Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 19:47:14, -0500
Subject: Continued Adventures

This is another fiction Story. It begins shortly after the Story called Daria the boys and Me. This one is written from my point of view.

This story involves spanking and if that is not of interest to you or you are under the age of eighteen please, donít read, it should be regarded as the worthless ramblings of a wandering unfocused mind. _______________________________________________________________________


We were grounded for the next two days, He seemed to think ( correctly I suppose) that if we were on restriction for that Saturday and Sunday he could be better assured of our continuous good behavior.

However on Monday Unc. had to go back to work and we were going to be on our own again, that morning he called us all back together again and said he was putting the previous plan back into effect and that I was going to be in charge once more in his absence.-----As he said this I observed to myself that he seemed to have more worry lines in his face than he had earlier in the summer, must be his age I thought-- . Calling me aside he said ìDaria I hope you have learned your lesson over the past few days and that a repeat will not be necessary, as if there is a next time you can be sure that I will take steps to ensure that you will regret it. Understand young lady?î I said that I did.

As soon as he was gone I scooted down to Christyís house to compare notes, she hadnít been restricted but we had been unable to talk during my prison sentence.

We agreed that our spankings were all the boyís faults, after all if they had behaved themselves, well then nothing would have happened right? Damn straight.. ( as I reflect back on the events I am amused by the faulty and self serving logic we used) and so we resolved that if the opportunity presented itís self we would ( of course within my Uncles guide lines) Administer a spanking to each of the Brats.

Christy told me that after her Mom got her home and had sent her brother to his room, she was sent to her room to wait for her mother and get into her pajamas, thinking her punishment was over she had put on a pair of thin silk pajamas ( without any panties) her mother had given her for her birthday. She reasoned that when her Mother saw them and remembers that she gave them to me sheíll relax a little and Iíll get less of a lecture. Ah, but a surprise waited for my friend.

As soon as her Mother came into the room, Christy knew she was in for a bit more than she had expected, her Mom carried in her left hand a small paddle, The kind that you can buy in the grocery store that has a rubber ball attached to a rubber band. Christy says she didnít think her Mother had brought it to play any games with, or at least not the kind that Christy was going to enjoy. At the time her Mom had entered Christy had been standing by her bed rubbing her bottom surprised at how sore and still stingy it was.

Mrs. Carson didnít say a word , she took Christy by the wrist, walked her to the center of the bed and sat down pulling Christy across her lap, ìNo Mom she wailed Iíve already been spanked give me a break.î At which point she began to struggle and try and get free. ìHold on young lady remember what Mr....... .. ( to protect the semi-innocent, Iím leaving this blank) said that if I had any more problems with you he would come down and handle matters, I believe he may be available now, should we ask him to come down?î

ìOh God Noî Christy replied. ìThough my poor bottom is so sore....î and with that her mother began applying the small paddle to her daughterís fanny, The swats were not too hard but the accumulated heat on the already sore and tender target after about seven swats made for what Christy later called tail fire hell.

After about twenty swats it was over, and Christy was stood up, her Mom said ìPlease be assured that if you ever give me cause I will call Mr............ to come down here. or better yet take you to his house for a spanking,î and with that she was out of the room.

Later when Christy and I were talking, I could tell that she was holding something back. ìYou know itís kind of weird I thinkî she said, ìbut that spanking from your Uncle was the first I have ever gotten from other than my Mom or Dad and well I know this sounds a little strange but.....î ìWHAT ?.î I said impatiently at her hesitation. ìIt was sort of exciting, So different almost like an adventure, Iím not sure that Iím all that worried about another Spanking from your Uncle. The only thing I didnít like was that my Mom was there.î

I had trouble believing my ears, then as I thought about it, she may be right there for sure was a different air and feel to the Spankings that I had received from my Uncle compared to the paddlings at home. I couldnít quite put my finger on it at least not right then and there but there was a difference and I would figure it out I was sure of that.

A few days later we got our chance to get our revenge on Chuck and Brett. Mrs. Carson had taken Christyís brother Michael to an out of town little league tournament for the day.

I knew that this day would come and had on several occasions when Brett and Chuck had committed some minor offense and I had threatened to tell Unc., they had pleaded for mercy and each time I had let them off saying OK guys but one day.... Well today was going to be the day, they had wandered beyond the limits set for them by Unc. by going to a local store.. At first Chuck lied ( big error) then when confronted Brett ( to the annoyance of Chuck) quickly confessed.

At first they were willing to challenge the fairness of a spanking from me for being out of their allowed area and appeal it to my Uncle, then I reminded them of a few facts, number one they had been scolded by him just last night for returning late had been generally rowdy and had been lucky to escape a paddling. ( He had even gotten out the paddle before going soft) and that he would no doubt recall that incident and further I was prepared to mention their recent past behaviors that I had been keeping to myself. They were crushed.... So I thought that would be a good time to lay it on a bit thick. You know guys Unc. Has this strap and I wouldnít doubt that by tonight youíll both be getting your bare bottoms whipped good...and boy does it ever hurt, ohh me does it ever.

I was lying my ass off, I doubted that he even had a strap, even though he had threatened me with one once.

OK Daria, said Chuck weíll take a Spanking from you, Well not so fast buddy I said there will be a few rules changes that you better be aware of, With understandable suspicion he looked at me and said rules changes? what rules changes? I went on First of all the only thing Iíll agree to is that weíll use our hands. WE? What do you mean we ? He sputtered.

If youíll be quiet Iíll tell you, Christy and I are going to administer the spankings on your bare bottoms and give you as many swats as we want. If this is not acceptable to you, no problem you can always get the strap later. ( I was bluffing of course, and would have agreed to different arrangements to get an agreement if necessary, the important thing was to spank these two brats and get revenge)

Seeing no real choice the boys reluctantly agreed. They were sent to their respective rooms as Christy and I went to my room to plot how we would handle this new found and delicious opportunity. We got to laughing and giggling so hard that we had to bury our heads in pillows until we could regain our composure and keep the boys from hearing us. After much effort we pulled ourselves together and developed a plan that was designed to satisfy our desire for revenge and ensure enough embarrassment for the boys to guarantee their silence. ( we were on shaky legal ground with my Uncle and knew it)

At last we were ready, we had deduced that the boys would give us less trouble if they were spanked separately, and that had the twin advantage of their not being a witness for each other if it came to that, and it would be our word against theirs for the specifics and also alone we could focus more attention on each one in turn.

I went to each room, opened the door and instructed the boys to get into their underpants only, closed the door and left. After a few minutes Christy went to Brettís room opened the door and told him to follow her.

Soon an unhappy little boy was standing in my room in his underpants before two revenge minded girls determined to set things right. He was trying to put on a brave front but was clearly concerned, as well he should have been.

Sitting on a straight back chair ( The same one my Uncle had sat on, not too long ago when he spanked me) I ordered Brett to my side, he shuffled over and started to lay across my lap. Not so quick there, lower those shorts, I commanded in my best stern voice, trying not to smile. His shoulders slumped as he lowered his shorts halfway down his bottom.

I then reached over and with my right hand in one quick move pulled those shorts down to below his knees, and with out a word pulled him across my lap. I pulled him close to me to ensure a realization on his part that escape was impossible. I placed my hand on his now pink bottom and patted it a few times, then began slapping a little harder with each swat, careful not to increase the level too much at once, I was looking forward to a long and stingy session for this misbehaving kid. Soon Brett was enduring a very through spanking that in every way satisfied both Christy and my sense of fair play and pay back, he was ushered back to his room with his underpants at half mast and his hands on both bottom cheeks, I donít know what he was such a baby about it sure wasnít the hardest spanking he ever got.

Christy returned with Chuck and soon he was in position and getting his spanking, he did the usual yipping and carrying on through about twenty five spanks but it was soon over and he was sent packing.

A few days later Christys Mother took the boys for the day leaving Christy with me and my Uncle, she was going to stay the night with me and when the boys returned they were scheduled to stay at Christyís house for the night.

Christy and I were lying by the pool getting some sun and talking, Unc. was inside doing what ever, reading , watching TV etc. Christy turned to me and said from her raft ìlets do it.î ìdo what?î ìMy Momís not here now lets get your Uncle to spank us, Iíve been thinking about that and wondering what it would be like.î ìAre you crazy I retorted? No way.î I then remembered what Christy had said several days ago about wondering what a spanking would be like with just us and Unc. no Mom or brothers.

I was having none of it, I had been spanked quite enough as of late and saw no convincing reason to seek out self destruction, it seemed to come easy enough with out effort.

But Christy was persuasive and reminded me of several favors that I owed her, true enough I guessed but that had to be above and beyond any small favors I owed. Well she said Iím going to find out on my own then, She said that later she was going to prod my Uncle a little at a time until either she got him to spank her or, well there really was no other plan. Was I with her or not united in sisterhood in this project of exploration and adventure? Oh shit, I guess I was as long as we didnít push too hard and tried for a minimal spanking for small crimes.

We had pizza that night, Unc. ordered our favorites, nice kids I thought heís trying to make it a pleasant night for us and weíre going to do our best to upset the apple cart for him.

As the night progressed I noticed that Christy was beginning to get a little smart mouth and more difficult, and to my great concern Unc. was getting annoyed. Unc. I think that sensing that the night better short one, we were ordered to get ready for bed at about 8:00 we protested that it was far too early to go to bed, he relented saying that OK if we got into our pajamas now we could stay up another hour and watch TV.

We went to change I hissed at Christy and said ìif you keep this up weíre both going to get spanked tonight,î ìWell thatís the idea isnít itî she retorted? What could I say to that? That was for sure her plan.

Christy had thought this out well and returned in a pair of pajamas that had little bunnies on it for heavenís sake, I half expected to see little feet built into it with a trap door for the bottom, on second thought that might have been perfect for what she had in mind.

So there we were three people all with different thoughts, Unc was relaxing I was worrying and Christy was plotting on how to push but not too far, she wanted to get spanked but not too hard, it was a delicate balancing act with a long fall possible, and I thought bleakly no safety net.

Christy began playing with the dog, an obnoxious dumb but lovable Labrador, she despite my Uncles requests to the contrary, indeed because of his requests kept throwing the dogs ball in the house, then at one point as she was trying to get the ball out of the dogís mouth (Ugh) she stood up, close to my by now agitated Uncle in his recliner. he stood up took her by the arm which surprised us both as I watched transfixed he holding her by the arm, as she was facing me, he said Christy I want this to stop now and gave her five stinging shots to the seat of her bunny jammies. She gave a good performance, hopping a little with each swat and yipping as if her bottom was on fire, what Unc couldnít see was that see was smiling at me the whole time.

As soon as she was release she turned and said in a phony voice to him, Iím sorry, came and sat down by me, ìSatisfiedî I asked? ìNo wayî she snickered ìwatch whatís next,î I groaned.

About fifteen minutes later Christy left the room and came back in, SMOKING a cigarette, I was dumbstruck, ìThanks for the smoke Dariaî she said, smiling at me. I just slid off the couch onto the floor. Unc. reacted as if the house was on fire, he leaped up and grabbed the cigarette from Christyís mouth and threw it into the sink.

A quick question and answer period was underway, but we got to ask zero questions. Yes I admitted the offending cigarettes were mine, and of course I knew I wasnít supposed to have them, and so on. For a few minutes there was so much focused on me I thought Christy might get off scott free and I would be the only one punished, wouldnít that be ripe I thought.

After some fuming, stomping around, yelling and so on, Unc. decided to proceed with our sentences.

We were ordered to my room and placed with our noses in different corners, he left the room with a warning to be quiet and stay in place, a minute later, he returned with a ping pong paddle that might as well have had our names on it.

Christy was first, and soon she was getting her wish, as I watched out of the corner of my eye, across his lap she went and down came the bunny pajamas he took her right arm with his left hand pulled her close and without a warm up or warning brought the paddle down hard, she seemed to jump in his lap an inch or two then gravity pulled her down and back into place, he peppered her bottom with that paddle, and I have to hand it to Christy, she never tried to move or escape, I was sure that she was getting more than she had bargained for and was soon crying and kicking, but she never begged or tried to escape, she hung in there knowing that she had put herself in the position, she had more courage than sense.

With one of her kicks the cursed bunny Pajamas bottoms went flying and landed just behind me. She was sent off to a corner to wait until my sentence was carried out, still minus her bottoms.

Across the familiar knees I went, mentally reevaluating my choices in friends.

My bottoms were of course removed, and Then my paddling started, I was being held the same as Christy, and had no escape. I tried to pull my bottom in against his legs to escape the paddle, this of course made no difference, but I like to do anything I can that makes me feel Iím trying to minimize the punishment.

My legs started kicking and soon my bottoms landed right on top of Christyís , though at the moment I couldnít see that and wouldnít have cared.

He was going to make this a good one and evidently felt that it was proper to paddle his niece harder that the girl from down the street and did so. It felt like my bottom was on fire, and when I thought it would never end it did, I was let up and pointed to a corner and with a swat of the paddle was hurried along.

He walked over to Christy and said, ìso you want to smoke little girl?î and swat , swat swat the paddle landed three more times as she stood in the corner, he then came over to me and I got three more swats with the paddle.

He gave us a lecture on proper conduct and then felt compelled to administer three more swats to us again. With that he said, ìone peep out of either of you tonight and a I come back in here for a repeat performance, now get to bed,î he watched as we flew into bed, not caring one whit about our pajama bottoms.

We cried and sniffled for a while but soon Christy said, ìthat was something wasnít it? Did yours hurt?î ìShut upî I said ìheíll come back in,î ìaww heís gone watching TV he wonít be back she replied weíre safe,î and then she kept talking and wouldnít stop chattering about it, no matter how much I pleaded.

I guess I pleaded too loud or he heard her, the next thing I knew, the door opened Unc. came in and with out a hello or good-bye, pulled down the covers, pulled me out of bed and across his knee and I got ten more swats of the paddle on my still bare bottom, he grabbed Christyís arm stood her up and walked her to Brettís vacant room administering the paddle with each step, the Owws and Ouches faded as they went down the hallway, where she spent the rest of the night in Bretts room.