Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 18:43:10, -0500
Subject: Roommates

This story involves spanking, if that is not of interest to you or you are under eighteen, please dont read.

This is the first of the Roommate series. A mention of the story Fred and the neighbors is made in this story I reposted it a few weeks ago, if you would like a copy please E me and let me know which story you want and I will be happy to E it back to you.


Well at last it was all coming together, my parents had decided to fund my College ventures with enough money so that I could move out of my Uncles and be on my own, that is on my own with the help of a roommate, Linda already had an apartment near the campus a nice two bedroom one that seemed perfect. A few money matters and all seemed set.

Unc. was great about it, said I could return any time, and has let me continue access to his computer.

After about a week several things were dawning on me # 1 was that on your own the money somehow goes faster than you expect, eating out is an expensive convenience and that if you pick a roomie do it carefully. ( I hadnt)

Linda is one of the nicest and most sincere people that I know and she is also a slob, she tries to be neater but I suspect that there is a gene that makes sloppiness a trait and Science will soon be exposing it, shortly after my execution for murdering my roomie. ( I must confess that I am a neat freak, which of course compounds an already exaggerated situation.)

At first we talked, then discussed, then argued, then fought about what was becoming a real problem to our CO-existence, it was important to both of us that it work out , I needed a place to stay and she needed the income that I provided to afford the apartment.

We made lists of chores and duties but that didnt work, everything couldnt be anticipated and there were always excuses. It was a real frustration and beginning to intrude on our friendship and ability to concentrate on school something had to be done.

Then I remembered the fiction story I had written Fred and the neighbors about two sisters that were having similar problems, I decided to print out a copy, remove any references to me as the author and tucked it into her books at school, Id let her wonder where it came from, and see what would happen.

For a few days she didnt seem to notice it, I observed it still stuck in one of her books, and then on the third day it wasnt in the book anymore, had she read it? Did she throw it away? I couldnt be sure. We had a few more fights and arguments, and then one evening while peace was reigning she said to me Daria are you happy with the way things are going? No I responded I wasnt, Why do you ask I inquired innocently?

Daria I have an idea, I know that it sounds silly, but I want you to hear it out before you comment OK? OK I said almost too eagerly.

We need to get some structure into our living arrangements ( this from a girl that couldnt schedule a one car race) I think that we need to set rules and have them enforced with discipline if necessary. Gee Linda I said with my sweetest look what kind of discipline did you have in mind?

Well here, I think that this is what we need, she said, read this thrusting MY story at me, read this and tell me what you think OK? Im going to do the dishes while you read that. My God I thought Shes going to do the dishes? I wonder what the temperature in Hell is today?

I pretended to read my own story, and then went into the kitchen and said gee Linda are you sure? I mean these girls in this story actually choose to get spankings are you kidding me? This might just work, but well what do you think? Linda then began presenting the selling points of the idea as if it were her own original thought, which of course to her it was.

We would set down some rules and assignments that each of us were to follow and if we had any disagreements we would try and work them out, but if agreement was not possible in a short time frame or the discussion was becoming difficult we would turn the matter over to an independent arbitrator for a decision and corrective action as that person saw fit.

But where to find such a person that would be willing ? I didnt know of any candidates other than my Uncle, and I sure wasnt about to suggest him I had gotten all the spankings from him that I needed for a while, and besides how could I involve him while I was in the middle of my big search for independence?

Linda suggested her boy friend, yea right.. Im sure he would be fair and objective a few side favors ( you know what I mean) from Linda and I would have all the chores and a red bottom as a regular fixture of my anatomy. No thanks on that suggestion.

So who to choose, and how in the world do you bring something like this up to an otherwise unsuspecting person that can be trusted to keep it quiet and do the necessary duties with out taking advantage?

How about Kevin next door Linda suggested, Kevin that book worm are you kidding? he looks like he would faint at the thought I retorted. She went on He seems nice enough, (agreed) and the type that can keep things confidential ( I agreed) and has a squeaky clean reputation (agreed) so whats the problem? ( none I had to admit)

We felt that one of us should talk to Kevin and sound him out about the possibilities, Linda lost the coin flip and the next day she was to pay our victim a visit.

She reported back that evening, Hell do it... Linda I said you were only supposed to feel him out not set up an agreement with him, what did you say to him? Nothing silly dont worry hes coming down to night and well settle the details sounded to me like more than nothing was said, but what did it matter, soon if the plan went right my dizzy rommie was going to have a real incentive to get her act together. ( as for me being a neat freak, I hardly expected that this whole thing would be a ripple on my ocean of tranquillity. Ignorance is truly bliss.

Linda to my surprise had given Kevin the copy of Fred and the neighbors, and that night it was evident that he had read it with care and decided to add a few thoughts of his own. The structure was to be the same as the story ( it was a strange feeling to write a piece of fiction, then find yourself living it and being the only one to know)

Kevin decided that for the next six weeks he was to be in charge, we had to agree to that time frame to get his agreement, which we did and if after six weeks we wanted out, so be it, but it was understood that what ever Kevin said was to be law.

Kevin laid down the rules about keeping the apartment clean, chores etc. at least I thought to my self we get to pick out our own clothes in the morning gee, isnt that great, I had more freedom with my Uncle. Then Kevin lowered a bombshell he said that he was going to review all of our school work and exam scores and that any unsatisfactory grades would result in punishment, and me with the hardest course schedule that I could pick this semester to get some of the more difficult out of the way. But we had agreed that he was in charge.

Three days later I came home and Linda was in the kitchen sniffling, seems that she had taken a pop quiz that day and gotten a D for her efforts, she had gone by Kevins to talk about something else, the test score had come up and right then and there he had given her a spanking, my knees started knocking I had a C- test in my bag and I knee that he would be little more pleased with that, should I tell him? I guessed I should, one of his conditions was that if we ever lied, kept anything of substance from him or tried to avoid a spanking we would earn a whipping on the bare bottom with a fearsome strap that he had shown us that night. we referred to it as the death penalty, with nervous giggles, and knew that he was serious.

I knew I had to tell him, the only choice was did I go to his place then and discover my fate, or wait and worry until he showed up? I was thinking about my limited choices when a knock on the door resolved the problem for me, Linda answered the door, letting Kevin in, Oh hi Kevin I said , Hi Daria, just doing a quick housekeeping inspection he said as he walked through the apartment, a after a short look around he said very nice girls keep up the good work, and started to leave,

I knew then that I better speak up or risk the strap, Kevin, I have something to show you, Yes Daria what is it? he inquired as I fumbled for my test, holding it out for him I waited until he took it from my hand, (God I felt like I was ten years old again) Ill do better, its really not a big deal , not much of a test hardly counts I said, Only then daring to look at his face for the first time.

His face didnt have a smile and the first words out of his mouth were, looks like you are about to get the same as Linda, Daria please close the front drapes, Yes sir I muttered in a state of shock, as I walked wooden legged over and closed the drapes, I knew that if I was closing the drapes in the living room that I would be spanked there and Linda was going to be allowed to watch, which didnt make things any better.

He pulled out a dining room chair sat down on it and patted his knee for me to come over, as I approached he said Daria I want you to take down your shorts, I stopped in front of him and lowered my jogging shorts to my knees and lay across his lap.

I got a short lecture about the importance of grades and related topics, and then Kevin began the spanking, What had I called him a few days ago? a book worm that was it, well this was one book worm that could spank, I knew now why Linda had still been sniffling when I came in an hour after her spanking.

Linda stood in the kitchen and with her left hand, was rubbing her bottom as she watched my spanking, Kevin was administering a through bottom warming no doubt to set the tone for future discipline to come, I was sure at that point I would never if at all possible put myself at risk of getting the strap on my bare bottom.

My mind flashed to several spankings in my past, and I was hard pressed to remember a harder hand spanking ever. The first five swats were bearable, the next several started a sting that seemed to spread all over my bottom at once. He held me in place with almost no force almost daring me to try and move, I knew better I wanted no part of that strap.

I dug my toes into the floor as best as I could with no carpet, and grabbed on to the lower rung of the chair, I felt my back arching and bottom rising as if to meet each swat, and then I lowered myself back onto his lap, He has a unique way of spanking each swat seemed to glance forward off my bottom cheeks as soon as it hit, the result was to my mind a more stingy feeling.

By now the twentieth spank I was crying freely and not in the least trying to hold back, then between spanks my panties were being removed and the spanking resumed before I could even protest through my tears, and If I thought it stung before, I was ready to reevaluate my opinion, I was one contrite girl when he let me up sobbing, I was allowed to pull up my shorts and hop off to my bedroom, a bit later Linda came in and offered comfort after Kevin had left.

We were determined to stay out of trouble and for the next few days all I did was study and clean, clean and study, when a speck of dust landed on an area of my responsibility I attacked with a vengeance as if that spot was personally trying to get me spanked again.

Linda wasnt as aggressive in her tasks, and I returned one afternoon just as she was being lectured by Kevin for not taking out the trash every day, he was especially steamed as he had warned her about this very thing a few days earlier. He proceeded with the lecture as if I werent there and Linda was too worried about what was happening to acknowledge my entry, so I watched as the drama unfolded, just as I had to do, Linda was instructed to close the drapes. She was ordered to the back of the couch in the living room, and told to take down her jeans and bend over the couch and place her hands on the seat of the couch, which she did.

Kevin then warning her not to move, went to his brief case and took out a ping pong paddle, walked back to Linda and placing the paddle on the sofa seat where she could see it proceeded to lower her panties all the way to her knees. Then picking up the paddle, he stood to her side and gave her few pats with it, before proceeding with the real punishment.

>From a different point of view I got to observe his style, he used the glancing blow method that I had experienced a few days earlier, though thank goodness only with his hand.

With the first swat Linda almost went across the sofa, Kevin pulled her back into place as I watched the redness start to come out after just one swat of the paddle, The paddling continued with Kevin holding her in place, she squealed with each descent of the paddle, raising one leg and then the other, after a few of these she was tripping on her jeans and panties and trying to stand up.

The spanking was stopped for a few seconds and Linda was ordered to step out of her jeans etc. which she did and then naked from the waist down was placed back across the couch to finish her paddling.

By now I would guess that she hand gotten about twenty swats with the paddle and her butt was as red as I think one can get. Seeing a successful completion to his work and a lesson clearly learned Kevin let her up, she scampered to her room.

Kevin turned to me and said Id like you to hang this on the wall in the kitchen for you girls when I need it. Im not hanging that Damn thing up I said, regretting my comment as soon as the words were out of my mouth.

Really youre not hanging it up is that right Daria? Come here NOW, Ill hang it up, Ill hang it up, I said far too late.

Kevin took me by the left arm turned me to the side and said drop those shorts and bend over and place your hands on your knees, What could I do? I did as I was told and was lucky to only get five swats with that paddle.

The paddle now occupies a place of honor on our kitchen wall, mocking us when ever we look at it, I just hope it stays there in near mint condition and doesnt get worn out.