From: (Daria Little)
Subject: Roommates V    MM/FF
Date: 27 Apr 1996 03:24:19 GMT

This story involves spanking, if that offends you or you are under eighteen , please do not proceed. This should be regarded as fictional.

This is a continuation of the roommate series


Linda and I talked about the upcoming loss of Kevin as our mentor and disciplinarian and the progress we had made under his guidance and how much we would miss him, and after much discussion we had reached a decision.

When Kevin arrived that evening Linda and I had made up our minds and as we explained to Kevin, that no one could replace him and that we thought we could manage just fine on our own, I saw the disappointment grow in his eyes as if he knew we were making a mistake, but could see that talking to us was of no use.

The ensuing was awkward and soon Kevin left wishing us the best, we all promised to stay in touch and spoke of our affection and love for one another. As soon as he was gone the mood changed Linda and I both felt it at once, we were free, no more supervision, no more spankings we could do as we choose.

We proved to be as irresponsible as I think Kevin feared, maybe if we had been eased into this new freedom things might have been different, then again maybe not. Two days later the apartment was a pigpen, two days after that I found an easy excuse to skip a class and found that Linda had skipped one a day before me. And by the end of the week we were quarreling over small things, in less than a week we had regressed all the way back to where Kevin first found us or I should say when we first found him, and now he was gone and our world was falling apart.

We were lost and we knew it, but what to do? To be truthful we did know what to do, but just hated to admit it, after all we were twenty years old and couldnít manage the simple things of life it seemed a shameful admittance but there the facts were as we surveyed the wilderness that was our apartment both determined it was the others fault and pride was not going to let us clean up the others mess.

We quibbled for another two days and finally did what we had known we had to do for several days. We picked up the phone and called Kevin, he listened and then said he would be over that evening to discuss the matter, but offered no promises of help or a commitment to get involved.

Had we been at all sensible people we would have cleaned up the apartment, but not us both too stubborn and convinced that we could make Kevin believe it was the others fault. He arrived on time that evening and as he entered the apartment I could see the look of shock on his face as he entered, the place really was a mess and I was embarrassed for both of us and disappointed that we had let him down to such an extent.

Clearing a few things off the easy chair in the living room and dropping them to the floor with a look that said, a little more mess hardly matters at this point do you think? I shrugged with a small smile and sat on the sofa next to Linda.

We began to give our excuses, explanations, problems, and all the difficulties we had encountered to Kevin all to no avail, after we were through he looked at us and said with a sharp but gently spoken tone, Girls you are responsible for your actions each of you is to blame. And there it was, he was right I knew as I slumped back into the sofa from my previous position of sitting up stiffly as I had argued my points.

I could tell from Lindaís posture that she too had accepted the responsibility and total defeat of our failure. Now the question is where do you go from here? Kevin said looking at both of us. Do you keep in the direction you are headed which leads to eviction from your apartment and failing grades at school, which for you Daria means back to your Unclesí or Home to California and you Linda back to your parents, is that what youíre trying to achieve here? No it wasnít we said but what could we do? He was so far away most of the time and we didnít seem to be able to manage the way we were going.

I have a suggestion if your interested he said, We most definitely were.

In that case all I will tell you is this since I have lost faith that you can make good decisions on your own you will have to trust me, I will set up a situation that will allow you to expand slowly your level of responsibility over yourselves and at the same time ensure you receive the discipline and supervision you need, you may not like it but if you want my help you will agree. Linda and I looked at each other and turned and as one said ok, we agree.

To what ever I decide? he ask again to be sure we understood the conditions. Yes we concurred we agree, and at that moment I knew that I was going to get a spanking before the evening was over, but was comforted by the fact that my life now felt under control and that things would work out after all.

Ok then first off since you have acted like children thatís the way you will be punished tonight. Also I have picked a substitute for me since I wonít be able to be most of the time, would you like to meet him? Kevin asked with a half smile. My blood ran cold, who is it I asked? Never mind young lady youíll find out soon enough, and with that he picked up the phone dialed a number and said yeah this is Kevin can you come over to the girls apartment now? Fine and hung up the phone.

And now to you two, I want you to go to your rooms get undressed and into a long T-shirt that goes no farther down than mid thigh and nothing else, you both deserve to be whipped thoroughly but since that probably isnít practical to the extent you deserve, some humiliation thrown in tonight might make this a memorable evening and serve as a point of reference for the times in the future when you consider being so careless and short sighted.

Now scoot girls, and be back here in five minutes or less, and we scooted.

We reported back to Kevin in less than five minutes, I didnít know what Linda did but I threw my clothes on the bed got out a suitable T-shirt put on brushed my hair and made for the living room, I had made the mistake of not taking off my tennis shoes, Kevin took me by the arm turned me around and said Start listening again Daria I told you only a T- shirt didnít I ? and with that he gave me five firm swats to the bottom and off to my room I went to dispose of the shoes and wonder what the evening was going to hold. I was scared but at the same time, back under Kevinís protective wing once again I knew that our grades would improve, the apartment situation would get better, and so all in all I was willing to accept a paddled butt if that was the price I had to pay.

We stood before Kevin who was now holding a familiar friend, the not so new Ping Pong Paddle, why I wondered to myself hadnít we thrown it away when we had the chance, had we been aware on a sub-conscious level that it might be needed again? Maybe I should be paying more attention in psych 101 I thought to myself.

As he patted it against his open hand we were given our instructions and a warning for the evening. Daria into the kitchen and see if you can manage to get the dishes into the dishwasher if thatís not too much trouble and Linda you start picking up in the living room. We went to our assignments as ordered with all the expected obedience of fresh recruits in Kevinís cleaning army.

I soon found out what was to be different about tonight, as I was loading the dishwasher Kevin stood next to me and as soon as I was done. the detergent was added and the thing turned on, I looked at Kevin and he motioned me to place my hands on the counter, as I turned and did so I felt him raise the back of my T-shirt and held on to the counter as he gave me a WHACK with the paddle. and then another and another until I had received five very hard swats that brought a mist to my eyes and a stinging bottom to the center of my attention. Now Daria maybe you would be so kind as to empty the trash.

Uh Kevin Iíve only got a T-shirt on I stammered I canít go to the dumpster, I need to put on some shorts. Nonsense he said itís long enough the only thing that will be exposed is your imagined modesty now move he said as he motioned the paddle toward the trash. I picked up the trash, closed the loop around the bag and went to the door.

I held the trash in one hand and was trying to tug my T-shirt down with the other in a way that wouldnít be too obvious to any one passing by, luckily it was almost dark and I was able to make it to the dumpster picking my way along in my bare feet, as I approached the dumpster I realized what the challenge of the trip was to be.

When I lifted up the lid to the dumpster and with the trash in the other hand, my T-shirt rode up above the middle of my bottom there was nothing I could do about it, I looked around and when it seemed no one was watching in one quick motion I made my move, up on my toes I went opened the top of the dumpster and threw the trash over the edge, If any one had been looking they would have seen my reddened fanny I turned quickly and saw one guy looking at me from a distance he quickly looked away and I couldnít be sure if he saw me or not, but I was blushing from embarrassment all the way back to the apartment.

As I entered Linda had completed her assignment and was over Kevinís knee and about to get a spanking. I watched while I walked back to the kitchen with all the intensity of a small mouse seeing the snake thatís about to make her his lunch.

Kevin was sitting on the sofa with Linda stretched across his lap, he had the paddle in his hand, her T-shirt only covered the top of her fanny, laying across his lap had pulled it up, there was no doubt that this was going to occur on her bare bottom.

He patted her three times gently as I watched her tense her butt in preparation, and then he began with a solid SMACK that caused her to flinch and cross her legs. SMACK and then five more times the paddle descended, as he let her up I could see she wasnít crying but her eyes were red and she was sniffling, with out a moments hesitation he sent her to the closet to get the vacuum.

He turned to me and told me to come over, which of course I did. And soon I had taken Lindaís place on the sofa across Kevinís lap and while she vacuumed around us I felt the paddle give my bottom three gentle pats.

The first swat had to be harder than Linda got, it took my breath away, I clinched the end of the sofa for support and held on as the second swat hit my bottom, the sting was incredible on my already warmed up tail and I yelped in pain as the third one and fourth struck my stinging bottom. By the last of the seven swats I was sniffling and I admit crying just a bit.

I was let up and told to start dusting, I scurried to the kitchen to get the furniture polish. As I was starting to spray a bookcase the door bell rang. Linda and I looked at each other and my stomach muscles tightened up into knots, we were about to meet Kevinís substitute/replacement.

Kevin yelled to the door, Just a minute and then came over and took us both by the arm and led us to the back of the sofa which faced away from the door, we were warned not to move or turn around, and with that warning he gave us both two reminder cracks of the paddle and ask if we understood. We said we did.

The door opened and some one entered, we listened to the following conversation.

Kevin: Have any trouble finding the place? To which there was no answer and Kevin said Good. ( our new friend was not giving any clues to his/her identity and had shaken his/her head in answer to the question. )

These are the two I told you about, we all appreciate your willingness to help isnít that right girls? And stay in your position when you answer. Yes sir I said, and Linda said Thank you for coming.

Girls bend over the sofa and place your heads on the seat of the couch Kevin instructed, we did as we were told and soon our bare bottoms were on display. Would you be so kind to introduce yourself to the girls with the paddle he ask the new person?

As I felt him come closer I thought to myself that I had guessed it would be Brad whom I had had a few dates with and was here when I got spanked not too long ago, but Kevin had asked this person if they had found the place ok and since Brad had been here then it couldnít be him. Who was this?

I felt a hand on my bare back as the new person stood beside me, I was going to be the first to be spanked.

The paddle cracked against my bottom and I pushed against the couch as the second swat hit my stinging tail I kicked one leg up and then the other with the third swat There was no fooling around with gentle pats here, this was all business. The next seven smacks of the paddle were very quick I didnít have time to get my breath or collect my composure between swats and as the last landed and I sensed that he/she was lined up next to Linda. I was a mess, I was crying and gasping for breath, this was as hard as I had been spanked since leaving my Uncleís.

Linda fared no better and soon she was crying kicking and carrying on as her fanny was warmed but knowing that to do otherwise was to make matters worse we both stayed in position.

The new person stepped back and Kevin acknowledged the thoroughness of the job and decided out loud that he had chosen well.

Would you two like to meet my replacement he asked? Yes we both said meekly through strained voices. Well the get your tear stained faces off the sofa that youíre making so damp and say hello.

We rose up and in unison turned to meet our newest spanker who would soon hold rule over our lives.

To be continued::::::::::::