Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 20:31:02, -0500
Subject: Vacation Time part 2



We were all in the living room of the now seemingly small motor home and Unc. was giving one of his standard lectures to the three shame faced little girls as he called us, he finally finished and announced. Im going for a five minute walk, and when I return I expect to see you each in your bunny pajamas with your paddles in hand waiting for me when I return, Understand? and with out waiting for a response he turned and left the motor home for his walk.

We changed quickly making sure to be as neat as possible so as not give him any more reason for annoyance and soon we were in our bunny jammies and ready for action, almost, we had one problem.

Where are the paddles? I called to Cindy. I dont know where did you put them you were supposed to get them she responded No way you were I replied with a tinge of concern in my voice. We had forgotten the paddles, we had been told to bring them and we had failed to do so. I wondered how he would react to this development. We discussed fault for a few seconds, frantic with what to do and then the door opened.

Christy as the stowaway you can be first Unc. announced, lining us up against the wall, and taking Christy by the arm and pulling her forward. He looked around at the table and counters and then asked where are the paddles? Uh we forgot them. I said as quickly as possible as if to make the bad news take as little time as it could. You forgot them? he repeated as if he couldnt believe such carelessness was possible. Yes sir Cindy and I replied at the same time. we forgot them

Still holding Christy by the arm, he looked at us and began to ponder the possibilities and options for his next move. A few seconds later he said fine, you forgot them, so now you can replace them. Replace them, here, how could we do that I wondered? I didnt like the answer, not at all.

You know that office area we checked into when we arrived? He asked. Yes we remembered we replied. Well they have a very nice recreation area complete with a ping pong table, I want you three to go to the office and ask the nice person at the desk if you may borrow a paddle for half hour or so, one paddle will be quite sufficient.

Ill go I volunteered, Ill slip on some shorts and a T-shirt and be right back. Like hell, you will all go and dressed like that and now, and any delays or argument and you can go a few minutes later with your back flaps down and red bottoms showing.

And so three embarrassed young ladies feeling like they were seven years old slipped out the door and tried to make a journey unseen to the rec. room and the required paddle. Hey Fred you gotta see this, we heard a ladies voice from one of the large campers as we scurried by, which served to motivate us into an even quicker pace.

It was getting dark so we didnt attract too much attention until we got to the office which was empty except for one older lady who was sorting some mail and had her back to us as we entered.

May we borrow a ping pong paddle? Cindy asked with a shaky voice. With out turning around the lady responded sure go play all the ping pong you want no charge. no maam, we just need a paddle for a while, Cindy said with even more shake in her voice.

As the lady was turning to look at us, he started talking A paddle what do you want with... Oh, Oh. She looked at us as if we were aliens. As we shuffled our feet in extreme embarrassment I piped up Well bring it right back, I promise With an expressionless face that turned into a smile at the corner of her mouth she tilted her head toward the rec. room and said sure take one, but bring it back We scurried into the rec. room grabbed the first one we saw, and headed for the door. Dont let it get worn out honey she called to us as we rounded the corner and out the door, and past a startled couple with a young son just entering.

I noticed that Christys back flap was falling from one corner leaving one of her buttocks cheeks almost fully exposed, I wondered how long it had been like that as I reached back to check mine and realized that I had the same problem, the PJs were just too small. I tried to hold on to the paddle and put the flap in place and keep up with my friends, I was tripping an running and being sure not to drop the paddle, but I made it, securing the flap just as we got back and it didnt matter any more. With only a few more people seeing us and leaving a number of wagging tongues about the strange girls in the bunny pajamas running around the park we entered the motor home.

After catching our breath, we were put back in place and once again Unc. took Christy by the arm and pulled her forward. He had placed a small chair from the dinning area in the center of the small room. Sit down he said and Cindy and I sat down on the sofa directly in front of the chair. He sat on the small chair he had placed in the center of the room and took Christy across his lap. We watched as he pulled the Velcro tab that held up the flap to her pj bottoms and lowered it to the tops of her legs exposing her bottom.

The chair was by design for a motor home and much lower than an average home chair as a result Christys elbows almost reached the floor and her knees were in the same position at the other end. Unc. picked up the paddle and shifted himself to get comfortable as Christy kept her head down and tried to ready herself for her spanking. Twenty swats, young lady he announced in one of the very first times I ever heard him say how many spanks would be delivered before a spanking.

Holding the paddle on her bottom and gently patting it, he looked at Cindy and myself and went on Cindy as an accomplice you can expect twenty five and Daria as the ring leader you will enjoy a blistering thirty, and well see if this was worth it.

The first pop of the paddle made a sharp retort in the small motor home and startled me, it sounded like a cannon I thought. The next two swats were as loud, but I was expecting them and the noise. Christy took the three next swats and showed no signs of discomfort, then she started crossing and uncrossing her arms and moving her hands through the carpet as the paddle kept striking her bottom. By the tenth swat she was crying and her butt was a definite red shade and increasing.

OOO, OOWW, AHH, OUCH, AWWW yelped and cried Christy as the paddle came down and peppered her bottom. Her knees bounced on the floor and she stretched her legs out as far as she could to help maintain herself and her position.

POP, WHAP, POP, SMACK and with a final devastating sharp SWAT it was over for her. She lay across Uncs. lap for a few seconds and then he placed a hand on her shoulder and gently pulled her up. He stood up with her and walked our sobbing friend to a corner where she stood with her back to us and her bottom on display.

Back at his chair he wagged a finger at Cindy who with a gulp got up and walked over to him and with out being told placed herself across his lap. Her flap was still partly down and he quickly pulled down the rest exposing her bottom which was perfectly framed in the opening for his purposes. I watched as he pulled her in close and took her right upper arm with his left hand and pulled her tightly against him. Her long blond reddish hair spilled over her face and down to the floor, her pert bottom still a pale white, stuck out from and above the trap door of her pajama bottoms. Her long slim legs stretched out from his lap, with the leg bottoms six inches above her ankles. She lightly drummed her toes on the carpet out of nerves and anticipation.

Well Niece number two (as he often called her, guess who was number one?) You want to be a partner in deceiving me do you? That seems like fun, does it? Ill see if we can change that view point he said giving Cindy a few mild pats with the paddle. He placed the paddle on her bottom held it there for a few seconds then as the tension was thick enough to cut, he pulled the paddle back only about a foot and brought it down with a loud CRACK which seemed to thunder in the small room, Damn I thought That was louder than Christys and realized that mine was going to be even worse as the knots in my stomach grew as I became lightheaded.

The paddle began a steady pace of swats to Cindys butt, which was soon becoming red and showing the effects of a complete spanking. Due to the size of the motor home they were only a few feet in front of me and I was sure I could feel the heat rising from her fire red bottom as the paddle landed and rose for its next strike.

Cindys butt was wiggling and flexing with each swat of the paddle, it was red and white splotched and growing increasingly inflamed by the second, it was a spanking with a message to not be forgotten any time soon. As the spanking continued Cindy only cried louder with a long string of Aawww, Aawww, Aawww. and a steady stream of bawling. I could find no fault I knew Id be doing the same or more myself and very soon.

Cindy popped up as soon as Unc. gave her a small pat on the shoulder and told her it was over. She rubbed her bottom furiously to try and get the sting out, her tail was red from one side of her blistered butt to the other.

And then it was my turn..... I shuffled the few feet over to Unc. and put my self across his lap as I listened to Cindy and Christy sniffle in their corners, I wished I had gone first and it would be over instead of just starting I thought to myself. Laying across Uncs. lap I wiggled into position. I felt his hand as it move over my fanny and I heard the small ripping sound as he pulled the Velcro tab on the fanny flap and exposed my bottom. He placed one hand on my right leg just below my bottom and squeezed to get my attention as he talked. Daria as the ring leader, I intend to make sure your swats are harder and further Im not going to hold you in place you will have to restrain yourself and maintain your position otherwise.. He didnt need to finish I got the drift. Thirty swats, I promised you if I remember correctly, is that right? Yes sir I mumbled back.

POP, POP, SPLAT, POP, CRACK and then a slight pause followed by SPANK, SWAT, SPLAT, POP, POP I had maintained my position and up to this point had not made a sound other than small gulping noises in my throat as each swat of the paddle whipped against my fanny. My eyes were full of tears and I was going to start crying soon, I knew it, and there wasnt anything I could do about it.

I wanted to reach around and place my hand over my bottom for protection, but I knew that if I did Unc. would increase the punishment. I instead grabbed the short legs on the chair and tried to will myself through the paddling by focusing on each swat as if it were to be the last and I had just one more to get through.

I was crying out loud and yelping before I even realized it, the sound of the paddle and the sting combined to create a roar in my ears the was drowning out my distress.

OHHhh I moaned in pain OOOHHhh , OOOhh, with each swat of the paddle as I tried to move my bottom left and then right as if that would help. But even that small comfort was denied to me, the tight fitting bunny pajamas restricted any such movement and kept me from making any meaningful adjustments. All I could do was stick my fanny up and then down a few inches between swats.

Oh, OH, OH, OH, OH was the only thing I could get out between sobs as the next five claps of the paddle echoed in the room. I knew I was close to the thirty paddle swats I had been promised but I had lost count and could only hope it was over quick. Then with a quick flurry that tested my will power to stay in place Unc. deliver the final spanks. I lay across his lap crying and unable to even focus on the fact it was over. He placed his hand on my shoulder and pulled me up gently. I was soon in a corner like my friends and rubbing my bottom as my crying gave away to sniffles.

We had to stand in our corners for fifteen minutes and then Unc. went to each of us and pulled up and secured the Velcro fanny flaps and with a pat to keep it secure he told us each in turn all was forgiven and the subject of Christy coming along was closed.

We were allowed to clean up and wash our faces and then we had some snacks (Unc. was the only one that chose to sit down) and planned the next part of the trip. Tomorrow should see us camping on the beach in Huntington Beach, California Unc. announced to our delight. and after that who knows? he added.

Ill take the paddle back for you Unc. said smiling and I reflected that sometimes he was an all right guy after all. While he was doing this we compared bottoms and it was agreed that despite the fact Cindys butt usually shows red easier, I was the winner (loser) with the more obviously well spanked bottom. Cindy and Christy pulled out the sleeper bed and by arrangement for the night I got out a sleeping bag and put it on the floor next to them just as Unc. returned.

After Unc. closed the door to his bedroom I rolled over to the edge of the sofa and looked up from my sleeping bag looked up and said We did it, and it was worth it, were still together Damn straight and you bet came the shaky replies from my friends.

I wonder how he will react when he finds out the second big surprise of the summer?

I think I know.