From: (Daria Little)
Subject: Christy's Summer with Daria
Date: 4 May 1996 21:19:00 GMT

This is a fictional story involving Spanking, Please don’t read if your are under eighteen or not interested in the subject.

This is written from CHRISTYšS VIEWPOINT, and takes place the summer following the one I spent with my Uncle in Arizona when I was sixteen.


During the summer Daria spent with her uncle, she and I became close friends and stayed in touch by both letter and phone, (maybe too much phone, one rather large unexpected bill earned me a spanking, but that's a story for another day).

As the next summer approached Daria and I hatched a plan to try and have me spend the summer with her in California, I had never been to California and with the thought of the beaches, Disneyland, Magic Mountain and my mind was running wild. I was almost frantic to make this work out and so, after much whining by Daria and myself to our parents it became a done deal.

I was to fly out two weeks after school let out and stay for six glorious weeks, when the time came I was so excited that I didn't listen to any of Mom's instructions or concerned talks to behave I was focused only on getting to California and the fun, and believe me compared to spending a hot dusty summer in Arizona I was sure that I was going to have an unforgettable summer.

I arrived at the big Los Angeles airport on a Saturday morning, Daria, her younger sister Bonnie and her parents picked me up and we drove to their house in Santa Monica an large place only a few blocks from the ocean.

I got settled in, I was to share Dariašs room After putting my clothes in the closet and some dresser drawers that Daria had cleared out for me, we went down stairs for lunch. It was clear from the conversation at the table that Bonnie had gotten into some trouble and was the recent recipient of some sort of punishment but the talk was too vague for me to be sure what had happened or what the punishment had been, and to be honest I wasnšt really paying too much attention. I was focused of getting to the beach, and making some new friends.

Dariašs father was a really nice person and was warm in his welcome and made sure that I understood that during my stay I was both a member of the family and a guest and could expect to have an excellent time in California, He explained that since I was staying for six weeks I would have a few chores assigned to me but otherwise I was free to enjoy the summer and have a good time within the bounds of reason as he put it, with a smile that indicated to me that he understood teenagers.

Daria and I went up stairs, changed and started for the beach being as cool as we could be, secure in the knowledge that no where on the planet were there two more kewl or attractive Beach Bunnies as we laughingly referred to ourselves. We were hot, seventeen and going into our senior years of High School soon. Hot hell we were untouchable we were so hot. But I wasnšt going to be too untouchable that summer if you get my drift. Bonnie had wanted to go, but it seemed that due to some infraction she was on restriction for the rest of the day, which was fine with us.

As I stood on the beach looking at the water the lifeguard and the guys playing volleyball I knew that this was going to be a fun time, I slowly, ever so slowly started taking down my shorts to reveal a tiny string bikini that caused Daria to gasp in surprise, your mother lets you wear that she asked? nearly in a state of shock, I smiled back at her as I replied in an amused manner, why no she doesnšt , but what she doesnšt know wonšt hurt her will it?

The tease had the hoped for effect, several guys were staring my way as I took off my white T-shirt revealing a top that wasted no more material than the bottom. Daria was smiling now, mostly in admiration of my nerve, something she never has had an excess of despite all the trouble she seems to get into, or maybe because of all the trouble she lost her nerve, well either way not me, this was my chance on the California beach and I was not going to waste it by being shy.

I soon had a number of cute guys hanging around me, as I played it cool and tried to be coy, but inside I was dancing for joy, this was working out better than I had hoped for. The afternoon passed and finally Daria was able to drag me away from the beach and the boys, she seemed worried as we got home but other than a disapproving look from her Mother for being late nothing was said.

The next day went much the same, we had been told to be home at five and her Dad was going to take us out to dinner, unfortunately due to our getting home late ( oh all right it was my fault) we didnšt leave on time and had to rush through dinner and just made the show. As we headed home her Dad said Daria thatšs twice in two days youšve been late, I donšt expect it to happen again soon, do you understand?

Daria looked at me in the dark of the car and gulped, yes sir she responded. I knew from the expression on her face and the way he had said it what was meant as surely as if he had spoken the words. Any more tardiness and there would be a spanking. I looked out the window of the car and thought to myself, I wonder if he would spank me also, I wasnšt sure but I suspected that he would if he were anything like her Uncle in Arizona. And then I wondered how I felt about that, getting spanked by Dariašs Dad, I admit I felt a cold chill of excitement as well as a shiver of nerves at the thought. Of one thing I was sure, I wasnšt about to let the possibility of a spanking keep me from enjoying the summer.

We made sure we arrived on time the next day and the next, and it seemed that all was forgotten. That Saturday evening a beach party was planned by the group of Dariašs friends that we had been hanging with, Her Dad was not receptive to the notion of our staying out until eleven that night on the beach as we had asked but finally agreed to ten if we were promptly back at that time. We assured him that we would be home on time.

I had been wondering about what it would be like to get spanked by her Dad, a few days after I had arrived Bonnie got into more trouble, she was going through a rocky period I think. I listened from our room ( Daria was out some where else) as Bonnie was first lectured and then spanked in her room next door, I was able to hear almost every thing, He had sent her to her room with instructions to be in the corner when he got there, a few minutes later he arrived, I listened as he told her to come over to him and take down her jeans. Soon I heard the spanking start, and Bonnie crying. I couldnšt be sure if it was bare bottom or not, but from the sound of the claps that came from the room I thought it probably was, and as I listened I couldnšt help thinking of what it would be like to be the one getting the spanking.

Would I cry as much as bonnie? I doubted it she sounded like a baby in there, she had started crying before the spanking had even started.

When we left that evening for the beach party I knew that there was going to be liquor there and thought Daria did as well, after all these were her friends she knew them better than I did, but it seemed that there were a few things they didnšt tell her.

One thing led to another and soon the party was underway and we were in the middle of the action, at first there were bottles of coke being passed around that had been opened and small quantities of rum or Jack Danielšs put in, Daria was one of the targets of these surprise packages, she reacted as you might suspect, at first she didnšt realize what was happening and then when it became clear to her that she was getting tipsy she got the giggles and was having a great time.

To make a too long story short we headed back at twelve thirty in the morning laughing all the way as we walked up to the house all the lights were on in the front and there stood her Mom and Dad looking like two pissed off parents, and I guess they were.

We went into the house and her dad made us stand in the living room while he started to give us a lecture on getting home on time. He was just getting started when he looked at Daria with mounting suspicion and then drew closer and smelled her breath, Youšve been drinking he announced as if she were the first girl on the planet to ever do so, and he turned to me and didnšt have to even smell my breath he could see it in my eyes as he exclaimed and you too Christy. I smiled in a self conscious sort of way which only confirmed for him our guilt.

It was at that point that her Mother tried to take our towels that had been wrapped around our upper bodies since as she put it we were getting sand on the carpet, we both resisted giving up our towels and despite her requests we held onto them, her Father stopped the lecture now becoming ticked off over our stubborn failure to surrender the towels and reached over and simply took Dariašs from her shoulders, was he one surprised Daddy to see his daughter standing there now Bare from the waist up, I heard her mother give a gasp of shock as I joined her in partial nudity by taking off my towel and handing it to her Dad, I was also topless.

We had lost our tops in a volley ball game with some of the guys, ( I suspect it was a rigged game) and while we would get them back tomorrow that was of no help that night or consolation to her Father.

We both stood there watching her parents faces change colors and expressions, I looked at Daria now sober as she could be and she too had some facial expression flexibility as she was also demonstrating, later we had some good laughs about that moment, but at the time there was no laughter. I was beginning to realize that we would get a spanking for this and it was too late for much talk.

Her Dad now having settled on one color for his face, a dull throbbing red as I remember, ordered us to bed and said he would deal with us the next day. Relived to be released we scampered away still topless and up the stairs to her room, we didnšt talk to much that evening we were too tired from the booze, the late hour and all the fun we had earlier and soon we fell asleep.

As I woke up I smelled the breakfast cooking and rolled over in bed to face Daria she was also just waking up, we looked at each other and smiled acknowledging the evening before. Daria spoke first hešs pissed you know, I nodded I know, I said. Wešre going to get spanked she went on and I nodded once again I figured that, I said.

We had been so tired the night before that we had taken off our swim suit bottoms and collapsed on the bed, we were both nude as we stumbled to the bathroom mirror to see what we looked like in the day. Maybe we should go down stairs like this and get our spankings over with now I suggested playfully to Dariašs annoyance.

No Daria said Dad will do this in his own way and as he sees fit all we can do is try and make the situation as bearable as possible and not make things worse. Since it was Sunday it was traditional in the house to be casual, the usual dress was pajamas and robes until mid morning, so Daria and I got into our pajamas and put on robes and went down stairs to face the music. We sat down at the table, her Dad wasnšt there, her Mom brought out the biscuits and we ate like we like food was a long lost friend. Daria asked wherešs Dad? He went fishing with some friends dear hešll be back later but after you finish breakfast I have a message from him for you actually for both of you she said looking at me. We put our heads down and concentrated on the food each of us wondering to themselves what the message was, but we both supposed we could guess.

After the meal was over and the dishwasher was whirring away she summoned us to the living room. As you two can guess you are in deep trouble with Dariašs father she said looking at me, I looked back careful to remain expressionless.

You will both spend the day in the house in your pajamas doing chores around the house when he gets back you will both get a spanking and I assure you it will be one to remember he is ticked and you better hope he cools off. But Mom, Daria whined you mean we have to stay in our pajamas all day? What if Bonnie has friends over, it will be so embarrassing, Tough was her motheršs not overly sympathetic answer you two embarrassed us last night and that was no big deal to you then, so today you get what you deserve.

Now get back upstairs take off those robes I have work for two disobedient children. Doing as we were told we were soon managing through a few chores, but Dariašs mother grew tired of watching us and we drifted away to Dariašs room and lay down on our beds. Daria I asked what will your Dad do? Hešs going to spank us, silly, she responded. I know that I mean how will he do it? She looked at me with a blank expression, so I went on Will he use a paddle? She responded I think so though he might use a strap that he threatens me with every now and then, I guess it depends on how mad he is. And I think hešs pretty mad.

Will he put us across his knee? I asked wanting to know more. Maybe, I think so, that is usually how I get spanked. Sometimes I have to bend over and others I lay across the bed, but usually itšs over his knee. Will it be on our pajama bottoms? I doubt it she replied I sometimes get to keep my panties or pajama bottoms up but I suspect hešll try and make an impression this time and that for him will mean on the bare bottom.

I rolled over and stared at the ceiling and thought about what was coming, I was going to get a bare bottom spanking from a man I had meet just a week earlier, it was a strange feeling, I could feel a nervous tingling running up and down my body as I reflected on the upcoming spanking. Are you scared I asked? Some she responded, you? Išm not sure I replied honestly.

We lay on our beds for a while contemplating our immediate futures, another question occurred to me, does he spank harder than your uncle? I asked, Since we had both been spanked by her uncle I thought this might help gauge what we were in store for. Yes usually Daria answered but for the most part the real difference is in the way he handles the punishments. What do you mean how he handles the punishments I ask raising my self on one elbow to get a better look at her when she answered. I never got my answer from her, it was at that moment her dadšs car pulled up and we heard the front door open.

Itšs almost show time Daria said with a strained look on her face that caused my stomach to knot up with the realization that the spankings were getting close.

A half hour passed as we waited finally we heard some one coming up the stairs, the door opened and Dariašs mom announced that we were to go to her dadšs study and that if we had any protection on other than our pajamas we had better take it off now. Slowly with trembling fingers Daria and I lowered our pj bottoms removed then stepped out of our panties and back into the bottoms while her mom watched.

Daria knocked on the door of the study and after a moments delay we heard her dad say come in, which we timidly did. He was standing by his desk and as we entered I noticed a paddle laying on the desk, it appeared to be about a foot long with a handle at the end, it was thin and had a definite wicked look.

Girls Išll cut the lecture short, you both know what you did was wrong and I donšt intend to ignore it, Daria you have no choice youšre going to get a spanking, Christy you do have a choice you can take the same as Daria or Išll drive you to the airport and put you on a plane back to Arizona this afternoon, your choice.

I had an out and for a second I felt relived until I realized that I didnšt really have a choice, if I went home now I would get a spanking from Mom or Dariašs uncle and anyway and I would miss out on my California summer. So with a gulp and a slight grimace I told him I would take the same as Daria. The same as Daria means a spanking do you realize that he asked? Yes sir I do I responded.

With no more formalities he sat on the chair and motioned Daria forward towards him, she went over and stood to his right and with out being told she placed herself across his knees. He reached over to the desk and took the paddle in his hand and placed the business end on her bottom and gave her a few pats with it as he lectured us both for a minute or so. He was not as mad as last night he seemed almost clinical in his handling of the spankings and in a way this concerned me even more.

I watched mesmerized as he brought the paddle back about two feet from Dariašs butt and gave her a quick WHACK, She didnšt make a sound, and then WHACK WHACK WHACK three more swats landed, Daria made a soft sound with the last swat of the paddle but I couldnšt make out what she had said. WHACK WHACK WHACK and now I could see Daria was crying. And this worried me, Daria and I had gotten spanked together several times by her uncle and I knew that if she was crying so early in the spanking then that paddle must really sting. WHACK WHACK WHACK and the spanking went on as Daria twisted on her Dadšs lap and kicked her feet.

Daddy Išll be good she cried in an almost little girl voice, I had been spanked on more than one occasion at the same time as Daria by her Uncle and I never heard her slip into a little girl tone before, clearly that paddle could sting more than I expected. WHACK WHACK WHACK and by now Daria was crying freely kicking her legs and waving her arms with each stroke of the paddle, he stopped for a second and yanked down the back of her pajama bottoms to just below her bottom cheeks, as he did so Daria let out a shrill whimper of despair.

I could see her bottom by now totally red and showing the signs of a complete paddling, WHACK WHACK WHACK followed by the despondent crying of a little girl. And as last it was over for her, she jumped off her Dadšs lap and jumped two feet back and hopped in little circles rubbing her bottom as her pj bottoms fell to the floor. As she was doing this he motioned me over.

I walked over to meet the paddle myself. I felt light headed as I lay across his lap and waited for my paddling to begin.

I tightened up my bottom as he patted the paddle against my tail a few times, and then WHACK WHACK WHACK by the third swat I knew why Daria had cried so quickly that paddle stung like crazy, it wasnšt a deep hurt more like a burning sting on the surface, her dad was an expert with that thing.

I squealed by the seventh or so swat of the paddle and soon I was gasping for air between my crying and yelping WHACK WHACK WHACK he was bringing the paddle down in sharp stinging swats that werenšt landing real hard but in a more of a whip action that was designed to maximize the sting.

WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK in an unbelievably quick pace the paddle struck my butt causing me to struggle and wiggle on his lap, it was all I could do to stay in lace and indeed if he hadnšt had such a tight grip on me I would have tried to get away despite any consequences that might have had. I could feel him pulling down my bottoms as he had Dariašs and I knew it was going to get worse.

Išm sorry Mr. Little Išll be good I really will, I tried to gasp out but even I couldnšt understand what I was saying and he seemed unconcerned with conversation at that point. WHACK WHACK WHACK

Her finally stopped, he took my arm and helped me off his lap, as I stood up my bottoms also fell to the floor, but I couldnšt have cared less as I remained there crying and rubbing my flaming bottom.

At that point Dariašs Mother came in helped us both to get our bottoms up and escorted us to our room where we spent the rest of the afternoon, she was kind enough to bring us sandwiches for dinner in our room which we ate standing up.