Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 19:46:48, -0500
Subject: Christy's Viewpoint

This is a work of fiction and should be regarded as the sick wanderings of a deranged mind. It has teenage spankings, please donít read if that offends you.

This is a continuation of sorts, of the story Continued adventures, which is a continuation of the story Daria the boys and me. Confused yet? Good, thatís two of us. This is told from my friend Christys view point, hence the title.


The next morning Mom came down to collect me and of course brought Dariaís miserable cousins with her. while I got my things ready Mom and Dariaís Uncle talked for a while, as Mom and I were walking down the street to our house Mom said, ìI know what happened last night and the spanking you got,î I cringed expecting the next words to be about the spanking she was going to give me when we got home, but to my surprise Mom said, ìsince that last spanking he gave you, your attitude has turned around, and was far more effective than any spanking Iíve administered I believe that weíll let him just continue to give you spankings when you need it.î

On one hand the thought of having Dariaís Uncle come down and blister my bottom at Momís beck and call was a bit unnerving, on the other hand I was still intrigued by the thought of being spanked by him again, even after the paddlings we got the previous night.

After some thought I decided that it was inevitable that I was going to get some spankings as that was the only way Mom would feel that I was on the straight and narrow, and that being the case I might as well pick the time and place and have some fun doing the things I wanted to, if the out come was going to be the same. It might be this attitude that keeps Daria shaking her head and calling me a brat, ahh what the heck she needs to loosen up, the girl is too worried about her Uncle, We can have fun, and if we get caught, a spanking is only a temporary inconvenience, that soon passes.

Besides even the spankings arenít all that bad, I thought is was kind of cute the way Daria's Uncle led me down the hall way to the vacant room swatting my bottom with that paddle all the way , it didnít hurt nearly as much as Daria thought, I was yelping mostly for effect, I was moving from side to side so much he never got a clean swat in, I wonít say the paddling before that didnít hurt because it did, but I survived didnít I?

Two days later, when her Unc, was at work I started trying to soften up Daria to some fun, ìLetís invite some boys over here, and go swimming I know two who can be here in a few minutes,î ìNo wayî Daria said ìUnc. would kill me, and thatís final.î

About ten minutes later the door bell rang, Daria said ìI wonder who that is,î I responded ìI suspect that itís Ray and Joey I invited them over,î Dariaís look could have killed, but as I knew she would, she let them in, as she never can say no and is ever the gracious hostess, even when it means trouble for her and they were cute.

Soon I was in the pool with Joey, and were playing grab ass, he was trying to playfully get my top off and I figured with a bit more effort I might just let him. Daria was standing by the pool trying to carry on a conversation with Ray and looking worried at the empty beer cans from her Uncleís refrigerator on the ground.

As fate, and Dariaís luck ( Daria has the worst luck Iíve ever seen, poor girl canít get away with anything) Up pulls her Uncle, he gets to the back yard with out our noticing, One roar from him and the boys are scattering and weíre left to deal with the consequences.

He never even ask what was going on, all the facts he needed were evident, we were soon back in the house, he sent us to Dariaís room to get dressed, we were told to come back out in cotton panties with no other protection, I had to borrow a pair from Daria, soon we were back in the living room, both clad only in the thin white cotton panties and T shirts and our toes digging nervously in the carpet as we waited for his instructions.

I was sent to close the blinds in the front living room and Den section that faced the pool and backyard while Daria was dispatched to fetch the by now famous if not worn ping pong paddle having these tasks accomplished to his satisfaction he was ready to begin.

This time Daria was chosen to go first, he walked her over to the counter between the kitchen and back living room and placed her against the counter, he then stood back a foot or so and taking hold of her panties at the waist pulled up hard on the back forcing her onto her toes and stretching the material to the max. the panties rode into the crack of her bottom and conformed to the shape of her fanny as if they had been molded on. I watched in fascination as he told her to place her hands on the counter palms down, which she did. Still holding onto the panties and keeping her on her toes, he picked up the paddle and in a full swing made contact with her bottom, if it were possible she went up even more on her toes and then down , he tugged her back up and onto her toes once again and slapped the paddle against her bottom once more, with the same result after about five more of these, Daria was beginning to stay on her toes by leaning forward onto the counter.

As he continued pulling on the shorts two things happened, one expected and one not, Dariaís bottom cheeks became visible and some of the areas where the paddle had landed were now visible revealing red areas, as he kept pulling on the thin cotton panties they became more and more stretched and as the paddling continued, the stretching grew, and then all at once, Daria seemed to slid down and his left hand rose, the fabric had given away under the strain and the waist band had separated from the rest of the panties through most of the back.

In confusion Daria stood up, as she did so he let go of the waist band and the panties simply fell to her ankles, not one to let such inconveniences bother him, her Uncle took her left arm and pulled her back against the counter and prepared to resume the paddling, her bottom now fully exposed was red on both her bottom cheeks and showing every sigh of a sound spanking.

The paddle cracked against her bottom and I watched as an area turned pale and then reddened, as the next swat was delivered. Soon she began raising one leg and then the other. And blubbering promises of better behavior, I had to admire the fact that at no time did she try to push the blame where it belonged (on me).

Then it was my turn, as Daria stood where I had been. I was taken and placed in the same manner, Her Uncle announced that to keep things fair after a similar number of swats, my shorts would be removed and the rest would be on my bare bottom just as Daria got. he grabbed the waist band and up on my toes I went, the material was stretched over my fanny as it had been Dariaís.

The paddle came down hard and I understood why Daria had surged forward and despite the fact that I tried to learn from her mistakes the same thing happen to me as I went onto the counter and back down again. As soon as I was flatfooted, he took a different tact, with several very quick extra hard swats, he said get back up on your toes now, Christy giving the waist band only a gentle tug and me no real help. Doing as I was told I now found my self against the counter and leaning forward.

In quick succession the paddle fell more five times, it was so fast that he could not have pulled it back all the way, the swats almost felt like one extended swat the sting one large sting, then the pace slowed and the paddle fell with a steady pattern, each swat bearable but the cumulative total almost too much.

I was reminded to get back on my toes, with a gentle tug on my panties and I pulled back up for five more swats, then while I was still on my toes, he took the panties by the part he was holding onto and pulled them down without a word, to my knees, even though I should have expected this, I was so surprised that I came down off my toes and placed my hand on my bottom in a reflex action. ìNot so fast there Christy,î he said, ìback on your toes and across the counter,î and so I went as he directed.

I reached over the counter and held on to the other edge for support as he proceeded to paddle my bare bottom.

The paddle stung so much when it struck, that it seemed almost impossible to endure another swat, I was crying and moving my hips in a foolish effort to avoid the paddle. Then it was over.

Daria was drying her eyes and I was blubbering, when I calmed down, her uncle still making us stand there in only our T-shirts lectured us for a while and then we were sent to Dariaís room, I found changing to be a delicate process when it came to my bottom.

If youíre wondering, my behavior was modified for a few days only, this made Daria so mad she threatened to spank me herself Hmm..... have to think about that one.