Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 20:31:02, -0500
Subject: Vacation Time part 3



The next morning as we drove through the California desert, we decided to name the motor home, so we wouldnt have to keep calling it motor home. It deserved a more personal name we figured and so based on the logic that the make of the motor home was a Dolphin, our home on wheels was named Flipper. (Keep the boos down, it worked for us).

I sat in the CO-pilots seat most of the way with a great appreciation for the softness of the seats. I was pestering Unc. to give me a shot at driving Flipper, he seemed to be leaning toward the possibility on open highway only as he put it, but not today. By that afternoon as Unc. promised we were in Huntington Beach or more accurately Bolsa Chica State Beach a few minutes north of Huntington Beach on the Pacific Coast Highway and Flipper was one of a large number of motor homes and campers of all sizes along the beach.

We spent the rest of the day frolicking in the water and trying not to burn too much. We scouted the other campers on the lookout for some other people our age and that might be of interest to three young ladies away from home. But the first day brought no tangible results. By the time we were wearing down Unc. was just getting finished getting everything set up for our planned three day stay. I suppose we might have helped him, but he never really asked and we were having fun.

That night we went to sleep with the roar of the ocean waves in the background. And the sting of the previous nights spankings fading as if a distant memory. The next day brought more of the same sand, surf, and sun and the hunt for some new friends to make life a bit more full in you follow my drift. Cindy did locate one cute guy but he was leaving the next day and had other plans for that night. ( Too bad for him, if you knew Cindy the way I know Cindy, well never mind Im getting off the subject).

The next morning found us up and soon on the prowl with Uncs. instructions to be back at eleven thirty for lunch ringing in our ears. We made it back only an hour late and giggled when he wasnt looking about the warnings to be on time in the future and that maybe some more bottoms needed to be warmed. (such a grump).

At about three oclock and with instructions to be back by six we were off again. Christy wandered off on her own and tried her hand at surfing with some of the kids on the beach, while Cindy and I started walking North on the beach. We totally lost track of time as we walked down the beach and watched the surfers and life guards in their towers. Look said Cindy that nice lifeguard is waving to us, isnt that cute? After a few seconds of watching I said Cindy, I dont think hes waving at us, I think he wants us to come over there.

Oh Wow. lets go she replied eagerly, pulling my reluctant arm and me with it. As we got closer I could hear him over the waves yelling a question. I just couldnt make out what he was saying and then we got closer. Your names wouldnt be Daria and Cindy would they? He asked as we were within six or seven feet. Why yes they are responded Cindy simply delighted that the introductions were over, How ever did you know our names?

Before he could answer I blurted out, The time, what time is it? and Cindy looked at me with a growing awareness in her eyes as we both waited for the dreaded response. He looked at his watch and said its seven thirty and to as how I knew your names, there has been an alert for you two up and down the beach, you were reported missing almost an hour ago. There is a helicopter going up now to cruise the beach and surf for you two.

As he went back into his lifeguard shack to call in that we were located and call off the helicopter Cindy and I looked at each other and said one word at the same time. Unc and we knew he was going to be ticked and with out saying we also thought we knew what that meant. A few minutes later a beach patrol jeep came up with a flashing blue light to speed us back to our campsite. Bye girls, come back and see me again sometime Our new lifeguard friend called out as we were whisked away. On the ride back it seemed to me that the warmth had gone out of the day and I was getting chilly, maybe it was just my imagination, it does funny things sometimes.

We pulled up in front of Flipper and were let out. The jeep sped away, as we got next to the entrance and there was Unc. and Christy just lighting the coals for the fire. Also present were some people I didnt recognize. A lady and two kids a boy about ten and a girl of about fourteen.

Why hello there Unc. said turning to us. So nice of you to join us at long last, we held up our dinner for your arrival and we are delighted at your return, it wasnt any trouble I hope. Unc. said his voice dripping with sarcasm.

Turning to the lady he opened the next part of the conversation. Jen I would like you to meet my two nieces this is Daria and this is Cindy. Daria, Cindy I would like you to meet Jen and her children Stacey and Robert. We all said hi and felt ourselves introduced. Uh Unc. I stammered out I can explain why we were late, there was a really good reason. Later Daria, we will discuss it later, you can be sure of that, you can be very sure of that, now go get the food in the refrigerator that Christy and I had to prepare by ourselves. Unc. said sternly leaving no doubt what form the discussions would take.

Later we sat around the dimming embers of the fire and a relaxed conversation started up between Unc. and Jen, with the younger set sort of lazily sitting around listening. though Cindy and I were keyed up in anticipation of when Unc. decided to discuss our tardiness. It was during this conversation and the mood was mellowing and I began to have faint hopes growing of escaping any punishment, then we were all reminded of our minor crime.

A Beach patrol ranger (Or what ever they call themselves) approached the camp and identified himself to Unc. Im Bill Wilson of the State Beach Police and I just needed to confirm that you have your missing parties back Yes thank you officer, we do indeed have the children back Unc. responded. The Man then turned to Stacey and Robert and believing Jens kids were the culprits spoke. You kids are lucky, a lot of people went to a great deal of trouble to look for you, I would think kids your age would be more responsible.

I looked at Cindy as saw her face was flush with embarrassment, I was ready to die, and as Unc. looked at me I wanted to crawl under the blanket. To make matters worse he went on without any one asking him his thoughts or opinions. Believe me when I was your age if I had pulled such a stunt I would have got my tail fanned, but good. And with that he turned and stalked away talking into his mobile phone as he walked.

We all sat there in silence for a few seconds, Cindy gave me a rueful half smile that seemed to sum up the whole event and our unfortunate position. Robert looked at his Mom and said I think that guy thought we were them as he nodded towards us. Thats right Robert, Unc. replied he made a mistake there but I think he had the right idea for the penalty dont you? Robert looked at him and responded. I know that if Stacey and I forgot the time and caused all this trouble wed get spanked.

Jen observed, Hes right of course I believe spanking can be a very effective tool for enforcing rules and good behavior, even in bigger children, on occasion, when they need it she added turning her gaze to Cindy and myself who both wanted to melt into the sand at all this unwanted attention. Just last night you might have heard some commotion from our motor home Jen offered Stacey was being a smart mouth as only a fourteen year old can be and she got her fanny warmed didnt you dear? She inquired turning to the girl who was herself now blushing at this unfortunate turn in the conversation. Yes maam was Staceys only reply as she found something in the sand at her feet worth a long examination.

Have to do it some times, they just make it necessary Jen rambled on to her kids annoyance. The conversation turned to less threatening topics and night fell on the small beach community and the sounds of the waves increased as the night cooled down. Jens kids said goodnight and left for their motor home and bed. I stretched and gave a big yawn and said something about going to bed my self in the faint hope that the earlier events might have been forgotten and the punishment over looked.

Christy, please clean up out here will you? Unc. said suddenly And you two inside, we have some unfinished business And with that Unc. stood up and pointed to the door of Flipper I suppose in case we had forgotten. Jen would you like to come inside for a few minutes? he asked. Sure she responded to my horror, we were going to have an audience for our spankings.

As the door closed Unc. commanded us to stand in front of the small sofa. Jen went over to the lunch counter and sat on one of the stools to watch the show. Unc then started his lecture.

You were warned to be on time, you got back late for lunch and then tonight despite very specific instructions to be here at six you were still wandering the beach at seven thirty with out a care in the world. Youre sense of responsibility is not that of two young adults, more like that of kids the age of Jens children. Isnt that right Jen? He asked looking at her. Actually I expect them to follow instructions when I give them. She answered.

Damn right He said looking back at us, You hear that? A fourteen year old girl and ten year old boy follow instructions better than you two. Do you two have anything to say for yourselves? Knowing that worthless excuses would do no good and as a matter of fact would make things worse we had no response. We looked at the floor in genuine shame at being compared unfavorably to children one of whom was less than half our age.

Nothing? Not a word?, well I would think not after what you two pulled scaring the hell out of me and causing so many people to be inconvenienced by your irresponsible actions.

Daria, close the blinds and Cindy get the chair and place it right here. He said pointing to a place on the floor a few feet in front of the sofa. We did as we were instructed and were soon standing back in position in front of Unc. waiting for the next step.

Daria sit down, Cindy come here and with that Cindy walked the two steps across the small room and stood before Unc. He sat on the small chair and motioned Cindy to lay across his lap. Cindy bent forward and placed her hands on his left thigh and slowly, reluctantly lowered her self in place. Her long hair was in a ponytail and slid to the right side of her head and down towards the floor. Her long tan legs stretched straight out and then lowered as her knees almost touched the floor and the base of the short chair that Unc. was sitting in.

As Unc. slid the long oversized T-shirt up and off her back, I noticed for the first time there wasnt a paddle in sight and then remembered that we had forgotten the paddles and had to borrow the last one Unc. used on us. What would Unc. do? Would the spanking be halted until a paddle could be located? Or worse would he use a strap?

As if to answer these questions Unc. spoke. Girls different behavior calls for different punishments. If you lie and try to conceal things as you did in bringing Christy along, well then you get punished as harshly as you were a few nights ago.

As he was speaking Cindys T-shirt was now on the middle of her back and he was reaching over with his right hand to pull down her bikini bottoms they seemed to stick and then she raised herself up just enough to assist and down they came sliding across her bottom and then to the bottom of her butt cheeks and then to rest a few inches below as if to frame the soon to be affected area for Uncs. convenience.

This time, I think I can make the impression I need to with a good old fashioned bare bottom over the knee hand spanking. And with that Unc. brought his hand down crisply on the center of Cindys bottom. She flexed her bottom and seemed to snuggle in a bit as her bikini bottoms slipped a few inches down her legs.

This was followed by five more spanks and then several more, I was puzzled it didnt seem that they were as hard as he could have delivered. They were crisp swats, no doubt about it, and they stung of that I was also sure but something was different here and I was unsure what was happening.

The sounds of Uncs. hand slapping against Cindys bare bottom filled the room with a sort of squishy clapping sound. Her fanny was getting red and she was whining but.. and then I realized what was different. This spanking was going on far longer than most , but the swats werent the hardest Unc. has given even recently. It was clear it may not be a hard spanking or with a paddle but he intended to make it a memorable experience by keeping us across his knee longer that usual and wearing us down with a never ending series of medium/hard swats.

Cindy was crossing and uncrossing her legs as the bikini bottoms made their slide to her ankles and making any more leg movement impossible. He just kept spanking her, his hand rose and fell in a regular steady pattern for what must have been two or three minutes. She was crying, it was not the screeches that sometimes come with a hard paddling it more like a small sobbing. There was no effort to try and escape Cindy lay still across his lap taking with complete acceptance what ever he chose to administer as a fair spanking.

Then with a tap on the shoulder she was let up. As she rose she gave me a brave attempt at a smile through a tear streaked face, as if to say it might have hurt but weve had worse spankings.

I rose from the sofa and made my way to Uncs. right and lowered my self across his knees. I felt him take my bikini bottoms in his fingers and start to pull then down. Like Cindy before me I rose slightly to make it easier knowing full well that this was not the time to be difficult. I could feel his hands as they brushed against the insides of my legs and down came the bottoms making a wet scrunching sound as they went.

He pulled me tightly against him and I felt the first swat against my bottom, it was not hard, not hard at all I thought, knowing full well however that he was going to build the heat before he was through.

The slapping of his hand began with a steady pace, as with Cindy each individual swat was not over powering but it was the sum of the spanks that resulted in a hot feeling with each swat that seemed to relent until the next spank from his hand. I was soon flexing my bottom and laying as limp as I could across his lap knowing that we had been wrong to be so careless and that the more I accepted my punishment the sooner it would be over. Like her I was soon feeling the spanks and with each landing of his hand on my sore bottom it seemed as if it were on fire and then it was gone until the next swat landed. I was also crying lightly as the spanking progressed and hoping that it would soon end.

I winced as each of the spanks clapped against my bottom and pressed my legs together and tried not to tighten my butt which I know annoys Unc. when hes giving a hand spanking. After a large number of spanks and a burning tail it was over.

A few minutes later I found my self standing next to Cindy and pulling up my bikini bottoms over a sore tail. I winced as I pulled them up, but it was better than staying nude from the waist down.

Very well done Jen said looking at my uncle, I do believe the lesson was learned Is that right? Cindy, Daria did you learn anything from this? Unc. inquired We assured him we had and we were instructed to go out and help Christy finish cleaning up while he and Jen talked for a while.

Two days later we were on the road again and I was getting my wish to drive Flipper. We were headed up the coast towards Santa Barbara and a new campsite where we would meet up a few days later with Uncs. new friend Jen and her kids. Unc. said he was going to let me drive for a while and make some calls on his cell phone and check on things in Phoenix.

A bit later in the day Christy came up and sat in the CO-pilots seat and said in an anxious voice. I think Cindys in trouble Why what do you mean? I asked amazed that she could get in trouble while we were driving on the highway. What in the world could she have done? I asked.

Christy explained as my blood ran cold and the second big secret of the trip was beginning to unravel.

Well Christy started off in a conspiratorial tone that implied she knew world secrets that governments would kill for. He was calling his answering service in Phoenix and there was a message from Cindys parents asking her to call home. And as you know she had said they were away for the summer. He then called them and found out that she had lied, they were at home all along.

Oh great I said then Does he know about me? That I lied too I asked looking at her with desperation written on my face. No, I dont think so came her response after a short delay. Not yet anyway

So whats going on back there? I asked. He just got through giving Cindy a long lecture and now shes standing in a corner in the bedroom, hes ticked. Shes going to really catch it.

Almost half an hour passed as I drove and wondered about the situations I get my self into. Then I heard the spanking, it would have been hard not to in the small confines of our home on wheels. From the half open door to Uncs. bedroom came the sounds of crying and a vigorous spanking. It was clear that Cindy was getting a class A Number One spanking, and on a still sore bottom at that, I thought wincing to myself.

After a lengthy period the spanking and Cindys loud crying and yelping faded and the bedroom door was slammed shut. Unc. had emerged and came to the front of Flipper and motioned Christy out of the CO-pilots seat and sat down and just looked at the road trying to settle down, I imagined.

I was moving in my seat and thinking of the stingy feeling and wondering how red my tail still was from last nights spanking, at least a healthy shade of pink of that I was sure.

Im sorry Daria, I wasnt listening, did you say something he asked looking at me.

Yes sir, I did. I have something to tell you I answered softly wondering if I had the courage to say what had to come next.