Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 19:46:12, -0500
Subject: Daria's Computer bill

This should be regarded as a work of fiction and involves spanking, please do not read if that doesnít interest you or you are under eighteen.


After I moved into my own apartment, ( With a roommate) I kept returning to my uncleís to use his computer and write some stories and do my school work. I guess I gave him the impression that I was only doing school work, and he was never really aware of just how large the Prodigy bill had been over the last several months, and to some extent I wasnít either.

How could he not know and pay the bill you ask? Since it was charged to his Visa account, he just paid the account each month and didnít pay attention to the line for the billing, Too bad, maybe if he had he would have mentioned something earlier before it got out of hand, and I could have been more careful, but thatís not the way it worked out Iím afraid, and as a result last night I got a spanking. And I am going to get another one Sunday.

About six weeks ago in a childish fit of annoyance I signed off the network, I told my uncle that I had quit the service and signed us both off, he was fine with that as he almost never uses the computer or the service, I gave him the impression that since I rarely used it the savings would amount to pennies, but as a concerned niece I didnít want to waste his money on the monthly charge. His response was whatever Daria, no problem. As a belated point of honesty I should say that I did know I was spending an excessive amount of time on line and that the charges had too be pretty high, but I never checked, I didnít want to know I guess.

He was equally understanding when I told him that I wanted to reestablish the service two weeks ago, no problem he said, but since you rarely use it will you get any value out of it he ask? Sure I need it for school I said, I knew this would suffice, heís always been very supportive of my school needs.

Maybe I shouldnít have said anything.

After school last night ( Thursday) I went by his house to do a report and if he wasnít around to send out a few E mails and see if any of my old stories have shown up, He wasnít at home and I got on the system and responded to a few E mails spent some time on chat, played some on line checkers ( lost) and then settled in to do some school work.

I noticed a brown folder on top of the computer, but didnít pay it any real attention other than to notice itís presence.

I was half way into my report when I heard his car pull up, the garage door open, and then he came into the house, He gave me a Luke warm greeting, Hi Daria and how are you tonight? Iím fine I said and you? With that out of the way I went back to my typing, with a strangely uncomfortable feeling that not everything was as it should be, his attitude was a little off I thought, but then the impression slipped from my mind and I resumed my report as he settled into his chair across from the TV.

After a minute or two he asked so Daria, how are things going? Fine I said not looking up, School OK? he asked , yeah sure fine I responded. Got everything you need for school?? Sure everything is fine I responded letting a bit of impatience creep into my voice at the constant interruptions.

Does being on line help out? he asked politely, Sure, Sure does I said. But you rarely use it is that right? Thatís right, almost never, I said sharply maybe too sharply I thought.

Hmm.. he said slowly then maybe you would be so kind as to look in the folder on top of the computer and help me understand something.

Huh? I said cleverly reaching for the folder sensing that something was up I almost knew what I was going to find as I took down the folder and opened it. And yep my growing concerns were confirmed, inside were six or seven Visa bills and on each one there was a charge from the on line company circled, November $ 79.21 December $65.97 January $ 85.03 February $ 49.06 I didnít care to look at any more.

Daria, I looked up the billings and almost all the hours are charged to your account with the exception of a few on my account when I was out of town, and I canít wait to hear how rarely using the system can translate into these kind of charges and how I managed to use the system when I was out of town and never signed on my self.

So tell me my young mischievous Niece, how is this all possible?

I was had and we both knew it, I was still reeling from the charges, I knew I had spent some time on the system, but I never thought that it was that much. Over the last ten months I had spent, or more correctly put he had spent over $ 600.

I tried to explain that I had squandered my time on checkers, some time on Chat discussing school work and so on what I didnít mention was these postings and the E mails. And that the time just sort of got away from me and that gee these billings couldnít be right, but even as I said that we both knew they were, and that it was all my fault. And my attempts to try and justify signing on his account went no where.

After I was finished trying to offer up my half hearted explanations, he said in a cold voice, Daria I think you know there isnít anything I wouldnít do for you, Yes I know I piped up and thatís why I love you , and I always.... Quiet Daria he said Iím not finished, as I slumped on the chair, sure I was not going to like the rest of what he had to say. Daria I would as I was saying do any thing for you, but I donít like being lied to or taken advantage of, and I feel that you have done both and honestly my trust in you is shaken.

Golly those words hurt, not only were they true, but I owed him so much, he was the reason I was able to go out of state to school in the first place and he had done so much, he even gave me my little red truck.

We both sat there for a few seconds in silence and then he said in a tone that was clearly showing his feelings were hurt, Daria Iím going to sign off the system and I want your key to the house, you can only come here when I am at home, since itís obvious I canít trust you.

With those words I couldnít contain my self any longer, I started crying, and then sobbing, I lost my composure and ran from the room to my bedroom in the house that I had left a few months ago and still had many of my things, grabbing a teddy bear I threw my self on the bed and started bawling like I was five years old, I was totally miserable.

After a few minutes, he entered the room and sat on the bed and started rubbing my back trying to console me, he said Daria I know youíre upset, but you brought this on yourself by your carelessness and lack of concern, you must realize why I have decided on the steps told you about, I nodded unhappily and through my tears I said I understood, Good then calm down and come back to the living room and weíll finish our discussion and set a schedule when you can come over OK? ok I whined softly.

About ten minutes after he left I went to the bathroom, dried my eyes, washed my face and went in to the living room with a decision to make an alternative proposal.

Uncle Tim, I said softly as I sat down on the sofa across from him, Iím so sorry I let you down, and I feel so bad, is there any way I can restore your faith in me and keep my privileges here?

Well Daria, I think we both know what you let happen was wrong, and Iím sure you will be more careful in the future, but I told you what I think is fair and protects against a reoccurrence, if you have a suggestion Iím willing to listen, but I caution you an apology and promise to do better simply will not suffice.

I knew that.

It had been several months since I had left his house and longer since he had last spanked me, I felt that I was much older and mature now, so the following words were hard to get out and as a result they sputtered out in a blurt.

Canít you just spank me, and let things return to normal Iím so sorry, I wonít let it happen again. He grew thoughtful after a slightly surprised look left his face, this was the first time I had ever ask for a spanking, and I donít think it had occurred to me that I ever would.

Sitting back in his chair he seemed to ponder the suggestion, I kept quiet not wanting to add to my problems and knowing that interrupting him would not help my cause, he sat there for two to three minutes without saying a word, staring at me, I was looking away and then stealing a look at him I quickly looked away again, shamefully and embarrassed.

Then he spoke, OK Daria, I will agree to leaving things as they are, however you will agree to accept punishment as I deem appropriate and without complaint, my decision being final. I gulped, and fidgeted as I nodded my acceptance, Not good enough Daria, I need to hear you say it, do you agree? Yes sir I said, I agree to a spanking.

No Daria, not just a spanking I intend to spank you twice, once for lying and once for taking advantage, do you agree? And be clear in your response. This was more than I expected, but so what, I thought, so he spanks me twice thatís really just one long spanking tonight, so I said I understood and I agreed to two spankings as he saw fit.

As he stood up, so did I and his tone and the mood in the room seemed to change, Daria please close the shades, I went with wooden trembling legs to do as I was told, and returning to stand in front on him, I felt more scared than I remember being for previous spankings I had gotten from him, I was then instructed to take off my jeans, and since they were tight I had to sit on the sofa and remove my tennis shoes, with the shoes removed I stood up and began tugging down my jeans, I turned away from him and with my back to him I lowered my jeans, my panties came half way down and I had to try and keep them up as I lowered my jeans, with them now at my ankles, I was able to stand up and turn around to face him.

At this point all I had on was a T-shirt and a pair of bikini panties, I would have selected different panties had I known I was going to get spanked, but who can predict such things, clearly not me, heck I was ms. casual tonight not even a bra.

He instructed Daria, go to the garage and get the Paddle, and so I padded in my panties and bare feet out to the garage to get the ping pong paddle, I knew which one he was referring to and where it was kept, the paddle and I while not really friends, had meet before on several memorable occasions.

Returning to him, I handed him the paddle, He took it and looking at me he put his hand on my left arm above the elbow and firmly walked me to the edge of the sofa, we stopped at the end of the sofa and he turned me to face the arm and told me to pull down my panties and place my hands on the sofa arm.

I pulled down my panties to almost the bottom of my cheeks and quickly bent over as instructed, Before I realized what was happening he pulled me up and gave me three stinging pops with the paddle, and said in an annoyed voice, Daria you know darn well that I expect your panties to be at least at your knees, now get them down there at once or this will be a longer night than you want.

Well it was already a longer night that I wanted, but I knew what he meant and so I put my fingers in to the waist band of the panties and lowered them past my knees to ensure compliance and no further problem, and with knees knocking I bent back over, as I felt the panties slid the rest of the way to my ankles.

He placed his left hand on my back just above my bottom and began the paddling, He gave my bottom a few gentle pats with the paddle and then as was some times his custom, the first few real swats were stingers but not delivered nearly as hard as what was to follow.

I was going to try and be as brave as I could, but the sixth or so swat was one of the first real hard ones and I yelped and tried to stand up, but his hand on my back kept me in place, soon the paddle was descending in a regular pattern, he was taking his time the cadence was slower than usual and every four seconds or so my butt was struck by the paddle, which was just enough time for the sting to subside before then swat drove me forward.

This was the first time I had been spanked by him standing up and I didnít like it one bit, when I get spanked over the knee I can try and hold on to the legs of the chair, dig my toes into the ground, or wiggle in an effort to maintain my self through the spanking, none of this was possible, I could only lean on the sofa and try and bear the sting of the paddle.

I started swaying from side to side, until he placed his hand on my waist and pulled me close to him and made movement difficult, which I appreciated as this meant he was holding me in place and required less self restraint on my part.

The swats were hitting for the most part on the lower part of my bottom, and then he began moving up and centering the swats on the center of my tail as he settled in and picked up the pace, I was yelping and crying as the paddle smacked and slapped against my fanny, I felt like I was ten years old and totally controlled by an adult that was determined to administer a total punishment of spanking.

By the twenty fifth or so swat I was cautioned to keep my feet on the ground as I had started raising my right leg up in an attempt to try and shield my tail which was on fire, So warned I stopped this vain effort and knowing that my punishment was almost over I gripped the cloth of the sofa and held on until the spanking was over.

As he started to release me I began to straighten up, Daria he said, you can stay right there for a few seconds and reflect on your deeds and this punishment, and so there I remained for almost two minutes, bent over the sofa still crying, naked from the waist down and my red bottom stuck out on display.

Now he said, stand up and I did so remaining in place, Now pull up your panties and stand in front of the sofa, and following his orders with the care of a simon says game I did as I was told.

I was then given permission to put on my jeans, and as I was pulling the too tight jeans up and trying to get them past my blistered bottom with all the care possible, he said be here at 10:00 Sunday morning for your 2nd spanking. I was so surprised that I actually lost my balance, as I was one foot when he dropped this bomb shell, down I went onto the sofa and with my jeans now slipping down to my knees I cried out what? what did you say? I sat down heavily and just as quickly yelped and popped back up and the jeans went to my ankles, as I looked at him in horror as what he had said sunk in, and I remembered that I had agreed to two spankings.

I pulled my self together and left the house a few minutes later, I sat gently in the truck all the way back to my apartment and was grateful that my roomie was not home and I was able to take my hot tail to bed, after an examination in the mirror that confirmed one red splotched tail.

I came back here to night to write this up and post it, he wonít be back until late to night and since actually posting this takes very little time Iíll be ok.

Well Iíll be ok until Sunday morning

As I write this it is, now Tuesday evening and I can once again sit comfortably, and so will take a few minutes to complete the story of the computer on line bill.


It was finally Sunday Morning, and as I left my apartment, to drive over to my Uncleís I was dreading the next hour, the sting had finally left my bottom on Saturday after the Thursday night Spanking and here I was going back for the second installment of the debt I had incurred.

At least this time I was better prepared, I had on a pair of panties that would offer some better protection, if I was going to be allowed as I sometimes am to leave them on and I was wearing a comfortable pair of shorts that could be removed if necessary, and I suspected that it just might be necessary and a very large over sized white college T- shirt, and once again no bra.

At least in an hour it would be over and my weekend of waiting and worrying was almost complete, and then things could get back to normal.

I arrived at 9:45 , 15 minutes early for my appointment, I didnít think I would earn extra points for being late, or at least not the kind of points that I wanted to earn.

I entered the house and as I did I heard voices in the back by the pool ( Sorry about the cold weather in the rest of the country itís beautiful in Arizona ) Going through the house I went out the sliding glass doors that lead to the pool, Uncle was sitting there with Mrs. Carson from down the street and her daughter Christy, who you might remember as my sometimes mate in trouble.

They were just chatting, no specifics of any sort were being discussed, everyone was so friendly and happy, it was almost surreal, here they were sitting around the pool in their swim suits enjoying them selves laughing and having a good time on a nice Sunday morning with out a care in the world, and I was here to get a spanking.

As I sat down on one of the pool lounge chairs and every one was saying hello to me, Mrs. Carson, Said to me, so I havenít seen you for a while what are you doing here? Been spanked lately? I couldnít believe what I had just heard, I could feel my face flush and turn red with embarrassment, but in the bright sun I donít think any body noticed.

I was trying to sputter out an answer when Uncle saved what was left of my damaged pride, by saying No not at all Daria has been doing very well on her own she just came by to say hi to her poor old Uncle, isnít that right Daria? Ah ya thatís right, how are you doing? I finally blurted out.

And the conversations turned back to the nothing as it had been when I had entered, Mrs. Carson stretched out on a lawn sofa and seemed to be settling in for the summer, Christy get me a coke will you? she ask he daughter who promptly got up went to the ice chest and removed a soda for her Mom.

I couldnít believe it, were they never going to leave?, and my uncle was acting like it was no big deal and there was no hurry and the day could just take itís course. He knew why I was there at that specific time, he had told me to be here at ten for my second spanking, this delay was just so unfair, I could feel the blood turning hot in my veins as I waited and got madder and madder, I mean it was so inconsiderate.

I could feel my politeness start to slip away by the second, and I starting giving smart short answers when I was ask a question, I knew I was being impolite, but I just couldnít help it, I was wired with anticipation and my nerves were starting to short circuit. After a few minutes of this I sensed Mrs. Carson look at me over her sunglasses with a slight frown, but I kept going.

Finally poor Mrs. Carson made some comment about the diet she had been on and the weight she had lost, I snorted out , not loudly mind you, yeah right you should get a refund.

Iím not sure she heard me but I know my uncle did, by the way he shifted in his chair, and turned to look at me, a move I caught out of the side of my eye and acted like I didnít see it. My mind yelled at me stop Daria youíre getting in deep, but my mouth paid no heed, and kept rolling.

After about five more minutes of childish comments, some of which had brought giggles and a few cracks of her own from Christy, Mrs. Carson got up and said with an icy voice, I think weíll come back another day when you feel better Daria. Come on Christy she said to her daughter, and Iíve had about enough of your smart mouth also, as she gave Christy a sharp swat on the seat of her bikini bottoms bringing a yelp of surprise from my friend.

My Uncle and I sat there a for a few seconds after they left, with out a word being spoken, then as I turned on my seat to face him, it dawned on me that I might have gone too far. Opps I thought.

Slowly he got up and heading to the house, he said follow me, smart mouth. Opps seemed to just about cover it all right.

I knew that I was about to get my spanking.

As I walked behind him my stomach was starting itís usual act of knotting up and I could hear the blood rush in my ears and my knees turn weak, nothing more than the usual. We entered the house, he stopped by the kitchen counter and picked up a small envelope that had my name on it and handed it to me.

Daria he said before you open that you should know that your little act out there changes everything, but first I want you to read that. I opened the envelope and unfolded the small letter and read. And it said.

Dear Daria

I just wanted to know that I was impressed that you took your spanking so well the other night, and I think youíve learned your lesson, that you may regard this card as a get out of a spanking free card. Thus no spanking, For you today.

Uncle Tim

I had blown it again, had I just kept my mouth shut and shown some indications that I knew how to behave around others, I would have gotten off scott free, but no, not me I just have to keep digging the hole deeper all the time. Smart girl I thought to my self.

He took the letter from me, while I shuffled my feet in embarrassment and looked at the floor. Daria he said, your behavior out there was disgraceful, If you were ten years old I would expect better, what got into you?

I tried to explain that it was my nervousness about the spanking that caused me to be impatient, and that I was really sorry. He responded Well I have to tell you young lady that you just worked your self back into a spanking and for no good reason other than a general lack of manners. Yes sir I said softly.

Daria one of the most common of courtesies is that you donít hurt other peoples feelings, itís inexcusable, I know, I said as the tears started to come.

He went on since your manners were less than what one might expect from a ten year old, thatís how you will be punished, do you have any thing you want to say? I looked at him through my tear filled eyes and could only shake my head slightly from side to side indicating that I did not.

I was ordered to a corner in the living room, as I stood with my nose six inches from the wall I heard my uncle close the blinds, which offered privacy and reduced the noise of the playing children outside, their happy sounds were a sharp contrast to the emotions I was feeling at that time.

I sensed him standing a few feet behind me and then after a short few seconds he spoke. Ok little girl letís see if we can get you attitude and manners back in place, shall we?

Remove your shorts, fold them and place them on that chair over there by the door. Slowly I took down my shorts, walked over to the chair and put them on the arm, and then walked over to my uncle and stood three feet in front of him waiting to be told what to do next.

Shaking his head, and saying you never quite listen all the way do you little girl?, he took me by the left arm turned me half way and swatted my bottom four times and said, I told you to fold those shorts didnít ? Now do it. I moved quickly to the chair and folded them as I had been told.

Daria he said you need to listen when youíre told something, you are not the most important person on the planet and when others speak it might just be worth your while to listen. And with that I was turned again and given another four reminders to listen. With each of the pops to my fanny I arched my back and pulled my tail in as if to avoid the swats, but of course that did no good what so ever.

I was then given a series of instructions to follow, I was so dismayed that I had to ask to have several parts repeated. And was directed back into the same corner in the living room.

While I stood in the there, I had to lower my panties to my knees, I was then given the phone and dialed Mrs. Carsonís number. As I stood in the corner with my panties beginning to slide to my ankles and with my now slightly red bottom on display I waited for the phone to be answered, and as my luck would have it Christy said Hello? Uh hi Christy is your mom there I need to talk to her?

Daria is that you ? What happened? Want to go to the mall later?

Gee no Christy Iím sort of busy I said trying not to let my emotions come through is your Mom there?


Christy, please is she there?

Well maybe, want me to look? I resisted the desire to say something smart with Uncle standing right there I knew it would be disastrous to be a smart mouth right then.

Yes, Please, Christy. After a short silence Mrs. Carson came on the line and I began my assigned lines. Mrs. Carson I want to apologize for my actions earlier, I am very sorry, it was the behavior of a spoiled child. I would like you to come down and be here for my spanking. Will you please?

Why yes I will, she responded with what seemed like an air of satisfaction.

I went on, as I had been instructed, would you also please stop at the tree in my Uncleís front yard and break off a switch ? Once again she said she would, we said good-bye, and I gave the phone back to my uncle and my nose found itís place in the corner once more.

While I stood there, he went about his business, ignoring me as we both waited for Mrs. Carsonís arrival, after about ten minutes the door bell rang he open the door and greeted her as she entered, leaving the door open far longer than I felt they needed to, If anyone was watching from the street they couldnít help notice me on display with my bottom exposed as the T-shirt went only half way down my backside.

As the door closed I was told to turn around and greet our guest, I did so following my previous instructions and said, thank you for coming I would appreciate it if you would help with my spanking to make up for my rudeness earlier. I noticed the switch she had broken off the tree it was two and a half to three feet long, and was dismayed at how easily she seemed to handle it.

No problem Daria, she responded, I would be happy to assist. As I stood there waiting for my next instruction.

I was then told to get a chair from the den, a rather large, heavy straight back thing that has on several occasions served the same purpose it was about to fulfill again. As I was leaving the room and while I was gone to get the chair they engaged in a short strategy session to seal my fate and decide how to handle matters.

I placed the chair in the center of the living room as instructed, and stood behind the tall back of the chair with the seat facing them as if to hide myself as long as possible from the inevitable.

Ah we are missing something arenít we Daria? My Uncle observed. And so through the house, out the utility room and into the garage I went once again padding along in my bare feet wearing only a T-shirt to retrieve the ping pong paddle that was soon to paddle my bottom.

Returning I handed the paddle to my Uncle who took it by the handle, and me by the left elbow. I was led to the front on the chair and stood at his right side as he sat down. He then patted his knee signaling me to place my self across his lap for my spanking. Doing as I was told I placed my hands on his left leg and lowered my self into position.

Well little girl youíve developed quite a smart mouth today, havenít you? When I didnít answer he gave me three swats with his hand that made me wince, and said I ask you a question little girl, what do have to say? Iím sorry, I said softly, Iíll be more careful in the future. Iím sure you will he replied and Iím going to make sure you leave here with something to remember and a reason to watch that mouth of yours. And with that the paddle came down five quick stinging times. POP POP POP POP, OWWwie I cried out, POP Do you understand he ask? Yes sir I whimpered with a shaky voice I understand.

And with that the paddling started for real, The next swats of the paddle as best as I could tell and remember landed square dead center on the middle of my tail, with each swat building on the heat from the previous swat. After the next three had landed I began wiggling on his lap, and kicking my feet a few inches off the ground.

Whap Whap POP OOOwww NOOoo that hurts please, Iím sorry and I kept wiggling until he told me to raise my right arm and then taking me by the wrist he pulled me close to him eliminating my wiggle room. I began digging my toes into the carpet to try and maintain myself control and stay in position.

The paddling was now at a slower regular cadence that was just enough time to anticipate the next swat before it arrived. and the POP and my squeal of discomfort that followed each swat. POP POP POP I began raising and lowering my bottom between swats of the paddle a few inches, until I was warned to settle down or the punishment would start all over, I stopped doing that and between the pops of the paddle I gripped and UN gripped the legs of the chair and tried to pull forward to no avail. POP SPLAT POP POP The sting seemed to cover my butt like a blanket of bees. I was the sorriest little girl in Arizona at that moment.

Finally the paddling was over and I was allowed to raise my self up, I stood before them, crying and trying to blubber out that I was sorry and that it would never happen again, my hands were covering my face as I cried and I pushed back my hair that was getting in my tear stained face. I then still standing in front of them waiting to be told to go to my room or a corner, I was unsure which it would be, I started rubbing the cheeks of my bottom with both hands long having forgotten about any silly modesty concerns.

At that point he took he by the arm again, pulling one hand away from itís duties of bottom rubbing and turned me around to face the seat of the chair, I was puzzled by this for a second until I saw Mrs. Carson with the switch come forward and I was ordered by him to place my hands on the seat of the chair, I then realized that I was about to get a switching from her. The tone in my Uncleís voice was such that even though I was afraid and wanted to run out the front door, I did as I was told immediately.

I grabbed the edge of the chair seat as he was warning me to not move or resist under any circumstances. Iíll try I said through tears of pain and fear of what was to come, You do better than try little girl, said my Uncle.

She moved into position about two feet away from me and to my left, She patted my fanny two or three times with the switch and then as I could sense it before it hit, the switch came down and caught me on my upper legs just below my bottom, I squealed with pain and thrust my bottom to the right, but never lost my grip on the chair, My uncle who was standing on the other side pushed me back into place and as soon as I was properly aligned the switch came down on the much punished center of my bottom THACK THACK two times very quickly.

I still holding onto the chair hopped up with my feet almost leaving the ground, Because of the angle I was at, my T-shirt was now bunched around my head and I was naked from the neck down, a fact that for me at the moment was of no consequence or interest to me.

She now placed her hand on my back to keep me down and again THACK THACK the switch descended on my bottom causing a burn that was almost too much to bear, as I was bent over, waiting for the next swat, She said I think thatís enough, Daria have you learned your lesson? OOHH yes maíam,, I have I really have, please no more Iím sorry Iím so sorry.

My Uncle took me by the arm and walked me to the corner once more, giving me a swat with his hand almost every step of the way, SLAP SLAP SLAP, well little girl have we learned any thing to day? YES Sir, I blubbered I wonít be a smart mouth I promise.. I was placed in the corner and got five more hand spanks before he was satisfied.

I was made to stand in the corner for about ten humiliating minutes as a bad little girl might be, before I was told to take the chair back to itís place and return to the living room, at which time I had to apologize again and was allowed to go to my room.

A few minutes later Mrs. Carson left, and I went to the bathroom fifteen minutes after that when I was able to settle down, to examine the damage, needless to say my tush was red from the paddling, but I could make out where each and every one of the swats with the switch had landed. As I rubbed lotion on to the damaged area I reflected to my self that if necessary I would tape my mouth shut the next time I felt the urge to make a smart comment.