Date: Fri, 12 Jul 1996 11:50:09, -0500
Subject: Kid's Spanking Game

This involves spanking and a kidís game from my childhood. Please donít read if that doesnít interest you or you are under eighteen.

As kids growing up in Southern California some of my friends and myself were spanked on a regular basis. Despite this or maybe because of it, we still had an unfilled craving for the subject of spanking. As a consequence the following came to be a small part our secret games.


As Kids my sister Bonnie, our neighbor Sally and some other kids to a lesser extent, and I used to play spanking games. We would pretend to do something wrong and then the Mommy would of course spanking the offending party. After a while this became boring and predictable. The spankings were always the same, and for a good reason. If I spanked Sally too hard she would do the same to me, and while the idea was to be spanked the hurt was not paramount in importance. But the lack of real risk soon made the game bland.

One day we came across a pair of dice from a game that was in my closet and finding another one we began to figure out a game that would randomly decide the spanking conditions.

We decided that there were five basic elements to a spanking. Position, Implement, Fanny protection, number of spanks and how hard.

Based on this and the possibility of the combinations of numbers being anywhere from 3 to 18 with each roll of the dice, we designed the following scales. The spanker would then roll the dice to determine the fate of the spankee. As the dice turned up the punishment was revealed.


                Over the knee   3 4 5 6 7 8 9 14 15
                Bending over    10 11 16

                Standing up     12 13
                Across the bed  17 18

Thus with the roll of the dice it was decided in what position we would be spanked. The heavy stacking of the numbers gives away our preferences, but what the heck it was our game.

The tension was rising as the next roll was to take place. To further increase the mounting feelings the dice were thrown one at a time.

                Hand            3 4 5 6 7 14 15 16

                Paddle          8 9 17

                Belt            10

                Wooden spoon    11 

                Switch          12 18

Then the big roll of the dice so far in the game.

                Bare bottom             3 4 5 6 7 14 15 16

                Panties                 8 9 10 11 12 17 18

                Fully clothed           13

By now the tension was thick enough to cut with a knife. We were ready to roll for the number of spanks. Imagine the knot in the stomach of the girl or boy that was unlucky enough to be in line for a bare bottom spanking bending over with the paddle or a belt. And now how many swats would they receive and how hard?

The next to last roll was easy enough, the number that came up on the dice were the number of assigned spanks. (from 3-18)

As I mentioned the dice were rolled one at a time, thus if you rolled a six with your first roll and already were in line for a bare bottom spanking with a paddle or belt you might be getting a little nervous as the second roll was coming up. More than one kid (myself included) did a bit of worrying at this point in the game as they tried to remember if their soon to be spanker had any reason to be carrying a grudge.

And finally how hard? Once again our preferences gave us away. But the fun was in the plotting, planning and thrill of anticipation not in how hard we could hit each other, though if thatís the way the cookie crumbled.

                HOW HARD

                Light           3 4 5 6

                Medium          7 8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15

                Hard            16 17 18

As you might imagine most spankings were over the knee, with the hand being applied in medium swats to either our bare bottoms or on our panties. (or underpants for boys) Sometimes things didnít quite work out that way and one of us would get our tails blistered at the hands of her playmate.

And of course on occasion one of us would get lucky and get three of four light swats with the hand on the seat of our jeans. However when this happened often the feeling was disappointment and the boy or girl would act bratty for a while until it was determined that another spanking was in order and the game would begin all over.

On the occasions that a boy was invited, the numbering was altered to make bare bottoms less likely, but never removed as a possibility. And over the period of time we played, all of us at one time or another got a bare bottom spanking in mixed company. We girls were careful to never allow more than two boys at once to play so we didnít lose control of the game.

As I look back on those games, I remember them with fondness and amusement and am amazed that our parents never found out. To this day I still have the dice as a remembrance.