Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 21:03:22, -0500
Subject: Birthday Spanking

This story involves spanking, please dont read if that offends you. It should be regarded as a complete work of fiction, by a wandering confused mind.

Birthday spanking

The last time I had been spanked on my birthday was the day I turned sixteen, which was four years ago. But with my upcoming birthday my boy friend had been teasing me about a birthday spanking on my 20th birthday.. I should tell you that my stories and past experiences are a secret that up to this point I have not shared with him, and since we have been only going out for six months and the subject had never come up before I was not able to gauge just how serious he was, or what he had in mind. I did notice with some mild interest and concern that the references were more frequent when I was being bitchy or in general difficult ( from his point of view, from my point of view I am always an incredibly tolerant and thoughtful individual ).

I decided that I wouldnt encourage him or discourage him and let things take their course, that seemed to generate some internal excitement as I wondered if he would really spank me and the circumstances of the event if it happened. Not being a foolish girl I decided to watch my self as the days grew closer, but sometimes good intentions lose out to normal behavior patterns.

Three days before my birthday we had a quarrel that was all my fault ( Blush at the thought) and I thought was going to end our relationship. However we settled it that night and as he was getting ready to leave we hugged and as we did he said, Remember Daria only three days to your birthday and then still holding me tight, took his right hand and gave me three firm swats on the bottom, said goodnight we kissed and he was gone.

I think hes going to spank me I thought to myself, I do believe hes going to do it.

The next three days passed quickly. I didnt think too much about it, I surely have been spanked before and didnt think too much about this one, heck it might not even happen.

He picked me up that night at 8:oo and we went out to eat, at a simply great French restaurant we both like, and midway through dinner he slipped across the table a small jewelry box, I opened it and it was a new watch that must have cost a fortune, that is part of what will help you be on time in the future to help you be on time he said, I blushed it was true I had been late for several things as of late.

A second or two passed, I must have gotten a confused look on my face and he said, The other part of what will help you be on time in the future comes later. I beamed Oh wow another present, then keeping the smile on my face I thought Oh I know what hes talking about, he is going to spank me. I pretended that I was unaware of what I knew he had in mind.

We left the restaurant and began driving, I had not a clue where we were going or exactly how the rest of the night was going to turn out.

I knew that since he lived at home while going to school, we werent going there and my place was out of he question since Linda was in the apartment doing chores and doubtless uncomfortable with the concept of sitting down since she had been lax last week and paid the price earlier today.

We arrived a apartment complex that I was unfamiliar with, I gave him a questioning look and he said, a friend of mine is out of town and Im borrowing his place. That was fine with me, if the evening progressed as I expected being in unfamiliar settings some how made it more exciting and mysterious.

We entered the apartment a rather normal college type of decoration , ( early Salvation army/ stone age type of furnishings ) I never said the crowd I hang with has a lot of excess cash.

We necked for a while, then he whispered in my ear Daria I think its time for your birthday Spanking, Oh thats all right I said coyly back I have everything I need. Well I really want you to have this one he replied sitting up straight and gently puling me over his knee, I offered only token resistance, after all I had seen it coming and if I had any real objection it was too late now for a dignified retreat.

I was surprised at how firmly he gripped me, and how I was held in place, after all I was submitting to this birthday spanking. Lets see Daria how old are you today? (as if he didnt know) Hmm 20 I think, plus one to grow on, he said lifting up my dress and placing the back above my waist, and I think that birthday spankings are usually best given on the bare bottom dont you?

I had suspected this as a possibility and was determined to take it in stride and made only a few token objections, which were of course ignored, as he tugged down the smallest of panties in my modest collection. soon he was ready for action and I was beginning to wonder at the wisdom of letting this happen, but as I said before, too late now.

He gave me several soft pats to warm up, I said hopefully thats three, right? Dont be silly those dont count, he replied and with that, a splat exploded in the room as the first real spank struck home, it caught me by surprise but I didnt utter a peep. He gave me three more in quick succession and settled into a pattern of three spanks a moments delay then three more, I was soon in the middle of a lot harder Birthday spanking than I expected. I was trying to bury my head into the pillows to keep from yelping out with each of the combos that were directed at my fanny. It was also a bit unfamiliar to me ever since childhood almost every spanking I have ever gotten was over the knee, and now I was being spanked on a sofa it was just unfamiliar and awkward.

He pulled me closer to him, and continued the spanking, soon I had earned my birthday spanking and expected to be let up to dry my eyes and try and salvage some dignity to finish the evening, but why was I still being held in place?

Daria he asked do you remember what I said in the restaurant about the other half of helping you to be on time? Yes I blubbered between tears, well this is it, keeping people waiting is inconsiderate and thoughtless and now Im going to see if I can help you remember that in the future, with that the spanking to my surprise and shock resumed, and I realized why he had been holding me so tight.

This one was a great deal different, the spanks were regular and unceasing but every few swats he asked something like will you be late again?, When I didnt answer at first the intensity increased and I guessed that I better respond NO, NO I wont be late Swat... No I promise Ill always be on time. several more times he ask similar questions always giving his effort a bit more zip when I was tardy with a response. By now I was blubbering trying in a half hearted way to get free and answer properly to avoid what ever of the spanking I could.

When he was satisfied with his handiwork I was let up, he took me in his arms and tried to comfort me and quiet my crying.

Two hours later we went dancing, I think I danced every dance, just didnt want to sit down that night.