Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 20:31:02, -0500
Subject: Vacation Time part 1

This is the first in what maybe a short series as our heroine takes to the road for a three week vacation with her friends. The story as usual turned out to be somewhat longer than I expected. I hope you enjoy it. ***I very much would appreciate hearing from you if you liked the story and would like to see the story line continue.***

This is a fictional story that involves spanking if that doesnt interest you or you are under eighteen please dont read.

This is another in the Uncle series and takes place shortly after the story Party time.



Summer was finally here and we were out of school for a whole glorious twelve weeks. Cousin Cindy was still staying with Unc. and me and Christy was hanging around the house so much she might as well have moved in. We had kept a low profile for several days after the spankings we had received for the party time exploits. Unc. was so pleased with our new attitudes as he called them that he resolved to be quicker with the use of paddling some bottoms since the results were so obvious.

Then one day a few weeks after the incident as we had started calling it, Unc. came home on a Monday afternoon and announced that he was taking a vacation and going to tour the Western states in a borrowed Motor home . He said that he was sure I could go back home for three weeks since as he put it he damn sure wasnt leaving me here alone and Cindy could also return home as he was also sure that by now her parents must be missing her, (His tone indicated that he doubted that they were indeed missing her). And all Christy had to do was walk to the end of the block to be home as he dryly mentioned but that considering the time she spent here possibly she had forgotten the way.

I was crestfallen, we were all disappointed, we had been having such a great time, since the incident, we had stayed out of trouble and the whole thing seemed like a distant memory. We retreated in a depressed defeat to my room to console ourselves and lament our lost summer and good times as Unc. happily got out a map book and began plotting his vacation, clearly unmoved by our plight.

Depression turned to discussion which turned to ideas and then plotting and finally a plan of action ( as if poor Unc. ever had a chance). We decided to wait until Thursday and his options were limited and then spring our trap. We acted as if the band were going to break up and we were making plans to return home, when nothing could have been farther from the truth. He planned to start his trip Friday afternoon when he got off from work, and we gave him the impression that Cindy and I expected to catch separate flights to California on Thursday evening.

As he entered the house that Thursday afternoon still smiling in anticipation of his trip I suppose, we were waiting for him in the living room. My stomach was in knots we had to play this just right if we were going to pull this one off. Hi girls almost ready for the airport? he asked as he closed the front door behind him.

Bad news, Sir I said laying on the sir bit a bit heavy to try and keep his mood manageable. He looked at me with great suspicion. What, what bad news? We cant go to California I answered watching his face carefully for signs of melt down. And just the hell why not, may I ask? he responded still not quite comprehending his plans for a restful vacation were crashing as we spoke.

Mom and Dad are having the house fumigated next week and are going to be out of town I informed him.( this was true to the extent that the Orkin pest man was coming by next week, a lie I knew but with luck...). And my parents are in Florida said Cindy our house has strangers living in it, some sort of time share swap plan, I think. Looking up at him with her pleading bright blue eyes she said in almost a sad voice I cant go home. He sat down heavily stunned by the news, he then got up and went into the kitchen, got on the phone and made a few calls.

While he was making the calls we discussed the events to this point and decided so far so good. well I guess no trip this year Unc. said sadly at dinner, I tried to reschedule my vacation and it seems that the rest of the summer is taken up, looks like I sit around the house baby-sitting for my vacation this year. I almost felt sorry for him and his hang dog expression, but we had plans and fully expected him to have his vacation, though not quite as he anticipated.

Uh, Unc. I, I mean we have a suggestion I said gently as I served him his favorite dessert. And what would that be Daria? He asked, plunging into the vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce with his spoon. Take us with you I said trying to be serious as if this were the most natural thing one could imagine. He looked at me and then Cindy and asked Do you understand the concept of a vacation? Putting down his spoon he went on Its to get away from the day to day aggravations and enjoy ones self. Aww Unc. do you mean that were aggravations? I asked knowing full well what he meant. It had the desired effect however and seemed to disconcert him. No not really, well not most of the time of course, you know what I mean He replied finishing up his dessert.

He didnt say no, did he? Cindy said under her breath as we put the dishes in the dishwasher. He didnt say no I had to agree. A few minutes later Unc. was sitting in his favorite chair looking at a blank TV screen deep in thought. We made sure to not bother him and what ever thought process he was suffering through. We went into the den and were quiet as we could be. After about fifteen minutes we went back out and walked by Unc. on the way to the kitchen he was still being quiet if you didnt count some mumbling under his breath.

Having retrieved two diet cokes from the fridge Cindy and I walked by him again, I heard him say a little louder Rules, there would have to be rules and then looking up at us he said clearly for our ears There would have to be rules and I would expect you two to behave. WE CAN GO? YIPPEE I shouted as Cindy and I showed our delight and brought a small rueful smile to Uncs. face. I cant wait to call Christy I said, shell be so excited Christy, whats Christy got to do with this? Shes got a home for heavens sake. Unc. asked clearly perplexed Oh Unc. we couldnt leave her behind we just couldnt. I protested.

The Hell we cant, I may be stuck with taking you two since you cant go home right now but Christy has a home and the two of you will be quite enough to handle. Unc. proclaimed firmly. And no matter how we protested, whined, complained or begged it was no use. He was determined that the three of us were all that was going and that was that. Thats my final word on the subject he said with steel in his voice that silenced Cindy and me.

Let me make some calls and see if I can arrange for a larger motor home he said in a resigned voice. A few minutes later he came back and said the RV would be delivered at noon on Friday we were to get the stuff loaded and when he got home we would take off shortly there after. But first lets get a few things understood, ladies looking at each of us in turn You will be expected to obey me at all times and do as you are told, youve hijacked me into taking you along and I dont intend to be patient or put up with any foolishness, do you understand? We said we did. And do you know what will happen if at any time I feel you are not behaving, dont you? He asked. Yes sir We responded. But cant Christy come, please? I whined. NO Damnit, now I dont want to hear another word about Christy, do you understand that? Yes sir I replied sullenly.

Fine Ill make up a list of things we need, you go to the store and purchase our supplies and load them in the Motor home when it comes tomorrow and take what clothes you need, but please not too much. He instructed. An hour or so later he handed me a list of purchases, for the most part it had only been necessary to increase the quantities for his earlier planned solo trip. Oh and by the way, be sure to pack youre bunny pajamas and your slightly worn ping pong paddles Unc. said to our surprise and with that left the room. We arent going to take those damn paddles are we? asked Cindy looking as if mutiny were on her mind. I think we better do as were told for now and I let her in on what I was thinking.

Later I looked the list over and made some changes that he wouldnt realize were made until it was too late if things went according to the plan developing in my head.

Morning came and the big day was at hand, Unc. left for work and we went to the store with our mammoth list. We got back with the groceries and supplies and finished our packing, making sure to include the designated pajamas and paddles with some reluctance, I knew that one way or another before the day was done I would be getting a spanking and in all likelihood a hard one, and I knew that I would deserve it. But that knowledge wasnt going to change anything I had planned.

Look at this will you Cindy yelled out Come here quick I ran to the living room to see what the big deal was and looked out the front window with her. Geeze was all I could think to say. The biggest motor home I had ever seen was pulling up in front of the house the thing was huge. We watched as the guy driving it looked at the numbers on the houses and sure he had the right place he stopped got out and walked up to the house. This the right place? he asked you expecting this thing? We told him we were and watched as he backed it up and then hooked Uncs. car to the end of it and wishing us a good time and handing me the keys he got in the car that had followed him and he was gone.

Cindy and I circled the motor home the way one might inspect a beached whale, slowly and in awe. Lets look inside Cindy suggested and we opened the door and went in. It was magnificent to our eyes, it had everything a TV, a sofa, a small dinning area and even a bedroom in the back. There was a stereo, a full if somewhat small kitchen it had everything, even a small bedroom in the back. We were delighted with our new home for the next three weeks.

We loaded the food and supplies as per Unc.s instructions and two hours later the motor home was ready to go. Cindy and I made the final preparations for our plan.

Now all we had to do was wait for Unc. to get home and we would be on our way. He arrived a few minutes after four, he went in and changed and did a quick inspection of the house, asked us questions about the loading process and securing the house. Satisfied he then did a quick inspection of the Motor home and pronounced us ready to go. And with that he sat down behind the wheel and was ready to start it up.

Unc. I said Im not sure I set the pool pump right, can we check it real quick? otherwise Ill worry all the time were gone. With a look of annoyance, he got out of his seat and went with me to check the pump and we confirmed it was set correctly, but then I had known all along it was.

Two hours into the trip Unc. decided that at the next rest stop we would pull over and have a bit to eat, he told Cindy and me to set the table and make some sandwiches. After another half hour we pulled into one of the rest stops and Unc. turned off the engine and stepped out side to stretch. Cindy and I were a bundle of nerves at this point Unc. was about to get the first real surprise of the trip, but not the last we both knew. We hoped it would be worth it.

After a few minutes of stretching and relaxing he came back in and sat down at the table and after a few seconds confusion, he looked up and said, There are four place settings here, why four? I looked at him with a wane smile and at that moment as planned, Christy came out from her hiding place in the restroom and said as nicely as you please. hello Sir. He stared at her and then me until I had no choice but to look down at the floor in embarrassment, as Christy eased herself into the room.

Unc. was the first to speak. Christy, what the hell are you doing here? No never mind I think I can figure that out myself. Hello sir was all she could think of to say, so she repeated herself as if she had something new and clever to add to the conversation.

Be quiet, please just be quiet Unc. said when I tried to offer an explanation and say how much we had wanted Christy to come. We waited in silence while a frustrated and annoyed Unc. finished his sandwich. He got up and moved to the easy chair near the TV and sat down. He went into one of his thought periods and then started talking. Well girls you sure have done it this time, by the way Christy does your mother know where you are? Oh yes sir, and she appreciates your taking me along. she chirped happily. And how did you get on board, may I ask? he inquired looking at me. Uh that was me, I replied I mean it was my doing I guess, well sort of anyway. When we left to check the pool pump Christy got on then, it was our plan. If you see what I mean I rambled on endlessly. I see, I do see indeed. he said looking at me with a glare.

Well he said I guess Im stuck, it would take five hours to turn around and return to Phoenix and get back here and then wed miss our reservations and fall behind schedule. ( Unc. is big on schedules and organization) Looking at me and then Christy he asked did you think to bring your clothes for the trip? She nodded that she had and we assured him we had thought of everything. Really you thought of everything, is that right? he asked and how did you think Id react to this?

I guess well be punished Cindy spoke up for the first time and we know we have it coming. Damn right you have it coming, and at the stop tonight youll all get it and thats when we get to the camp site in Blythe in about an hour. With that ringing in our ears Unc. went back to driving. I had known that he wouldnt spank us right then, he never does when hes angry he always waits until he cools down. So I thought we have an hour, gee this should be a fun and relaxing hour I said to my partners in crime.

We pulled into the camp site, the fees were paid and hookups for electric and water made and Unc. returned to the motor home to dispense justice.