Date: Wed, 18 Sep 1996 15:17:55 -0400
Subject: I ask for it I get it.

This story involves spanking. Please donít read if that doesnít interest you or you are under eighteen.

This is the follow up to the short story ëHow Do I Ask?í

I Ask For It, I Get It

I selected this day with care. No football games on TV tonight, no distractions. I want your undivided attention. I need your complete understanding.

As your carpool pulls up to whisk you away that morning I walk with you to the front door and kiss you good-bye. I whisper in your ear. ìHurry home tonight, I have something to ask you.î

I smile inwardly as I see a look of concern flash across your face at this unexpected declaration. I sense you want to ask for details but I smile and point to your carpool waiting at the curb. I tell you that tonight will be soon enough.

With a look back over your shoulder you enter the car and are taken away from me for another day. I spend the afternoon preparing your favorite dinner, working out what I am going to say and mentally kicking myself when I stumble.

ìDo we not all have quirks?î I ask myself. ìIs this such an conformist society that anything different that can bring pleasure is to be forbidden and shunned?î

I have decided that despite my tendencies to overstate situations and belabor points I will keep this simple. I will appeal to your compassion and love for me. I reason that you know there is nothing I would not do for you. My heart soars as I think there is nothing you would not do for me with love in your heart.

Then in a burst of self doubt and confusion my heart sinks and crashes. What if all my words amount to nothing?

How can I explain to you something I barely understand my self? Why do I feel this way? I have no idea and indeed many times wish with all my heart that I didnít.

But I do and I canít make it go away. It is part of me and I have to accept that, and pray that you will too.

I stumble through the day in a mist of confusion.

The evening comes. I have been able to divert your questioning until a time of my selection. That time has come at last. I am nervous and pray that my words will not fail me now.

Laying beside the fireplace which I stare into rather than look in your eyes for fear of what I might see. I silently cruse my cowardice. I begin my rehearsed speech, it seems so inadequate, so shallow.

I can feel you hug me in comfort as I strain to get the right words out. I falter and stumble, but I feel a squeeze of encouragement at just the right time. Hopefully, prayerfully, believing that I have your understanding I rally and am able to say what has troubled me for so very long.

You sensitively roll me over and with your gently smiling face next to mine you smile and we kiss.

It is over now, I lay beside you on the bed. My energy is spent. I feel your hand rubbing my stinging bottom and the heat that rises onto your gentle fingers.

I lay next to you warmed by your body and hand. I wonder if I should mention some spanking fantasies I have. You might be surprised and delighted. But I think enough for one night. What a glorious night.

My heart sings and I feel the weight of the world lift from my shoulders. You have understood, and you have embraced my needs and made them your own. I am no longer scared, confused or alone. I am contented and I quietly cry myself to sleep again.

Happy, oh so happy.