy, Daria go to the van and wait for us ordered Unc. You too Stacey Chimed in Jen. But Unc. I want to explain. I tried to interject to no avail. Daria he said slowly trying to restrain himself. I SAID go to the van, I meant now. And so off we trudged a silent and dejected trio. A few minutes later we were joined by Robert and Christy so the elders could negotiate with the city in private.

Fifteen had passed when Unc. and Jen emerged from the building with the camera and without comment, got in the van and directed the driver to a local restaurant. We intend to have our dinner and then return to the hotel and deal with the situation, and until that point we dont wish to discuss the matter Unc informed us. Unc. were sorry we didnt mean to... and Cindy was cut off with a curt. I said well discuss it later Cindy, I dont care to hear any more now, is that understood? Yes sir. she replied weakly.

And so through dinner the three of ate very small portions and added almost nothing to the conversations around us, answering only direct questions and no more. Unc. and Jen loosened up and relaxed the stress of the situation fading and only the corrective action remaining, no stress for them. Be assured your three heroines were not stress free at the time however.

We arrived back at the hotel at about six thirty and it was still light out, but one way or another that just didnt seem important just now. Robert and Christy were each given a few dollars and told to go to a movie at a complex across the street from the hotel. So, at least we were to be spared that embarrassment.

At the elevator, Unc. told us what was to happen. Daria, you and Cindy come with me Ill attend to you two in your room, Stacey will go with her Mom. And with that he turned for the door of the elevator.

NO we all turned at once at looked at Stacey who was looking back at Unc. and her Mom with defiance in her eyes. What did you say young lady? Her Mom asked looking and sounding surprised. No, I said No, I deserve the same punishment as Daria and Cindy. I was with them and were friends and we were in this together. They tried to help me get the camera back and if it hadnt been for that camera they would not have gotten in trouble and it was me naked on the beach and it was my doing not theirs. And with that she went silent and moved to stand between Cindy and myself.

Stacey, trust me you dont want any part of the punishment that Cindy and Daria are going to receive. Unc. told her gently. The little freckle faced girl, raised her head and looked him directly in the eye and with more courage than I can imagine, knowingly stepped into the deep water fully aware from our stories of what she was getting herself into and simply said Were friends and I deserve the same. And with that she grabbed one of my hands and held on tight. I squeezed back some encouragement as Cindy put an arm over her shoulder. For this time and right then anyway, we were sisters and if it were to be that we would go down, we would go down together, or so our bond felt to us right then. A small tear of pride leaked from my eye. We might deserve this spanking but somehow we werent ashamed.

Unc. looked at Jen hoping for some assistance, she simply shrugged and said She has a point lets all go to the girls room and get this over with. and with that we were on our way.

At Unc.s direction we were soon all three lined up against the wall facing him and Jen with our fannies snugly against the wall, now clad in only our T-shirts and panties, our shorts and shoes in one jumbled pile on the ground by the TV stand, oh how I wished I could fast forward my life to the time when I would be allowed to pick up those shorts and put them on again, but that was about thirty minutes away if I knew Unc. and I did indeed know Unc.

Unc. and Jen had a short private discussion on the immediate future of two Nieces and one daughter. Satisfied that they had their game plan in order, Unc. looked at each of us slowly and then spoke.

So you want to go to nude beaches, take illegal pictures and parade around half naked and in one case fully naked I might add He lectured as Stacey shuddered at his last comment. Well Ill just have to seen if we can reward that behavior. Staceys Mother will start out and I will return in a few minutes, I expect by then the proceedings will be well underway and ready for my small contribution. and with that he walked out of the room.

Cindy, you first Jen decided for reasons of which I am not sure to this day. Come over here and with that Jen pulled out and sat on the desk chair and motioned to Cindy who walked over and stood as indicated to Jens right. Jen reached over and with a casual motion that had much practice she pulled Cindys panties down to her thighs as Cindy watched with wide blue eyes looking at me and then the top of Jens head as her panties descended. And then Jen took Cindys left wrist and pulled her across her lap.

Jen was facing us in her chair, Cindy was across her lap with her head to the right from our point of view. Cindy turned her head and looked at me as Jen raised her hand to deliver the first swat, as it landed Cindy winced as much from the surprise as the sting of the first swat, even when you know its coming the first one is always different, always a surprise somehow. Cindy gave me a grim half smile grimace, made a small face and slowly moved her face to look down at the carpet. I felt Stacey tighten her grip on my hand and move closer to me as the spanking started.

At that moment despite my age, I felt like we were two half naked naughty young girls about to get a well deserved spanking. The slap/clap sound that comes through as a sound only on a naked bottom being spanked by a vigorous hand does was soon filling the room.

Cindy crossed her ankles and stretched out her long bare legs in an effort to hold on through the stinging spanks that were landing on her bottom. I watched as her loose panties at mid thigh slowly worked their way down her legs as with each swat of Jens hand Cindys legs twitched and the panties moved just a bit, always more down.

Cindy twitched and shifted her body as each swat landed on her tail, she didnt cry out or at any time try to put her hand back for protection, but then she always was the bravest at taking spankings for her evading a spanking was not an option. As she was let up Jen told her daughter to come to her. I gave Stacey a squeeze of the hand and she pulled away from me and went to take her position and Cindy came and stood by me.

Down came Staceys panties and across her Mothers knees she went and soon she was receiving the same treatment as Cindy, it seemed to me that the swats to Stacey were delivered with the same force as had been utilized on Cindys fanny. Stace did the same thing I was sure I would do later and was holding onto the chair legs, she squealed and moved her legs and kicked her feet and ankles.

With each swat she emitted an EEEeee, OOOOoo, EEEEeee Aaaaa It was always a single sound that started out loud and then trailed off. After about twenty five hand spanks that had been crisp the same as Cindy had received Stacey was let up to join us at the wall and then it was my turn. I passed next to Stacey as she walked to the wall and Cindy, she was rubbing her bottom and trying to pull up her panties, a small tears were in the corner of each of her eyes.

Right here, stand right here. Jen told me and when I was in place she reached over and took my panties in her fingers and smoothly pulled them down and took my wrist in her hand and was ready to pull me across her knew, when the door opened. In walked Unc. and for a second there I was, almost naked from the waist down about to go over Jens knee and the door to the hallway was open. He quickly closed the door and I never found out if any one outside got a free show.

Jen pulled me tightly against her and slapped my bottom. Twice then a third and fourth time. It sure seemed to me that my spanks were coming harder than the previous spankings but it was hard to tell from my current position. The spanking was applied all over my fanny and soon I was sure there wasnt a part of my butt that she had missed. The sting was hot, very hot but still I have had more than my share of spankings and this wasnt the worst, I was able to ride out the twenty five spanks. Knowing in advance from the previous spankings of what I could expect made it easier. And soon we were all together at the wall facing Unc. and Jen and I knew it wasnt over despite the sting on my bottom.

I stood there with my friends and waited for the second part with one hand on each of my cheeks as if I were giving comfort to my poor sore fanny.

Ok Girls my turn, Unc. announced to his small audience. Lets see if I can make an impression on you three. and with that Jen stood up and walked out the door a move that was decided on by them earlier. Well Stacey wanted to be with the big girls and now she was. I noticed for the first time that Unc. had a ping pong paddle in his hand and wondered to myself where does he keep getting those damn things? Later we found out that when he left the room he went to Jens motor home and got the paddle that was used on Stacey only a few days ago, and now she would be paddled with the same paddle only now Unc. would be doing the honors.

Who wants to be first? Unc. asked. Cindy and I stood, both silent and Stacey tried to step back and slide behind me, not that she could move more than a few inches, but clearly she didnt care to be first. I stepped forward and silently walked to his side as he sat down in the chair. Might as well get it over with I thought to my self. Drop the panties and remove them He said and doing as I was told I threw them on the pile of shorts and shoes as he pointed out where they were to go.

Laying my self over his knee I closed my eyes and resolved to take the paddling as bravely as I could, I knew that I was going to be an example to Stacey and I didnt want to spook her with a lot of unnecessary antics. As he placed the paddle on my bottom and patted it a few times I remembered that I had never been paddled just after receiving a spanking. My tail was already sore and stingy from the spanking only a few minutes ago. I was the last to be spanked by Jen and now would be the first to be spanked by Unc. no cool off period for me. I should never have gone first, I should have let Cindy be first, but now it was too late for that. And at that second the paddle landed with the first serious swat.

I winced and grabbed the legs of the chair with a determined grip, but didnt utter a sound knowing Staceys eyes were on me. the next swats I also was able to brave my way through. Then the sting began to build, I had underestimated the effectiveness of Jens spanking and the effect it would have, but now with the paddle smacking into my bottom I was one girl in trouble. Unc. was clearly annoyed and determined to get his point home, if he had enough foolishness on this trip and intended to ensure careful behavior the rest of the way he was going about it correctly. I was promising my self to use supreme care in remaining trouble free for the rest of my life.

OOOww it just came out, I was trying to be quiet, I just couldnt help it. And then the floodgate opened up. OOWWie, OUCH, OOOO, OUCH, OH, OH. PLEASE, Oahhh, and I began wiggling and I knew I was kicking my legs too much, and despite warnings from Unc. I couldnt stop them from moving so I dug my toes into the carpet and tried to arch my back to help. My eyes were still closed and the tears were running down my face, onto my chin and dripping onto the floor.

SWAT, POP, SMACK, SMACK, and the paddle kept ringing in the room it seemed to go on forever I was bucking and being held in place by Unc.s strong hand with each swat.


I didnt realize at first that it was over, I just lay across his knee sobbing. a pat on my back and his hand on my shoulder told me it was ok to move. I got up gently and as soon as I was standing my hands raced to my bottom and I held onto both cheeks as I walked away as if I could put out the fire by just holding my cheeks, they were to hot and sore to rub.

As I made my way to the wall I heard Unc. Ask ok who is next? and Stacey stepped forward with a determined look on a very pale and scared face. Unc. took her hand gently and placed her across his knee, he didnt make her remove her panties, instead he pulled down the backs of hers and let them remain just below her bottom cheeks. Picking up the paddle he started her spanking more slowly than he had me and to my way of thinking he put less volume behind each swat. None the less it was a real paddling no doubt about that and soon Freckle face was yelping up a storm and kicking her legs and shaking her head, this was no doubt the hardest paddling of her young life.

OUP, OUP, OUP. OUP, OUP was all she said and with each pop of the paddle it was the same OUP, OUP, OUP. her legs kicked some more and she grabbed the chair legs and bucked her small bottom up after each swat. I was able to see her bottom and as the tears were clearing from my eyes I saw it was red, quite red and splotched. Then it was over and Unc. let her up, she shot off his lap and across the room and into my arms sobbing. I pulled her panties up for her as she draped her arms around my neck and cried.

Cindy now walked over and removed her panties with out being told and added them to the pile that held mine. She went across Unc.s knee with out comment. Looking straight forward she waited for him to start and with the customary pat of the paddle, he did just that. Cindy as I have said before always was the bravest at taking spankings and she proved it again.

Through out the twenty five swats of the paddle Cindy never moved, she maintained her position and Unc, never had cause to caution her about kicking as he had me or try and keep her in place. the paddle popped off her bottom with force and each time she gave out a small grunt of pain. Her bottom was red, as red as Ive seen it, it seemed redder than the time she got the strap only a few days ago.

Then for her too it was over and she was back in place with Stacey and me. Then Unc. asked Jen to take the paddle and he walked over to the group and took Cindy and myself by the arm and took us away from the wall, we were walked over to the dresser and Unc. said to our horror. This is from me for not taking care of your responsibilities and Stacey when she was put in your trust. Now I want both of you to bend over and place your hands on the dresser. It was only through years of being taught the folly of resisting spankings that enabled us to summon up the courage to do as we were being told.

Now maybe ten good swats of this paddle will do the trick and to my horror a paddle appeared that was about eighteen inches long and two inches wide. It had small holes drilled in the business end and was a dark brown and looked wicked.

A small groan of dismay escaped from me and I bent over as directed and Cindy followed. I was on the left and thus the first chosen. I felt the paddle pat my butt and then it cracked down with a thunder of pain. I shot up right yelping my protests. Oh Damn that hurts Oh, Oh, Oh, Daria you be quiet and get back in place and dont move again or you will not like what happens. I placed my hands back on the smooth surface and willed my self to stay in place.


CRACK, I, I, I, I, Ieee




And then four more swats were deliver in such a rapid fire rate than I was unable to distinguish one from the other in the haze of burning pain I felt on my bottom. I sensed when it was over or maybe he said something, I dont remember but I stood up right and did a small dance and hopped back to the wall and Stacey who had a look of sympathy on her face. As I got to the wall and turned around and looked at Cindy she was getting her fourth swat.




And then she got the same quick flurry, I watched as the paddle seemed a blur of motion, connecting with her tail bouncing off and then as if by magic it was back striking once more. She slumped down as it ended and a hand from Jen got her to her feet and back in place with us.

Jen came over and tried to comfort us all, Cindy and I were helped on with our panties and grimaced as they made contact with and slid over our very sore tails. Unc. and Jen left us to compose ourselves for a while. And as we settled down and tried talking about our shared experience Freckles some how made it just a slight bit better. Im glad you know, not about getting spanked I mean She added quickly. But that if I had to get spanked at least I was with two good friends. And at that we all hugged and agreed we were indeed friends.

What a summer this was turning out to be.