Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 18:42:49, -0500
Subject: Roommates II

This is a continuation of the story roommates, hopefully I have written it so that if you have not read the first story you will still enjoy this one.

This story involves spanking, if you donít like such stories or are under eighteen please donít read.

Roommates # 2

As roommates Linda and I had settled into the routine of college, studying etc. Not to mention keeping an orderly apartment as Kevin our appointed watch dog was zealous in his new duties and augmented with our permission to administer punishment as he deemed necessary to ensure that Linda and I got our chores done and each did our share.

This, as history had recently shown us was going to be the only way that it was going to work out, and as neither of us could afford to go our separate ways at that time it was critical that a solution be found. The solution was a ping pong paddle hanging in our kitchen that Kevin used when ever he felt that the rules were being bent.

We may not have liked the spankings we got, but had to admit that the problem was under control, our living together was going smoothly and the idea of my moving out seemed distant. With each spanking one of us received we resolved that we would do better and that would be the last one. ( should the word deluded fit some where in here I wonder?)

Two weeks to the day after Lindaís last spanking and the five swats I had gotten with the paddle for not agreeing to hang it in the kitchen fast enough, I came home to find a orange slip hanging on the door knob, taking it off I walked in the apartment and put it on the counter, thinking no more about it, I went on about my business, I never saw that slip again as when Linda came home it was her turn to clean the kitchen and we think at that point the slip hit the garbage.

One week later , I got to the apartment and was shocked to see a padlock on our door and a large eviction notice taped to the center of the door, I raced to the managers office to demand an explanation. The Asst. manager an old bat that filled in, in her husbands absence said in a nasty tone, ìwell missy thatís just too bad your rent check bounced and you two ignored our warning notice last week so youíre out and weíll get some responsible tenants.î

ìOh hellî I thought thatís what that orange slip had been, soon Linda was back and we put the pieces together, I had given her my half of the rent in cash and she had not got the deposit in on time and the check had bounced, when she got the notice from the bank she had assumed that the apt. management would simply re-deposit the check.

We seemed to be out of luck, as we stood outside the apartment wondering how on a Friday evening we could get the money to bring our account current and at least get our things back, I couldnít even call my Uncle, he was out of town. Kevin was entering his apartment we saw him and scrambled over to him for advice as he listened to our tail of woe it was difficult to determine if he was amused or annoyed, maybe both.

We finished up telling him about our difficulties sitting on his sofa and by now at least he was smiling, some of the time. He said ìwait here and Iíll see what I can do,î and he left us sitting in his apartment worrying about our belongings and where were going to stay. About forty five minutes later he returned and said ìcome on I have the keys to let you into your place.î We scampered after him happy to be able to retrieve at least enough of our stuff to get us through the next few days, as we began gathering our stuff Kevin asked ìwhat the hell are you two doing now?î ìWeíre getting our stuff together what does it look like to you?î shot back Linda in an exasperated voice ìis that OK with you?î

With that Kevin went to the door, closed it and while walking to the kitchen said, ìmaybe you unbelievably irresponsible girls donít realize what Iíve done for you,î at this point he had reached the kitchen and taken down the ping pong paddle from itís hook where I had placed it two weeks ago. Turning back to us and heading for Linda he went on, ìI talked to the manager and explained what corrective steps I was prepared to take if he allowed you to stay, and he has agreed.î

ìAnd now Linda for your smart mouth you will get a warm up for tonightís main activities,î and with that Linda was taken by the arm and led to one of the stools by the counter, Kevin guided the surprised Linda to the seat and bent her over, she complied without comment, It was her bad luck to be wearing a running suit that was in short order pulled down and with that, Kevin delivered ten swats of the paddle as hard as I have ever seen it done to the seat of her panties, with the first swat she squealed and almost lost her balance, a warning from Kevin kept her in place, the second was a loud crack that sent shivers down my spine. Splat and another squeal, Linda was definitely getting a paddling that was as we called them a real stinger. The fourth was a loud WHAP and then another WHAP by now Linda was crying and just trying to maintain her position.

With the tenth swat Kevin stood back and Linda sensing it was over slowly pulled herself off the stool and looking at me began rubbing her bottom and raising one leg slightly then the other as she does sometimes after a spanking to try and lessen the sting.

ìNow that youíre overly clever mouth is quiet Linda, maybe the two of you will listen for a few seconds,î Linda was still sniffling but I was all ears. ìI managed to get your eviction canceled by personally guaranteeing you future behavior and adherence to the rules of the complex, but at a price. In one hour, at 7:00 I will be back with Mr. Dels the manager at which time I will be giving you both a punishment you wonít soon forget and that satisfies Mr. Dels that you will be no more problem.î

ìKevin I asked, do you mean that you are bringing Mr. Dels here to watch us get spanked?î I asked in horror at the thought? ìYes Dariaî he said ìand if I hear one comment about it from you, you will get the same as Linda just got, NOW have you got anything you want to say?î I nodded my head no, I didnít have a word to say. ( Not a total fool ). ìFine then put the paddle back on the wall for now, Daria,î he said handing me the paddle I took it by the business end and wasnít sure if I imagined it or not but it seemed warm to the touch , and did as I was told.

After he left, Linda and I went to her room and as she pulled down her panties it was clear that her short paddling had been most effective. We talked about the upcoming event and agreed that if we just held the thought that it would soon be over and we would be able to stay in our apartment we could get through the experience.

Just as he said, at 7:00 the door bell rang and when I opened it Mr. Dels came in with Kevin, I noticed that the old lecher had trouble hiding a smile at his pleasure, I couldnít help blushing and at that moment I was as embarrassed as I have ever been.

Mr. Dels went over and to add insult to injury sat in my favorite reading chair. The nice and soft white chair with the wide arms that I liked to curl up in and read before going to bed, was going to be his vantage point for my spanking, I was almost indignant at the thought.

Kevin summoned us to stand in front of him and making short work of his lecture, sent Linda to get a chair and me the paddle off the wall in the kitchen. With the chair in place by the counter and directly in front of the very pleased Mr. Dels and separated by only eight or nine feet, I was told by Kevin to come to his side and drop my shorts and step out of them. Doing as I was told, I dropped my shorts which fell to my ankles, I stepped out of one leg and with the other softly kicked them to my right and away from us.

Kevin announced that since Mr. Dels had decided to waive the usual late charges of $50. we could each pay him back dollar for swat, with 25 swats a piece. and so our punishment was decided.

Kevin pulled me closer to him and as I was standing to his right, with my legs against his right leg he reached over and put his hands on both of my hips and my panties and pulled them down taking care that they descended evenly on both sides until they were midway between my bottom cheeks and knees, with that accomplished he took my left hand and guided me across his lap while placing his other hand on my back and moved me into place.

I wiggled and tried to get settled in, as he pushed me forward forcing my bottom up in the air, higher than usual. His left arm pulled up the back of my over sized T-shirt and slid it to the middle of my back, he then placed his arm on my bare back and his hand on my side, just below my breast and secured me on his lap.

And with that the paddling commenced, I tried my best to maintain my dignity as best as I could with Mr. Dels in attendance and clearly enjoying the floor show to no end. But it was to no avail, I was soon kicking and crying like I was ten years old again.

With each swat of the paddle, Kevin was lecturing me on the responsibilities of paying our rent and being good tenants, I tried keeping my legs together and strained to squeeze them as tight as I could, but soon I was thrashing my legs and I knew, exposing my self to Mr. Dels wide eyed looks.

I tried to put my hand on my fanny to protect it, but Kevin simply took my wrist in his left hand and stopped that attempt. I grabbed the chair leg and hung on through the rest of the paddling.

The last five swats of the paddle, were delivered with an extra vigor causing me to squeal loudly with each of the final slaps on my bottom. I was let up and crying I tried to pull up my clothing and regain my composure, while giving Mr. Dels as small a view as possible. I moved backward and standing by the kitchen counter I finally got my shorts back up.

Then it was Lindaís turn, she went over Kevinís knee just as I had done and I noticed that her bottom was still red from her earlier spanking, Oh wow was she in for it I thought.

He treated her the same as me, and soon she was crying and trying to get through her spanking, I watched as the paddle popped off her tail and her bottom shook with each descent of the paddle, I was surprised at how well she was able to maintain her position, she never tried to cover herself up like I had, and the kicking of her legs was minimal

She did rock slightly from side to side as the Paddling went past ten swats and was yelping softly in a small crying voice.

With each pop of the paddle the skin would appear white and then at once as the paddle pulled back a redness would appear, and soon her whole bottom was red and giving every appearance of getting even redder if that were possible.

I found myself, as I was standing there watching Lindaís paddling rubbing my bottom, through my thin shorts trying to get some of the sting out.

When the spankings were over, Mr. Dels was invited to leave by Kevin, which he quickly did, I noticed that his face was flushed red, almost as red as my bottom I imagined.

Kevin made me put the paddle back in itís place on the kitchen wall, and told us both he would be back on Sunday to review our progress in some assignments from school, and we should expect him at 3:00 in the afternoon.

That night Linda and I compared our bottoms in the mirror to determine the extent of the damage, and as both of our fannies were quite red and clearly sore we were unable to declare a winner between the two of us.

As we applied lotion to each others bottoms later that night we kidded around that since Kevin had done the damage, he should have to apply the lotion. Well maybe next time.