Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 20:31:02, -0500
Subject: Vacation Time part 5



I knew where we were going of course, I read about it in the hotel directory. I sure wasnt going to say anything about this beach in front of Unc. and Jen. But I was looking forward to seeing what Cindy and Stacey thought, though I was some what concerned if I was doing the right thing bringing Stacey along, but what the heck it might be fun.

And so secure in the knowledge that this would at the least, be a more interesting afternoon than my companions could at that moment imagine, ( and how right I was to be, and for all the wrong reasons) we trudged through the sand towards the nudist beach. As we walked the conversation turned to what seemed to be the topic of the day spankings. And then even more curious we started talking about the most embarrassing spankings we had ever gotten, well on this I consider my self an expert and have stories to exceed your wildest nightmare. I said looking at Stacey with an evil grin as Cindy made a mock groan of dismay, Oh great here she goes again with her spankings. and I proceeded to tell about the time when I was sixteen and got spanked three times by Unc. in one summer, and twice bare bottom at that, and then the time when I was eleven and got spanked bare bottom by Cindys Dad.

Having completed my review of woe and spankings I looked at Cindy and Stacey with a smug face and said now top that, and you know what? They did.

Cindy took a deep breath and said. Ok Daria, heres one you havent heard, lets see if you would have liked this spanking. I was ten or so at the time and I guess I was more than a bit smart mouthed even for my age. I was on a kids coed soccer team that summer and I was driving the coach crazy I guess, any way there was a large Junior High gym that we were practicing in that morning, for some reason the field was unusable. Anyway finally Ms. Patrick had had enough, she took me by the hand and walked me to another room with an area enclosed by a mobile cloth wall. She sat down and took me across her knee, down came my gym shorts and panties. I had received enough spankings in my life to understand that the best thing I could do was be quiet and take my spanking. At about the same time as the first swat landed I heard a group of kids come into the large room where we were separated only by the cloth wall and while they went silent and listened, my spanking took place. She didnt spare any effort and soon the room was filled with the sounds of a bare bottom being spanked. I was determined not to cry and I didnt but I sure felt like it and when it was over and I had to walk out into that room with an unhappy clouded face and everyone knowing I had just gotten a spanking, well it sure made me feel small, I was one unhappy kid, let me tell you.

Stacey smiled at the story and looking at us blushed. Well maybe my story isnt that embarrassing, but at the time it sure seemed to be, I just wanted to slip into the ground. Imagine getting spanked by your older cousin. Stacey looked at us with a smile and a grimace mixed into one expression and went on. I was maybe nine or ten I cant be sure this was also the summer, it was hot and my Cousin Jeff was over to watch us, we were out by the pool, there were two neighborhood kids there also. I had been running off at the mouth and for some reason taunting Jeff even though it was understood he had the right to discipline me if it was necessary. Mom would want an explanation but my behavior that day would be sufficient and I knew it. But first some reason I just couldnt stop and kept going. Jeff warned me, he was fair about it I have no quarrel about that, and I guess I knew I was heading for a spanking but I never expected to get it in public.

I was walking by the pool and kicked a glass of soda in that was in my way, lucky for me that it didnt break. Jeff had enough, he shot up from his chair across the pool and stalked around towards me, I wanted to run but where? So I just watched frozen in place. He reached me and swish quick as a flash I was over his knee and to my dismay in front of every one. I started crying and protesting at the top of my lungs as my bathing suit bottoms were pulled down and the spanks started coming. He must have given me fifteen very hard swats, I was frantic to get away and the swats, the embarrassment and the emotion of the event are all rolled into one for me I couldnt tell you if the spanking was all that hard or the circumstances just made it feel that way. When I was let up my suit bottoms were at my knees, I tripped trying to run to the house and lost them all together. Stacey paused for effect and looked at us and then spoke again. So there I was, a proud ten year old, spanked by my cousin outside, in front of my friends and running to the house all but naked.

Cindy spoke first, Geeze that was embarrassing all right. Sure was Stacey said with a shrug but what came next was even worse in a way, I knew that when Mom got home I could be in trouble again, and there was only one way to make sure she would be satisfied, and so a little later before she got home I had to trudge down to the pool and in front of everyone apologize to Jeff.

Damn was all I could think of to say.

Stacey looked at Cindy and asked did you ever play bad Barbie?, You know when Ken has to spank Barbie? Just as she was about to answer Cindy turned her head as if it were on a swivel.

Why look down there Cindy said in some disbelief, I think that guy is naked she said pointing in the distance. Look, Look, squealed Stacey over there, over there I cant believe it that lady has nothing on, zero not a thing. Looking at me now that I was snickering out loud Stacey asked Daria what kind of place is this?, are these people nuts?

Cindy caught on quick, This is a nudist beach, did you know that Daria? she asked with an amused smile. Kind of neat, what do you think? I countered.

And we were off, at first we kept our distance from the nudists, we were I have to confess shy, we looked and scurried away and giggled and looked some more. Stacey took some pictures of us, I took some of Cindy and Stacey and so on. We took some pictures of the sun bathers too, when we thought they werent looking.

Want to try it? I asked. Try what? Cindy responded with a questioning voice. Being nudists of course, what else is there to try here? I informed her. Naw I dont think so Came her response after a seconds hesitation.

We went some more along the beach and took more pictures and gawked at the people, and as we started talking about heading back Cindy spoke. Sure all right, when in Rome as they say, well what the heck it seems safe enough and with that she took off her top and threw it over her shoulder, and I did the same. We didnt encourage or discourage Stacey figuring she should make up her own mind. As I look back on it later, she really had no choice however, she wanted so badly to fit in with us and trusted us so much that she would have done anything. A point that was to be driven home to Cindy and I later that day.

We went down to the water and tried to work up the courage to take off our shorts and be one of the regulars on the beach, but we werent quite ready for that. Cindy in a burst of courage ran into the water waist high and pulled down her shorts and held them up over her head in an attempt to show her bravery. But then she quickly put them on and came out of the water all fired up over this show of bravado.

Now you, you do it She said to me. No way, I dont think so I responded. And then to my surprise Stacey started running into the water, got to waist deep and pulled down her shorts and held them up. She started walking out of the water still holding her shorts and was at mid thigh depth and exposed when she got a surprised look on her face looking at something behind Cindy and me and dropped back into the water trying frantically to get her shorts back on. It was at this point we heard a voice.

Just a minute there girls, I need to talk to you We turned to look at where the voice was coming from and turned to see a beach ranger in his uniform looking like something that stepped out of Jellystone park. I wanted to ask where Yogi was but thought better of it. He was cute and he looked oh so serious.

What are you girls doing here He asked with a serious voice to match the expression. Were walking on the beach officer Cindy offered, thats not against the law is it? Stacey had emerged from the water with her shorts on and a red blushing face that almost matched her freckles. The officer continued No Maam not against the law at all, walking on the beach that is, but minors on this beach and cameras are, you should consider your selves under arrest, didnt you see the signs when you came on this beach. signs? No sir I didnt see any signs, wait a minute did you say under arrest? I asked.

Thats correct, you are under arrest and if youll hand me that camera and follow me, well go back to my jeep and write you each a ticket and then you are to stay off the beach. and with that said he turned and motioned us to follow him which of course we did in stunned silence. We walked several hundred yards back toward where we started and passed the sign we had ignored when entering. He pointed it out as we passed and I turned to look at it.



Swell I mumbled to Cindy, We cant even go walking on the beach with out getting in trouble.

Back at his Jeep, he asked our names, addresses and that sort of thing and wrote us out each a ticket. I noticed that Stacey seemed upset and I told her to relax when deputy dawg wasnt listening. Stace no prob. when we leave here we just drop the tickets in the trash and thats the end of it. And this bit of wisdom she perked up and a smile returned to her face.

He went through a standard lecture and then told us to be on our way. Uh sir, may I have my camera back, now? Stacey inquired as nicely as one could hope for. Not now honey its confiscated until you come down to city hall to pay the fines and then you can have it back, the address is on the back of the tickets. He added helpfully, and with that he drove away with Staceys camera no doubt for a donut shop having solved the local crime problem for the foreseeable future.

Oh my God, my mother is going to kill me. Stacey moaned, and as I thought about Unc.s words telling me I was responsible for Stacey I saw my life flash before me. I looked at Cindy and could tell that she was well aware of the trouble we were in, she was pale and didnt have the smile of a happy camper.

We slowly, ever so slowly began walking back to the hotel a silent and confused trio unsure what to say or do when we got back. We entered the hotel and went to our room and then an idea hit Cindy. How much are the fines? I looked at her and realized I had no idea. We have some money, we can pay the fines and get the camera back and end this nightmare, how do we find out how much we have to pay?

We decided to call city hall and got the number from a phone book in the room, after a few calls and being put on hold the lady said the ticket had just come in and Lets see sweetie she said, Uh, oh a beach fine, thats a biggie well have to figure it up can you call back in half an hour?

I hung up the phone and delivered the bad news to my worried friends, and at that point the phone rang. I know now I should have never answered it. For some reason I had it in my head as silly as this sounds that it was the lady calling back with the amount of the fine, why I would think that since I didnt tell her our phone number I can only blame on rattled nerves.

Hello I said eagerly into the phone and my heart sunk as the answer came back. It was Unc. Great youre in, the rest of us are in the lobby, come on down and join us. I could think of no excuse not to or anything clever at all for that matter. Okay was my response and I hung up the phone, we looked at each other and had a short discussion of strategy that became heated and passionate. And that concluded we left the room. We entered the lobby and saw the rest of our party and joined them on some sofas and easy chairs.

So how did your afternoon go? Unc. inquired almost word for word as I had know he would. Anything interesting?

And there was our dilemma, do we tell all and confess, and no doubt get spankings, or do we hold out and try and solve this problem ourselves and run the risk of far worse punishment? What were we to do?