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Date: 21 Oct 1996 20:22:27 -0400

This story involves spanking ( What else, if I wrote it? ) If that doesn t interest you or you are under eighteen, please go graze elsewhere. You re either too uptight or young to enjoy this. Go on, scoot, out of here right now.

This story was written during one of those insanity flashes when a half baked idea pops into my head and won t leave despite my coaxing for it to do so. Thus I am compelled to put this down on computer. My advice to you dear friend, read no further and delete this sorry puppy of a story now....... Well I warned you, now my conscience is clear, and your wasted time reading this trash is no longer my wrongdoing.

The insanity flashes I mentioned? They re getting stronger now and they come more often, Why does my computer keep changing colors? Well never mind that now......oooo what a pretty shade of pizza. I ll try and hang on until I get this done. I ll be all right. But now you re stuck reading the story...........I do believe I ve reached a new low of depravity with this one. See if you don t agree.


Who would have thought that it could happen to me? I never really expected to win the California Lottery. But I did. 23.6 Million worth I did.

I had a great time and spent my ass off. Car, house, the whole works. After a year and the friends and relatives I never knew I had (or cared) were driving me crazy I had to get away and find some peace and quiet. I was going nuts.

I decided on a cruise, not just any cruise but one where I could get away from my prying money grubbing relatives. A friend suggested a friend of his, who knew some one and finally some arrangements were made. They sounded a bit mysterious and were very exorbitant, but interesting and I was off to the south Pacific. Two days later found me on a tiny island at a small resort in the bar waiting for my contact to show up.

Blimey, you must be Mr. Johnson. A loud voice boomed across the small bar almost startling me and my still high strung nerves off the bar stool. Gripping my Luke warm beer I turned to see what was making the racket and calling out my name for all the world.

He was one of those people that defy your ability to accurately peg their age, but he was old, and weathered from the sea. He had unruly white hair and a beard that both would have benefited from a visit to a barber shop, but I doubted the thought would even enter his mind for another year. As he wobbled across the room it dawned on me this was to be the captain of my cruise vessel. I think at that moment had the sea plane that brought me in not left I would have reorganized my plans on the spot.

A fine idea Laddie He pronounced happily and turning to the bartender said. And make mine a double and you be watching how you pour. I placed the accent as Scottish as I watched him throw the first double down as if it were water and smack the glass down looking at the bartender as if to defy him not to refill it. He got his refill.

An hour later with Captain Angus leaning on me and singing bawdy songs that I would be to embarrassed to mention in mixed company we made our way to the shore. We got into a small dingy and chugged out to the large boat, she was about a hundred yards or so off the shore, an impressive looking three masted sail boat. As we got closer I realized she was huge.

Must take quite a crew to man a ship like this eh? I inquired of the now sober captain halfway out. He looked at me with a sour smile. Ah, Laddie let me tell you, sometimes I wish I could man it, life was so much simpler then, less trouble the lads were. As he turned back to look at the ship coming up I was confused, then who ran the damn ship anyway?

A door opened up on the side of the boat and Angus stepped up, I placed my foot on the first step and with unsteady legs gripped the side of the boat and tried to pull myself on, just as I was starting to slip, a hand shot out and grabbed my wrist and pulled me on board. I looked up to thank the sea man who had assisted me and to my shock was looking into the face of a beautiful young lady. She was wearing a tan bikini that matched her skin and for one insane moment appeared nude. I blinked and the bikini reappeared to my extreme disappointment. She had long blond hair that was in a pony tail and reached all the way down her back. Her smiling face and flashing blue eyes made me stammer out some silly response to her. Welcome aboard sir, it will be our pleasure to serve you.

I glanced at Angus who snapped. Her name s Sue, she runs the deck. Come on now Laddie I ll show you your quarters. Sue smiled sweetly as we walked away. I wasn t sure that it would be necessary to see my quarters if it meant leaving Sue. But I followed the stale smelling captain.

Throwing my luggage on the bed in the spacious stateroom I began to take out my clothes and hang them up , when Angus said. No need doing that, Jenny will be tending to your personal needs. If as by magic a young lady walked through the door and said in a sweet southern voice. I m Jenny sir, it s my duty and honor to take care of all of your needs. I watched in wonder as the petite girl wiggled her way across the room and softly opened my suit case and began putting my things away.

Soon I was in the dining area with the captain and he started telling me about the boat and the crew. Won her I did, in a poker game a few years back in a affair in Taipei. What I didn t realize at time was that the crew went with the ship. You see Lad. He went on in a strained voice edged with frustration. I can t sell the boat with out the crew s agreement and no one wants to buy a boat crewed only by women, bad luck, you know.

Excuse me, did you say crewed only by women? I asked with my mouth open wide enough to catch seagulls. He went on. Can you believe the bad luck? They by contract get to stay with the ship as long as they want and there isn t a damn thing I can do about it. I m stuck.

I sat there looking out the window and then another beauty came in with a tray of snacks and cold beer. This is Judy, she does the cooking, anything you want let her know. Judy smiled and bent over to place the food in front of me as I watched her breasts and wondered which one was going to pop out of the small top she had on first.

As she departed I leaned across the table and intently looked into the captain s eyes and asked a question that was beginning to puzzle me. How many captain? How many crew members do you have?

Ah Laddie that s the shame of it, there are five of the insatiable little beauties, lookers all I admit but they just won t quit. I wrinkled my brow in confusion and just had to ask. Won t quit, what do you mean? He smiled. Look around you boy, these are healthy young females that love the outdoors and exercise, they have needs, do you know what I mean? and I m an old man I can t keep it up much longer.

Sitting back in my chair and taking a long sip from my beer I figured that now I had heard everything. I was wrong.

But I got one on them and don t think I don t use it when ever I need to. I nodded to the captain indicating he should release this last tidbit of information. He smiled a deep contented smile. After I got the ship I read the contract carefully and when I thought I had something I took it to a lawyer specializing in Maritime law. Seems it was written with some old British sea laws in it, to make matters short Laddie the captain of this ship decides all disciplinary matters at sea as he sees fit.

I wondered if I had heard him right. Do you mean? Yep, I whips em if I has a mind to, and there isn t a thing they can do about it except quit and they won t do that. I m not a cruel man mind you, but there are times when a firm hand is required on a ship.

What kinds of things do they get punished for? I asked trying to contain my excitement at this turn in the conversation. Well, on the last cruise I had to take a strap to two of them. Sue and Jenny if I remember right, seems they kept forgetting that when we have guests on board I requires em to keep their clothes on. It s ok when it s just us on the sea if they want to scamper around the boat buck assed naked, but it just don t do when we have paying customers.

Captain, If that s what the girls prefer I would feel obligated if you would let them dress any way they want on this cruise. I hoped I didn t sound too eager. That s right kind of you, Mr. Johnson I m sure the girls will appreciate it.

The next morning as I walked the decks of the ship, it seemed like there were naked girls everywhere clad only in their deck shoes. I was in a state of semi-shock as I watched the young beauties trot by me on the deck and scamper up the masts to adjust the sails. They seemed so happy in their work, enjoying the sailing, open sea and the simply great day. I noticed that one of them Cindy, a cute brunette with medium breasts that seemed to bounce with her every step had an obviously freshly spanked bottom. She noticed me staring at her fanny and gave me a cute smile wiggling her small button nose and then her fanny as she scampered to another ship board chore.

That night at dinner, Angus looked a bit pale and under the weather. Mr. Johnson, you ve been such a good sport, I hate to ask a favor but would you mind helping an sick old sea dog out?

What can I do ? I replied munching a thick steak.

Well sir, I m feeling poorly tonight and I fear two of the girls need discipline and I m just not up to it. Would you mind terribly? He looked at me hopefully as if there were no favor greater I could ever do for him. I felt the same way in reverse.

Captain, It would be my honor to assist you in this matter. He smiled as the arrangement was sealed. Fine sir, I knows you was a good man the minute I laid me eyes on you. The girls will come to your cabin at eight o clock sharp and inform you of what reason they are there for. Will that be satisfactory?

It was, it most certainly was.

Between dinner and the eight o clock hour I wandered the deck and came in contact with all the girls, none gave a clue that she was one of the two that were to come to my cabin and be punished for what ever crimes they had committed. I was left to wonder, would it be.

Sue, the first girl I had meet with the long blond hair and the tan that wouldn t quit? I had admired her slender build and slim bottom that defined the words pert and spankable.

Jenny, the petite girl with the sweet Southern accent that attended to taking care of my state room.

Cindy, the cute brunette with medium breasts that seemed to bounce with her every step and had received a recent spanking. She had a charming sort of smart mouth that almost bordered on insolent. I wondered how she would react to a good spanking, I hoped she would be one.

Judy the cook with the magnificent breasts and firm but expansive bottom that seemed to move in the most interesting of ways.

Cathy, the youngest of the crew at nineteen, who seemed the most innocent and shy of the group. Her hair was short and almost bleached blond white from the sun, she had sparkling blue eyes and was the most evenly tanned all over. Her small breasts were impertinent in their appearance and always at attention, just like two good little sailors. She had the habit of seeming to almost prance from place to place, such was her eagerness to do well and prove herself worthy of her place on the boat.

Which two? I wondered would it be. I was anxious for eight o clock to arrive.

I decided not to worry about not having a paddle or strap, if the girls didn t bring anything with them, well that would be just fine with me. I had no problem with the idea of applying my hand to their bare bottoms.

Eight o clock sharp and I heard a soft knocking on my stateroom door. Enter I announced in my best authority voice. I was filled with delight and eagerness at what was about to happen.

The door opened and to my pleasure were Sue and Cindy. Both had on a pair of tan panties and a light white pull over T-shirt and their deck shoes. They went to the center of the room and standing at almost military attention they spoke.

My name is Cindy, Sir and I have violated the ship rules by being late for deck watch, this is the second time this week.

My name is Sue, Sir and I forgot to check the lifeboat for supplies, as is my weekly duty.

This said, they relaxed and waited for my instructions. Inexcusable, just inexcusable. I said with mock severity. This was really quite delightful. Well I think young ladies that neglect their ship board duties should be spanked, do you have any comments?

No sir. They answered as one.

Sue, come here. I said sitting on the edge of the bed. I didn t care a hoot for the life boat or missed deck watches, I wasn t sure what the appropriate punishment was for what they had done, nor did I care. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to spank these young ladies on their bare bottoms and that was what I was going to do.

Sue laid across my lap and snuggled in against my body, I felt the warmth from her bare skin as she rubbed against me. Her long legs stretched back and her pert panty covered bottom stuck up as it were eager to meet the first spank. Her long blond hair stretched along her back and down to tops of her panties.

You won t be needing these. I said placing my hands on her panties and pulling then down, enjoying the sensation as they caught just a second before releasing from in-between her legs where they were the tightest and then gave way.

Her bottom was as spankable as I remembered it scampering around on the deck of the boat. She flexed her fanny just a bit and then relaxed, leaning forward until her head almost touched the floor.

I placed my hand on the center of her slim fanny and enjoyed the sensation of rubbing it against the softness. Bringing my hand back I gave her a swat on the center where my hand had been, the another. She made no movement or sound, she was submitting to her punishment with out protest.

SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, and with the fifth swat I saw just a bit of pink on the even tan come through. She shifted just a bit and then waited for more. I was happy to oblige.

SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. Her bottom rose and fell slightly, each swat seemed to lower her bottom as she moved with the swat of my hand only to slightly rise up and wait for the next one.


I was picking up the pace now and the swats were only a second or so apart. Still no evident signs that she was having trouble handling it. Her legs shifted apart slightly and she shook her head but no more than that.


Her fanny was getting red now, the tan blended into red on the areas I was smacking and she began to show signs of being spanked. Her head was bobbing and I could hear soft crying. Still she made no attempt to escape or protest her spanking. I went faster and harder.


Her toes were kicking gently against the floor and I knew I was getting through. I finished with a quick flurry almost as hard as I could.


Cindy, you re next I announced letting the crying sue off my lap. Cindy came over without delay, looking just a bit pale. If they had come here thinking they were going to get off easy they were disappointed.

Across my lap went Cindy, the cute brunette with medium breasts that had the smart mouth. Well we would just see what we could do about that. I removed her panties and placed my hand on the center of her bottom. I patted it a few times and then rubbed it gently determined to enjoy this experience to the fullest.

I put my hand on her left leg between her thighs and pulled her closer to me until she was snug against my body. I began slowly with ten medium swats designed to get us both warmed up, though I was already quite warm to be honest. The gentle pops on her bottom sounded soft compared to the last spanking.

pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop.

Satisfied I had her attention I went to work on making the spanking meaningful.


Cindy wiggled her feet and then slowly started raising her legs, as they got near her bottom I reached over and pushed them back down, she took the hint and down they stayed for the rest of the spanking.


Ouch, OOOww, Ouch, OOOhhh

I continued the spanking until she had received the same as Sue and just a bit more for her smart mouth. I let her up and she went to the corner of the room with Sue.

OK ladies, you may go. You re spankings are over.

They looked at me through tear filled eyes and Cindy spoke. No sir, we can t leave yet. By ship custom it is our duty and privilege to thank you for taking the time to correct our behavior.

And so they did. All night, leaving only in the morning to attend to their ship board duties.

Angus was delighted as we sat down to breakfast. Did a right fine job, from what I hear, a right fine job. All the girls were impressed when Cindy and Sue told them about last night, you re getting quite a reputation. Say I m still feeling poorly would you mind watching the girls for the next few days and taking what ever corrective action you see fit? I d sure appreciate it.

I did not mind at all, I assured him.

I passed Sue on the deck a few minutes later and was rewarded with a sweet smile, as she passed I turned and admired her bottom still showing every sign of being freshly spanked. Beautiful, just beautiful.

A few minutes later I noticed Cathy, the youngest of the crew being careless and spilling her soft drink on the deck and leaving it to stain.

Cathy come here. I called out. Yes sir, she responded running to stand in front of me. Her sparkling blue eyes were full of fun and her tanned naked body a delight to behold. Young lady is it customary to spill drinks on the deck and then walk away? She looked at where I was pointing. No Sir, it is not. I will clean it up at once. Looking as firm as I could I responded. You do that, and then I want to meet me by that deck chair and we ll see if I can help you to remember to be more careful. She gulped. Yes sir.

I watched as the naked girl cleaned up the wet spots with a rag on her hands and knees. Finished with her chore she sprung up and came to me. I took her hand and pulled her across my lap and right there on the deck with other girls walking by as if nothing of interest were happening I gave her a spanking. Being the youngest on the crew she had received less spankings than the others and while she stayed across my knee she was far more animated than the other two. She tossed her head and yelped with each swat to her bottom after the first fifteen. She wiggled and squirmed in the sexiest way.

I kept her across my knee until her tan was splotched with the red marks from my hand and the toes of her small deck shoes were drumming away on the deck as the spanks landed on her bottom. She squealed some more as the swats struck, but remained obediently across my lap taking her spanking without complaint as her due punishment. She was a delightful spank.

As she got off my lap she stood in front of me rubbing her bottom and looking down at the deck her bright blue eyes filled with tears. I m sorry, Sir. It won t happen again. And with that she scampered off to her chores still rubbing her bottom.

Two hours later I caught her gazing out to sea and not paying attention when Cindy was calling for to help with some lines. I took her by the arm and pointed to Cindy. Don t you hear your shipmate asking for help? She looked at Cindy and said Opps, I m sorry sir, I ll get right over there. I Pulled her away from the rail. In a minute you will. I had in my hand a large thin wood spoon I had picked up in the galley when I noticed her lack of attention. Bend over. She looked at me and slowly turned and bent over. I placed one hand on her upper right arm and delivered a stinging smack to her stretched bottom.

YIKES She squealed. Back down and hold that position. I commanded.



I gave her five more swats with the wood spoon on her already red fanny. When I released her she hopped straight up in the air a few inches off the ground. I gave her another swat. Now you get your tail over there and help Cindy or I ll really tan your fanny. She ran as fast as she could.

I enjoyed watching her red bottom the rest of the day and the cute way she blushed each time we passed.

The next day, I had to take a strap to Judy, the one with the firm but expansive bottom that seemed to move in the most interesting of ways. I made it move in a number of even more interesting ways, then it was her chance that night to show her appreciation for the quality time I had shown her.

Two days later, I bought the ship from the captain, we dropped the delighted old boy off at the nearest port and watched as he scuttled away with enough of my money for two retirements.

Before he left I had one last question for the Captain. The girls Captain where do they come from, I mean what happens if one wants to leave? How do you replace her? Aye, not to worry there, Captain. He replied, as I fought off a momentary confusion and realized he was now addressing me as Captain. I pays em well, very well. The ship is known in the right circles, if you catch my drift and I m sure ya do sir. There is a list of lassies eager to sign up on this vessel there is. Have no worries there son, you ll be well crewed. ( As I reflect back on it now, I think he said crewed , but I m not really sure now.)

As we sailed away the girls gathered around me and Sue placed her arm around my waist and asked, Captain when do we put into port to get some charter passengers?

I looked at my crew and laughed. Passengers, are you kidding? I m the only passenger we ll need on this ship. They all smiled as if this were the best news of their lives, and I watched five bottoms wiggle away to their assignments.

Better get those chores done right girls. I thought happily.

Part II

I wouldn t want to leave you with the wrong impression from the last time we talked. The girls don t always run around the ship totally naked. Sometimes when one has had a bit too much sun, she might put on a T-shirt and sometimes a pair of shorts. Or she may just wear the shorts. It s up to them, but for the most part until the evening begins to chill the air, it s like a nudist camp on the water.

Following old Angus advice I run a tight ship and administered discipline any time I feel it is called for. The girl s seemed to be accepting of what ever decisions I make and take in stride any spankings I choose to administer. They understand that they only way the ship can run efficiently with such a small crew is if everyone does their assignments correctly and at the proper time.

Aye, now you re the captain. He said in our last conversation. Don t ye be forgettin that a ship runs right or she don t run at all, ya gots to make sure every detail is taken care of. If ya slack off at all you ll lose control. I wasn t going to lose control, I promised myself.

A week after I bought the boat and two days out of The Fiji Islands found us bound Southwest for Norfolk island and their world famous Botanical Garden.

I called to Cindy to perform some small task she looked up, annoyed for just a second and said in a sharper tone that I suspect she meant. Yeah, yeah I ll be there in a second, keep your shorts on. As soon as she said it, I saw a concerned look cross her face. She had gone beyond the bounds allowed and she knew it. Follow me, young lady. I ordered and turned and started walking away. I saw Sue a few feet away give her a look that seemed to say. You re gonna get it. I entered my the Captain s cabin and stood by the door as Cindy entered. She had on only a pair of loose fitting White athletic shorts.

Cindy, your smart mouth has been getting the better of you these last few days, and I intend to see that you have reason to control it a little better. Do you have any questions? She shifted her weight as I watched her brush her long hair to one side. Her breasts seemed to swell as she took a deep breath and then answered me. No sir, I have no excuse, I m sorry sir. Remove your shorts. I ordered. She placed her fingers in the waist band of the shorts and slowly lowered them, to her knees and then all the way down to her ankles. Standing back up she stepped forward and out of the shorts, leaving her completely naked. A blush of embarrassment crossed her face and then was gone.

Her tan was total, there were no tan lines on this girl, her firm breasts were as tanned as her long slim legs. She gave me a brave little smile, and a cute expression of submission crossed her face accented with raised eyebrows that rose and then fell as she waited for me to carry out the sentence for her insubordination. I had decided to administer a firm paddling and went to my dresser and took out a ping pong paddle that I had picked up on our last stop.

Her face flashed a quick look of surprise at this development and one side of her cute mouth seemed to twitch for a second and then stopped. Turn around. I ordered. She immediately turned and was facing away from me. I placed my left hand on her arm and as soon as I did I delivered a hard swat to her bottom, before she could prepare herself. OUCH Her butt went forward and her back arched backwards thrusting her front out. As interesting as this was I cautioned her to straighten back up.


I timed the swats of the paddle, so they were arriving at the rate of one every three seconds, a nice leisurely pace. But then, I was in no hurry.


oooooo, oooooo, oooooo, oooooo,

She was standing still and giving off soft whimpering sounds by then. Each swat of the paddle made her tail compress with the impact and move slightly forward before she moved her fanny back into place for the next swat. Her bottom was now showing the redness that a good paddling can soon produce on a firm female bottom if it s properly applied.

ooooo, oooo, ooooo, ooooo,

Now bend over She placed her hands on her knees. All the way I commanded. Her hands slid down to her ankles, presenting me with the perfect target and a delightful sight. I gripped her shoulder to give her some help staying in position.


These were coming faster and were far harder, and got the reaction I expected as the paddle struck her taut bottom and seemed to bounce off as quickly as it had be applied.


Young lady, do you think you can show more respect in the future for your Captain? She started to stand up. Oh yes Sir, I ll be ever so careful really, I will. Came the answer between the tears.

Who said you were to get up? Back into position, NOW. With a groan of despair she resumed her position. I gave her five more solid whacks with the paddle.

OOOO. OOOOeeee, OOOooo, Mmmnnn, Ooooooo.

I stepped back and admired my handiwork, splendid I thought, I imagine this is a lesson that will remain learned for a while. Cindy didn t move, remaining bent over, not wanting to get up too early and earn any extra swats. She was allowed to stand up and go about her daily duties, though by my new rule she couldn t put her bottoms on for the rest of the day. She was required to have her fanny on display for all to see and show that she had misbehaved and gotten a spanking. I assure you that she was one very polite girl for quite a while after that.

We have heard stories of a place that are believed to be part true by some, while others of the crew scoff at such an obvious myth. Such a wonderful place could hardly exist, they claim. A place where a ship such as ours might find like minded folks and a warm welcome. But was it fact or fiction? Who could say? Was it a Coastal city? Maybe in Florida or California? Or was it inland? Possibly in the Midwest. Where was Assville and how could we find it? Did it really exist? We didn t know, but we decided to inquire at the various ports we visited and examine all the old charts we could. It was no where to be found on any modern map that was in our possession. It was to be our quest.

We set anchor off of Norfolk Island, in Creswell bay. The next few days were spent exploring Norfolk Island and the wonders of the sights and sounds of that lovely quaint place. It was a delight. In case you re wondering I made sure the girls dressed properly all the time we were on the island and until we left. Other than that they were free to roam and have fun. We left late in the afternoon and headed South for New Zealand.

I had just finished breakfast the next morning and was sunning my self on the deck wondering if I were going to fall asleep and not caring if I did. I was exhausted from the previous night. (Never mind about the previous night, it s none of your concern)

I sensed someone s presence standing over me and as I cracked one eye to see who would dare intrude on my rest time, Judy spoke. Mr. Johnson, excuse me, I mean Captain we have a problem. With some thought and then effort I raised myself up on one elbow, hoping the beer supply was ok.

What is it Judy? She blinked unsure how to word it, and then as my frown grew she blurted out. Sir, we have a stowaway sir. We have a what? What did you say? Peering through the glare of the sun, I could now see at the other end on the deck, maybe twenty feet away a girl that was dressed in jeans and a T-shirt. I gave a sigh at this new complication in my stress free life and pulled myself off the deck chair and turning away said. Bring her to the living room, Judy, we ll find out what this is about. The cabin, sir. I turned. What? I asked. It s a cabin on the boat sir, it s not a living room. She reminded me gently. Fine Judy, whatever. Cabin, living room, made no difference to me what you called it.

Easing myself into my easy chair I looked at the young lady who was being guided into the room by Judy. She appeared to be seventeen or eighteen. She was about 5 3 , medium build, with straight blond hair that reached down to the back of her neck. Her dark brown eyes seemed to reflect the concern and uncertainty of what she had gotten herself into. she had a face with freckles that wouldn t be described as beautiful, more along the lines of cute. She a reckless air of confidence about her that was hard to define. So what the hell are you doing on my boat? I demanded.

I want to join your crew. She replied in a steady voice, looking me in the eye. I ve heard about this ship and I want to be part of it. Well that surprised me I had to admit. What do you know about this boat? She went on to describe the boat and the general workings to such an extent that it was clear she had done her homework. There seemed to be nothing she didn t know.

We have no openings, besides you re too young. If I expected this to end the conversation I was wrong. No, Sir I am eighteen, last week, I m old enough. She said firmly. At the same time Judy whispered in my ear. We could use another crew member Sir, and she does know boats, I ve been talking to her.

What s your name? It s Karen, Sir. Sit down Karen. I sat thinking of the possibilities of adding another member. I questioned her some more and found that she had no family and had been stranded on the island by a fickle friend and was trying in vain to earn enough money to get to the States, until she heard about our boat. She had entered into a conversation with the girls while they were on the island and was able to find out all she wanted about our operation. She knew exactly what she was getting herself into.

I made a decision. Judy, take Karen to meet the crew members again, if they all approve bring her back here. If not, lock her in a cabin and turn us around and we ll drop her off at Norfolk island. Dismissed.

An hour later they were back. I was reading a book on Nautical terms to try and figure out what the girls were talking about half the time when they entered. Judy, that will be all, you may leave. And with that she withdrew. I looked up and the new recruit told me with one look that she was ready to become a crew member and fit in. She was dressed only in a pair of deck shoes.

This was new to her and her embarrassment was visible, still she managed to look as relaxed as one can under those circumstances. Her small breasts stood firm and erect and never wavered from my visual inspection as she stood at attention. I got up and walked toward her and then around her. Karen we have rules on this ship and one of them is not sneaking onto the ship and hiding out.

Yes Sir We punish girls that break rules on this ship. They get spanked as I see fit. Do you understand that? Yes Sir. And do you still want to be a member of this crew? Yes Sir. She answered. I do, Sir.

Go to my cabin, in the top right drawer of my dresser you will find a paddle. You are to bring that paddle to me. I intend to paddle you now and every time I see you for the next three days. Do you have any questions or objections to that? No Sir.

Five minutes later she was back holding the paddle in her small hand. I took it from her and walked behind her while she stood at attention. I gave her a few soft pats and then a sharp one. No reaction. Karen had not spent as much time in the sun as the rest of the crew. Her almost pale bottom contrasted nicely with her deep tanned legs and back. A band of white also rounded her back and breasts, though the color suggested some time topless in the sun. I would have to see what I could do to get her bottom to look a bit more like the rest of her tan, it seemed the only proper thing to do I thought happily.

Taking her upper arm I pulled her to the center of the room. You see that chair over there, the one with no arms? Bring it here. She did as she was told with out comment. Her face remained expressionless. I sat down in the chair and with out comment pulled her across my lap. Her arms hung straight down and her fingers barely touched the floor. Her deck shoes were two or three inches off the ground. She absolutely limp, she didn t utter a sound.

I placed the paddle on the center of her bottom and gave it a few pats as I watched her fanny give just slightly when I made each pat. Then I started applying the paddle with medium swats building the intensity as I went.

whap, whap, whap, splat, whap, Whap, Splat, Whap, Whap, WHAP, SPLAT.

Her once white bottom was almost nearing the tan of her legs, and I thought it would soon be a shade of red all it s own. I could sense rather that see the slight arching of her back as she felt the burning of the paddling. Her feet still dangling began giving a slight jerk each time the paddle landed.


The swats of the paddle were now being delivered with some real effort behind them. Her fanny was red with small areas of splotched white. I figured with a little more effort I could remove those white areas. Soon it was solid red from one side to the other. Karen s feet began rising up a little more every time the paddle landed and her arms were waving back and forth almost in time to the paddle. Finally she gave way and the tears and noises of protest came.

sobbing, OOOOowwwieee, OOOOOuucccchh, And crying.


The intensity of her crying increased and the sobs came out in gasps between breaths for air and crying. She never tried to move or get away from her paddling, she hung in there and took everything I cared to give. When I was done she lay across my lap for almost a minute crying and trying to regain her composure. I took the time to examine my craftsmanship at length. I placed my hand on the center of her bottom and as I always am after giving a good spanking was amazed at the heat that rose from her bottom.

She got to her feet and stood before me wiping the tears from her dark brown eyes. I took a Kleenex and cleaned the streaks of tears from her face, as she smiled her appreciation. You ve taken a large step toward being a crew member, Karen but there are a few more things you have to do. You are to keep this paddle with you at all times for the next three days, carry it under your arm if you must, but never lose or misplace the paddle. When ever you see me you are to hold out the paddle to me, handle first. If it pleases me to do so, I will take and give you a reminder of shipboard discipline. Do you understand? She sniffled. Yes Sir, I understand Sir. And with that she was sent off to her first assignment.

A few hours later I passed Karen on the deck, she was helping Sue with some rigging. She immediately turned and held the paddle out for me and gave a small curtsey. I declined to take the paddle. So far so good. As she turned back to her work, she displayed the cutest red bottom, such a delight.

Just before dinner that evening Jenny approached me, I knew that something was wrong she had been quiet for several days. Sir, why are you mad at me? She inquired in her sweet Southern voice. I looked deep into her Hazel eyes for a clue of what the Hell she was talking about. Mad at you? I m not mad at you, why do you ask that? She took a deep breath and spoke very quickly despite her accent. Well sir, at one time or another you have spanked all the other girls, but never me. I know I m not perfect and I fear that you don t like me and won t spank me for that reason, is that it Sir, do you not like me? She finished with tears welling up in her eyes.

I thought furiously for a few seconds and then replied. Now that you bring it up Jenny, I have noticed a decline in the care of my cabin that I can only attribute to your lack of attention. I believe that a sound spanking should correct this don t you? Now report to my cabin at once for your punishment. Her eyes lit up with happiness at being reassured of her standing with the crew and she almost skipped away happily to my cabin for her spanking.

I soon had the petite lass hopping on my lap and yelping out cries of pain melded with shrieks that had almost a laughing quality so relived she was at being accepted and her fear of rejection fading with each swat of my hand to her bare bottom. All through dinner that night she sat gingerly with tears still in her eyes and a wide smile on her face.

As we finished dinner, the crew decided that it would be fitting, since Karen had tricked them into giving her information on the boat while they were on shore that she should receive another spanking right then and then in the main cabin with all watching. Karen tried to protest in a half hearted manner, but since she was still carrying the paddle as I had instructed she didn t object too much.

It was decided that each girl would give Karen five swats as an initiation and then I would put her across my knee and finish up. There was of course no limit on the number of swats I was allowed. She went first to Sue who gave her five medium swats, I watched her face grimace with each one. She smiled a brave smile and then carried the paddle to Cathy. Cathy made her bend over and gave her five more of the same. Jenny had her stand up a whipped five fast hard ones to her fanny. The delay between each of the series was enough that Karen was able to keep from crying but on an already sore butt from earlier in the day it sure must have hurt. The last two girls put her across their knees and applied the paddle very soundly.

Then it was my turn. Karen walked over to me with everyone watching and won my heart. Through tears she managed to stammer out. Please Sir, I would like you to finish my spanking, I am proud to be on the boat and with this fine crew, please spank me as you see fit. And she gave another little curtsey as she stretched out the paddle with her trembling hands.

I guided her gently across my lap, she was quivering in anticipation of the first swat. Her bottom was red and clouded with splotches from the recent and earlier spankings. I didn t need to whack her very hard to have an effect. I paddled her with medium swats that caused her to moan and twist on my lap and soon reduced her sobs to loud crying. After twenty I decided she had enough. I raised her off my lap, as I did so the girls crowded around her and started hugging and trying to comfort her. The tears of pain soon turned to joy as that night a new member joined our small band just as earlier a established member had her worth validated. Champagne was broken out with my approval as everyone began swapping spanking stories and laughing with glee.

What a crew.

Two days later just as we sighted New Zealand land and began the maneuvers to bring the boat into port I saw Cathy on the bow of the boat still running around in only her deck shoes, this despite my instructions to the crew to be dressed an hour ago. I shot out of the bridge and down to where she was watching some Dolphins run along side the ship. Unfortunately for both of them Karen was standing next to her holding the paddle.

Why aren t you dressed? I demanded. Cathy looked up surprised. Opps, gee I guess I forgot. Hand me that paddle Karen and don t you go anywhere. Both of you put your hands on the rail. I pulled down Karen s shorts and popped the paddle off her bottom five quick times. Cautioning her to stay in place I gave Cathy five swats and then back to Karen. I swatted their bottoms while they were bent over slightly and kept holding onto the railing looking out to sea. They each got twenty five bare bottom swats. After I was done I made Karen stand right there beside me rubbing her bottom while we sailed into port. Cathy was allowed to scamper away to get dressed.

That evening Karen got her final spanking of her probationary period across my lap on my bed. She stayed the evening to express her appreciation and that night she became a full fledged member of the crew.

While in port by agreement of the crew, the ship was re named the Spanker. in acknowledgment of the many actions that have occurred on this fine vessel.

Oh and Assville? We finally found it. It s all around us, it s people are everywhere. You only have to want to find it, and be willing to look for it. It does exist.

Happy sailing.