From: (Daria Little)
Subject: Bonnie, chuck and Me  F/f
Date: 5 Apr 1996 14:42:41 GMT

This involves spanking and children, please don’t read if that does not interest you or you are under eighteen, this should be regarded as fiction.

Bonnie, Chuck and Me

When I was about ten or so, my boy friend Chuck ( as I remember a cute boy with blond/white hair that was cut in a prince valiant sort of style) who was a little older than me decided to play "camping out", as luck would have it my sister Bonnie just had to tag along, we couldn't shake her and if we tried too hard she'd only tell Mom that we were gone and where.

So along she came.

Chuck had a small tent in his back yard, it was pretty big and we could all get in with no problem. ( if my memory is right it would hold about three cots), but that day it had only one.

we were fooling around as kids do, kinda tentative not sure what we were supposed to do next, then Chuck it was time "to turn in" I was confused after all it was still day, what was he talking about?

Bonnie had wandered off at about this point and Chuck and I were left alone, he started taking off his clothes, pretending to yawn and act ready for bed, I started doing the same, when we were down to our underwear we both stopped. not having the nerve to go further. ( I still remember his skinny little pink white body standing there in his underpants, before any thing else could transpire , we heard voices coming, seems dear little Bonnie had alerted his Mom. she opened the tent flap and there we stood in our underpants. The next few minutes saw us hustled into Chuck's house with his Mother holding our clothes in her hand, Oh I so wanted my jeans and T shirt back. but that was not to be just then.

We were made to stand in different corners of the room, a call was made to my house, and only my older cousin Natty ( yea that's her name) was home she scurried down the hill to the house and with us still in the corners and Bonnie watching with glee our fates were discussed.

It was decided that the only real course of action was to spank the both of us. And that Natty would spank me, I tried to protest that she had to wait for Mom or Dad she couldn't spank me, but to no avail.

Chuck and I were each taken from our corners at the same time by our spankers, and led to the middle of the room where two chairs were waiting,( we were still clad only in our underpants).

As fate would have it his Mother was left handed so when we were across the knees with the chairs facing each other, I was facing the same way Chuck's legs were facing, By this time Chuck's older sister had to into the room to enjoy the show she and Bonnie stood together, directly behind me.

At the same time I felt my panties being tugged down I heard a soft noise from Chuck and knew he was having the same done to him, poor guy he was the only male in the room, and I thought I was embarrassed.

there was not much on a lecture, and then the spanking began. The first spank was delivered by swell cousin Natty, who just couldn’t wait to start the action. ( it was true I suppose that I was a brat to her most of the time) to pay me back for past grievances.

The first swat stung, but I'd had worse and was going to try and hang on and not give the audience that satisfaction of me carrying on if I could help it. Chuck yelped at his first swat and I remember his legs straightening out level with the floor, It was kind of interesting to watch I'd never seen another kid spanked from that angle before.

I really didn't get to enjoy it much, however I could feel the heat building on my bottom and was flexing and unflexing my cheeks to try and avoid the sting, all to no avail, Cousin Natty was a pretty darn efficient spanker.( I had to admit to myself the next, when I was able to reflect on such things),

Pretty soon I was crying full force and trying to struggle free, and kicking my legs this only earned me a few harder that usual spanks and a Daria stop that or I'll get a belt.... I settled down, In the meantime Chuck was having his own problems, his underpants had come off and were laying two feet in front of me on the floor, seeing this made me very aware of not doing anything to dislodge my panties.

He was crying and doing some mild begging to get the punishment promising to be the best kid on the block for life. ( or some such damn silly promise).

About half way into the spanking I became aware of someone else entering the room but didn't know who at that point.

Cousin Natty thought that the spanking wouldn’t be complete with out peppering the upper part of my legs as well as every inch of my bottom, The spanking was finally over and I was let up and taken back to my corner with my panties around my knees, ( at least I had retained them) As I was let up I realized that the audience had increased by three, all male friends of Chuck's that had entered the room with no one else realizing it, they were soon sent packing but not before they saw me naked for all intents and purposes, as I stood in the corner crying I was also so embarrassed, ( it was the talk of the block for a few days then forgotten)

Mom was ticked at Natty saying she should have waited for her and while she felt that I did deserve a spanking she would give them to me in the future.