Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 18:42:32, -0500
Subject: Roommates VI

This story is fictional , and involves spanking please dont read if you are not interested in such stories or are under eighteen.

This is a continuation of the roommate series, that began a while ago with the story Fred and the neighbors.




Several weeks had passed since we had been introduced to Bob and that memorable evening. Linda and I were getting used to his expectations and for the most part were staying out of trouble. Well we were until last weekend. I guess I had better tell you about it.

We had tests coming up and the way our grades were looking it was clear that both of would have to do some major book cracking to get the marks we deserved. ( actually we did get the marks we deserved, but not like we wanted or expected). But Im getting ahead of myself.

Bob told us earlier in the week that he expected us to do our studying and get our work up to speed as he put it, since he and Kevin were going to his parents cabin in the mountains for the weekend to do some repair work to get ready for the summer and we would be on our own. He made some God help the world, comment when he announced this, (real clever.)

Linda and I talked about this turn of events and decided that this sounded like fun and golly we had never been to these mountains and wed like to go. Well after much talking, whining, and begging we convinced Bob we were caught up on our work ( Not true I know) and deserved a reward for our hard work. After some discussion Kevin and Bob agreed to take us along based on our promise to not be any trouble ( Who Us?) and remember that the purpose of the trip was to do some repair work and not a vacation.

The trip up was no big deal, we left early in the morning and Linda and I dozed most of the four hour drive. The guys went right to work, patching, nailing and what ever you do to a cabin that looks like nothing more than a good excuse for a future arson investigation. Linda and I got bored and wandered around for a while. We announced that we were going to walk the half mile down to the road and back.

No way, you need to stay here Kevin and Bob chirped out in unison like a stereo baby-sitter. No bothering to ask why we needed to stay there, Linda and I slowly pulled from sight after they returned to their work. We walked away from the cabin when the guys stopped watching and headed for the road. Since it was warm, and about two in the afternoon we had on only a pair of shorts and T-shirts having taken off our sweat shirts earlier in the day.

Cool exclaimed Linda, Look over there I turned my head and looked where she had been pointing, and saw a small squirrel by a stream about a hundred feet away. Lets Check it out I said and we both scrambled down a slope and made for the stream. As we got near the squirrel scampered away with Linda and I following just as if we had good sense. After a few minutes we grew bored looking for the squirrel and started following the stream to see where it led. About twenty minutes later we decided to go back and began walking back to the road, or so we thought.

Oh shit Linda said, What whats the matter I asked alarmed that maybe she had seen a bear or something that might want to make us lunch. Look She said pointing. What I asked again What is the problem? I dont see any animals Not that you dummy, the creek. Theres two of them she snapped.

I looked and then realized what she meant, we hadnt noticed when we walked this way the first time that the creek branched out and split in two. Which one did we take to get back? This was not good. We talked for a few minutes, then with a confidence we didnt feel we decided to take the one that went left, and off we went.

We walked for about fifteen more minutes and then came to another fork in the creek, we once again made a decision made on zero knowledge and began walking. About twenty minutes later, we looked at each other and said both at once were lost and we were, lost beyond any hope of our figuring out where we were or what to do about it.

Im getting cold I said with a small shudder as a chill danced across my body. me too Linda chimed in, to which I further observed look the sun is going down. And so it was and very quickly too from our point of view.

We indeed were lost and with out a clue what to do, we tried to continue to walk and try and find our way back and then we would stop and call out, nothing helped. Then it was dark and we had to stop walking , the brush was tearing up our bare legs. It started to sprinkle and get colder, we were as miserable as two girls can be. We imagined that some animal was going to make us dinner in a matter of minutes.

After several hours of unhappy times that I will not bore you with, we heard Kevins voice in the distance. After yelling our selves hoarse and stumbling through the brush to get to him, we almost collapsed in his arms relived to be safe. He got us into his jeep and back to the cabin we went. All the way he let us chatter on about how scared we were and happy to see him, and so on. As we approached the cabin I began to think this whole thing was bigger than I had imagined. There were dozens of people and lights and dogs and jeep like automobiles all over the place. Linda looking out the window asked. Whats this all about Kevin who are these people, What are they doing here? Kevin turned his head slightly and for almost the first time since he found us said in a low voice. Theyre part of the search teams that are looking for you two idiots.

By now Linda and I were almost in a state of shock, there were camera crews running around filming us as if we were mass murders or worse politicians. The place was a bedlam of activity. We were hustled out of the truck and into one of the cabins by a few of the searchers wives, our wet clothes were removed and we were placed in a shower. The water was scalding hot and just as we got used to that we were hauled out and wrapped in big blankets and quilts and made to sit by the fire.

Linda and I were both shivering, and trying to adjust to the whirlwind that our lives had become, since we arrived back at the cabin. Im hungry I heard Linda complain and then it hit me I was famished too. Im hungry also I said to one of the ladies. Can we have something to eat I asked.

Facing the fire we had our backs to the door and didnt see or hear anybody enter. One of the ladies who looked like a cross between king Kong and a female weight lifter turned to a friend and said. Food, Huh? They ought to have their tails paddled, damn tenderfoot airheads.

And so they will I looked around in surprise and saw Kevin and Bob looking at us. I glanced at Linda and she gave me a wane smile that reflected the sheepish feeling we both had at all the trouble we had caused. Kong spoke again. Good and with that I think she had exhausted her human vocabulary.

With the guys glaring at us, the group of ladies that had been taking care of us started to break up and leave the cabin to return to their weekends.

Damn fine mess, you two have caused this time Kevin growled at us. Im sorry, I said in a small voice that even I could barely hear. Me too. Linda chimed in only slightly louder, I looked at her and saw she was blushing from embarrassment. I rather guessed I was too.

Bob looked at me and then Linda and asked in a friendly tone, and how do you two feel? Taking this to be a concerned effort for our well being we said. Great , Fine, were ok. Good said Bob, Then there is no reason not to take care of this right now. And with that Bob approached me and Kevin walked over to Linda, as soon as they started in different directions we knew what was up. I tried to draw away from Bob on the sofa I was sitting, but no way. We were both still wrapped in the big blankets and quilts and could barely move.

Kevin grabbed Linda and pulled her to the bed and sitting on the edge of the bed he took her across his lap. Bob grabbed me and was doing the same, hauling me across his lap while he sat on the sofa. I was in a tangle of quilt and blanket and was in effect so tied down that I was helpless. I looked over at Linda who was across from the way I was facing and saw her situation was similar.

Bob was pulling the blanket away to try and make my bottom more assessable to his immediate purpose when I hear the door open. Excuse us, maybe we better come back I heard a voice say. No thats quite all right youve earned the right to see this, come in and close the door Bob said to our visitors.

By this point Bob and Kevin had managed to clear an area for their targets and still have us wrapped up tightly in the bedding. Girls say hello to Joe and Robert, they were instrumental in getting all these people up here to search for you, and now I think they should see how it all turns out dont you?

Our failure to answer quickly enough brought us both a couple of slaps on our bottoms and a repeat of the question. This time we answered and agreed they should be welcome, (though we werent sincere).

Our visitors went over to one of the walls where they no doubt felt they could get the best view of the proceedings. The accumulation of quilt and blanket had me all but covered save the area that Bob had cleared, as of course you might guess it was my bottom that was visible out of that pile in which I was trapped. My feet just stuck out one end and my head barely out the other end, by the time Bob was done rearranging me to his satisfaction.

Pulling me close to him, he began swatting my bottom with his hand, and delivering a lecture. Linda was experiencing a similar fate, but in truth I was unable to focus on her situation, as mine was taking all my available attention.

Do you know how much trouble you caused today? Bob demanded.

SWAT SPANK SWAT I expect an answer Daria when I ask you a question.

Yes sir, Im sorry, we didnt mean to get lost you know. I whimpered in most appealing voice.

I know damn well, you didnt mean to get lost, dont be smart to me young lady

WHAP SPANK SWAT WHAP as the sounds of two hands striking bare bottoms echoed in the small cabin room. Some how the absolute restriction on any movement made me feel so helpless, that the punishment was worse.

OOOWWW OWW AHHH OUCH AWWWW OOWWW I was soon yelping up a storm, I have no doubt that a paddle hurts more swat for swat, but after twenty five spanks with Bobs hand my bottom was on fire. Maybe it was the cold cabin and my butt so open to the cool air, maybe it was the excitement of the day and our being tired. But what ever it was the spanking stung and soon we were two very well punished young ladies.

WHAP SPANK SWAT SPANK SLAP SPANK They administered another fifteen swats for as best as I could tell or remember later a total of forty or more vigorous slaps on our bottoms.

I was let go first, and as I struggled to get up, the quilt fell to the ground and as I pulled away the blanket got caught on the edge of the sofa, I stumbled away and everything came off at once. I turned to pick up the blanket and remembered the two park rangers, I glanced over and they were smiling from ear to ear as I pulled the blanket back over me.

Linda was now getting up, and she almost did the same thing. We were made to stand in front of the rangers and apologize for all the trouble we had caused. Gee that wasnt at all embarrassing.

It was decided that since the day was shot we would head home that night, we packed and headed home. Linda and I were in the back and trying to get some sleep, and find a comfortable position in which to sit with stinging butts. I was so very tired I could have cried. When I finally got to sleep I was woken up by a loud Kevin shaking my shoulder and asking me questions.

Evidently Linda and Kevin had started talking about school and assignments and Linda had let slip that we had not done the assignments as we had promised earlier. Since our completion of these assignments was part of what earned this trip for us, he was ticked.

Daria, did you do your Western Civ. project? He demanded shaking my shoulder to wake me up. Kevin leave me alone, Im trying to sleep, please go away He of course didnt go away and soon I was wide awake as Linda and I confessed to lying about our school work.

That was last night, we were dropped off at our apartment, and told to be here in the apartment at six this evening, with out fail. They wouldnt say any more just be there was all. It is now four, two hours and Im nervous.

I wish we hadnt lied.