Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 18:57:29, -0500
Subject: Car Registration

This story involves spanking, if you are under eighteen or this subject does not interest you, please do not read. It should be regarded as fiction.


When I came to live with my Uncle, while I attended College, my parents would only pay part of my tuition since I was so determined to go out of state and the expense was so much greater. As a consequence money is tight for me, and I have to work part time. To help out my uncle allows me to use a red Toyota truck as long as I pay the gas and registration, he picks up the repairs and put me on his insurance. This has been a great deal for me and I simply love the truck, it's the first auto that I've ever been able to call mine. ( well he says that if I keep my grades up, he'll give it to me)

In case I haven't mentioned this before, my parents wanted me to go to school at home, but in the worst way I wanted to go out of state, they felt that I am too (as they put it) irresponsible to be fully on my own and would not support any out of state decision, finally a comprise was reached that we could both live with I would stay with my Uncle under his supervision. We all got what we wanted I was to get supervision and be out of state perfect.....

My folks drove me to my Uncles and dropped me off, they stayed the night and we all went out to dinner. As the evening progressed it became clear that I had misunderstood what under his supervision entailed.... The night started out poorly with a discussion of my summer stay and the spankings with me being the only one not laughing and enjoying the remembrances. Then my Uncle turned to me as the desert was arriving and said žDaria I haven't changed since that summer and you will be expected to obey and any failure to do so will result in corrective action which in some cases may mean a spanking.Ó ( my father was looking at me with an approving look on his face as if to say, see Daria think you picked right to go out of state) žYes sir,Ó I answered my Uncle willing to say anything to get this conversation over with.. ----What could I do? Deposits, had been paid, my parents had brought me here, I couldn't back out, they would never stop thinking of me as being irresponsible... I was stuck with the situation.

Well things went fairly well, I love the school and have made many new friends, both at college and around the neighborhood.... remember the girl I went swimming with? she is still here though a little wilder than I remember, we're friends again.

Won't say I haven't gotten in trouble a few times, but I'm trying to be more careful and things seemed to be settling down until about a month ago.

It was about two in the afternoon ( had to be a Tuesday or Thursday, since thatŪs when I get home from classes on those days) When the phone rang, it was my Uncle.... žDaria he said in a quiet strained sort of tone, did you pay the registration on the truck when it came in?Ó

I felt a flush come over me and total confusion, and then blurted out žno but it's not due yet I was going to mail it todayÓ...... žDariaÓ he said žit is two months past due a warrant has been issued for the truck and the fines have almost doubled the original fee..... I am at the city court with my lawyer now trying to straighten this outÓ With that he hung up the phone.. I ran to my room and looked and sure enough there was the registration form and yes Damnit it was past due... my goose was cooked (or about to be).

Then as I sat thinking in the living room a thought occurred to me that was worse than a spanking,, what if my he sent me home, I had been some trouble earlier when I first came. Would he just give up on me after this....I didn't want to go home I just couldn't... Would he take the truck away, It would be almost impossible to get to school and back on a bus and think of the time lost and the lack of freedom without the truck, I actually shuddered at the thought.

With these and other things I spent a long few hours until he returned home, when he came in I was sitting on the sofa, he walked past me, I said žI'm sorry I forgot, I'm sorryÓ....he stood at the end of the sofa and said... žDaria I'm too ticked to punish you today but tomorrow morning I intend to paddle you until I feel that this sort of thing won't happen again.Ó žYoung lady you need to decide between now and then if you want to stay or return to California, cause I've had it with your foolishness and intend to treat you like the brat you are at times.Ó What could I say, though his words stung I knew he was right, I also knew that I would not go home if I had anything to say about it.

Dinner was quiet that night and as we were getting done he said žDaria I'll see you in your room at 10:00 tomorrow morning, bring the ping pong paddle with you.Ó (I knew which paddle he was referring to, it was in the garage and had only a thin piece of padding). yes sir I muttered.

That night I thought only of the upcoming paddling that I was to receive the next day, I suspected that it would be on the bare bottom, I knew it would be hard. my mind wandered to past spankings and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't put the matter out of my mind.. When I woke the next morning the sun was bright and for almost a minute I was happy to start the day , then it hit me it was 7:00 and in three hours I would be back in the room getting paddled, that thought brought me down quickly.

I put on a pair of shorts a T-shirt and went out to make something to eat, my uncle was finishing up and about to leave the room, we exchanged good mornings and nothing else, I couldn't think of anything to say..

I went to ChristyŪs house for a little while and tried to act normal, she ask me if anything was wrong (so much for my acting ability) I told her no everything was fine, but I left a few minutes later. As I walked back to the house it was about 8:30 I thought to myself, before I come out again I am going to get paddled. ( I couldn't turn off the thought process on the subject, it was as if I wanted to wallow in my misery)

I entered the house, went to the garage, took the paddle off the hook that my uncle had specified and carried it to my room, I laid it on the bed, pulled out the same straight back chair that I had been spanked on the summer I had stayed here and placed it facing the bed, I then put the paddle on the seat of the chair.

I tried to give careful consideration to the subject of the spanking and possibly improving the situation to what ever extent I could.... Would he spank me on the bare bottom?? Well I knew that If I kept these shorts on he would make me take them down,, maybe if I had on a nighty or thin pair of PJs I would be allowed to keep them up. Which to choose The nighty was so scant that I choose the PJs a thin silk pair that had seen better days and fit a little too tight but surely he would be able to see that I was too old to have my bottom bared and that these would give me almost no protection at all.

It was now 9:45 almost time, butterflies the size of eagles were performing in the pit of my stomach, which was amazing considering the knots in my stomach that must have been getting in their way. I stood up, I sat, I walked around the small room anything to keep my mind from going into overload.... damn why couldnŪt he have spanked me last night and it would be over and I could be out having a normal day?? Couldn't the time hurry up???

Then it was 10:00 and I wished it was 9:45 again.

The clock showed 10:01 and there was a knock at the door and it opened, he entered the room and closed the door, he walked over and sat down in the chair taking the paddle in his left hand. He motioned me to his right, I moved into position facing his lap, I started to go over his lap, he stopped me and said žDaria I ask you yesterday if you want to stay here, Have you given that any thought?Ó žYes Sir I haveÓ I blurted out žI'm sorry for what I did and I want to stay here very much, may I?Ó

We'll discuss that tomorrow ( it all worked out I'm still here aren't I) he said, žDaria I'm going to give you a paddling that you won't soon forget not only for this incident, but for some of the other things I've let slip and as a reminder of what will be happening more in the future unless you get a grip on yourself understand?Ó žYes sirÓ I whimpered

Now drop your bottoms, ( all my planning to no avail) I placed my fingers in the bottoms and slid them to just below my cheeks, žALL the wayÓ he said, and the there I was a 19 year old naked from the waist down open to the view of my uncle, I couldnŪt help it I started to cry a little, and in the time honored manner of elders he said žI'll give you something to cry about.Ó ( I always hated that Line, seems to me to be so mean)

Taking me by the arm I was placed across his lap, he placed the paddle square on my backside and patted it a few times beginning the usual stupid lecture that I didn't listen to.

The sound of the first swat surprised me, I have been paddled on the bare bottom before, but in that small bedroom it sounded very loud, the sound alone almost scared me and I yelped mostly from surprise.

The next few swats began building a stinging feeling that made me believe bees were attacking my butt I began to squirm and shift my bottom, Daria he said you better hold still this spanking has just started and if you don't settle down I'll have to get a strap....that did it I settled down. ( never have got the strap and don't want to)

I kept up a little movement and he placed his arm across my back securing me in place, the swats and squeals made a combination that might have had humor to any one listening though I didn't find anything funny at the moment.

As I had all those summers ago I placed my hands on the legs of the chair and tried to maintain my self through the punishment not wanting to make it any worse by moving too much. The swats seemed to be landing on the lower part of my bottom cheeks for the most part and the blows were coming from an angle that suggested the paddle was traveling at the same angle as my legs which had the effect of driving me forward on his lap.

The paddling continued, I didn't think the sting could get any greater or that I could take any more and still the swats continued, I remember thinking I'll never do anything wrong again never, never....

My legs began kicking without me even being aware of it, and after a stern warning I had to concentrate on keeping them still, I was crying as hard as I have ever, my hair was getting in my eyes my bottom was on fire I was miserable...Oh god would it ever stop...and then it did.. I lay there across his lap crying afraid to get up if it weren't time and as a consequence earn more swats and then he placed a hand on my shoulder and pulled me slightly up I tried to rise but was crying so hard that I slipped to the floor and landed on my bottom, I quickly rolled over and lay there, What a sight my pj bottoms gone me laying on the floor crying and with a red butt.

He helped me up, handed me my pj bottoms and said žDaria your punishment is over you will be expected to be out of your room for lunch at noon until then stay in your room except to use the rest room.Ó

For the next two days I could feel the sting in my bottom whenever I sat down, I doubt I'll ever miss a car registration for the rest of my life. This happened in early July and I haven't been in trouble since. (or at least haven't been caught)