Date: Thu, 11 Jul 1996 10:50:17, -0500
Subject: Roommates III

This is a work of fiction and should be regarded as such.

It involves spanking, if that is not of interest to you or you are under eighteen please donít read any farther.


Several weeks passed since we forgot to pay the rent and Kevin had taken corrective action, as he referred to it, and things were back to normal and I assure you the rent was paid on time after that.

After the paddlings we had gotten, Linda and I talked about the events of the last few months and over the course of several days of our discussions we came to the mutual conclusion that we were both happier, less quarrelsome, and getting better grades than had been the case before, and that we were probably fortunate to have Kevin involved to put up with our silliness that emerged from time to time.

I should make clear that up to this point Kevin only Spanked us for serious offenses that deserved discipline, and while getting paddled was no fun, we both had to admit that in each case he was justified and we had no real complaint.

Almost as a natural extension of events, however soon Kevin was expanding his role beyond the scope originally agreed, we didnít notice the change or object at first and when we finally realized the difference we simply accepted the new order of things.

Kevin began giving what he called preventive spankings, he said they were reminders for when he felt we were backsliding and before the situation got serious. Linda and I were of two minds on this new program on one hand it was annoying to say the least getting spanked more often, but the spankings were not as severe and we were able to resume a normal day after only a short 15 minute or so recovery period.

But it really didnít matter all that much what we thought, we had given Kevin the authority and now that things were going well we werenít about to stop what seemed to be working.

The first of these corrective spankings took place two weeks after the rent paddlings, and as luck would have it I was the first victim.

Kevin came over one afternoon for one of his surprise housekeeping inspections one afternoon, Linda was still at school, as he review the apartment he mentioned that there were a few dirty dishes in the sink, I responded in a curt tone, "well Iíll get to them when I get a chance is that OK with you?"

"No itís not Daria," he said taking me by the arm and leading me to in front of the sink and taking the ping pong paddle from itís place on the wall he ordered me to lower my jeans to my ankles, I did as I was told, he then stood behind me and lowered my panties to my knees, and with that he took a position to my left and ordering me to place my hands on the counter edge he gave me five swats with the paddle very quickly.

I was then instructed to wash the dishes, with my panties still around my knees and bottom stinging. Kevin stood behind me watching my progress with the dishes. When I was done I started to reach down and pull up my panties, Oh no not yet said Kevin, and placing me firmly against the counter he gave me five more swats, before I was allowed to pull up my panties and jeans.

Shortly after that incident Linda and I had invited Kevin over for dinner one night and as Linda was putting the finishing touches on dinner Kevin and I were talking in the living room about school and classes, he ask to see a report that I was to turn in the next day for a Western Civ. class, so I of course showed it to him, knowing that it wasnít the best work I had ever done, but I had had a lot to do that week and well it would just have to do.

As Kevin review the paper I watched a frown spread across his face, and with a bit of relief I heard Linda announce that dinner was ready. As we ate and talked the subject of school came up and we all discussed how we were doing, Linda expected to get an A in one class and do almost as well in the rest, a stunning turn around from a few months ago, Kevin and I offered our congratulations as we all talked about the motivation that had spurred the improvements.

We freely talked about the spankings Kevin had given us and we were unanimous in agreeing that we had him to thank for our progress.

Then the topic turned to me and I had to report some what less satisfactory progress, there was not going to be an A in my immediate future and Maybe a B or two, but I piped up cheerfully, well thatís still pretty good improvement for me.

Kevin interrupted my rambling, Not nearly as much improvement as you are capable of, and if that sloppy paper you showed me earlier is any indication of the quality of your work Iím surprised that your even passing your classes. Not liking this turn in the conversation I ask, sullenly whatís wrong with it? Even though I knew the answer.

"The paper is sloppily written, the spelling errors are too numerous to count, and the grammar, How long did you spend on that paper an hour?," "No my smart mouth shot off, 45 minutes."

As soon as I said it I knew that I should have kept my mouth shut.

"Well I think weíll have to take a little corrective action, Ms. Little, right after dinner, now whatís for dessert," He asked?

My stomach went to immediate knots and I sat quietly picking at my slice of apple pie. As Linda and I were clearing the table she hissed at me, "Daria keep your mouth shut and youíll get in less trouble," "yea I know" I muttered, "I wonder how hard this one is going to be I said to her."

Linda and I went in to the living room as the dishwasher began itís duties, as we both sat on the sofa Linda bless her heart tried to turn the conversation to lighter topic in a vain attempt to get Kevin side tracked and hopefully get him to forget about the corrective action he had mentioned or at the least, if he was in a good mood, maybe the spanking would be a minor one.

We chatted for a few minutes, then Kevin said, "before this evening progresses too much more we have a matter to get out of the way, isnít that right Daria?" "Yes I guess we do I responded weakly."

"Daria he said, since your school work looked like that of a little girl, thatís how you will be punished, I want you to go to your room and put on your Bunny PJs , come back put here and Iíll see to your correction." ( I should point out here that my Bunny PJs were bought as a joke by Linda for my Birthday, after I had mentioned upon seeing some in a store that I had had a pair exactly like them as a child) They fit far too tight and were too snug across the bottom, but I suspected that my comfort was not all that important to Kevin at the moment. So I went to my room to do as I had been instructed.

With the bottoms of the pajamas pulled up as hard as I could they came up not quite to my waist and the tops reached down only to just above my belly button, leaving a wide expanse of me between the two uncovered, as I tried to adjust my apparel to some small standard of satisfaction, I was thinking to my self of how to thank Linda some fine day for this really thoughtful gift.

Soon still tugging and pulling, I made my appearance in the living room, as I entered both Linda and Kevin smiled at the presentation that stood before them. "Thatís right go ahead and laugh" I said, "make fun.". "Easy Daria Kevin said no need to make this worse is there?" "No sir," I responded falling in to the little girl mode that the PJs inspired.

"Now then Daria, Please tell me how you were punished when you were ten and had misbehaved, and donít leave anything out or try and minimize the punishment or I will, believe me, know and make the spanking a double," As I had little doubt that some how he would know if I tried to fib, I decided to be as honest as I could.

"For something bad I would be made to listen to a lecture, and then taken across my Dadís knees, he would pull down my bottoms and lecture me some more and then would Spank me for fifteen or twenty swats, if I tried to escape or resist in any way he would add swats as he felt they were deserved, Then when the spanking was over I was made to stand in a corner for ten minutes or so."

"Hmm interesting," Kevin observed. "and tell me did you get the paddle or belt a switch or how was the spanking administered?" "Well sir I went on as meekly as I could, when I was ten, I was still usually spanked by hand."

"Then come here young lady," he said and I went to his side as he began a lecture of the importance of school work and my responsibilities, with that completed, he gently took my left hand and pulled me across his lap, and resumed the lecture, just as I described my spankings at ten years of age, with this completed he began the task of pulling down my bottoms.

As I mentioned before the bottoms were tight and he had to try and pull them down and he was taking care not to tear the material, for some reason I got into my head not to cooperate and pushed my self firmly onto his lap making his task harder, he quickly caught onto what I was doing and said Daria, lift your bottom up, this silliness is going to cost you extra, I quickly complied and soon my pj bottoms were at my knees.

He gave me a few light pats to zero in on his target no doubt, and then began administering the spanking.

The first three swats didnít sting too much, but by the fourth a sting was starting to build, and as usual I was soon wiggling and whimpering with each swat as it landed on my tail.

I dug my toes into the carpet and determined to ride out the spanking with as little fuss as possible after all surely I could take an everyday hand spanking with no trouble. And to some extent I was right, even though it stung and I cried I was able to ride it out and maintain some semblance of dignity, as best one can under the circumstances.

As the fifteenth swat landed I was hopeful that that would signal the end, but it was not to be that quick and the last five had me kicking my feet and waving my arms in a frantic effort to help me get through the spanking, and then it was over.

He stood me up and as soon as I was standing, Kevin started pulling me towards a corner of the living room, where he placed me with instructions not to move or try or cover my self, and there I stood with my bottoms around my ankles and my red stinging bottom facing the living room.

After about five minutes, as I was expecting to be allowed to go to my room, the door bell rang, "Get that will you Linda?" Kevin instructed, "And donít you move Daria" he ordered as I was bending over to pick up my bottoms, Not one inch do you move and get your nose back in the corner, your punishment isnít over quite yet we still have the matter of resisting the removal of you bottoms.

"Oh swell, this is just great" I sniffled to my self, as I heard the door open.

"Why hello Brad," Linda said to our visitor, "maybe you can come back later?" "NO NO come on in Brad," offered Kevin, "what can we do for you?" "Well I came to see Daria he responded is she in? I was going to ask her out on our second date, we had a great time last week."

I thought I would pass out with embarrassment, about that time I heard Brad say "Huh?" and I knew that he had looked in my direction.

"Well Brad, Kevin said let me tell you, what we have here is a little girl that thinks itís OK to turn in sloppy school work and then resist her punishment, and youíve arrived just in time to see the final part of her punishment, If youíd like to watch please feel free to have a seat."

The next thing I was aware of was Kevin taking me by the left arm pulling me a foot from the wall and telling me to stand still and then I heard the paddle hit my bottom and then felt it, I yipped and then four more swats hit home, with the fifth I was on my toes leaning forward and going ouch ouch, Kevin then stopped and said "Daria Understand you are never to resist a spanking when I think it is necessary you have given up the right to question or resist my authority."

With that five more hard, Very hard swats of the paddle landed and I was once again up on my toes, this time crying freely.

"Do you Understand me young lady?? I didnít hear you did you say anything," "yes sir I heard you," I croaked out between gasps for air and tears, "I understand, "Good he said now lets make sure," and with that the paddle began setting my tail on fire, Iím not sure how many swats I got in that series, I think it was about ten or so, but it felt like a hundred at that point. I was soon yipping again and lifting my feet as if I were running in place, though I knew better than to try and get away.

As soon as the paddling was over I leaned into the corner rubbing my bottom and crying forgetting about my audience and focusing on more immediate concerns.

I was then allowed to pull up my bottoms and go to my room and as I stumbled towards my exit I heard Brad say, "well Iíll be damned."

As I lay there on my bed and the sting subsiding I began to wonder what effect this was going to have on my new relationship with Brad. I was sure of one thing I was going to be embarrassed the next time I saw him.