From: (Daria Little)
Subject: Cheer Camp    M/fff
Date: 22 Jun 1996 01:08:11 GMT

This is a work of fiction and involves teenage girls being spanked, please don’t read if that does not interest you, or you are under eighteen.

This a continuation of the story Jill’s Education.


At last I was on my way to camp, I had gotten satisfactory grades in German to the astonishment of my teacher and anyone else that knew of my marginal marks in the class. I had to give credit I suppose to Bobby, my sister’s boyfriend, who had arranged a tutor and the motivation to apply myself.

Two other girls from my school were going to the camp with me, one was my best friend Julie who like me was going to be a senior next year and the other was Tammy a Junior next year. Both were acknowledged cool kids in the school and came from rich families and had the looks that guys would kill for, I was somewhat insecure and imagined myself inferior, I seemed to always have to try harder, and I suppose as a result I was captain of our squad, something of which I was very proud.

Julie’s Mom drove us to the camp a site about 75 miles outside of Des Moines, it was really beautiful, next to a small lake and miles from the nearest real signs of civilization, we were truly out in the wild.

We arrived in the middle of sign up there were girls, every where in one vast sea of confusion, we finally figured out which registration table to sign up at and after receiving our cabin assignments off we went, with Julie’s mother leaving us to our new adventure and our self assurance and bubbly confidence that we were going to show the others how it was done by the girls from Stanton High.

We quickly formed friendships with the other girl in our cabin Cindy, there were four of us, the really cool girls from Stanton High and one other girl who we found out was the daughter of the camp director, He was the Athletic director of another high school about fifty miles from ours, we had never played their school in any events that we were aware of but oddly enough they were to be our first football game of the upcoming season.

We engaged in an easy relationship with Cindy and soon she became part of our little group and an honorary Fighting Tiger from Stanton High. Cindy was shy and reserved possibly as a result of the strong influence of her father who seemed to intimidate her.

Soon we were into the day to day activities of a summer camp that was designed around cheer leading and improving our skills, we thought we were pretty hot until late in the first week a team from the state college came in and gave a half day demonstration and class, they were great, just blew us away.

The first week was everything and more that I had expected, even if some of the college camp counselors were a little stuffy and stuck up for our taste, big deal, they were only a few years older than us. The next Saturday the weekend began, a few parents came up to visit, but for the most part we were on our own to enjoy the activities as we choose, most of the choices were optional and we could spread our time as we saw fit, and make our own choices.

About noon or so we became bored and not wishing to engage in any more planned activities we began to wander away from the main group and into the wooded area around the camp, as we walked Cindy and I began talking and falling back behind Tammy and Julie who were also talking, soon I noticed Julie pull something from her pocket and show it to Tammy who looked back at me and winked, as I broke into a big grin I knew what was up. I looked at my new shy friend and ask her want to smoke some stuff? You mean a cigarette she ask, “No I’ve never done that I’d get in trouble. ” I sighed this wasn’t going to be easy after all, “no Cindy not a cigarette, this will relax you and it’s fun.”

Cindy looked at me with suspicion, “what are you talking about? You don’t mean marijuana do you?” After a few minutes of trying to calm down our some what backward nerd of a friend, we began to play on her insecurity of wanting to be one of the cool kids at her school and that since we were so cool and we smoked the stuff it must be the way to accomplish the desired social status, as she began to weaken we played our trump card we suggested that if she didn’t want to do this then maybe she didn’t really want to hang with us in the future. That did it, her will power collapsed, the poor girl was having so much fun being around us that she would have paid any price to continue.

We moved a few more feet into the woods and finding a secure spot below a long bluff we sat on a log, Julie pulled out some matches and lit up, the honor of being first was given to Cindy and as she choked and gasped for air after a far too long of a drag we laughed in good spirited fun and she smiled shyly at us and no doubt contemplating her crime and the changes we had for better or worse brought into her life and the process of picking one’s friends.

We laughed and had a good time and as we lit the last one we heard a booming voice from above.

“Who’s down there ? What’s going on? Come up here now.”

The long bluff we had so cleverly sat beside was upon closer inspection a raised part of the hiking trail and we had taken our little party next to one of the main routes and as the counselors had walked by they smelled the distinctive odor of marijuana and the party was over.

We stood up to look at the voice and as we did we realized that our urge to run would be futile, standing there looking at us were two of the older counselors who knew us all very well , our gooses were cooked.

We tried denying everything at first but that story soon collapsed and we were ordered up onto the trail and back to camp, we walked quietly in singe file as instructed with both counselors walking behind us, as we entered the camp grounds it was evident to every one watching that something was up by the way we were being walked and our evident moods.

We entered our cabin and with one of the counselors watching us the other went to inform the administration of our crime, after about half an hour during which we had to lay on our bunks and not speak, the counselor came back and we were marched to the main building. One by one we went into the Camp directors office, with Cindy being the last to face her father and his interrogation, he was quite good at it, I suppose being a high school administrator prepares you for that sort of thing, at any rate since we hadn’t had a chance to get our stories straight I told the truth and shaded it as best as I thought I could get away with. and then Julie was called in.

As we came out we took a place that we were directed to on a wood bench we were placed too far away to talk but could clearly read each others expressions, a woeful looking group were we.

After an hour or so the questions were over and we were all called into together, Mr. Wilson ( Cindy’s father) came right to the point and delivered the bad news, Girls “I’m afraid that since you have violated our rules by using marijuana on the grounds of this camp we will have to call your parents to come pick you up and take you home you are suspended. ”

We tried to protest, we begged all to no avail, “I’m sorry” Mr. Wilson said, “you three girls are suspended, the summer at Camp Running Spring is over for you.”

As we were about to leave Tammy piped up and said “wait a second you said three are suspended, and there are four of us, who gets to stay?” Mr. Wilson looked uncomfortable and replied , “Uh well Cindy will be handled in a different manner.”

I said “you mean she gets to stay and we’re suspended? we want to stay too.” “Well that won’t be possible I’m afraid girls, you need to go to your cabin and pack your things while I call your parents.” But we had an opening and we held fast. “Mr. Wilson, Julie said no disrespect meant here but if Cindy gets to stay why can’t we? We deserve the same chance she gets don’t we? Or does she get special treatment because she’s your daughter?”

“Well yes I guess you could say she does get special treatment,” he half smiled, “well that’s not fair I said we want the same kind of deal, it’s only fair,” I said crossing my arms in determination. Leaning back in his chair Mr. Wilson said with a tired voice and a resigned look on his face, “ No, no you don’t you don’t want the same treatment at all, now just go to your cabin and start packing or you may just get what you wish for.” “We want to stay and we deserve the same chance as Cindy” Tammy blurted out with a determination that surprised me.

Mr. Wilson looked at each one of us in turn and said “are you sure each of you wants to stay?” We shook our heads yes in unison. “OK then he said you go back to your cabin, I doubt there is time to get your parents up here to night anyway. Ask Cindy what is involved and if you’re still interested be at my cabin tonight at 7 o’clock if you aren’t here I will at that time call your parents to pick you up tomorrow, If you choose to accept the same as Cindy you will be allowed to stay on probation , do you understand?”

We scurried out and started for the cabin as we walked, we crowded around Cindy to find out what the story was. Tammy asked, “What happens at 7 when we go to your Dad’s cabin?” Cindy looked at her and dropped the big one, “If you go you will get a spanking.” “WHAT yelled Tammy a spanking are you Shitting me?” ( Nice mouth on the kid) “No I’m not kidding” Cindy responded “that’s what’s going to happen to me and each of you if you choose to stay.” That shut us up until we got to the cabin and sat down and started pumping Cindy for more details.

“Well damn sure he’s not going to spank me” said Tammy, “I’ll go home first,” “shut” I said to her “we decided a long time ago that we stick together and we vote on things if Julie and I decide to stay and get a spanking you will too, but quiet there are a few things I want to find out first.” Tammy looked almost relived at not having to make a decision I knew she wanted to stay but the thought of a spanking was getting in the way of her pride.

“Cindy I said gently what can we expect tonight?” “You can expect to get spanked” she responded. “I Know that, I mean, well, does he spank hard? Will he use a belt a paddle? What?, tell us you know what we need to hear.”

“I’m not sure of course” Cindy started out, “I’ve never been spanked with three other girls before, I’m not sure what he’ll do or how he’ll do it, I usually get spanked on my panties, rarely my bare bottom now that I’m older he sometimes uses his hand and others a ping pong paddle and a few times a belt, but not often, almost always I have to get over his lap and get about twenty swats, but I suspect it may be more this time, and I should tell you that once he starts you can’t get away and it hurts like so much you’ll cry scream and kick but by then it will be too late. But I just don’t know what will happen tonight, it could be anything.”

I glanced at Julie and then Tammy who was looking very pale for a girl that spent so much time in the sun, funny how a little terror will can do that.

Looking back at Julie I said “well? What do you think? I just can’t go home now and let everyone in the school know that we got kicked out of camp, and we might even get thrown off the squad at school,” My God I thought I hadn’t thought of that she was right, that would be exactly what would happen with Ms. Rosecrans running the squad we were as good as off the team if we got kicked out of the camp and she found out why, and my parents what would they do or say? We realized at once that no matter what faced us a seven that evening we didn’t really have any choice that was acceptable.

We went to the dinner hall at six that only because to miss would result in a demerit and we figured that we had problems enough, we ate light having no appetite and nervous stomachs, several of the other girls ask about the earlier incident when we were marched in and we shrugged it off with non answers as we had decided to do on our way to dinner.

At six fifteen we were back in our cabin, We decided that from Cindy’s comments that there was little chance of getting the spanking on our jeans so but we doubted that we would be spanked on the bare bottom so after a short discussion we all put on our thickest pair of cotton panties for what ever humble protection they might offer. ( I had to loan Julie a pair if that’s important)

At six forty five we started the walk to his cabin, one of the longer walks of my life, as the other girls in the camp around us were having a good time playing games, laughing and enjoying themselves we trudged in complete dejection toward our fate. I noticed the two counselors that had discovered us watching and smiling as we passed by, I thought unpleasant thoughts about them and what I would like to see happen to them, but I held my tongue in place. Troubles enough I thought, but if I ever get a chance.

Cindy knocked on the door and we entered, with out a word being spoken, as we did I noticed Mr. Wilson sitting on a small sofa, he turned off the VCR and stood up, pointing to the center of the room and we all moved in the direction indicated.

“Well ladies” he said far more cheerfully than any of us felt at the moment, “how are we doing to night?” Ask me that later I thought.

Getting no answer, he got to the business at hand, “has Cindy told you what to expect tonight?” We tilted our heads slightly forward in the affirmative. “I need to hear it, you say it, Do you understand that you will each be paddled and treated as if you were my daughters for the course of your punishment here to night? Out loud I want each of you to respond that you understand and accept this punishment.”

Julie spoke up first to my astonishment, “I understand sir.” “You understand What Julie?” She hesitated a minute then went on “I understand that you are going to spank us for what we did.” “And do you agree to accept this punishment” he asked? “Yes sir I do.” “Do you also understand that once we start you will not be allowed to back out or change your mind and that my decisions will be final?” “Yes sir” came the response. And each of us in turn with the exception of Cindy who had no real choice had to say the same things, satisfied that we all understood, Mr. Wilson then gave his first instruction.

“OK then girls please remove your jeans and shoes and place them on the chair over there” he said pointing to a corner of the cabin. Soon we all stood before him, clad only in our panties and white camp T-shirts. I noticed Tammy to my right holding her hands clasped together in front of her trying to protect her modesty I couldn’t see the others as I was at one end, I had my hands behind my back holding one with the other trying to look casual. We were told to line up against the wall of the cabin which with a little confusion we managed.

Mr. Wilson started talking again, “The most important thing to remember here is you never, I repeat never resist a spanking, once I start I don’t care how much it stings you remember you deserve it and you agreed to it, and you will take your spanking, do you each understand?” Once again we agreed we understood. As we stood against the wall I could feel the cool from the wall on my bottom through my panties and it felt good considering what I expected to feel soon.

“Then girls, let’s started shall we?” At that, my stomach turned to knots and knees to water, Tammy beside me seemed to shrink about an inch as she shifted in anticipation. “So who wants to go first? Gee no volunteers? what a surprise.”

He pointed to a spot on the floor and told us to all come forward to where he had indicated which we did placing us two feet or so from the back of a longer sofa than the one he had been sitting in when we entered the cabin and as we waited, he turned and walked to a counter near the kitchen and we watched as he picked up a ping pong paddle and came back to us.

“OK girls I want you to stand where you are, bend over and place your hands on the back of the couch,” he said walking behind us. Cindy being the veteran of numerous spankings from him quickly did as she was told and we followed her example.

He walked down the chorus line as we later referred to it and proceeded to lecture us on drugs, responsibility, and numerous other things that to this day I can’t recall. And as he did so he started the paddlings.

At first we each in turn got three gentle pats on the fanny, and then he moved to the next girl and she got three pats, he then started over with Julie, and she got four swats they seemed harder, but I wasn’t sure until my turn came after Cindy and they were harder, I felt the sting begin to build as the third and forth swat landed. Tammy was next and by the time he had completed her series she was crying softly. I whispered to her, “hang in there it’ll be ok,” as soon as I said it I felt a tremendous swat strike my bottom, I stood up in surprise at the unexpected blow and yelped in shock at this turn of events, “Quiet no talking” he said in a stern voice, “Jill get back in place,” and as soon as I did he swatted me again with the paddle.

The next one that talks or moves will finish the paddling with their panties around their ankles he announced, as I felt the tears welling up in my eyes at the sting.

Back at the beginning of the line again I heard five swats and Julie started crying and I knew with out any doubt that this series was going to be harder than the last, it was clear what the pattern was going to be, then it was Cindy’s turn and our little nerdy friend took her swats with out a yelp and as he took up his position behind me once more, I hoped that I would be as resolute but doubted it.

SWAT SWAT and I was crying SWAT SWAT and I was trying to hold onto the couch for all I was worth and as the last swat landed I knew the next series would be a real test and I hoped that it would be the last, then it was Tammy’s turn again and with the second SPLAT of the paddle she yelped and stood up and tried to turn away as I watched out of the corner of my tear filled eyes I saw Mr. Wilson take her easily by the arm, turn her back to the sofa and say, “Now drop those panties Tammy, all the way to your ankles and do it now or it gets worse,” Tammy hesitated only a second, she gave a soft moan of distress and slowly lowered her panties to her knees and then to her ankles, as she completed this, he took her arm and bent her over and back into position.

He placed his hand on her lower back to keep her in position and finished up her three swats of the series, by which time she was doing little bunny hops in position with each swat of the paddle. He then returned to Julie and SPLAT SMACK and then she did something to annoy him, from my position it wasn’t possible to tell and she swears to this day she doesn’t know why, but she was ordered to lower her panties also. SPLAT SMACK SMACK SMACK as the last four of the series of six were delivered to her unprotected bottom. Once again Cindy took her swats with out complaint or resistance, only steady crying indicated that she was getting the same punishment.

He moved behind me and gave me a swat that seemed like a thousand bees had bite my bottom at once, I leaned forward as if I were doing a push up on the sofa and then back into place, this was enough for him and I was ordered to stand up and lower my panties. Now back in position I felt his hand on my back as he held me in place, I was grateful for this as without his resistance against my back I might very well have risen up again, as the next SMACK hit my fanny, I twisted a little to the left but not enough to cause him any notice, SMACK, SMACK , SMACK SMACK.

Then it was poor Tammy’s turn, he moved next to her and pulled her in against himself to hold her in place and with that contact he was able to get her through her next six swats despite all her yelping and crying.

Mr. Wilson then waked back to the wall where we had stood earlier and waited until we stopped blubbering and crying, figuring the spanking was over I stood up, he then moved quickly behind me and gave me two quick spanks with the paddle saying who said you could stand up, and back into position I went. No body moved as he stood behind us examining his handy work I suppose to decide if the project was finished and the work tools or in this case, tool could be put away until the next time it was needed.

What a sight we must have been, four blubbering girls bent over, three with naked red bottoms showing. After about thirty seconds we were allowed to stand up and told to turn around and face him, at that point we had no concerns about modesty our only concern was to not doing anything that would make him resume the spankings.

Julie was then ordered forward to him, shuffling to his side with her panties still around her ankles he took her by the arm and turned her to the side and gave her a medium POP with the paddle, then asked “will I have any more trouble from you young lady?” “No sir” she responded with heartfelt sincerity he gave her three more medium pops and then said get dressed, and as she did so Cindy came up and was asked the same question and got the same number of POPs with the paddle, and then my turn, and as I scurried off to pull up my panties Tammy went to get her final spanks with the paddle.

As we stood before him still sniffling, and tugging up our jeans gently he said girls “I’ll be keeping a special eye on you from now on, and I suggest that you be careful unless you want a repeat performance.” and with that we were sent on our way, we got to our cabin with out any one noticing that we were all red eyed from crying.

That night we all slept on our stomachs, after helping each other apply lotion to our tails. Actually a couple of hours after the spanking we were able to make some small jokes as we compared our bottoms in the mirror.

Did you ask what the jokes were? Well since you ask, Julie said “WOW that was a pain in the ass,” “yeah I responded but it’s all behind us now. ” not so good? Ok so we never tried to get a job as comics.

Mr. Wilson did keep a special eye on us as he promised, and I’m sorry to say that wasn’t the last visit to his cabin that summer.