Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 18:43:34, -0500
Subject: Fred and the Neighbors

This story involves spanking, please donít read if that doesnít interest you or you are under eighteen.

Fred and the neighbors

Fred put down his book in annoyance, the noise from the apartment below was just too much for him to be able to read in peace. He turned on the TV in the hope that something would be on that was tolerable until things settled down below him. He could hear the stereo and yelling from the ladies ( little girls he thought in disgust) Aww hell he said to himself, nothing on worth watching......Turning the TV off he once again heard the commotion from below.

It had been like this for several weeks since the "new " people had moved in and it was starting to ... no already had gotten on his nerves and if his conversations with others were any indication there were a number of people annoyed and ticked off about the circumstances, seemed like a fight or argument was likely to break out at any time with those two downstairs.

Then, He couldn't take it any longer, feeling the rage build in him at the inconsiderate behavior he slammed his front door shut and went down the stairs to the apartment below, amazingly the closer he got to the door the noise seemed to envelope him. Fred was sure that his knocks on the door would not / could not be heard with the din going on in the apartment. After a few more raps on the door harder this time, the door opened and the girl that he knew as Peggy was standing there...... WOULD YOU MIND HOLDING IT DOWN . he had to roar to be heard. Peggy looked at him and with out saying anything slammed the door closed.

Fred now seething with anger turned and walked away, figuring that he would now be willing to sign the petition that had been circulating to have the girls evicted. A little while later the noise subsided, and peace once again returned to the complex.

About nine AM the following morning, there was a soft knock on Fred's door, as he opened it he was surprised to see Diane the other half of the troublesome duo standing there, May I come in she asked? Fred stood aside and she entered.

May I offer you a cup of coffee, he inquired, thanks she responded, I would like that , but really I came to apologize for all the noise we've been causing She said. Fred responded Well it has been a bit much and I know the neighbors are upset and as he told her about the petition a worried look came across her face, that would be awful, we'd lose our deposit and we really can't afford to have that happen and try and find another place she almost moaned.

Fred replied, I realize that it would be an inconvenience but you two have been disturbing quite a few people since you came here, and a lot of people are upset, you better figure out what you are going to do.

Diane placed her head in her hands and said in a low voice. I don't know what to do, ever since my sister and I left home it's been like this we can't seem to agree on anything house chores, who gets the car anything,, and we always got along at home, I just don't know whatís wrong.. We're both upset about this, we fell terrible about the trouble we're causing but can't seem to control it.

Fred thoughtfully said.. well something better work out quick or you'll be out of here, can't you two work out some sort of schedule and plan for things, to take the guess work out and eliminate the problem?

You'd think that would work, she said still softly, we tried but both of us want to be in charge and if one doesn't do something the other doesn't do something else out of spite, I know it sounds so childish but thatís the way it is,, if we were at home Dad would have paddled us both for this kind of immature behavior... I don't know what to do...

Fred thought furiously, how to word this best... Diane tell me how bad do you and your sister want to stay here?? Would you be willing to have a new "boss" to give you direction and handle the squabbles?

She looked suspicious at first and then quickly her face cleared.... maybe she said thatís what we need, we won't listen to each other.. What do you have in mind?

I'll tell you what Fred responded you talk the concept over with Peggy today and if you have any interest, you come back here at eight oíclock tonight, come prepared to make decisions, you don't have too much time.

OK she said we'll discuss it and be back. Fred wasn't so sure, but in case he went out that day and made a few purchases.

There was almost no noise that day, from the apartment below.

At 8:00 Fred heard the apartment door close and someone coming up the stairs, he could also hear voices whispering in a hushed excited manner.

A knock on the door and as Fred opened it both Peggy and Diane were standing there, they were soon seated on the sofa, with Fred sitting in an easy chair across from them.

Well girls did you talk it over? They looked at each other and said almost together yes, we did.

And what do you think? he asked

Well we're not sure what you are suggesting Diane responded.

Ladies what I am suggesting is that you are about to get kicked out of the complex, as soon as next week unless something drastic is done. Both girls had very worried and concerned looks on their faces at this announcement.. To accomplish what we need to, namely get control of your lives we will have to trust each other..

Now what I propose is that in all matters relating to you while you are in your apartment or doing things that impact you apartment , like shopping I will be in charge and settle all disputes..

Both girls looked calmly at Fred with no expression seeming to have no problems so far with what was being said, indeed relived that the pressure might be off them.

However ladies, as I am in charge I will expect that my instructions will be followed as I lay them out and if they are not you will be disciplined..... with that both girls sat up a little straighter, and Diane sputtered what do you mean?

I mean this ladies, or girls as I will refer to you until your behavior has improved, said Fred taking a firm tone in his voice and a posture that he hoped implied strength and authority, Your behavior has been childlike and I suggest that you need to be treated like Children until you can learn to maintain yourselves in an adult manner. I propose that you agree to my supervision and if necessary discipline to correct this problem, remembering that if you don't improve you'll be evicted.

The girls looked at each other, and Diane replied, we thought that might be what you suggested, we have to do something, go on tell us more we're interested.

All right girls, this is how it will work, Fred went on. Number one I will enforce the rules and you will obey, if at any time either of you are disobedient or cause a problem you will, if I deem it necessary be spanked. Fred was a little surprised to see the two not change an expression or flinch in any way, they seemed to be listening carefully.

He went on, Diane you being the oldest ( she was 20) will make up two lists of chores each week and Peggy will get to pick which list she will do, and you will get the other. The lists will be posted in your apartment and on five minutes notice at any time, I will at my choosing, inspect that pig sty you call an apartment and if the chores are not done and the apartment not cleaned up there will be an immediate spanking.

Any noise problems and I will come to your apartment with this, Fred said holding up for the first time a ping pong paddle, this drew a little OOhhh from the two. What's that said Peggy pointing at the table where the paddle had been. That dear girls is called a strap and if either one you ever lie to me or try to avoid a spanking I will take this to your bare bottom...Peggy gulped and Diane looked a little weak...

After an hour or so of further conversation the deal was sealed, an agreement was reached. The girls returned to their apartment wondering about what they had just agreed to, but feeling more united than before and at peace with their relationship.

Fred was also wondering, When would the first incident take place and how would the girls really react to getting spanked?

For the next three days a miracle occurred, the girls kept the noise down and everything seemed to go smoothly, Fred decided that it was time to make an inspection... He phoned, Diane answered he said quickly I will be down in five minutes for an inspection the place better be ready, and hung up as he heard her sputtering something about being too busy.....Five minutes later he was knocking on the door.

As soon as Fred entered he knew that it was showdown time, the place was a mess, newspaper on the floor, dirty dishes in the sink, and clothes strewn about.... Both girls looking sheepish were standing in front of the sofa, picking up the list of chores Fred, who had still not said a word reviewed their respective the two culprits shifted uneasily not daring to say anything.

Girls I'll make this quick he said in his best authority voice, you have both been less than stellar in your duties and I'm going to prove that I meant what I said about punishment......Diane please close the drapes and lock the door...she got up quickly and did as she was told, and returned to the sofa and sat down beside her sister.

Peggy place that chair in the center of the room he instructed,, Fred then issued several orders, Both of you stand up and take off your shorts and then pointing out corners I want you to stand in the corner until I tell you to move.

Fred watched with amusement as the girls struggled with their embarrassment and shorts to comply with his demand, soon they were at their assigned spots.

Sitting on the chair Fred said Peggy as the youngest I'll get your spanking over with first. Come here. Slowly she turned and walked over to him standing on his right, he placed his right hand and arm on her lower back and pulled her across his lap, placing one hand on her back and the other on her right leg just below her bottom (indeed touching her checks) he began a short lecture about the next time being more memorable.

With that Fred brought his hand down firmly on her bottom square in the middle at the lowest part of her cheeks, the unexpected force had two immediate effects, she surged forward on his lap and her panties slipped down ever so slightly. OOOhhh that hurt, not so hard,, Fred laughed and said Be still that was only the beginning and they will hurt a lot more than that, but you best not move remember the strap... Peggy shuddered at the thought and resolved to not do anything to make matters worse..... The second , third and fourth spanks were placed where the first had landed,, AAAhhh OOOwww no no no squealed Peggy. She was wringing her hands together as if that would some how lessen the discomfort.

DIANE you get your nose back in that corner unless you want the strap, Fred roared at the older sister who had been trying to sneak a peek at the proceedings, her eyes quickly went back to the corner.

Attention now turned back to Peggy, Fred brought his hand down quickly now with each spank slightly over lapping the previous one and the general direction was up toward the top of her buttocks.

With each swat Peggy would squeal, by then she was sobbing and the squeals were coming out as wet noisy sounds that made no sense other than indicating discomfort. After about the 20th spank she tried to turn off Fred's lap as she was put back into place she got four very hard smacks on the inside of her upper leg and a warning not to try that again.

Standing her up, he escorted her to her corner, giving her several more swats as they walked over, then as she was placed in the corner, Fred pulled down the back of her panties and gave her several more spanks. She was left there with her panties around her knees and instructions not to move.

Now Diane as the oldest and hopefully most responsible, lets see if we can do anything about your little behavior problem shall we? He said ordering her to his side.... As she stood there, he saw a little tear coming from her eye and for a second he softened in his quest to straighten out this pair, then taking hold of his feelings he took her by the left hand and pulled her across his lap. He softly patted her bottom, while giving the standard lecture, and then said Diane as the oldest I expected a little more from you and with that he pulled down her panties all the way to her knees in one fluid motion.... She squealed in surprise.... Nooo she said with her right arm shooting back to offer protection.... Taking her right hand with his left, Fred said DIANE stop that it'll only get you the strap... now stop... Slowly her resistance faded as she began to accept her fate.

When he sensed that her acceptance was total, Fred brought down his hand in the same place he had started with Peggy, but not as hard, he was determined to make this a longer spanking and it would be better to build up to it. Diane took the first swat in stride without a whimper or any movement... the next few on the same spot caused the skin to begin to turn red and Diane to wiggle and make small sounds indicating that the spanking was becoming effective... Then a little at first but building she began to make the same noises that her sister had AAAAEWW,, OOwww that hurts, Please. All to no avail Fred saw his mission and was determined... Spank Spank Spank went the little hand that could.

She tried to pull her hand free but couldnít even loosen it in Fred's grasp, he only held on tighter,, AAAwww NNooo Please, As the swats began to take their toll.... She then began to slightly shift her hips and wiggle her body in a manner that Fred thought quite cute and made no effort to stop.

By the 30th or so spank Fred observed to himself that her bottom was fairly well covered, ( no virgin territory at least on her bottom he thought smiling to himself)

Still, seeing his duty our hero continued now determined to make a lasting impression and conclude the spanking Fred proceeded to increase the force and quicken the pace until her resistance was broken and all doubt removed about who was in charge in the future.

After about ten smacks she was howling, and her back was arching up in reaction to the burning in her bottom,, Fred feeling that the lesson was learned ( for the time being) stopped, and she lay forward on his lap in total submission,. Fred noted with some enjoyment that she had spread her legs as her right leg was sliding off his lap.

Standing her up She was walked to her corner, naked from the waist down,( the panties have long ago been kicked across the room, ) Fred gave her a few more spanks as she stood in the corner making a point about responsibility between each swat..

Peggy by now had stopped her crying and after about ten minutes Diane settled down.... Girls,,, Fred said I'll be back in two hours and this place had better be spotless. I'm going to bring the strap when I come--see that I don't need it.... Any questions?? No sir they both quaked..

When he returned two hours later Fred was pleased to see the place in flawless condition... when he praised the girls they responded with shy smiles of appreciation.

However as you might expect this was not the last time Fred had to attend to such matters and the strap did have to make the trip again.