Date: Mon, 16 Sep 1996 18:27:45 -0400
Subject: Karen at Ten and Twenty

This is a fictional story that involves spanking and a young lady. Please do not read if that is not of interest or you are under eighteen.

At Ten and Twenty

As a child I was always a challenge to my parents. While my brothers and sisters always seemed to obey and stay out of trouble it was just not possible for me. It was almost a running joke around the house that Karen had gotten spanked again.

A bare bottom, over the knee spanking from Daddy and I was back on the straight and narrow for a few days. But then just as my parents were optimistic that maybe this time finally I had learned my lesson I was off and running once again towards some catastrophe that only I could get into.

They tried everything to discipline me, grounding, restrictions, elimination of privileges, allowance reduction. Everything. Nothing worked. Until I was ten or so. Then out of the blue one day Dr. Spock became Dr. Spank. I never found out what led to the change or when the decision was made. I had been having a tantrum and was disrupting the whole house as usual when I didnít get my way. Daddy looked at Mom, nodded his head and the next thing I know Iím tucked under his arm on the heading toward my room.

On the way Iím plotting my next move and how to avenge this outrage of not getting my way. It didnít occur to me this was any big deal, restriction to my room or something like that was all that was going to occur. But this time things happened differently. I was in for a real surprise.

Daddy dropped me from under his arm and almost the split second my feet hit the floor they left it again. I was across his lap and as my dress came up I was beginning to get the idea that something was not going as I expected. I felt my panties come down and I began kicking and yelling. I knew then what was happening. I had heard about my friends getting spankings and I was familiar with the concept. But it wasnít supposed to happen to me. Not me. Not Karen Snyder. No way!

It was the biggest surprise of my life and the day that I developed a new respect for my father.

I felt my face flush with embarrassment as the first swat hit my squirming bare bottom. I struggled but I was no match for my Dad and all my struggles amounted to nothing. I was going nowhere until he had finished his parental duties.

I cried and howled up a storm of protest. My bottom was a flame of bee stings. I never imagined that a spanking hurt so much. I squeezed my cheeks and tried to flex my bottom. I kicked and pounded my fists. Nothing worked. And soon I was one well spanked young lady.

This was a fundamental change in my life. My parents were so happy with the improvement in my behavior, however short term it was that they soon expanded the practice to the rest of the kids. Not that they were ever quite the challenge I was.

The years passed and I grew up and wore out more than my share of paddles. I was a stubborn child and determined to get my way. And sometimes I did, often enough I guess for me to keep trying to test all the time.

Now I am married. Two months ago, but some things have not been going well. We fight and argue far too much. I have great concerns about our marriage. Ben is so stubborn, he just wonít be reasonable. Last week we went to my parents for dinner and another fight broke out between us. It was awful. I canít see why the TV has to be turned to the football games on Sunday and then again Monday night. He can read the scores in the paper the next day canít he? Isnít that why they have a whole section devoted to that and the other silly games he watches? And why canít we go shopping? This crap about living on a budget is too much. We have credit cards and what good are they if you donít use them? Damn silly if you ask me.

Iím going shopping tomorrow, budget be damned.

I felt comfortable in the house I was raised in and it didnít phase me to start on Ben at the dinner table. After all it was Mom and Dad and my husband. It wasnít like there were strangers or anything there. I started complaining pretty good, now that I think back on it I guess I went a little overboard.

Everybody tolerated my tirade throughout dinner. I saw Mom and Dad exchanged pained looks and Benís face was red. But I kept going. Just too stubborn to stop I guess.

Mom was quiet while we did the dishes and cleaned up. Ben and Dad went into the living room to have an after dinner talk. After the cleanup was done I went into the living room and sat down across the room from Ben. They were talking, but it wasnít important, not to me. ěI want to go home Ben.î I announced firmly. ěWe have some things to get straight. I hope youíve been listening to what I told you tonight.î

Ben looked at Dad and shook his head. Dad leaned forward and said to him in a low voice that I could barely hear. ěItís up to you son, Iíve told you what I would do.î Ben took a deep breath and stood up. Finally we were going home and get a few things understood.

Words can not tell you how shocked I was when Ben picked me up and threw me, yes, threw me over his shoulder. After a seconds hesitation ěMaybe this is a joke I thought.î I started banging on his back and yelling. ěPut me down. Put me down right now.î I mean who the hell does he think he is anyway, to be treating me like this?

I was frantic as I heard Dad call out to him. ěRemember the paddle, use the paddle, I left it on the bed.î It dawned on me what was happening and the words popped into my head. ěHeís going to spank me.î As unbelievable as this thought was it seemed to be exactly what was about to happen. ěAnd with my Daddyís help too.î I thought with frustration. Iím not a big girl and Ben had no trouble moving me from his shoulder to his lap. I struggled and squirmed and made all sorts of threats. He didnít pay the slightest bit of attention.

ěLetís see if your Dad is right. Is he right Karen? Is the best way to your head through your bottom?î My commotion and complaining about this treatment was to no avail. I might as well have been talking to the moon. He pulled up my dress and down went my panties. I felt the sting of the paddle with the first swat that landed on my fanny.

I was soon crying and flopping around on his lap. Nothing I did or said make any impact on what he was doing. And what he was doing was paddling my bottom. The sting and length of the spanking was far more than anything I had gotten as a child. I thought my butt was on fire and I was frantic for it to stop. I saw red with each explosion of that paddle and the sting running through my body.

Ben kept swatting my bottom with that damn paddle. I yelped with each swat as if I were ten years old again. I felt very much the naughty child once again.

I cried and howled up a storm of protest. My bottom was a flame of bee stings. I never remembered that a spanking hurt so much. I squeezed my cheeks and tried to flex my bottom. I kicked and pounded my fists. Nothing worked. And soon I was one well spanked young lady.

When it was over he pulled me to my feet and pulled up my panties, and lowered my dress for me. Then with out even giving me a chance to stop crying he took my hand and led me into the living room. Mom and Dad were standing there waiting. Ben held onto one hand while I tried to wipe away the tears with the other.

Dad spoke first. ěHeard the whole thing Ben, Damn fine spanking if I do say so myself. A few more and she just might start acting like we raised her to act. You keep the paddle. No doubt about it, youíll need it again.î

I stared at Dad in disbelief. ěDaddyî I sputtered out with indignity through tear clouded eyes. ěDonít you Daddy me young lady, youíve had this coming for a long time. Now maybe youíll show some better manners.î And with a smile to Ben he added. ěNow you two have a safe drive home.î

During the drive home I sulked and looked out the window. I didnít say a word. It just wouldnít do to let on to my feelings. Not just then anyway. I didnít rub my bottom, didnít want to give him the satisfaction but let me tell you I could still feel the sting. ěDid Daddy tell him to spank me that hard?î I wondered.

I guessed things were going to different at home from now on. And maybe I would and try and watch that budget. As I thought about what had happened one thing was clear. It was the second biggest surprise of my life and the day that I developed a new respect for my husband. I guess maybe I wonít be going shopping tomorrow after all.

I wondered as I put my head against the window and looked out at the night scenes rushing by. ěWhen might my husband may find it necessary to spank me again. Could he see my smile in the reflection of the window? Did I want him to see my smile?î

I wasnít sure.