Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1996 16:04:50 -0400
Subject: Phoenix Girls School   #   10

This is a fictional story and involves spanking and teenage girls. Please do not read if that is not of interest or you are under eighteen.

You will enjoy this one more and each of the previous stories if you read them in the sequence they were written as each story has elements of a previous story in it.



The next morning as soon as I could I managed some time by myself in front of the mirror and pulled down my bottoms and examined my tail. As I expected the marks from Mr. Robbinsí paddle were fading but still evident. It was at that moment I heard Jennyís loud obnoxious laugh from the living room pierce my ears. I resolved to see that the scales of justice were once again put on an even keel. It was now time to find out who my friends were.

I did some listening and gentle question asking around the school that day and was able to begin picking up some facts. Sally a nice polite fourteen year old and Becky a sixteen year old were reputed to be in with Jenny and her projected break for freedom. Several other girls were considering, but the thought was that they would back out.

Each evening as I did Jennyís chores and then mine I thought and planned about nothing, other than how I could bring her plans to a crash and avoid hurting anyone else. And with any luck I wanted to get back into the good graces of Mr. Robbins, Bill and Donna. ìThat girl is going downî I mumbled to myself with high hopes.

The more I talked to the other girls I began to realize that Jenny had been spreading some poison tales about me and had made things difficult for my information gathering. I decided to take a chance and turn to the one person on the school payroll that could help and all the girls liked and trusted. The question was how could I talk to Daria alone? For sure we had almost no free time. Every minute of our lives seemed to be scheduled.

Another day passed and I heard that the ìbreakî was planned for Saturday night after the dance. The details I was hearing back were sketchy and a bit hard to believe. Four times a year some boys (Never enough to go around) are bussed in for a few short hours and we have a dance. Not that what happens deserves the description of a dance. Weíre herded into the gym and under bright lights that would put the sun to shame and with just under a million chaperones watching with their beady little eyes and we pretend to have fun. In truth weíre so desperate to see some boys close to our own ages we look forward to the dances with high expectations. The expectations are never quite meet, but soon we are looking forward to the next time.

As I heard more and more of the details I realized to pull this off Jenny would have to be sneaky, lie convincingly, betray friends and talk people into doing things they didnít want to do. In short she was perfectly qualified.

The next afternoon on my way to Math class, I saw Daria and what may be my last chance. The Dance was the next night. ìDaria, do you have a few moments?î I called out to my one hope for preventing Jenny from succeeding. ìHi, Tina sure no problem, whatís up?î

I left the conversation with Daria, satisfied that she had understood and would respect the confidentiality of what we had discussed. So while Jennyís plans were being made my plans were also whirring around. At the very least tomorrow night would prove to be interesting.

The night of the dance came, it was the usual stuffy affair and all the same the change was so welcome we embraced it as if it were the end all, beat all of social affairs. I watched Jenny pick out one then two different boys, a seedy pair I thought to my self and then she spent all night dancing and talking to just the two of them. No doubt about it, she was putting her plan into action. Her two companions also picked two boys each and were doing their best to flatter them.

About a half hour before the dance was to end Daria motioned to Sally to come over, Sally eagerly went over to talk to Daria and they went out the door together. Ten minutes later Daria came back and Sally was not seen again at the dance. A few minutes later the process was repeated with Becky. Then the last song played and the dance was over. It was show time.

Jenny looked about wildly for her friends and then in desperation, left the gym alone clearly annoyed at her friendís absences. The boys boarded the bus as we all watched and it pulled away. At the gate it was stopped by security and then as the gate was about to go up, Daria, Mr. Robbins and two security personnel appeared. The boys were asked to get out for a head count and to the amazement of the boys chaperones they appeared to have one extra boy.

The clothes Jenny had stolen quickly gave her away, they were far too big and sagged, she looked like a poorly outfitted scarecrow. She was plucked from the lineup and hustled to Mr. Robbinsí office.

Daria took me by the arm and said. ìCome on Tina, youíll want to see this, youíve earned the right, I think.î

We were in Mr. Robbinsí office, there was of course Jenny, Mr. Robbins, Daria, and our house ìDadî Bill. Jenny still had on the pair of Blue jeans that drooped and had to be held up with one hand, her shirt was a red plaid hunting type shirt that was also far too big. I was surprised by her clothing I hadnít heard anything about that part of the plan. I had only known that she was to dupe some of the boys into smuggling her onto the bus. The boys deluded by all sort of wild promises that made their eager ears burn had happily agreed.

Mr. Robbins looked at the stubborn girl. ìWhere did you get those clothes?î


ìI asked you a question, young lady I expect a response.î

Mr. Robbins spoke next to everyoneís surprise. ìWhy those are my clothes, she stole those things from my dresser.î

ìSo what if they are? theyíre kind of crummy any way, youíd never miss them.î Jenny responded in a snotty voice. I almost had to admire the girl, here she was in serious trouble and defiant to the end, what a brat. I thought ìIím glad Daria invited me, I Think Iím going to enjoy this.î

ìGet out of those stolen clothes right now.î Ordered Mr. Robbins. After a few seconds hesitation Jenny let go of the pants and they slid to the ground. She stepped forward and out of them and began unbuttoning the far too large shirt. It slipped off her shoulders and dropped to the floor beside the pants. Jenny was naked except for her small white school issue panties. She placed one arm over her breasts and the other was at her side.

Mr. Robbins looked at me and spoke. ìTina, Daria has told us the rest of the story regarding the incident between you and Jenny. Mr. Robbins and I have discussed the matter and feel that an apology is warranted. You were wrong to strike Jenny, but under the circumstances the punishment was more that would usually be given.î I was thunderstruck. My heart leapt with gratitude and happiness. I was forgiven.

He turned to face Jenny. ìAnd as for you young lady, trying to escape and involving others in your scheme and lying and stealing. I promise you a lesson you wonít soon forget. Daria bring in the other two girls.î

Daria, got up left the room and soon returned with Sally and Becky. Both girls looked scared. As directed by a wave of Mr. Robbins and they soon took their places beside Jenny.

Daria sat back down on the sofa and gave me a pat of encouragement on the knee and put a finger over her lips to indicate I should say nothing from there on out. I nodded my head in understanding.

Mr. Robbins turned his full attention on the three girls. ìTrying to leave our school is a very serious matter. Before you came here each of you was given a choice and you choose this school. Now just because you find it harder than you like, you decided to cut and run. It is that sort of short sighted thinking that caused you to be here in the first place. You will each be punished right here and now. However after you receive your paddlings Jenny will remain behind for some extra attention. As ringleader and one who would lie and take advantage of a roommate you will receive the strap.î

I turned to look at Daria and shrugged my shoulders as if to say ìStrap, whatís the strap? What is he talking about?î But another finger to her lips ensured my silence.

Mr. Robbins went on speaking and as he did he nodded towards Daria and me. ìSally, Becky you have Daria and Tina to thank for stopping you when they did. As a result of their actions you will avoid receiving the strap and further punishment. You should be grateful.î

I looked up at Becky and Sally were still in their school party dresses. Both of them were looking at me and despite the tears forming in their eyes they nodded their appreciation. Sally the younger of the two at fourteen, was a short slim blond girl with blue eyes. ìThe typical California lookî I thought to myself. ìOnly sheís from Idaho.î She was fingering the ends of her pink and white cotton dress nervously and fidgeting from one foot to the other.

Becky at sixteen and a nine month veteran of the school who should have known better was somewhat more composed outwardly. I knew that inside she was trembling and that her stomach was in knots. She knew what was coming. Becky crossed and then uncrossed her arms finally leaving them at her side. She had a body that most of us would kill for. At 5í2î she was perfectly proportioned, with well developed breasts that could have been the envy of any Miss. America. Her long slender but not thin legs were on display to their full advantage in the short party dress she was wearing.

I then looked at Jenny and then ignored her and her deceitful ways.

ìSally you will be first.î Mr. Robbins announced, and her small face went just a bit whiter. Her button nose seemed to twitch much like a pet rabbits I used to have. She gulped and nodded in acknowledgment. She was waved over to the spanking desk by Mr. Robbins. Once there she was instructed to take off her dress. She slipped it over her head and placed it on the desk. She was naked except for her panties and shoes.

ìRemove your panties and place your hands on the desk.î Mr. Robbins ordered in a firm but gentle voice. Her trembling fingers went into the waist of her panties and she began to pull them down. It was then that I remembered she was one of the few girls to never have been paddled by Mr. Robbins. The most she had ever gotten to this point was a few over the knee spankings from her house parents. This was a whole new experience for her. I found myself wishing her the best in getting through the experience. I knew what she was in for.

When she was bent over I saw Mr. Robbins go to her right side. He was holding the same paddle he had used on me only a few days ago. She glanced at him tilting her head just a bit to the left and then as if not liking what she saw, back down at the desk.

Daria and I were no more than seven feet away and I could almost feel the impact as the first swat of the paddle landed. Her bottom flexed at the swat and she went forward a few inches. I winced, it almost hurt watching and I felt a little light headed. Only a few days ago that had been me.

ìPOPî The paddle landed and Sally didnít move or flinch. I thought I heard her take a deep breath but I couldnít be sure. Maybe it was me.

POP, POP SMACK as the paddle landed the sound seemed to explode in the small room. I felt so strange watching the paddling almost like an out of body experience. I was there, but not really.

I watched her small bottom turn red as Mr. Robbins applied the paddle to her. She was flinching and wiggling her fanny with each swat of the paddle. POP, POP and now I could hear her crying, she was sobbing with all the intensity that her little body was capable of. But still Sally stayed in position and took her paddling. After twenty pops of the paddle had landed Mr. Robbins told her to stand up and get dressed. We all watched her still facing away from us as if to deny our presence pick up her dress and slid it over her head and her body. She then stepped into her panties and pulled them up. Only then did she turn towards us. Her face was red from crying and tears flowed down her cheeks. She gave Mr. Robbins a brave little smile as she was dismissed to go back to her cottage.

ìBeckyî was all Mr. Robbins had to say and forward stepped Becky to the desk. Without a word being spoken she was soon bare butt naked save her dancing shoes and bent over the desk. ìuuhhî was all I heard after the clap of the paddle. The paddle seemed to shimmer in the office light as it was brought back and then forward at blinding speed to smack into Beckyís bottom. The pops seemed louder than from Sallyís paddling. Whether this was my mind playing tricks on me or Mr. Robbins deciding the older girl deserved a harder spanking is something I am unsure of to this day.

The loud pops of the paddle almost hurt my ears, I could only guess what they felt like from Beckyís point of view. Becky was bent over with her legs pressed together. Her bottom cheeks were pointed straight back at Mr. Robbins and his paddle. She took the first seven swats of the paddle with out a sound. On the eight swat she started to stand up, a firm hand on her shoulder by Mr. Robbins put here back in place. Her composure was now gone.

ìOOOO, Iímmmm Sorrrry, OUCH, OOOoeeeee, Nnooooo Mooore, Pleeaaaasssseeeeî

She was crying and begging for the paddling to stop. Mr. Robbins was unmoved and completed his task. Becky was soon dressed and let from the room. Now it was Jennyís turn. Jenny approached the desk, still clad only in her panties. She put her fingers into the waist band and slipped the to just below her bottom cheeks and bent over. Mr. Robbins wasnít having any of that and ordered. ìJenny, remove those panties, you know very well what is expected of you.î She stood back up and pulled them down to her ankles and kicked them aside.

The paddle landed and landed again. Jenny kept her place determined to take the punishment with out giving us the satisfaction of seeing her struggle. She made a brave effort. The paddle popped off her bottom seemingly with out effect for the eighth, ninth and tenth time. On the eleventh, she bent her knees slightly and then straightened back up at once.

On number fifteen, her will power gave way and she burst into a loud cry. ìOOOHHhhî

ìPOP, SPLAT, SMACK, POP, SMACK.î And with each slap of the paddle she howled her protest. As with the other girls it was over at twenty.

Jenny picked up her panties and put them on with her back and flaming bottom facing us. As she turned around Daria got up and handed her a school dress which Jenny quickly put on. Jenny started for the door thinking she was done. Mr. Robbins stopped her saying. ìJenny I promised you something extra for your part in this foolish activity.î He turned slightly and announced to the small audience and Jenny. ìTomorrow at eight I want everyone in my office and we will complete Jennyís punishment. Tonight Jenny will be placed in detention. Daria please take her to the detention room and see to any needs she might have.î And with that we were all dismissed.

I walked back to the cottage with Mr. Watson. Neither of us had anything to say. I suspect that like me he was thinking about tomorrow.

Eight oíclock in the morning arrived. What a way to start your day I thought, getting the strap. Poor Jenny. ìWhat was I saying? Poor Jenny Hell, after all the trouble she caused. I should feel sorry for her? Not likely, I pushed sympathy from my mind.

I was back in the same place. Mr. Watson sat on a chair across the room. Just as we were getting settled in Daria entered the room followed by a subdued Jenny. Mr. Robbins got right to the point and as Jenny stood before him clad in her white gym shorts, T-shirt and tennis shoes.

ìJenny You are to be punished this morning for trying to escape, lying and stealing, do you have any explanations or like to add anything I might be unaware of?î She shook her head no. He stared at her for a second and she still didnít respond. The tension was thick enough to cut with a knife. I could hardly breath. Mr. Robbins gave a small shrug and walked over to the credenza behind his desk and opened up a wide drawer. He pulled something out and held it for a few seconds. When he turned around I let out my breath and noticed Jenny take a step backwards.

It was about two feet long. It was black, a shiny black leather. It hand a wood handle of four to five inches the handle looked to be worn and very old but solid. The strap itís self was almost four inches wide. Maybe more. It looked like each swat would cover the whole of Jennyís bottom. He dropped it to his side and it seemed to shimmer in the light and flex freely. I canít say for sure how thick it was and I sure wasnít going to ask for a measurement. Now that I knew such a thing existed at the school I was going to be a good girl, a very good girl I promised myself.

It was at this point that I thought the fight went out of Jenny and I saw here make the first mental steps to changing her attitude. Her face lost much of itís color and as the strap went to Mr. Robbinís side so did her eyes. She was watching the strap with the intensity a mongoose might watch a cobra. Only this time the cobra was going to strike the little mongoose.

ìYou know what is expected Jenny.î Mr. Robbins told her. She turned quickly and went to the desk. She lowered her shorts and panties in one movement and placed them on the floor. As she bent over I noticed her butt was still tinged with red from the previous nightís paddling. I thought to my self. ìThat was only eleven hours ago and here she is again about to get it again.î For the world I would not have traded places with her.

The first blow of the paddle struck her bottom with a loud ìSNAPî sound. At the same instant she let out a howl and jumped straight up. She didnít turn around but stood there facing away from us. Her hands shot to her butt and rubbed vigorously. Mr. Robbins placed his hand on her bare shoulder and reluctantly she went back into position bent over the desk.

ìWHAPî Now better prepared for the swat Jenny maintained her position. But with this, only the third swat she was crying loudly. Her butt was a very uncomfortable looking red. I couldnít begin to imagine how much that strap must have hurt.

ìWHAPî As once again the strap was brought to her bottom with a terrible sounding swat. Jenny raised her head up and looked straight forward and gave out with a long yelp that seemed to fill the room.. ìOOOOWWWwwiiiieeeî

She continued to look forward as the next two Swats hit. She seemed to sink towards the desk with the last one and then back into position.

With the sixth swat of that awful strap Jenny screeched once more. Her butt was one red mass of flame.


WHAP ìNNNNoooooî

SNAP ìOOOOOOiiiiieeeeî

The ninth and tenth swats came almost together as Mr. Robbins made the strap almost sing through the air.

POP WHAP ìGGGeeeezzzee OOOHHHH Pleeeasseî

As Jenny seemed to sag onto the desk, it was over. Mr. Robbins watched her for a second and then turned and walked back to his desk and placed the strap back in he drawer as carefully as if it were an old friend.

It was over and we were dismissed.

Daria assisted Jenny in getting dressed and took her back to the detention room to compose herself. Jenny would get some time and then would be expected to go to class. There were no good reasons for missing school and getting a spanking would not get you much sympathy around this school.

The word about Jennyís strapping was all over the school by midday. Up until it happened to Jenny none of the kids at the school really believed such a thing existed. It was more like a rumor or legend. Now that we know, you can almost feel the change in some of the kidís attitudes. Walking on egg shells doesnít even begin to describe it.

I can assure you that after witnessing that strap in action I have redoubled my efforts to be a model of behavior.

And two weeks later, I made student council. I know that I can be student body president someday. I just know it.

And Jenny? You ask. Letís just say that some of the kids learn faster than others and some require more discipline.