Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 21:03:56, -0500
Subject: Sweet 16 and spanked

Sweet sixteen and Spanked

One of the last times I got spanked by my Dad was when I was sixteen.. the very day I turned sixteen as matter of fact.

There had been a kind of informal party as I felt that I was too old for Birthday parties. ( getting flashbacks of pony rides, melting ice cream and cake on the floor,, but thatís another story) A few friends over, we played the bored with you routine and got the old folks to lose interest and drift out side.

At my friends Sue's and Dawn's urging we took a few nips from Dad's liquor cabinet, not really a big thing we had done it before and never been caught don't think we even raised any suspicions with our larceny We considered ourselves Sooo clever, quite the trio.

The elders moved their gathering down a few houses sitting in the backyard of Dawn's parents, watching the golfers play their silly game. ( We lived at the time on the edge of a golf course and there were no fences between the yards).

After a few more snorts, as we laughingly called it, we put some of our favorite liquid in cups and went out front, reasoning that if the old folks were in the back we would be better off in the front of the house.

About this time, Danny Snyder one of the boys in my school that I Really liked pulled up in his almost new Mustang, he was so cute I remember him fondly to this day.. He handed me a present wrapped in pink paper and said Daria have you got your license yet? Sure have I said lying my innocent little tail off, Can I drive your car now? Thatís what I promised he said.

I jumped into the drivers seat, and with him beside me and my friends in the back we roared off,, and I mean we roared off, with the tires spinning, gravel from the drive was flying and when we hit the pavement the squeal of the tires as we "laid" rubber was awesome. I looked over at Danny who was being too macho to say anything but was clearly sorry that he had agreed to this, he was one unhappy seventeen year old ( I almost felt sorry for him,, almost)

As soon as we roared around the corner leading to the main street, my luck turned sour, I saw the flashing blue light and knew my ride was over, but worse was to come.... After things were sorted out and I was standing

Before Dad he read me the riot act... Daria lets see if I have this right he said through clinched teeth You stole my liquor, lied to Danny about having a license, were driving under the influence and had the foolishness to talk smart to a cop. Is that about right??

Having less Brains than your average moron and being still a little happy, ( had more than I thought) The first words out of my mouth just had to be smart... Yup that about covers it, some birthday Huh Dad?

Judging by his look of amazement and reaction I guess he was looking for a more contrite response.

The next thing I knew I was being led with him holding me by the arm towards my room, I realized for the first time that I was about to get a spanking.. but I hadn't been spanked for over a year ,, I was too old for this I protested.. might as well saved my breath Dad didn't answer or slow down.

When we got to my room he slammed the door behind us and still holding me by the arm, we moved toward the bed( we could have been glued together for all the freedom of movement that I had)

He placed me at the foot of the bed ( I knew what this meant) and saying Daria take down your jeans and place your hands on the bed ( I remembered the routine ) Doing as I was told I unsnapped my belt and shrugged the jeans to my knees, and bent over, it was at this point I saw Dad unbuckle his belt and take it off. I knew that I was in for one of his rare whippings.. Aww Dad I sniffled can't you just use your hand??

Be still Daria, and with that he moved to my left and without another word the belt whistled through the air and struck my bottom, It stung so that I couldn't believe it, the breath was knocked out of me , I stood upright gasping, Dad placed his hand on my back and put me back into position.

The next one make a WHAP sound and the burning made my whole bottom feel that it was on fire . and this after only two swats.... was I in trouble....... the belt fell in a steady pattern,, I was raising and lowering my feet in a slow dance of desperation, OOOOHhh please daddy don't not so hard Please Daddy. ( always called him Daddy during a spanking, but never any other time)

The room was big enough for him to get a good swing to deliver his swats ... and they hit home,, and then he peppered the upper part of my bare legs with about seven or eight swats, this resulted in long and loud cries of nooo OOOwww I can't take any more Please nooo.

The one thing that I knew and had been taught was that when I was getting a spanking I was to stay in place and that any evasion would not be tolerated, ( I had learned that the painful way if you get my drift).

He then returned to warming the seat of my thin panties, it felt as if the belt must have torn them off , surely they were affording me no protection.. I was raising up on my toes teetering forward and then coming down flatfooted between swats any thing to help get me through this I was desperate--- never Had he whipped me this hard before.

After about twenty five swats I simply fell forward on the bed, as I started to try and rise up , he placed his hand on my back and held me in place and resumed the whipping.

I was crying as hard as it was possible to cry and growing frantic with the pain of the whipping and just When I thought I couldnít stand it any more,, he stopped and it was over.

And that was my sixteenth Birthday, kinda sticks out in my mind for some reason... I don't remember all that much about the actual spanking I was focused on survival and was unable to take notes at the time, so I have reconstructed it to the best of my ability and tried not to embellish or make things up just to make a better story... I'll leave that for my fiction efforts.

I didn't get my license for another six months about the same time it took Danny to start talking to me again,, don't think he ever really trusted me after that. Can you imagine that? (suspicious boy)