Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 18:57:10, -0500
Subject: Daria the Boys and me

THIS SHOULD BE REGARDED AS FICTION Please believe what you care to.

It involves Childhood Spankings, Please ignore if you do not care for such or if you are under eighteen.

I have tried to write this from a male point of view as best I can, ( the male being my Uncle) In the instances that I subscribe thoughts to him, I have taken vast literary license ( possibly libelous )



This takes place a few years ago, Daria was spending the summer with me, while her parents were back East, things were going fine, well a few interruptions here and there, but nothing I couldn't handle.

Then to my surprise I received a phone call from another relative, a younger cousin who is a single Mother, seems she was going into the hospital for some minor surgery and would not be up to speed for a while.( I came to later suspect the time frame was expanded for soon to be evident reasons).

And did I remember her two boys' Chuck and Brett? I did, with a shudder, remember the two Hell Cats, Well she said quickly since you liked them so much could you do me a favor and take care of them while I'm laid up, It would mean so much to all of us.

I sputtered a second or two and to her, that sealed the deal, Great she said You can pick them up at the airport tomorrow, they'll be in at 10:15, naming a flight number, and with that she was off the line. (think she planned this ambush much in advance?)

So the next day, found Daria and I at the airport, with me wondering about decisions of staying single and having a quiet life and just what the heck was going wrong with that plan.

On the way back from the airport the boys Chuck 11 and Brett 9 were a bit loud and outspoken for my taste, but manageable.

They were assigned rooms, ( all were full now) and they went out to explore the neighborhood. Daria seemed to take it quite well, indeed possibly envisioning less adult supervision for her could translate into more freedom. As for a bratty pair of boys, a few years of baby- sitting under her belt convinced her that they would be no problem.

What she forgot was that after a few hours of baby sitting you get to go home, in this case the monsters stay.

When the boys returned a little late for dinner, I saw a quizzical look on Darias' face and knew that she was wondering if they were going to be subject to the same discipline as she was. I decided to nip that concern in the bud and called everyone together.

OK Kids, listen up, this is my house, my rules, and if you choose to disobey, you will be punished, and that may include spankings any questions? The boys smirked a little then said no sir in their most respectable (and phony) voices.

I knew that both received from time to time rather ineffective spankings at home that usually consisted of six or so swats given over their jeans. Not quite the program Daria had grown up with..This was known to both Daria and my self from knowledge gained from several large family functions, when kids seem to be at their most creative in terms of stretching their behavior.

I was unconcerned, fair warning had been given, and I had no doubt that we would have a day of reckoning soon enough. I was surprised that it took so long, almost five days, which is not to say that the two were angels, quite the contrary, each day seemed to be a little more of a challenge than last. But nothing to warrant punishment.

Then one evening, the two came in for dinner (on time, no less) both seemed quiet and began eating dinner, after a short while the phone rang and as the Brett and Chuck quickly excused themselves from the table I answered it. It was a neighbor it seemed that Brett and Chuck in concert with her kid had gotten out her sons' bb gun, set up some bottles by the pool and did a bit of target practice, the upshot being that my neighbor now had broken glass in the pool...and she was not happy..

The boys had disappeared to their rooms, I decided to leave then there for now and went to investigate, Daria insisted on tagging along for the amusement value.

A quick survey found the accusations to be true, I talked to my neighbors' son Michael and satisfied myself that my two charges were implicated in the crime. I agreed to pay for half of the cost to have a professional pool service come out and get the glass out of the pool. Daria and I started home.

Are you going to spank them? She asked? They deserve it, Dad would have spanked us kids. I knew she wanted to be part of the punishment as she (at least in her eyes) was so much older that the boys.. But I decided to handle this myself and told her to either watch TV or go to her room until this was over. I was surprised when she went to her room, but later realized that since her room was near the boys she could over hear the proceedings easier. (always plotting)

I decided to punish the boys together, that way I would only have to give my lecture once and both would know what was said to the other.

I knocked on Bretts' door , no answer, I entered and he was in bed pretending to be asleep, even to the point of faking waking up when I said his name, I pulled back the covers and said get up, we're going to Chucks room, he was still wearing his jeans, so much for the sleeping act.

Soon both boys were standing in front of me while I sat on the bed giving them the standard required adult lecture common to such situations. They started to look concerned when I told them both to remove their jeans.

Soon they were stripped for action, clad only in their PJ tops and underpants, they seemed a whole lot less confident than they had at any point since their arrival.

I decided to start with Brett the youngest, figuring that the older one should have known the best that they were doing wrong and would benefit by the added worry of the wait.

I took Brett by the arm and pulled him to my right side, and asked if he was ready for his spanking. I'm sorry Uncle, I won't do it again he sniffled.

Telling Chuck to put his nose in the corner of the room, I pulled Brett across my knee, at once he started to squirm, forcing me to hold him in place with my left arm, realizing that his "wiggle" room was gone he settled down.

The first swat landed on the center of his seat, medium hard that, produced an Oww, I landed a few more onto his squirming bottom and then attended to two problems. Chuck get your nose back into that corner. I threatened, and Brett hold still or I finish this up on you're bare bottom. Several more swats, (about fifteen in all) and I had a repentant nine year old across my lap believing that the lesson was learned, he was let up, directed to take his brothers place in the corner.

Chuck came over promptly and with out any word or instruction placed himself across my lap. Seeking to reduce any struggles he may want to present I took his right wrist in my left hand and pulled it onto his waist, so he was held in place.

I landed the first swat in the same place as his brothers the center of his bottom, not a word or whimper, the second through fourth were dead center on the same spot the fifth was greeted by a OOOoo and his ankles started moving up and down with each swat.

I kept up the spanking for twenty swats, by which time he was yelping softly and starting to cry.

I let him up and gave the sniffling little bandits another lecture, after which I pulled each to my side in turn and ask between swats to the tail of their underpants.

Do you understand? Swat! Yes Sir.

Will you do it again? Swat! No Sir

Can I count on that? Swat! Yes Sir

After about five of these, they were sent to their rooms, restricted to the room for the night and grounded to the house for the next day.

The Spankings had not been too hard, or lengthy, in the belief that, as a first Spanking the embarrassment of the whole thing contributed to the punishment.

The next morning before leaving for work, I called the gang together and said OK guys remember you are restricted to the house, Daria is in charge, be good.

Concern for my new "charges" and an unspecified feeling of concern made me leave work a little early that day, When I arrived home all seemed normal as I opened the door and entered what used to be a peaceful place of retreat. Then I noticed Daria as I entered the living room area near the kitchen. ( a fireplace divides the living room) she was standing by the counter and had been clearly crying and was quite upset.

Daria whats the problem? They won't listen, they wouldn't do anything I told them, they went swimming, when I told them to stay in and made fun of me and then she started crying. I know you put me in Charge,, but what could I do? Well I sorted the facts out and after talking to everyone, it seemed that the boys had decided to go their own way, reasoning that Daria had no " real" authority over them.

When she had to try and take Chuck by the arm to send him to his room, he had even hit her, causing a small bump to rise on her shoulder. They had then gone swimming figuring that the restriction to the house had to mean that the pool was inbounds, it was a part of the house no? Even though Daria knew better, from a personal restriction she had been punished with once, they ignored her.

What to do? I couldn't stop working to be a full time warden to the criminal element that now called my house home, and clearly they weren't going to respond to Daria under the current set up.. Aww this was just great...... I had to think, did Arizona have the death penalty? Yes they did, but what jury would convict me on a fair presentation of the evidence? none I was sure... but no, that would be too messy,,, better not I guessed..

Everyone was sent to their room as I contemplated the situation and a possible solution, I thought and thought and finally I called the kids and Daria out and laid down the following rules with a small short speech.

WE WILL NOT HAVE A REPEAT OF TODAY HERE EVER AGAIN. I thundered in my best Patton manner, all looked a bit chagrined and worried. Good I thought I hope I scare the little monsters half to death.

To start here are some new rules, pay attention. First Daria is in charge, in my absence, you will obey her, I looked at her and she was looking back at me with a hopeless look that seemed to say,"but what can I do " That look turned to a smile as I continued.

If she deems it necessary she has my permission to spank you as she sees fit with in certain guidelines. Ahh the criminals were frowning, good at least they were paying attention now.

The guidelines were:

1. The spankings could never be bare bottom 2. Daria could only use her hand and no more than 15 spanks could be given for any single offense. 3. all spankings were to be given in the house, with no one but the boys and Daria present. 4. Daria was not to mention the spankings to any of the Boys friends to humiliate them. 5. they were expected to submit with out any difficulty if Daria decided a spanking was in order.

At this point the smile on Daria's face was a direct contrast to the look of horror that Brett and Chuck were displaying. Before I heard any protests I went on.

However you can if you wish tell Daria that you want you're Spanking delayed until I return, If you do so however, and I determine that a spanking was warranted you will get your spanking from Daria and another from me.... so if you choose to delay your spanking be sure you are on solid ground.

Also, I said looking at my smiling niece, if you get spanked and want to appeal it and I find that Daria violated any of the rules or was unfair in giving a spanking, she will be spanked. The smiles and frowns reversed faces with that small addition to the mix..

However if I think the spanking was insufficient for the act, I may give you another. If you get a spanking from Daria and believe it fair and she does also, I don't need to hear about it, the matter is closed.

Any questions? You mean she can spank us, Chuck asked? Yes Chuck, were you listening? Aww was his response. Brett simply looked at me (probably wondering about how long it would take to hitch hike back to California).

No more questions? Good, then do we have some Spankings to administer tonight? Both boys looked at each other and visibly gulped, Then Daria saved them and earned a great deal of goodwill.

Uncle, I think that Chuck and Brett understand the rules now and that a spanking tonight would not be necessary, they looked at her with the gratitude that might be normally expected for the second coming and then to me hopefully.

I didn't agree, but felt that it was wiser to support Daria, since she was the one stuck with them.

So off to bed everyone went, with the new facts of life ringing in their ears.

Part #2

The next days went smoothly from my point of view, I suspected that on one of the days by the way everyone was acting that a spanking might have occurred, but no one complained....Ah peace and quiet, well, relatively speaking. ( pun intended) I was quite satisfied with my wisdom in resolving domestic turmoil, surely the talk shows would be calling me soon to dispense my knowledge to the masses.. How much would I ask for my first book deal??, millions I mused happily to my self.

Then crash:

Only six days later, ( and the talk shows still hadn't called ) and my best laid plans were shattered.

I came home and as soon as I walked in the door, it was clear that something was not right, well for one thing Michael his older sister and his mother were standing in my living room, and I was real sure that wasn't usually the case. ( you remember them, broken glass, pool, bb gun)

All the gang was there Daria, Chuck, Brett my neighbor and her kids and I noted miserably, all were turning to me and starting to talk, and carry on at once,

I tried to get some peace and quiet to sort out the mess and after several threats of torture was successful. Almost thirty stress filled minutes later I had the crime(s) laid out.

It seems that the girls had been in Daria's room listening to what passes for music with teenagers while the three boys were in the pool, playing. they're supposed to be supervised by Daria when swimming, (but that seemed like small potatoes at that point)

The boys had decided that it would be great fun to get on the roof of the house and jump into the pool, and this went well enough for a while, but became boring, so they began jumping onto the rafts and other plastic gizmos that go with a pool, soon these were all leaking or busted, but that didn't slow down our heroes who were now in a fever pitch of creative destruction to my pool and backyard.

With all the pool toys destroyed a search was made for new objects of fun. Lets get the football from Uncs bedroom one said, yeah it'll float and we can put it back, he'll never know. ( What they didn't know was that it had the autographs of three famous Arizona state football players that had gone on to the pros)

The game continued, until the ball sailed into a neighbors yard and became chow for their huge ( God he was big) Great Dane. The boys looked over the fence and realizing they were out of their league, went to the girls for help....

At first they didn't want to be bothered, then in annoyance as they understood the situation, they decided on a course of action that they were to regret.. They first of all went next door and weren't able to get anyone to come to the door to help get the ball from the creature that was laughingly referred to as a dog. another look over the fence confirmed the worst, the ball was shredded, no need to bother farther.

The Boys were frantic and the girls ticked, they begged the girls to not tell me. ( what everyone forgot was how were they going to hide the disappearance of the football?)

The begging kept up, and finally the girls in a moment of foolishness agreed to keep it from me, if the boys, Michael included would accept what ever punishment they chose.

Michael's Sister Christy was pushing the deal, the temptation to spank her brother and the bratty Chuck and Brett was more than she could pass up.

Daria went along with Christy, (seemingly forgetting almost every rule I had laid down) and it was decided that a little humiliation along with a spanking was just the ticket to put the boys in their place and ensure they're cooperation for the rest of the summer. ( Longer for Christy with Michael she hoped)

The boys were ordered to the living room and to line up against the wall, and drop their swim suits to their ankles. and while they stood there with their bottoms hanging out, Christy was about to start taking pictures of the backsides on display with a Polaroid camera to ensure Michael's continued cooperation.

Having gotten a ping pong paddle, there were now about to select their first victim... It was at this point that the Girls' luck ran out. Christys' mother having heard from another neighbor about kids diving from the roof and Michael being involved had come down to investigate, hearing no one in the pool she had let herself in the back by the gate and seeing my back door open had walked into the house and the amazing scene.

What the Hell is going on in here? The boys scooped up their swim suits deciding that being naked at this point was only making matters worse.

And it was into this scene that I had strolled.

Everyone was looking at me... Mrs. Carson like it was all my fault ( Maybe she had a point there) and the kids all had a similar look of doom.

Well Janet, I said to Mrs. Carson, I don't know about you but I know how I'm going to handle these three. How is that? she asked... Hmm... how was I going to handle this? what was fair?

I'm going to warm their tails, thats how, OK she said lets get started I agree, What did she say? Pardon me?

They wanted to punish the boys together, I think that a nice group Spanking might be just the thing for all concerned,.... What could I say? Since the boys were almost ready, it was decided to spank them first, Daria and Christy were sent each to different corners in my bedroom with instructions to remain silent and noses in the corner.

We closed the door that Janet had come in and we were open for business, and business was about to be booming..

We decided that to ensure that the Spankings were all even I would administer them all and Janet would ensure an orderly flow of victims.

Sitting on a chair in the living room I called Brett over, and as he stood to my right I instructed him to take off his bathing suit, by now he was ready to do anything without protest and down it came, as I was putting him across my lap, Janet went to the other boys pointed then back to the wall and told then to remove their suits also, Michael seemed to hesitate until a swat from Mom hurried him along with Chuck also complying.

I wasted no time on a lecture, The swats were quick and effective, and shortly Brett was bucking gently and crying. After I finished I nodded to Janet and as he was let up from my lap she took him over to the wall next to his partners in crime.

Michael was next, as selected by Janet, he came over clearly embarrassed and quietly placed himself over my knee and waited for his Spanking, he put on quite a show making no effort to be brave, he was a virtual windmill of arms and legs as his spanking progressed the windmill picked up the pace with each swat, after his 20 swats he was also placed back in the line up.

Chuck was the last of the Boys to be spanked and in keeping with my philosophy of oldest equals most responsible I gave him a spanking that I was confident he would not soon forget, I didn't move the swats around, instead centered all of them on one spot the center of his bottom and keep my undivided attention to the matter at hand I was able to have him crying by the sixth swat and bawling soon after, with some real stingers to wind up his punishment, I sent him back to the wall with his hands rubbing his reddened bottom.

After they were all back at the wall, we let then stand there for a 2- 3 minutes and listened to them sniffle, then I said OK guys you can go to Chucks' bedroom now and get dressed, unless you prefer to stand here all day. They were gone in a flash.

Now it was the girls turn.....Janet and I discussed this for a few minutes mindful that we had 16 and 15 year old girls to punish and that a bare bottom Spanking was more embarrassing for them than for younger boys and was this the correct thing to do?

Daria was no stranger to the concept of being spanked bare bottomed, indeed, having earned two spankings this summer to this point, the last being a few weeks previous to the boys arrival.

Janet confided that he was having some behavior problems with Christy since she and her husband had split a few months ago, and as a consequence Christy was almost unmanageable, and that maybe a memorable experience might be just the ticket to put Christy back on track. The possible Threat of a repeat, if this was done right might do wonders for peace in the Carson household, Janet felt.

Who was I to argue? I just wanted this over and for peace to rein in my humble home also.

Two concerned looking young ladies were summoned to the living room. I managed to get a few words in to Daria about the rules for Spanking the boys and how many of the she had violated before Janet jumped in and started lecturing the girls... Was she ticked off..

I CANT BELIEVE IT, she bellowed WHAT WERE YOU TWO THINKING? The two looked at the floor with out comment or defense, to my surprise Janet took over the proceedings in a way that made my jaw drop with admiration.

Christy, You get over there by his lap and take down your jeans, all the way off girl.. and Daria you stand in that corner, both girls rushed to comply not wishing to annoy Mrs. Carson any more than necessary.

Christy lowered herself across my lap and waited, Janet said Its' up to you, take down her panties if you think it necessary. Mooom please, Christy whined.... Quiet Christy you just take your medicine and be quiet, not a peep.

After a moments thought I decided that I could spank Christy just fine and make it a real experience without taking her panties down, it seemed that the embarrassment that she was suffering was adding to the punishment.

It was evident that Christy had not been spanked in a while and had forgotten what a spanking felt like, with the second swat she was straining to get away and yelling, I grabbed her right wrist and pulled it against her side and close to me to restrain her and speaking loudly said CHRISTY if you don't settle down right now I'm going to pick up that paddle and finish on your bare bottom, YOU WANT THAT? On no no, I'll be still and to her credit she did try, but a more difficult to control youngster I have never meet, each swat resulted in some sort of yelp or minor kick, movement of the legs. Almost automatic, Swat and a legs kicks, Swat and a yelp and she would try and move forward, I was beginning to try and guess what antic would be next.. soon the spanking was over to the apparent disapproval of Janet who clearly thought her daughter could benefit with some more attention.

As I let Christy up, I took her by the left wrist and held her in front of me not letting her pull up her jeans yet, and looking into her teary eyes said Christy, I was easy on you this time, but if you keep causing problems at home your Mom only has to ask and I'll be happy to come down there and administer another spanking and that will be a lot harder and with even less protection if you catch my drift, Do you understand? She shook her head yes, that she did.

With that she was allowed to return to the wall next to Daria, which she did tugging up her jeans.

Then it was Darias' turn, as she turned around from the wall our eyes made contact, I could see that she was blushing from embarrassment. She walked over to my side and without being told undid her jeans and tugged them down to her knees and laid herself across my lap. I sensed that she was determined to take the spanking and get it over with, she has always had a bit of a submissive side when it comes to poor behavior and being punished.

I was determined that Daria would receive the most memorable punishment, since she was trusted with the house and kids in my absence, the greater sins of poor judgment and letting Christy influence her had earned her special consideration.

Daria do you have anything to say for yourself, I said giving my wayward Niece a choice of last words No Sir.

I began slowly with a swat to the bottom of her cheeks and then one to each side of her bottom, She tensed , then relaxed her butt and I proceeded to start a little harder and about every five swats I increased the intensity, until at about the 20th I was hitting full force, by this time Daria was crying and holding on to the chair legs for support.

I stopped the spanking and said Daria your irresponsible acts have earned you a special reward, Janet I said please hand me that ping pong paddle, that the girls were going to use on the boys, as I said this I began to pull down Darias' panties.. She let out a small moan of distress at this new development but offered no resistance.

Taking the paddle, I centered my aim at a much reddened young ladies bare bottom and let fly, The crack was startling in the living room and was quickly followed by a OOwww with both of her legs shooting straight out and level with the floor. she lowered her legs, dug into the carpet and rode out the next nine swats of the paddle with only a yip or two.

Her panties were all the way to her knees, when I finished, had they been closer I would have pulled them up for her, but what the heck she hadn't planned on leaving the boys much slack... tough.

I let her up and with Janet, guiding her by the arm back to the wall she was walking trying to pull up panties, and Jeans and doing none of the three very well.

Janet collected her two and headed home, with a look that suggested she believed justice had been done. I sent my charges to their rooms to contemplate their day. While I picked up the deceased pool toys. And dreamed of the summer being over and a return to my peaceful existence.... Ah, never again after this summer would I house another one of my relatives kids.... The joke was to be on me a few years later.....and this summer wasn't over yet I just knew I couldn't be lucky enough to have peace and quiet for a while.