Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 20:31:02, -0500
Subject: Vacation Time part 4



Cindy and I were standing in our respective corners of the motor home bedroom as it rumbled down the highway. Our T-shirts were all we had on, we were still naked from the waist down and showing a very respectable glow from our fannies.

We could hardly be surprised I supposed to myself, after all when we had started this adventure we had to lie to make it happen and we were always aware of the risk and consequences. It always seems easier when you are planning something that you know might lead to trouble but you judge it to be worth the risk, than it is when youre caught and its time to pay the price. As we had a hour ago.

He says to get dressed, were going to stop soon Christy said opening the bedroom door and entering. Damn youre butts are red that must have been some spanking

Spanking hell I said That was a whipping, Ill never lie again, I swear it, never again. Cindy turned to me and then looked at Christy and said Damn me either, I never want to get punished like that not ever again.

Following Uncs. instructions relayed by Christy we pulled up our panties and then with even more care our jeans and shuffled our sore butts out into the main area of Flipper. (Thats the name of the motor home, which you would know if you had read the previous stories as I had suggested). We were pulling into the front of a large hotel. Unc. called over his shoulder to us I dont know about you girls but Ive had enough camping for a while, we stay here for the next few nights. We can have real showers and real food and be civilized.

Sounded good to us, we were ready to sleep in some comfortable beds and eat food that wasnt half cold and flavored with sand. Unc. got himself a room and we were in a another room down the hall, two king beds, two of us would have to double up, but it sure was better than the pull out sofa in Flipper or the sleeping bag on the floor.

A few minutes later the phone rang it was Unc. telling us to be down stairs and we would have lunch in the hotel restaurant. The waitress thought Cindy and I more than just partly strange when we requested two pillows to sit on while we ate. Her thoughts bothered us not at all compared to the burning of the welts we felt on our bottoms that reminded us of the folly of lying to Unc.

Not a word was spoken about the incident, it was not like Unc, to bring up punishments once they were over, and we saw no reason in the world to want to discuss or relive the whippings we had received. So girls what would you like to do during our days here? he asked trying to start a conversation in our somewhat subdued group.

Christy piped up. Maybe horse back riding, I see they have a stable here, Opps, sorry she added looking at Cindy and I realizing at that moment neither of us would care for horse back riding. At least she had the decency to blush as Cindy and I glared at her. But two hours later Unc. and Christy did just that, they went horse back riding as Cindy and I retreated to our room and applied some baby lotion to our rear ends, all the time whining about the marks on our bottoms, and feeling sorry for ourselves. We knew darn well we deserved the spankings, it just felt better to complain.

The next morning found Cindy and I examining our bottoms side by side in the bathroom mirror and with Christy acting as the judge it was determined that Cindys bottom was still reflecting the red marks we had earned the day before more than me. It was not a contest that one would hope to win, or at least have occasion to hold very often. Cindy had a few fading red marks on her upper legs that insured she wouldnt be wearing a bikini that day at least, I was a bit luckier mine were centered directly on the center of my fanny and could be hidden.

We put on some loose fitting cotton shorts and went down to meet Unc. for breakfast at eight as planned. As we approached the coffee shop Christy whispered to us Look, look whos here. And to our surprise there was Jen and her two kids Stacey 14 and Robert 10 sitting with Unc. at the table waiting for us.

Over breakfast the plans for the day were made, by a rather obvious pre arrangement Jen and Unc. seemed to have similar plans, leaving the younger set on their own. Robert had meet another boy his age and had plans for the day with the other boy and his parents.

Christy planned to go horseback riding again, an activity that still didnt appeal to Cindy or myself. We decided to just kick around and see what the day brought.

This left Stacey the odd person out and as her mother offered suggestions like her attending a crafts fair at the hotel she seemed to be getting more depressed all the time as each suggestion her mother offered was more depressing to Stacey than the last. Finally Unc. said something in passing to me about Well Daria, maybe if you and Cindy werent too busy

Stacey looked at us with hopeful eyes clearly wanting to be included with the big girls for the days activities. Cindy and I looked at each other and shrugged, I said Sure Stacey can hang with us today. And why not? For the little amount of time we had known her I had grown fond of the cute freckle faced girl, and amused by her struggles through her awkward age and her attempts to convince everyone she was an adult.

With a few words of caution and instructions to be back for lunch we all went our separate ways, the kids out the door and Unc. and Jen back towards the hotel elevators, must be going out later I mused to myself.

Cindy, Stacey and I decided to walk the block or so to the beach and see what we could see of interest. We walked and chatted, with Stacey trying valiantly to try and carry her part of the conversation, after a few minutes Cindy and I shifted the topics to a more comfortable level for Stacey and soon we were asking her about her self.

Seems that her Dad died a number of years ago and her Mom was raising her and Robert by herself. She missed not having a Dad but seemed to be comfortable with her Mom and well adjusted. Cindy and I joked that she could have Unc. but I think the intended humor went over her head.

The conversations ranged from the silly to more serious matters as young Stacey became more familiar and more at ease with us and began asking questions of her new friends. After a short time it was obvious that Stacey was working a bigger question around in her head that she was struggling to get out, finally she looked at me and said, can I ask you a question? I looked at her eager some what embarrassed face as she nervously posed the question and I replied in an amused tone at her earnest desire. Sure whats up Stace?

Do you get spanked often? she went on quickly. I still get spanked, but I always thought that by the time I was as old as you two I would be too old to get spankings. She stopped and looked at the ground and then at Cindy and I and went on. Im sorry its none of my business, its just that I heard the spankings you got in the motor home for staying out too long the other day.

Thats ok, Stace, no problem I said and we told her about the whole trip to this point and how we had rigged for Christy to come along and tricked Unc. by telling him our parents were out of town when they werent, we spilled the whole story as we watched her eyes get bigger with each revelation.

Wow, you three are something. she replied in awe when we had finished, my goodness you really did deserve those spankings. a point we were unable to argue with. We walked in silence for a while Cindy and I looked the sights over and Stacey stumbled along trying to digest her new found knowledge and working up the courage for a new question. She started to ask something a few times only to lapse back into silence as Cindy and I watched with amusement her slowly build up the courage to speak. Finally she spoke as we approached the waters edge.

Whats it like?, Your Uncle I mean, whats it like to be spanked by him?, Ive always been spanked by Mom and never anyone else, and I always wondered. Her voice trailed away and she looked Cindy squarely in the eye, waiting for an answer. I thought to my self, Our small friend is picking up courage, earlier she looked at the ground and now she looks directly at Cindy as she asks her questions.

Cindy laughed You should ask Daria, shes the expert on being spanked by Unc. Am, not I shot back and then after a seconds hesitation. Well maybe I am, if there is such a thing as being an expert on being spanked by Unc., I suppose it would be me.

Whats it like Stacey persisted Does he spank hard all the time?, do you always cry? Does he use a belt?, my Mom uses a belt sometimes. Do you get spanked often, have you ever been spanked by anybody other than your Unc. and parents?

Whoa, slow down girl, too many questions too fast I sputtered out interrupting the burst of enthusiasm and watched the amused smile grow on Cindys face as opposed to the earnest young freckled face asking the questions at a rapid fire pace. Stacey stopped speaking and waited with strained patience for the answers to her questions.

I tried to answer her questions but first decided to find out some more about her first. Stacey, before I get to your questions, I want you to tell us about the most recent spanking you have received not counting the one your Mom mentioned the other night. As we stopped and sat on facing park benches not far from the ocean we sat down and Stacey faced Cindy and I, and shook her head in agreement.

It was three nights before we meet you guys and your Unc. we had just arrived at the beach and set up camp that afternoon. She looked at Cindy and me and then went on. Mom had told me to stay in the motor home, while she took the car and went to the store with Robert for some supplies and food that she had forgotten. I knew I was supposed to stay there, but I already had my swim suit on and we were so close to the ocean and I so much wanted to go in, well I just couldnt stay inside no matter how hard I tried, I just couldnt.

I slipped out the door being careful to lock it and slipped the elastic key chain around my ankle and went down to the waters edge. I entered the water, it was much warmer than I expected, and I swam out a few feet not far, but it was deep enough I guess. And then the trouble started, I felt the key ring begin to slip off my ankle and down my foot. I twisted down underwater to try and stop it but it was gone and despite all my frantic searching I couldnt find it. I kept looking until I saw the car pull up to the motor home and knew Mom and Robert were back.

Stacey looked at us with a shy smile and then continued. By the time I got to the front door Mom was frantic, wondering where I was and demanded an explanation. When I told her I lost the key in the ocean she went nuclear.

She pulled me in the motor home by the ear and while yelling at me about disobedience and that sort of thing she led me to the sofa. She had picked up a ping pong paddle from the kitchen table where it was last used on Robert earlier in the day.

I stopped Stacey for a second and looked at Cindy and said, my Goodness does everyone have a ping pong paddle, this is too much and we started laughing and making suggestions that Unc. and Staceys Mother would have to be separated soon or we would have to be on our best behavior.

Stacey went on now smiling at this shared joke and described her spanking that night. I was pulled across her knees, my swim suit bottoms were pulled down as she told Robert to go to the bedroom. Its rare any more for us to be spanked together or see each other punished, though it does happen. She added with a pause.

Once my bottom was bare enough for her, she began popping the paddle off my fanny in a rapid fire sort of way that doesnt give me time to maintain my composure or control myself. She spanks as if it were a race to be won by the quickest finish and the most smacks landed.

The paddle just kept bouncing off my bottom as I cried and kicked my legs, but nothing I could do was going to make her stop. I begged for mercy and understanding promising to behave forever in the future, but the spankings only stop when at some point for reasons that I dont understand she is satisfied.

Is that the way your Uncle spanks you? She asked stopping her story and looking at Cindy and me. Go on and finish and then well discuss Unc. I promised.

Well theres not a lot more to tell, oh wait, yes, there is I almost forgot, I cant believe I almost forgot this. She said with a cute grimace of remembered embarrassment.

I was put in a corner with my bottoms now on the floor, its kind of traditional to get a few minutes composure time after a spanking in our house, during that time were expected to calm down and we know that any resistance or smart comments at that point will be rewarded with more spanking. It ends with a hug and a few words of comfort from Mom and somehow its all behind us at that point. I smiled at the unintended pun and Stacey went on.

Any way after Mom gave me my bottoms back and as I struggled back into them and turned from my corner, I notice to my horror that one of the side blinds was up and I saw in the dark two kids about Roberts age watching. The Brats had seen my whole bare bottom spanking. I wanted to die, I was so embarrassed. Happily the next day they were gone as their family move to a new camp site or went home, Im not really sure.

Stacey seemed almost buoyant at having told her story and now was full of questions for us. Has anyone ever seen you spanked? Whats it like getting spanked by your Uncle? Do you get it bare bottom? Does he spank you real quick like I get it, or does he take longer?

I held up my hands, enough As Cindy and I laughed, Ill try and answer your questions Let me tell you about Unc. I started off with a laugh. hes kind of old fashioned and really out of it, but truth be known he treats us pretty good and we get our way most of the time. But sometimes we do get spanked, I guess theres no denying that. After a moments hesitation I said. For the most part Unc. doesnt rush through a spanking. And yes most spankings do seem to be bare bottomed and then I told Stacey the story of the party we had and our bunny pajamas, and delighted in keeping her laughing as I spun the tail of our adventure and the trick we played on poor Unc. to get to come on the vacation. By the time I was through Stacey was red in the face and holding her sides laughing.

Glad she got some amusement out of our spankings. Cindy commented dryly with a small smile. Im sorry I couldnt help it, it just sounds so funny, the way you describe it. Stacey offered apologetically.

We walked and talked and a bond of friendship developed between us built at least in part on our shared experiences. Opps its almost lunch time we better get back I said looking at my watch. We entered the Hotel restaurant a minute or two late but only got a small look of disapproval from Unc. Have a good time dear? Staceys Mom asked her daughter. Im having a great time she responded What are we going to do this afternoon? She chirped, looking at Cindy and me with bright eyes and an eager smile.

The beach I offered, I hear there is a really neat beach a half a mile or so down where we were earlier, lets go there. Stacey looked at her Mom and asked Can I go Mom, is it all right? Jen looked at her daughter and with only a small hesitation and glance at Unc. said Ok its, ok with me just be careful and behave. Great thanks Mom I will and Ill take my camera too, Ok? Stacey chirped with happiness.

Unc. looked at Cindy and me and said carefully, Youre responsible for Stacey, remember that. Sure Unc. no problem We both assured him.

As we walked to the beach Stacey the never ending question machine started up again. What was it like, the spanking you got in the motor home? She asked looking at me with more curiosity than should be allowed for one fourteen year old. I took a deep breath and decided to at least give her the outline.

Well, Stacey. I knew I was in the wrong, at least I had known that lying to Unc. was treading a thin line and that if we were caught we would be punished. But we always had slim hopes that we would get away with it, as silly as that might seem now. Which I suppose is why I confessed to Unc. when he came to sit next to me in Flipper when I was driving. I paused a second and looked at Cindy, and went on. That and the fact I was feeling a little guilty listening to Cindy being punished knowing she had done no more than me, any way, dumb or not, I fessed up. Stacey looked at me and nodded, indicating I should continue the story.

Unc. told me to pull over at the next rest stop and for the following fifteen minutes until we got there neither of us spoke. We pulled in and Christy was given a chance to drive for a while and when Flipper started back up I followed Unc. to the bedroom. When I opened the door and entered the first thing I saw was Cindys backside shinning at me from one of the corners, the next thing I noticed was a large strap laying on the bed. This strap was a new sight to me, I never up to that point really knew if Unc. had a strap he had made vague threats from time to time, but I was never sure. And now all of a sudden I was sure.

It was thick and about five or six inches wide, long, real long and a worn brown color, I cant remember much more about how it looked only how it felt. But trust me on this one if you ever see it, youll know it. And I hope I never see it again.

I continued my saga. He made me stand at the end of the bed and drop my jeans and panties to just below my bottom cheeks and then lay across the bed. My elbows almost touched the floor from the small bed and my feet stretched beyond the other edge of the bed. My bottom was naked and framed between my T-shirt and lower jeans and panties presenting Unc. a perfect target. He picked up the strap and stood beside the bed.

Daria, I will not tolerate lying or duplicitous tricks, and I intend to see that the price to be paid is too high for you to ever consider such action again. Do you understand? Yes Sir, was all I could think of to say at the time. And with that done he brought the strap down on my tail.

Stacey looked at me with wide brown eyes and this version of my experience didnt have her laughing like my earlier story. Cindy was looking solemn obviously remembering her session with the strap just before mine. Wow, did it hurt bad? my attentive audience inquired with a nervous tone to her voice.

Stacey let me tell you girl, I began again I wouldnt have believed it. By the Fourth swat of that piece of rawhide from Hell, I was almost frantic. The biggest difference for me was that the strap actually felt as if each time it landed it took with it a chunk of my fanny. It didnt just burn like a paddling, it cut into me. I felt like I was being flayed, of course I knew I wasnt but the searing of that strap was incredible.

Cindy looked at Stacey and gave a small smile and a nod and look of agreement with the description.

As I said it hurt, and I was soon crying, and I remember kicking my legs, but they were too tangled in my jeans to be effective but I strained against them any way, anything to help me maintain during the whipping. With each swat I shrieked and yelped and understood at some lower level in my mind why I had heard Cindy so loudly when she got whipped just before me. Unc. is not one of those people who give medium swats and calls it a spanking, when he delivers and swat either with his hand, a paddle or as in this case a strap, you can be sure there is some energy and determination behind it.

I could almost feel the welts as they formed on my butt, the sting and bite was like a fire, I cant think of any other way to describe it, I gripped the side of the bed and bit my lip and just tried to hold on, I was determined to stick it out and not move as that always makes it worse.

Christy spoke up You should have hear Daria yell, and me right there, almost next to her, still holding my fanny and choking back my own tears, it was made all the worse having to hear her and relive my experience.

After fifteen or more stripes were laid on my fanny by the strap, he made me get up, step out of my jeans and panties and directed me to another corner of the small room and told us both to stay right there and not move an inch. And we did exactly that until Christy came and got us.

Stacey gave a small shudder at the story and a rueful smile, Well, Ill be sure to never lie to your Uncle, you can count on that. Damn sure that makes three of us, lets get going I responded as we passed the sign on the beach that we would later have reason to regret we hadnt paid more attention to and in part led to all our trouble later that day.................................